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Something different for a more eclectic decorating taste, unique tv stands give you a fun and exotic way to display our TV and components, along with some decor items if you are so inclined. In shapes and styles you may have never imagined, your inner eccentric will be delighted by the offerings in this extensive collection of unique TV stands.

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Gilbert TV Stand

Gilbert TV Stand

This TV stand in a black and salt oak finish is crafted from sturdy wood, and reinforced by durable metal sides/legs. The stand features 1 open shelf for electronic devices, 1 storage drawer, and 2 one-door cabinets that lead to spacious storage sections.

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Highland TV Stand

Highland TV Stand

With the amazing, distressed finish and a dark color of the solid wood construction this TV stand will prove utmost convenient for your household, offering a nice place to put your TV and display your equipment and movies beautifully.

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TV Stand

TV Stand

If you are looking for interesting solutions to the guest room or living room, this stylish shelf TV stand is the perfect solution for you. Practical cupboards and shelves make it easy to store different items and audio and video equipment.

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Cool tv stands ideas

Delighting with its awesome, futuristic serpentine form, this TV stand is a unique example of the contemporary living room design. Ideal for large TV sets, it will fit smoothly into eclectic interiors.

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Lumisource TV-TS-120-1T 52in. Metro TV Stand, Dark Wood Veneer

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Unique television stands

This unique curved TV stand constitutes a fabulous proposition for all contemporary decors. Its cool and clean, futuristic design shall enchant all, who appreciate minimalism.

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Unique tv stands

Splash your home with a drop of rustic charm by choosing this amazing TV stand. It features the distressed finish, wooden construction, doors with glass and shelves for DVDs collection and more.

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Tv stand ideas

Burning TV - why not? Fortunately, it is just an elegant fireplace, built into the wall, oblong - full of radiant flames, glittering the wall mounted TV. The high-gloss TV and fireplace frames make the living room a unique modern interior.

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Unique tv stands 1

Creating an illusion of a crooked window, this unique TV shelf many times will be even more interesting that the flat screen itself. Its intricate design consists of sturdy wood, and several open compartments for books, pictures, and knick-knacks.

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Unique tv stands

Beautiful vintage style tv table is a perfect combination of functionality and interesting appearance. The whole has a large deck and sturdy legs, and a large bottom shelf will hold many things. Amazing piece of furniture for the living room.

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Unique Tv Stands

Buying Guide

Ask anyone what they do after work and you wouldn’t be surprised to hear they relax and watch some TV. The TV in your home is most likely the main source of leisurely entertainment. It would only make sense that you want to display this essential part of your home in a way that is both stylish and functional. A unique tv stand can do just that for you.

At the first thought of it, you might think the stand your TV sits on doesn’t matter much. After all, all it has to do is hold up your TV, right? But if you’re someone who pays attention to the details and cares about having multi-functional furniture in your home, then unique TV stands have a lot to offer in regards to your standards. A TV stand is for more than just your TV, but also for game consoles, DVD and Blu Ray players, speakers, and more. Read on for some great tips to keep in mind before choosing which TV stand you want for your home.

What are the basic designs of TV stand shelves?

Something to consider for your TV stand is whether you would prefer an open shelf design or enclosed storage. Some TV stands offer just one or the other, while you can also have a combination of the two.

Open shelves are good if you don’t plan on stashing tons of movies, games, and consoles. With this space, you can add some nice decorations for added feng shui to your home’s atmosphere. You can even leave out the decorations and use the stand only for the TV for a basic, clean, look. If you have a small child and want to store items on an open shelf TV stand, then make sure that these things baby safe.

Enclosed storage is very useful for keeping unsightly piles of DVDs and games out of vision. A collection of wires is also not so nice to look at all the time and can easily be addressed with cabinets and drawers. Cabinets and drawers can be completely solid and hide away TV accessories. They are also available in glass material and allow you to see through while at the same time keeping things in an enclosed area.

What style of TV stand should you choose?

The style of your TV stand should ideally fit the current decor and furniture of your home. If your coffee table is made of dark wood, then you should go for a TV stand that also has a dark finish so it doesn’t clash. If your home happens to have a modern or contemporary atmosphere, then a stand featuring open storage and geometric shapes will work well.

How to select the right size TV stand?

An important consideration is the size and height of the TV stand. If you have a big TV, then you’ll need to make sure the stand is able to hold it well. What else you’re going to be using your TV stand for will determine how much storage space you need. If you have a lot of movies and want to display decorations as well, get a stand with tons of storage space and shelving.

Some people also prefer to have their TVs higher while others like them lower. If you’re going to be sharing the TV with a significant other or kids, then you may want to ask what their preferences are and come to a conclusion together.

How to mount a TV on a stand?

Since most TVs these days are flat screens, we have the ability to mount these up without needing to sit them on a surface. You don’t always have to mount on the wall because there are many TV stands that offer mounting separate from the wall. These stands can be anywhere from basic to large and extravagant.

The main way to mount a TV on a unique stand is either on a beam that sticks up from the stand or a large wall-like surface that is typically made of wood. Beam mounts take up significantly less room while the wall type TV stands are huge and offer tons of storage and decoration space.

You’ll be surprised at how much a TV stand can do for your home. Browse the large selection of unique TV stands below and consider our tips when making your decision.

Best Ideas

Cool tv cabinet ideas

Why is this stand for TV and audio equipment - it is said to be unique? It owes everything to its asymmetric form and elegant black in which it was made. Drawers fronts have an interesting texture of black marble and silver simple handles.

With unique curves and luxurious real wood veneer the jf201

with unique curves and luxurious Real Wood Veneer, the JF201 stands ...

Unique tv stand ideas that are very stylish and creative

Unique TV Stand Ideas That Are Very Stylish And Creative

Cool tv furniture

Inspired by India's brightly coloured culture and antiques, this Bali media console was crafted by Indian artisans out of solid mango wood. Two-tiered stand offers a convenient space to store books or DVD's.

Tv stands with metal and glass construction contemporary tv stands

... tv-stands-with-metal-and-glass-construction-contemporary-tv-stands-for

Cool ideas for tv stands

This TV stand is the simplicity and elegance at its finest. It sports the two shelved structure and will easily hold both the media equipment as well as the collection of movies, making it functional beyond measure.

Unusual tv cabinets

If you don't like to wallow in banality, this stunning project will for sure distinguish your living room. A designer TV stand, crafted by Taylor Levy and Che-Wei Wang, which will for sure delight even the most picky tastes.

Unique ideas for tv stands

Here you see an example of unique tv stand in futuristic style. Two doors, asymmetrically mounted to the wall, completely different in character - because they are elongated on the entire wall, they have a finish in gray oak and in polished mirror black.

Unique tv stand

An elegant addition for contemporary homes, this set of 2 TV stands is a great combination of functionality and style. It comes with hardwood construction in two-toned espresso and dark oak finish, with 6 enclosed compartments and chromed metal legs.

Unique wood tv stands

This original wall-mounted TV frame is an ingenious proposition, which will put your TV set in a frame, creating an impression of a painting. Its slightly curved shape and off-white finish create a traditional appeal.

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Unique tv stand ideas that are very stylish and creative

Unique TV Stand Ideas That Are Very Stylish And Creative

Unique tv stand ideas

Unique and practical TV stand can be made at almost no effort and without spending a penny, as long as you have wooden crates at your disposal. Arrange them into a TV stand with shelves by putting one on another.

Tv stand unique

Unique Reversible Shelving This reversible room divider rotates whenever you need it to--one side displays your television, the other side displays your decorations. The bottom, top and side drawers can be opened for storage. The bottom drawers pull out