Tv Stand Dresser Combo

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With limited space in a smaller bedroom, sometimes there must be a choice. Dresser, or TV stand. Now you don't have to choose with these TV stand dresser combos. Capable of supporting any TV you deem worthy of your sleeping quarters, with space for components, and plenty of dresser drawers, the best of both worlds is now at your fingertips.

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Jonah Console

Jonah Console

What an amazing, very classy wooden TV console, with an unusual shape and a plenty of rustic, fresh decorations. Truly makes this one stand out – perfect choice of furniture if you’re looking to give your living room a unique look.

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Sedona TV Stand

Sedona TV Stand

TV stand made of wood and glass. It is fitted with 2 cabinets for TV components and 2 drawers. Provides saving space in all kinds of interior. Neutral addition for each living room.

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Natural Elements Entertainment Center

Natural Elements Entertainment Center

Crafted from plantation hardwoods and knotty oak veneers, this Entertainment Center accommodates 40'' flat screen TVs. Includes 4 sided drawer box, gunmetal knobs, dust proofing on bottom drawers, beveled glass front, and cord management.

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Santa Fe Entertainment Center

Santa Fe Entertainment Center

Tropical style entertainment center. Made of wood with real stone insets. Open shelves are perfect for displaying your decorations and/or souvenirs. Cabinets, drawers and inside shelves are great for media storage.

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Shabby aqua painted vintage dresser

Shabby aqua painted vintage dresser

The olden vintage aqua dresser with the oak countertop. The drawers are equipped with the wrought handles covered with the fair paint. It could be used in the front hall or as a TV stand in the living room.

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Tv stand dresser combo 26

An elegant, dark oak entertainment unit and dresser combination which possesses a beautiful, very vintage look. Great addition to any traditional living room, the unit has a plenty of storage space while looking fine.

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Tv stand dresser combo 1

If you like functional approach to design, then this piece of furniture shall appeal to you. A TV stand and dresser in one. Finished in bright wood, it brings warmth and brightness to the interior.

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Dresser tv stand

Rectangular top dresser with vertical patterned strips on both sides of the two cabinets. Each cabinet, with door, is positioned on either side of the dresser. Lying between both cabinets are four horizontally lying drawers. All cabinets and drawers have shiny silver handles. The dresser has a grey-colored body.

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Tv stand dresser combo

Modern TV stand and dresser combo designed with ultimate style in mind. The dresser comes with a polished dark black granite top and a naturally finished wooden base. It has an extended tabletop, making it a great option for large screens. There are also seven drawers and amazing cable management too.

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Tv stand dresser combo 2

Excellent and highly practical wooden TV stand that doubles up as a dresser. It comes with a low profile design and a stunning pink finish that should be the ultimate centerpiece in the living room. You also get two open shelves for your DVD player, console, and other stuff plus four more drawers too.

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Tv Stand Dresser Combo

Buying Guide

How to choose the best TV stand dresser combo?

To choose the best TV stand dresser combo, you must consider your TV, what you’re planning on storing in its drawers, and the rest of your room.

Start by keeping your TV size in mind so that you can find a stand that’s big enough for it (please note that your TV size will usually be diagonal, whereas the TV stand top will be measured horizontally).

Then, run a quick inventory to know how much you need to store inside your TV stand dresser combo and consider whether or not you’re planning on buying more: in that case, stay on the large side.

Finally, consider your room’s palette and décor style. To ensure a consistent look, try and scout for a TV stand dresser combo in your existing wood finish or in a color from your palette instead of introducing an additional hue.

You should also stick to a design that matches your interior style. For example, more streamlined lines work better in contemporary and minimalist settings, whereas dressers with more decorative legs and drawers are better suited for ornate styles like shabby chic and French country.

What size TV stand dresser combo to choose?

You must choose a TV stand dresser combo in the right size for your screen and the rest of your room:

  • To do so, keep in mind that your TV size is usually measured diagonally rather than horizontally, so it’s safer to measure it yourself
  • Then, add 2” to the number that you’ve obtained to avoid an unbalanced look
  • We also recommend leaving around 4-6” between each side of your screen if you wish to display a few decorative elements on your TV stand dresser combo

What extras feature to look for in a TV stand dresser combo?

When looking for extra features in your TV stand dresser combo, consider how much you need to use your TV stand for storage, cord management, and whether you’ll need any specific entertainment storage.

For example, do you have other dressers or closets for clothing, or will this be the main space in which you store your garments? If so, it would be a good idea to opt for plenty of deep drawer storage space.

An entertainment console with a removable back for cord management is an excellent feature, because it will help you keep the front of your dresser looking clean and minimal. Designated areas for speakers, if you need them, would be an excellent feature as well.

Best Ideas

Tv stand and dresser combo

Compact TV stand and dresser combo constructed from wood and finished in a nice natural stain. The dresser can hold a standard sized TV thanks to its relatively large countertop. Six drawers and one large open shelf are also included in this dresser to give you ample storage for your entertainment ensemble.

Tv stand dresser

This TV stand and dresser combo is the perfect choice for all those, who want to use their space to the maximum and would like their interior to be completely and utterly functional. It offers nine spacious drawers for you to choose from.

Tv stand dresser combo 4

Well-designed and raised dresser that offers enough countertop for a TV. The dresser features a sturdy wooden construction and beautiful crown molding for that French-inspired look. It is finished in white as well and comes with four large drawers for all the storage you need.

Sauder Wakefield Wind Oak Highboy TV Stand for TVs up to 42"

Super practical TV stand designed to double up as a dresser as well. Constructed from wood, the piece comes in a small compact design and a large enough countertop to hold a standard TV. You also get one open shelf below for your entertainment stuff and two additional closed drawers for more private things.

Tv dresser stand

Practical element of home entertainment center. This TV stand offers some space for a flat screen TV and it also includes practical drawers, so it can be used as a TV stand and as a dresser. The lower area provides some space for DVD players and other devices.

Tv stand dresser combo 10

diy furniture makeovers | Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share the things you ...

Tv stand dresser combo 22

Rustic Old World Dresser / Buffet / TV Stand - Rustoleum "Putty" then glaze

Tv stand with dresser

Old Dresser ith a broken drawer? Great redo via Fab Rehab Creations!! #painted #dresser #upcycle furniture

Tv stand dresser combo 16

Printable Nautical Art. I Like Some Of The Photos As Wall Art For Bathroom.

Tv stand dresser combo 21

antique tv console

Media chest with drawers 7

Inspired combo of rustic charm with clean, contemporary design, handcrafted in a mix of FSC-certified reclaimed woods with a time-worn patina. Spacious storage via six drawers, fixed open shelves and adjustable shelves behind the cabinet door. Imported. S

Tv stand dresser combo 11

Love this buffet redo. Sometimes i just don't have the heart to paint them though...

Tv stand dresser combo 5

Stripes tips... "Step 5: This is probably the BEST tip I have ever heard! I read on Emily A. Clark that her painter advised her to use a nearly dry paint brush (a dry brush with very little paint) to LIGHTLY coat the edges of your stripe where the painter

Tv stand dresser combo 8

love this color for painted dresser TV stand