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Rather than having to buy two products, a tv stand with an integrated mount will do the job for you. As the mount is built-in, it will look more seamless and less messy than wires hanging down. Moreover, a tv stand often has perks such as storage like drawers or shelving, another plus if you’re trying to save space. We’ve picked out some of the best tv stands with integrated mounts below. 

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Updated 02/03/2023
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Two Tone Media Console with Tv Mount

Two Tone Media Console with Tv Mount

Trent Austin Design®

What we like: Cool industrial vibe

What we don’t like: Assembly is quite difficult

Not so good for: Large consoles

Perfect for: An industrial look

Accentuated by a cool two-tone design, this stand has a frame made of engineered wood and steel. The steel has a black finish for a chic industrial look. Brown and black are a good mix, as they will match most existing décor schemes.

Finished with A-shaped legs, this stand also has two shelves. You can use these shelves for media consoles or as additional storage – they have an open frame. As for measurements, it can hold TVs up to 75 inches wide. Cable management and a sound bar shelf are included. 

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Walnut Wood Tv Stand with Mount

Walnut Wood Tv Stand with Mount


What we like: Plenty of room for media consoles

What we don’t like: Walnut detail isn’t all the way through

Not so good for: Bigger living rooms

Perfect for: If you own a lot of consoles

Classy and cool, this tv stand has a walnut finish with a slightly rustic vibe. The legs are made from powder-coated metal in black. It is water-resistant. Not just coming with a mount, it has an entertainment center built-in below. It can hold TVs up to 70 inches.

Three shelves are included, all of which are adjustable so you can customize your storage space properly. As well as cable management, this stand can swivel 25 degrees to the left or right so you can get the best angle when lounging.

$176.59 $168.45

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Glass Flat Panel Mount TV Stands

Glass Flat Panel Mount TV Stands

Symple Stuff

What we like: Affordable price range

What we don’t like: Adjustable height is not tall enough

Not so great for: Watching from a long distance

Perfect for: Compact spaces with short viewing distance

This flat panel mount TV stand features a height-adjustable mechanism and can accommodate televisions from 32” to 65”. Above, the mounting bracket has a swivel mechanism. Made of durable metal, it has a channel column to conceal wires and cables which can be accessed through a cord management system.

Two open tiers for AV components and consoles made of 10mm thick black tempered glass. The set also offers an integrated audio-visual set-top box option. The total height for this unit is only up to 50.6”, which won’t be great for those who prefer a taller viewing sight. 

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Rustic Tv Cabinet with Mount

Rustic Tv Cabinet with Mount

Union Rustic

What we like: Cozier look

What we don’t like: Mounting hardware doesn’t come included

Not so good for: Ultra-modern living rooms

Perfect for: A rustic living room

Available in espresso brown or classic brown, this cabinet features a cozy rustic finish. It is made of warp-resistant MDF with a durable laminate finish. If you hate the look of wires out in the open, four cable management ports will hide any mess.

Able to hold TVs up to 65 inches tall, the unit itself can support up to 250lbs. We love that it has four equally sized shelves, giving it more of a home-like look. Two of the shelves are also adjustable. You can store games, controls, or blankets within. Assembly is required.

$219.99 $605

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Sleek Column Flat Panel Mount TV Stand

Sleek Column Flat Panel Mount TV Stand

Latitude Run®

What we like: Modern appeal

What we don’t like: No storage options

Not so great for: Users with multiple consoles, AV systems, and speakers

Perfect for: Rooms where other storage options are plenty

Featuring a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, this flat panel mount TV stand has a height-adjustable metal post that holds the mounting bracket and conceals your wires and cords. It is supported by a 100mm thick tempered glass base which serves as the only shelf for AV systems and speakers. Ideal for 32” to 65” televisions with a maximum weight capacity of 110lbs.

Since it doesn’t have any shelf for other equipment, this unit is more desirable in bedrooms, home offices, and dining area, and not as the main entertainment center. However, if placed in the living room, the storage problem can be fixed by placing it behind a low cabinet or pairing it with an open shelf system. 

$57.99 $63.35

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TV Mount with Open Base Shelf

TV Mount with Open Base Shelf

Latitude Run®

What we like: Contemporary look, mobility

What we don’t like: No swivel option

Not so great for: Compact spaces and TVs smaller than 50”

Perfect for: Large televisions

More than just a flat panel mount TV stand, this piece can serve as the main entertainment center in your home. Made of solid and manufactured wood, it has an attractive contemporary design. In the center is a wide cord management panel with a wood accent and a tempered glass shelf. The base features an open rectangular box, perfect for décor, storage, and gaming consoles. Available in dark oak, black, and espresso colors.

Capable of holding up to an 85” television, it’s also easy to move this around the home with its wheeled base. It’s also possible to remove the casters for more stable and stationary placement. While it can carry up to 150lbs, the stand has the potential to tilt forward as the weight reaches the maximum. We recommend hooking it to the wall for safety.

$419.99 $449

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Curved Tv Stand with Integrated Mount

Curved Tv Stand with Integrated Mount

Ebern Designs

What we like: Scratch-resistant

What we don’t like: Wider bracket looks a bit clunky

Not so good for: Samsung televisions due to wider length

Perfect for: Larger media consoles

Accommodating larger TVs up to 85 inches wide, this stand has a subtly curved design. Its mounting bracket is a little thicker and more old-fashioned than others on this list, which could be a plus depending on your décor. It is available in espresso or all-black.

Crafted from engineered hardwood and powder-coated steel in a black finish, it has a subtle 1970s vibe. The steel is also scratch-resistant, meaning your stand will stay gleaming. A sound bar shelf is included, as is cable management. There are three shelves for storage. The middle and top shelves are made of tempered glass. 

$400.97 $442.1

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Simple Tv Stand with Built in Mount

Simple Tv Stand with Built in Mount

Latitude Run®

What we like: Clean-lined design

What we don’t like: No cable management

Not so good for: If you like your television to sit high

Perfect for: Minimalist homes

Featuring two alternately sized shelves, the top one smaller and the bottom larger, this stand is simple yet chic. The shelves are adjustable, too. It is available in white or black, both neutral colors that will match a variety of décor schemes.

In terms of sizing, this stand can support TVs up to 75 inches in width and has a weight capacity of 200lbs. It is constructed from metal for a modern look. A sound bar shelf is included, though there is no cable management. 

$249.99 $259.99

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Matte Black Tv Stand with Mount and Drawers

Matte Black Tv Stand with Mount and Drawers

Ebern Designs

What we like: Two drawers offer extra storage

What we don’t like: Difficult instructions

Not so good for: Extra large televisions

Perfect for: Storing remotes and other small items

The all-black finish of this tv is matte rather than glossy, giving it a sophisticated and not-too-modern look. It is made of MDF and laminated particleboard. Priced on the lower side, it has cable management via the center spine of the console to keep wires out of view. It can support TVs up to 70 inches or 105lbs.

This stand is also a great option if you hate having your media consoles on display due to the two drawers included. Alongside these two drawers are three shelves, all different sizes for a unique look.

$187.99 $388

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Tripod Style Flat Panel Mount TV Stand

Tripod Style Flat Panel Mount TV Stand

What we like: Multiple height adjustments, portable design

What we don’t like: Design looks flimsy

Not so great for: Elegant and traditional living rooms

Perfect for: Corner TV, pop-up TV and gaming setup

Whether you want to watch games in your bedroom or while lounging in your outdoor patio, this flat panel mount TV stand has got you covered. With a tripod design, it is easy to set up and can be conveniently transported to any part of the home. It features five points for height adjustment as well as a tilting mechanism to get the most comfortable viewing angle.

While it looks lightweight, the frame is actually made of sturdy steel construction, allowing it to hold televisions of up to 55” with a weight capacity of 77lbs. Its portable design is ideal as a supplementary TV stand for tradeshows, virtual training, and music studios. While it doesn’t have a cord management system, you can prevent wires from hanging loosely by taping them to the frame.

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Slim Tv Stand with Mount

Slim Tv Stand with Mount

Symple Stuff

What we like: Won’t take up much room

What we don’t like: Shelves can't hold much

Not so good for: Larger televisions

Perfect for: Small living rooms

Affordably priced, this tv stand is under 100 dollars. It can hold TVs measuring up to 65 inches wide. Coming with cable management included, it has a slim and compact design that prioritizes making your tv stand out. Additionally, swivel motion is included so you can see your show from different angles.

Three shelves made of tinted black glass are included, though the top two are relatively narrow. They would be best for small consoles or for storing DVDs and CDs.

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Small Modern Tv Stand with Mount

Small Modern Tv Stand with Mount

Ebern Designs

What we like: Space-saving

What we don’t like: Pre-drilled holes are slightly off

Not so good for: Traditional living spaces

Perfect for: Ultra-modern living rooms

The mount on this tv stand can hold TVs ranging from 35 to 85 inches wide, so long as they don’t exceed 150lbs. Featuring a stunning black glossy finish, it has two open shelves made of glass. This glass is tempered safety glass with beveled edges for a sophisticated look, whereas the metal used is scratch-resistant for durability.

As well as the above, a sound bar shelf and cable management are both included. Plus, the swivel feature allows a 12-degree tilt up and down or a 15-degree swivel left and right. The estimated time to assemble is two hours.

$302.66 $306.82

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TV Stands With Integrated Mount

Buying Guide

With TV screens going flat and slim, flat panel mount TV stands have evolved to facilitate enhanced television viewing assisted by versatile features. Unlike the previous generation of fixed, cabinet type of TV units, this class of TV furniture offers dynamic viewing experiences with advanced features such as mobility, swivel facility, and flipping of TV screen.

Whatever be your requirement and taste, you can surely find your type of flat panel mount TV stand from the wide range of designs and variety available today.

Before you begin to flip catalogs and surf websites, let us help you gain the necessary awareness about these TV stands here. After all, better informed is better prepared.

  • Multi-function Should Not Kill the Core Function
  • With these TV units becoming increasingly multipurpose, be mindful of not diluting or compromising the basic purpose. Flat panel mount TV stands are basically meant to house TVs, music systems, and home theatre systems. The display units and other features should not overpower this primary purpose. Such designs distract viewer attention.
  • Avoid Disproportionately Large or Small TV Units
  • Whichever design you choose, it should be proportionate to the room size and height. If your room is 12'W X 12'L X 10'H, an 8' tall TV unit will look like a lone giraffe straying in bush-land. This creates visual disharmony and you will lose the viewing comfort.
  • The Size of Your TV Unit Should Relate to Your TV's Size
  • These two sizes should also be in visual sync. If the unit is too large, your TV screen will seem like your laptop screen, upsetting the rule of proportions and causing your eyes to squint to see the program.

Weight of your TV is an important element to check as it may not be compatible with the mount you are planning on buying.

"All major brands will list the suggested weight limits of their mounts. Following these restrictions will keep your mount from sagging under the weight of a TV that's too heavy or, even worse, failing mechanically and causing damage or injury."

These are the main five types:


These flat panel mount TV stands are compact structures adhering to their basic function of housing the TV and a few décor items. Maybe even a music system on its lower shelf. Mounted on a tripod, stand, or pedestal, these stands can fit snugly anywhere in the living area, including a corner.

Mounted TV stands are rebels in their conceptualization, products of out-of-box thinking. Imagine your TV mounted on a modified camera tripod and standing in a corner of your room. How different will it look from the conventional perception of a flat mount TV stand!

Such experimental and innovative designs are for you to consider if you are a non-conformist. Maybe you are an architect or a TV journalist, upwardly mobile in your career, and your rented apartment has a cozy living room? Then go for a mounted TV stand. What's best, you can carry it with you if tomorrow you change your city.


These are sleek units with two or more components. The main piece is usually a paneled wall unit with the TV fixed at its center. Below this, there are shelves, brackets, or drawers that house various accessories, décor items, and other materials. You could also be offered side units in some designs.

They could be wall-fixed cabinets or shelves to display your miniature art objects. When viewed in totality, the wall-mounted unit looks like a multifunctional piece of TV furniture that also acts as a display unit. It makes smart use of both the wall and floor spaces. Ideal for you if you want to break the monotony of blank walls and get more from lesser space while complementing the elegance of your living area.

Fabricated / DIY

This is your TV unit if you like metal fixtures and furniture. The fabricated units are prepared from slotted metal angles or powder-coated aluminum channels. The TV stand is usually fixed at the top, while shelves are fitted at various heights of the structure. Since this is an open unit, there are no drawers, only shelves. The matt finish of slotted angles or the bright colors of coated channels give these TV stands a hep look. From studio apartments and graffiti walls to minimalistic Zen homes, fabricated flat panel mount TV stands are best-fits for unconventional settings.

By the way, are you a DIY enthusiast? If so, you can take this idea forward and build your own design.


These are the moving flat panel mount TV stands. They come in a wide range of designs, made from different materials - plastic, metal; especially aluminum, wood, and channeled wood or iron. Mobility is the main feature of these units and they are made to mash with various types of interiors, layouts, and decor.

Mostly fitted with casters, they can be maneuvered smoothly within the room or the home. Being light-weight enhances their modular capability. If you think that change is the only constant in life, you can keep changing the positions of this unit and break free from the tedium of dull, static interiors.


You can rotate your TV 360 degree if it is fitted on the clamp of a swivel TV stand. Some designs also make it possible to flip the TV. So, effectively, you can watch TV from any angle and any location of the living area by adjusting the rotation or flip.

Design-wise, the TV is fitted on the arm of a sturdy clamp which in turn is fitted on a heavy-duty metal rod. Pedestals of different materials are also used as design variations. The base has a disk or legs, giving the unit sufficient stability. The clamp can be moved up or down to adjust TV the viewing height.

"If your TV's inputs are behind the TV (and hard to reach) then you should get a tilting mount even if you don't plan to tilt the TV. It's a lot easier to reach a rear HDMI input by just tilting the TV up a little vs. removing the TV from the wall."

The materials used are usually steel with polycarbonate or metal components. The looks of these swivel TV stands are sleek and hi-tech, making them your natural choice if the rest of your living area is also similarly made up. A bean bag in one corner, an angular work desk on the other, or a recliner sofa facing the swivel mount - you can watch TV from anywhere if you choose this TV mount unit.

Yes, TV stands with integrated mount are really good.

First of all, they’re usually adjustable, meaning that, should you change your TV screen in the future, your stand will be a flexible solution and you won’t need to replace it; secondly, they help you create a streamlined look that’s particularly ideal in modern flats.

Finally, another benefit of TV stands with integrated mount is that your screen won’t be so easy to knock down by mistake: this is fantastic news if you have young kids running around but also additional peace of mind when doing the house chores.

The biggest size TV you can mount on a TV stand with an integrated mount is 65 inches. This makes these stands ideal for any room in the home, and as a bonus, your TV is held securely in place so it won't fall over and become damaged. The TV stand also brings some style and appeal to your interior decor.

TV stands with integrated mount are designed to make installing your TV onto the stand much easier as compared to hanging your TV on a wall. Not only are they fixable and adjustable, but they allow you to create a more streamlined look in your living area. Additionally, a TV stand with an integrated mount will also come with additional shelving for your other AV equipment at the bottom.

Regardless of the choice you make, follow these thumb rules:

Eye-level viewing

Make sure that the TV screen is positioned at eye-level. Too high or too low screen positioning causes neck sprains, vertigo, spondylitis, and other orthopedic conditions over time.

"If you are mounting your TV in a living room, it's a good idea to sit in your favorite spot and have a friend measure the distance from the floor to your eye level. If that's too much trouble, you can mount your TV 42 inches from the floor to the center of the TV. This should meet the approximate eye level of someone who is 5 feet 6 inches tall sitting on a standard couch."

Safe, Secure, and Smart Electrical Components

These are the points to tick:

  • Smart plugs. If yours is a smart TV, your plugs and other connecting devices should also be smart. Current-in and current-out, WiFi, audio, and all other plugs should be compliant with the requirements of your TV. Talk to a certified electrical contractor for proper guidance.
  • Circuit breaker. Make sure that you have a proper one installed.
  • Concealed wiring and sockets. After investing in a good flat panel mount TV stand, you surely don't want electrical cables zigzagging or sockets and plugs showing. It's best to have proper concealed wiring and hide the sockets too.

Get the Most Out of Your Speakers

Refined TV viewing is as much about HD audio as it is about HD video. The speakers of your system -- center, left, front, surround, rear, subwoofer… make sure all of them are correctly positioned to give high-quality sound output and effects. Consult an expert if needed.

Now that you know how to choose a Flat Panel Mount TV Stand, over to flipping catalogs, surfing websites, and calling up sales personnel. Make a smart choice!

Best Ideas

Z Line Designs Merako Espresso Tv Stand With Integrated Mount For Tvs Up To 70

Z Line Designs Merako Espresso Tv Stand With Integrated Mount For Tvs Up To 70

This is a media console designed for holding a flat panel TV up to 70". It has got an integrated TV mount, compartments and shelves. A solid wooden construction is resistant to damage and overweight. The product measures 58"L x 21.18"W x 50"H.

Earlscourt TV Stand

Earlscourt TV Stand

This amazing TV stand is just the true epitome of functionality with the extreme durability of the piece and the structure that is just so sturdy that you won't have to worry about the safety. It sports a simple and minimalistic design of the structure to fit any setting.

Avista Sovereign Plus TV Stand

Modern TV stand with 3 tempered black glass tiers and dark espresso wood framing. Integrated mesh wire panel with openings allows to conveniently route and hide cables and wires from the tv to the floor.

60 In. Brown Wood Tv Stand With Mount

60 In. Brown Wood Tv Stand With Mount

A high quality piece of furniture created for use in the entertainment rooms. It features mount fits for flat-panel TVs. It has got 6 shelves and 2 cabinets for enhanced storage of movies, music CDs and other items.

Integrated mount tv stands example pictured bello tpc361 av

Integrated Mount TV Stands example. Pictured: Bell’O TPC361 AV ...

Taylor TV Stand

Taylor TV Stand

Suitable for enhancing modern interiors, this TV stand in black finish provides 100 lbs of weight capacity and accommodates 65'' flat screen TVs. Includes 2 open shelves for electronic devices, 10 mm black safety glass top shelf, black lacquered legs, and cord management.

Line designs fiore tv stand with integrated mount for tvs

Line Designs Fiore TV Stand with Integrated Mount for TVs Up To 65 ...

Tv stands with integrated mount 2

The new flat TV does not have to be set in a traditional cabinet, or hung on a wall. You can take advantage of this black metal stand with intergrated mount, which has a special height-adjusting mechanism, adapting tv panel to our sight.

Walker edison 65 inch tv stand with integrated mount cherry

Walker Edison 65 inch TV Stand with Integrated Mount (Cherry) V60MTCH

Zline zl611 45m9u bryony flat panel tv stand with integrated

ZLINE ZL611-45M9U Bryony Flat Panel TV Stand with Integrated Mount

McKnight TV Stand with Integrated Mount

McKnight TV Stand with Integrated Mount

TV stand featuring three shelves made of safety glass, wire management system and piano black finish. The stand can accommodate TV screens up to 44 inches. The frame of the stand is made of manufactured wood.

Contemporary TV Stand

Contemporary TV Stand

A TV stand that looks just stunning, making it perfect for any setting, from a modern one to a more traditional, since the grey, slightly distressed finish ensures a versatile look and the various compartments let you enjoy the amazing functionality.

Flat panel tv stands with integrated mount

Ezra Flat Panel TV Stand with Integrated Mount

Hover over the large image above to see more detail

Hover over the large image above to see more detail

Avatar PTV7 43" TV Stand

Avatar PTV7 43" TV Stand

A TV stand with one useful rectangular shelf and one semi-circle bottom shelf. Made of heavy duty durable material and in glossy black finish with silver details. The shelf in middle is perfect for a DVD player. Best for 43" TV.

Pyramid 50 in corner tv stand with integrated mount black

... Pyramid 50 in. Corner TV Stand with Integrated Mount (Black) PY110CB

Tv stands with integrated mount 7

Just take a look at this gorgeous setup for a mid-century, contemporary living room with a very modern look to it. The minimalistic, smooth coffee table goes nicely with the cream couch and the beautiful TV stand.

Tv stands with integrated mount 3

2xhome - TV Stand with Shelves - Tempered Glass Shelf Shelving System Combo Unit Rack Tower Base Black Two (2) Tier Double Tinted Smoke Colored Glass Coloured Color - Integrated Low Profile TV Mount Mounted Mounting Bracket LED LCD Flat Screen Panel Smart

Glass 50 in tv stand with integrated mount dark cherry

... Glass 50 in. TV Stand with Integrated Mount (Dark Cherry) HPO2350DC

Line designs 50 inch hilo lcd tv stand with integrated

... Line Designs 50" inch Hilo LCD TV stand with integrated TV mount

Z-Line Z-Line Aviton Flat Panel TV Stand with Integrated Mount - Black

Aesthetic and functional, this Modern Stand/Mount in Black Finish accommodates 55’’ TVs. Designed of a glossy powder-coated frame, the stand offers 2 top shelves with tempered glass, which are supported by stylish and durable, chrome cylinders.

Tv stand with integrated mount

The impressive TV stand with DVD and home theater shelves mounted on the wall. Made of high-quality lacquered oak wood and glass with stainless steel. Very elegant. Perfect for the modern living room.

Palmyra TV Stand

Palmyra TV Stand

20 best ideas 65 inch tv stands with integrated mount

20 Best Ideas 65 Inch Tv Stands with Integrated Mount