White Tv Unit

If you are looking for something to bring your room to completion and your favorite color is white as is displayed throughout your decorating scheme, then you will love this collection of white TV units. They will help natural lighting illuminates your home and be a very fetching piece to support Your TV and components. See this extensive collection for details.

Best Products

Teen Bedrooms

Teen Bedrooms
Magnificent idea to decorate your kids room. Wall size dressers and wardrobe, all in white with plenty of space to stroe things and clothes. Clear and spotless place to study - nice desk with really cute pinkish chair.

Pineto TV Unit

Pineto TV Unit
It is a contemporary TV unit stand that has got a stainless steel hardware and is made with high gloss, manufactured wood, pressed cardboard, and frosted glass. It looks amazing in modern living room.

Easy TV Unit

Easy TV Unit
It is an easy TV unit stand that has got a contemporary style and white and black finish. It fits to any style and décor and is a perfect addition to your living room area. You will be impressed how great this product is.

TV Stand

TV Stand
This simple TV stand is not only functional, but also extraordinary stylish! It's gonna let you store all of your stuff and improve the design of your living room. You will fall in love with its amazing look!

Black high gloss wall units

An aesthetic modern TV stand having a long low-profiled frame of laminated wooden materials. A main frame is finished in glossy white while a rectangular top is in brown shades. Three sliding drawers have edge pulls.

White tv unit 2

This wide tv unit embodies the best feature of the modern design. Minimal stylization, all snowy white, accompanies greatly contemporary apartments. Elegant and prestigious, it offers wide storage space thanks to 3 drawers.

White tv unit

This white varnished, built in tv constitutes a part of a bigger wall unit. All cleverly combined with modern design, featuring polished floor panels and brick walls, makes a great impression to all who enter the room.

Our advice Buying Guide

Matte vs. gloss: Which is better for a white TV stand?

When determining if matte vs. gloss is a suitable finish for your white TV unit, you should base your decision on several crucial factors like your living room’s style and size. For example, a white TV stand with a matte finish has an understated look that looks fabulous in a modern or Scandi-style interior space. The matte finish also absorbs more light than a reflective glossy finish, which lends the room a mature and nuanced feeling.

If you want to make the most of a small living room, opt for a white TV stand with a gloss finish. Natural and artificial light reflects off a polished veneer, making your room look large and airy. You’ll also find that these stands are simple to clean. You can use a non-abrasive cloth and some disinfectant spray to clean marks away quickly and efficiently.

TV stands with a glossy finish have a luxurious look, and they’ll act as a sparkling focal point in any room. However, if you have young children or pets, you might want to choose a matte white model. This type of finish hides smudges, scratches, and scuffs much more effectively than a glossy coating does.

Are white tv units harder to keep clean?

A white TV unit is a vibrant, glossy focal point in your living room, as long as you maintain it. While a white media console might show a little more dust and smudging than a darker finish, you can stay on top of the maintenance with a few simple tips.

Since any blemish is easier to spot on a light color, you’ll need to dust a white TV unit frequently, at a minimum once per week. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to gently remove dust buildup from the console and the speakers and TV screen.

Try to avoid touching the TV unit, especially after eating snacks when your fingers might be greasy. If you notice fingerprints on the white unit, create a polishing solution of one cup of mineral oil and a few drops of lemon extract. Work the solution into the media unit with a non-abrasive cloth.

How do you style a white TV unit?

White TV units can work with different interior styles thanks to their versatile color. For the best decorative results, start by looking for a white TV unit that complements the rest of your furniture. For example:

simpler streamlined models work better in contemporary and minimalist settings

longer horizontal shapes, outward-pointing legs, and dark wooden accents can help you reinforce mid-century modern interiors

More decorative details and cabriole legs will match shabby chic or French country style furniture

Then, to avoid a white overload, consider styling your white TV unit by adding decorative items and ornaments in different contrasting colors.

Psst! Placing it against a wall that isn’t white will help it stand out, too.


White tv unit 3

Modern designed TV unit will be perfect match to light living room decor. Two big cabinets and two spacious drawers provides enough storage space for DVD's. Straight lines of the cabinet are referring to classical style.

White tv unit 5

TV stand made of wood with gloss finish. It consists of 2 capacious drawers for storing needed stuff. Modern design for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

White tv unit 12

Stunning low-profile TV unit with an elongated design. Made from wood, the unit is finished in white for outstanding contemporary appeal. The piece offers a large countertop too, enough to fit your TV and several other decor accessories, including vases.

White tv unit 25

Versatile TV unit designed to offer immense storage. The unit is built from wood and comes in a taller compact design that takes very little floor space. There’s also a large TV area that should be enough for standard TV sizes. Several drawers and shelves to take care of storage are also included.

White tv unit 22

Excellent TV unit built from wood and offering an elongated countertop. The unit comes slightly raised as well and has several no knob drawers that add to its class. It’s finished in a modern white palette that will easily complement the rest of your living room décor.

White tv unit 6

Well-built TV unit offering an extra-large countertop for your large screen. The piece is made from wood and finished in a superb white shade for flair. You also get several drawers and cabinets for your entertainment components and excellent cable management as well.

White tv units

Oh my lord! I love this modern style living room. Lovely small beige ottomans, nice grey sleeper sectional sofa with cool decoration as leather cushion looks perfect. I love this white TV display short cabinet.

Ikea white tv unit

White triptych sidedoor. On midsection, there is television set. Above TV set, are located decorative letters arranged to word "Family". On the left and on the right, there are a lot of family photos. Under TV set and photos, there are cabinets.

White high gloss corner tv unit

A simple TV stand in a contemporary design. It features a white, glossy finish that gives it a modern look. The unit includes two drawers without any handles and two open shelves. It's quite long so there is a space for a TV set and some decorations.

Modern TV Stand in White and Black

White tv unit 14

Living room quiero esa silla

White tv unit 4


Black high gloss corner tv unit

This contemporary TV spot delights with its modern, cool and clean design, representing the best features of minimalism. Its modular look will fit into modern living room, adding elegance and chic to the interior.

White tv unit 1

An ultra-elegant and ultra-modern TV unit. It's a combination of classy colors of black and white and it features a space where you can mount your plasma TV set and open shelves for displaying decorations.

White tv unit 8

Pretty lamp with an equally pretty white Besta Burs TV unit & white TV!

White tv unit

Built In TV Cabinet

White gloss units living room

Entertainment center made of wood. It consists of 2 cabinets with double doors, 4 drawers and a lot of open shelves. Perfect for storing books, TV components or display decorations. Provides space saving in any living room.

Mix tv unit with drop down door mt180e 180cm matt

Mix TV Unit with Drop-Down Door MT180E 180cm (Matt or High Gloss)

Booth TV Unit

White tv wall units 1

White TV Wall Units

White tv unit 29

Love this built in but I'm sure it would cost a fortune. Anyone know where I can find one similar but for under 500 dollars?

White tv unit 28

Storage efficient wall feature, but minimalist? - As a TV console and storage unit, the divider between the living area and master bedroom has cabinets, drawers and shelves to keep stuff neatly stowed away.

White tv unit 21

Tv cabinet, white tv unit,

White tv unit 7

Nice for the living room

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livingrm20white20bestaikea20white20.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by LovedayArt. Find other livingrm20white20bestaikea20white20.jpg pictures and ph

White tv unit 27

Console bookshelf idea for living room. Ikea shelves in white.

Una spartana madia ikea ma guardate che risultato

Una "spartana" madia Ikea... ma guardate che risultato!

White tv unit 4

Nightfly White TV Unit

White tv unit 13

All these shelves would be filled with blu-rays and dvds in my house.

White tv unit 3

Don't lie to yourself-a TV is important part of our homes.Equally important is its luminaire, which should be both functional and stylish at the same time-like this wooden white tv unit.Shelves on both sides and cabinets on the bottom. Delicate black elements.

White timber tv unit

This tv stand - is almost invisibile, it fits so great to the white interior and white walls - that items on the stand seems to levitate. White tv unit presented here is a long, rectangular form, with a one inside-shelf on the middle, for media stuff.

White tv unit 19

White Wall Storage and Wall TV Unit with Small Sofa Furniture in Modern Living Room Interior Decorating Designs Ideas - Home Decorating Designs Ideas

White tv unit 24

The rug here is absolutely incredible. Hamptons life is the best life.

White tv unit 23

media unit

White tv unit 2

White TV Unit by Bonaldo

White tv unit 10

TV Unit/Wall Cabinet Unit Surrounding Fireplace

White tv unit 18

Camouflage your tv with a gallery wall

White wall unit

Constituting a classic proposition for elegant interiors, this white wall unit with centrally located entertainment center delights with its two-toned finish. Combining white with dark espresso finish corresponds well to the surrounding decor.

White tv unit

Elegance, White / Black High Gloss TV Unit with Opt. LED Lighting

White tv unit 26

Our Living Room - ideas - grey walls - TV mounted - mustard accent - wooden coffee table - ikea white furniture - flowers - bookcase - TV unit

Tv unit white frame catania tv unit white carcass colour

tv unit white frame catania tv unit white carcass colour options white ...

3 expedit shelves for tv stand

3 expedit shelves for tv stand?

Modern white tv entertainment unit abreo home furniture

Modern White TV Entertainment Unit Abreo Home Furniture