Modern Audio Cabinet

For the music lover, especially the one with more contemporary tastes, just any audio cabinet won't do. And for your unique and modern style, we give you a collection of modern audio cabinets. Enhance your scene, store your gear, and look great in the process, these modern audio cabinets will complement your audio components very nicely.

Best Products

Black Audio/Video Cabinet with Tempered Glass

Black Audio/Video Cabinet with Tempered Glass
This cabinet is specifically designed for storing audio/video equipment, and its wood and steel construction make it an incredibly durable choice that you can depend on. It offers 4 adjustable shelves as well as integrated levelers and hidden wheels so you can move it around easily. This is a great-looking and highly functional audio cabinet to say the least.

Walnut and Charcoal Wood Audio Cabinet

Walnut and Charcoal Wood Audio Cabinet
The walnut laminate finish and matte charcoal lacquer finish of this audio cabinet makes it a great contemporary piece that goes well in just about any home regardless of décor style. It has a total of three shelves that can be used for keeping various electronic components. The cable management feature makes it easy for you to keep all of your wires organized.

Solid Manufactured Oak Wood AV Tower

Solid Manufactured Oak Wood AV Tower
This solid manufactured oak wood AV tower has removable back panels that make wiring extremely simple. The hidden wheels will allow you to roll the tower from the wall, providing you with easy access to all of the electronic components. The wood construction of this cabinet is very impressive and means that you can count on it to last for years without much wear.

Black 5-Drawer Wood Multimedia Cabinet

Black 5-Drawer Wood Multimedia Cabinet
This black multimedia cabinet offers a total of 5 drawers that you can use for everything from audio mixers to turntables. The solid wood construction of this cabinet means that you can expect it to hold together for a long time after you assemble it in your home. The ravenwood black finish and contemporary design of this cabinet goes well in any home.

Solid Oak Wood and Steel Audio Cabinet

Solid Oak Wood and Steel Audio Cabinet
The solid oak design of this audio cabinet is why it is so incredibly durable and long-lasting. The decorative molding and fluted detailing adds a very elegant aesthetic that will be sure to improve the overall look of your home’s interior. There are a total of three shelves that you can use to keep your electronic components on.

Manufactured Wood Audio Cabinet with Multimedia Storage

Manufactured Wood Audio Cabinet with Multimedia Storage
This audio cabinet offers three different adjustable shelves for a flexible storage solution. The three framed fluted glass doors keep all of your audio equipment safe from dust while adding an elegant aesthetic. The manufactured wood constructions means that this audio cabinet is very sturdy. The integrated wire management design guarantees no more tangled cords or frustration.

Wood 1 Door Audio Tower with Tempered Glass

Wood 1 Door Audio Tower with Tempered Glass
This audio cabinet has a total of three storage cubbies that are designed for electronic devices and accessories. There is a sturdy metal handle and reversible door orientation. The wood material that this cabinet is made out of is very durable, so it is designed to last. It is ideal for multimedia storage with numerous shelves and an elegant aesthetic.

Our advice Buying Guide

There is no tool better than a glass-fronted modern audio cabinet for taming all those wires and trailing cables that seem to go with superb sound production. Bundled away to the back of the cabinet, it presents an orderly, even attractive face to the world while keeping your tunes in order. Audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs are all very good at sliding, jostling and falling into the floor if they do not have a secure home.

If you are sufficiently fortunate to have some recordings on vinyl or even older mediums, those can also be kept securely.

What kind of audio cabinet will fit your needs?

Knowing what you want in an audio cabinet can help when selecting the perfect one for your living room, den, study or library. You might even want one for the kitchen if you love to accompany your cooking with good tunes. The location, type of media, and the number of items will all have an influence on your selection.

For example, if you have vinyl, you will want a turntable. If you have older cassette tapes, you might want to invest in turning those items into CDs or DVDs, and simply put the tapes themselves away. But it the tapes are not of particular consequence and you like the way they behave, then a tape player could be important.

CDs and DVDs also do better when they have a secure location that is not subjected to heat – as will most sound media. Finally, if you have an extensive collection of digital music that has either been downloaded or stored in a cloud location, then you will want a player that can handle that, as well.

With these things in mind, you cabinet could range from something small and simple that has a Wi-Fi connection, to quite an elaborate set up encompassing a broad range of media and several playback units. You will also want outlets at the back of the cabinet to facilitate hiding various sorts of wires.

What style and design of a modern audio cabinet should you choose?

Polished wood is almost always a good choice for any sort of décor. But glass and chrome are also viable choices for a modern audio cabinet. Music, books on tape, and ambient sound can be part of any setting or can be suited to different rooms in the house or changes in mood.

A large entertainment console might be ideal if you have an extensive collection that stretches back to the days when turntables were an essential part of audio playback. If you have only a digital collection, or if most of your vinyl and cassettes have been converted, then you might simply have a dedicated computer that accesses your music collection and have it piped through the house. “Console” takes on a different meaning under those circumstances.

Most people will fall somewhere between these two extremes, with one or two players of various sorts and a need for storage space for various types of music recordings. A glass-fronted case is ideal for keeping sound recordings dust free and somewhat protected from day to day events.


Mid century record cabinet with speakers

Mid century record cabinet with speakers
Made in the style of the mid-century record cabinet with speakers is an impressive furniture for decor in vintage design. Modern furniture on high legs will look stylish in the interior, adding to its interesting character.

Vintage 60s mid century danish

Vintage 60s mid century danish
The simple modern audio cabinet with a hint of vintage style is a perfect solution for contemporary interior design. Slender legs, plenty of storage space and a functional whole captivates. The simple counter works as a coffee table.

Mid century record console

Audio cabinet made of wood and mounted on metal base. It has two audio boxes on the outside. Modern and functional design for each place as needed.

Modern audio cabinet

Furnish your home entertainment center with the modern stereo storage cabinet for your vinyl collection. It has got the wooden construction with mid-century look. It brings the fresh accent into your apartment.

Modern stereo cabinet

A great mix of mid-century design and functional solutions. The audio cabinet is made of wood, offering 2 drawers with cutout handles, 1 compartment for your record player, open shelving, and 6 partings for storing vinyls.

Record player cabinet

I did a lot of searching for the audio cabinets, before I bought this one. It features the modern design, simple construction and shelves for media and audio collection. It makes a grand impression.

Cranley audio multimedia cabinet modern home electronics

Cranley Audio Multimedia Cabinet modern-home-electronics

Coastal Audio Cabinet

Coastal Audio Cabinet

Turntable cabinet

It's time to take your living room back to the 1970's with this classic, old-fashioned audio cabinet. Its wood construction and oak finish offer 2 drawers for storing your DVDs, and 4 open shelves for your electronic devices.

Mid century stereo cabinet

mid century stereo cabinet

Modern audio cabinet

Modern audio cabinet combining unique styling and functionality is the perfect choice for living room or other interiors. Intriguing color combinations, plenty of storage space and solid construction create a contemporary whole.

Modern audio cabinet

Ideally corresponding to the modern surroundings, this wooden cabinet will add a smooth, vintage character to the space. Its two-tiered construction will add enough storage space for one's multimedia sets.

Mid century record cabinet

Audiophiles can surely become enthusiastic about this stylish modern audio cabinet designed to store vinyl records and record player. There's a large compartment to show off your vinyls collection, and two drawers.

Mid century stereo cabinet

Wood craftsmanship finished in striking walnut makes this stereo cabinet as elegant as functional. It has multiple compartments in a rectangle case that rests on stylishly curved legs supported by stretcher.

Modern audio cabinet 5

If you want an original way of distributing sound in your interior then this modern audio cabinet will provide you with the perfect way of doing so, while the vintage appeal compliments your decor immensely.

Furniture speaker stands 6

Made of high quality solid American wood, the walnut - stereo speaker stands are angular, hand carved and sturdy They serve as an addition to the already existing furniture for audio equipment with bookshelf - or value in and of itself with their modern style.

Elegance Cabinet

Elegance Cabinet

Modern turntable cabinet

If don't have a stylish stereo console, then, it's about time to find one. This boasts of modern design with a lovely Rosewood frame, offering 4 open compartments for your electronic devices. The cabinet rests on triple metal legs, finished in black for distinctive contrast.

Modern record player cabinet

Floating Credenza With Integrated Phonograph, taken from "Betty Pepis' Guide To Interior Decoration" 1957 Book

Radar Audio Cabinet

Radar Audio Cabinet

Aspen Pier Audio Cabinet

Aspen Pier Audio Cabinet

Summit Mountain Wood Audio Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves for Media, Components and Storage

This tall corner cabinet makes a stylish and functional addition to your living room, offering an ideal spot for your multimedia. It has adjustable shelves, providing various possibilities of arrangement.

Credenza stereo cabinet

Mid century modern record / stereo / hi-fi console in walnut. Solid state, made by Packard Bell

Turntable cabinets

Modern, yet vintage at the same time. This audio cabinet constitutes a proposition for all audiophiles and retro lovers. Incorporate a bit of the cool 50's design into your 2010's interiors.

Corridor 8177 modern slats tv cabinet stand storage credenza dark

Corridor 8177 Modern slats TV cabinet stand storage credenza dark wood ...

Record player cabinets

This unique set is dedicated for every music lover. It is composed of wooden cabinet with built-in speaker and special place to storage CDs and gramophones records, CD player and modern gramophone. It connects classic with modernity.

Modern turntable console

Gorgeous modern credenza

Decorative speaker stands

This multi-functional item is a combination of modern and retro styles. It can be used as a cupboard, TV stand or hi-fi system. Its durable wooden construction includes different sizes of compartments and a narrow shelf.

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Its absurd how often these come up in conversation now

It's absurd, how often these come up in conversation. Now, how do you connect to it via Bluetooth? // Vintage Stereo Console

1961 grundig majestic stereo console so 122us

1961 Grundig Majestic Stereo Console SO 122US

Modern stereo cabinet

George Nelson, Speaker Cabinet for Herman Miller, 1950s.

Media console record player

Audio meubel | Bert Harmens - modern ambachtelijk meubelmaker uit Meppel

Unusual dvd storage

I need this. Desperately. Symbol Audio - LPC 402 Record Storage Cabinet at @2Modern holds 640 LPs and 320 CDs or DVDs. And it's gorgeous. Need.

Modern audio rack

Vinyl records - a magical time for music from a black disc. This modern audio stereo cabinet is a unique wooden piece of furniture made of rosewood that combines the essentials of every music lover. Includes awai tuner, tapedeck and pick up.

Wall mount stereo cabinet

A sound system console that pays homage to the ubiquitous all-in-one hifi console of the 1950's. Each cabinet is individually crafted in the tradition of fine bench-made furniture from solid American Walnut.

Wooden record player cabinet

Coming from the times, when vinyls were the most popular music recordings, this vinyl record cabinet enchants with its cool, retro design. Densely-grained, natural-coloured wood will add a traditional appeal to the space.

Mid century modern record player

Audio cabinet in modern style. Includes open shelves and cabinets for storing components. It is made of wood and is mounted on metal legs. Rectangular top has large usable surface.

Speaker stand ideas

This element of furniture provides some storage space in its compartment with sliding doors. Its traditional construction includes white top and walls. This cabinet stands on four stable and solid wooden legs.

Tech craft veneto series rounded audio video cabinet walnut swh4024

Tech Craft Veneto Series Rounded Audio Video Cabinet (Walnut) SWH4024

Stereo cabinet

Stereo Cabinet !

Modern audio cabinet 1

Modloft Eldridge 59" Entertainment Unit in Walnut Finish - The Eldridge TV stand in Walnut has modern flair. This TV console will be more than just a pretty piece in your living room. Its solid hardwood construction adds durability while two drawers and t

Record player furniture

A cool modern floor cabinet for audio equipment. It's of 3-colour finished wooden materials. A flat foot and a thick leg are black. A compartment for a console (with a lifted lid) and side ones for speakers are brown but white fronts of the latter.