Modern Speaker Stands

Elevated speakers give the best surround sound effect for your movies or gaming. And if you are looking for a modern speaker stand that will not throw off the continuity of your decorative scheme, look no further than our collection of modern speaker stands will raise your speakers to the appropriate height.

Best Products

Kasse tv stand with sliding doors

Kasse tv stand with sliding doors
Move your interior decor a few decades into the past, with this chic table for A/V components. The table has sliding doors that conceal a spacious storage area for keeping your electronic devices, games, DVD's, and magazines. Everything is made of wood, along with a polished top and tapered legs.

Clarksville Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

Clarksville Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)
It is a speaker stand that has got an adjustable height and black finish. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor in your living room or home theater. It is a very good choice.

Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands

Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands
It is a basic, simple speaker stand that has got a medium density fiber core construction. It is an attractive addition to your living room or game room. It is a nicely finished product.

Titan av modern bookshelf speaker stands 460mm gloss black pair

Titan av modern bookshelf speaker stands 460mm gloss black pair
Distinguishing itself with the minimalistic, titan construction, this speaker stand creates a proposition for the modern interiors. It enchants with its sleek, glossy finish.

Ikyaudio yellow sea horses audio

Ikyaudio yellow sea horses audio
Funky eye-catching DIY-made stands for small speakers. They have shapes bringing to mind ... dancing cobras. Stands are built of plumbing pipes and elbows of durable vibrant plastic. Each stand houses 1 speaker and a metal full range driver.

Modern TV Stand

Modern TV Stand
This Modern TV Stand in Walnut & Black Finish is crafted from sturdy wood with walnut veneers, and accommodates 86.6'' flat screen TVs. The TV stand offers 2 drawers operating on metal glides, shiny gloss, and holes for wire management.

Moderne Muse TV Stand

Moderne Muse TV Stand
With a charming, slightly distressed white finish and decorative accents of the design this TV stand is the most suitable choice for your interior, allowing you to upgrade its looks and elevate the style of your home instantly.

Our advice Buying Guide

Modern speaker stands don't just enhance your home's decor, but they also optimize the sound produced by your speakers for the sole reason that they've been designed to complement valuable audio equipment.

While you’re recording a song, watching a movie, or listening to music, sound is an important part of your overall experience. If your speakers are not placed in the right position, you’ll miss out on all the small nuances you are meant to hear.

That is why you must choose carefully when buying modern speaker stands. There are models that don’t hold up your rig effectively, resulting in a reduction of music quality.

How to select the best design of modern speaker stands?

Even if you don’t want to show off your speakers, your speaker stands must still have a design that fits a room’s aesthetics. Of course, you should also ensure that the stands can support the weight of your speakers without any failure.

If you think your home will benefit greatly if it’s furnished with modern speaker stands, then you should get units with modern or contemporary styling.

As for the aspect of functionality, the best speaker stands are those with wide bases and top shelves. They allow you to position the speakers tightly on the stand and stop them from getting destroyed or damaged.

How to select the right size speaker stands?

The larger your speaker stands are, the greater the room they will allow for the mounting of your speakers. The suggested speaker stand sizes are anywhere between 18 and 24 inches (width). If you have professional speakers that require mounting, you need stands that are at least 30 inches wide.

Get the rough dimensions of your speakers before you purchase speaker stands. You will save a lot of time and money just by following this particular tip as you will be able to mount your speakers securely.

What are modern speaker stands made of?

Modern speaker stands come in two types of materials: wood and metal.

If you need sturdy modern speaker stands, the excellent options for you are those made of metal as the material offers more durability. As a bonus, metal speaker stands are great at hiding wires compared to wooden speaker stands.

Most wooden speaker stands may lack the ability to hide wires of your audio component but they are less likely to break. They hold up better than metal stands due to the strength of wood.

Why do you need spikes on your modern speakers stand?

They are strange details for modern speaker stands but spikes are absolutely crucial if you want to make the most out of the audio equipment that you have. Spikes or cones screw into the bases of speaker stands with one spike in each corner. They give a modern speaker stand spikey feet. Speaker stands without spikes rock back and forth every single time speakers are in use due to the vibrations they produce. With the help of these tiny details, your stands will have the best grip and the ability to prevent unwanted movement. Of course, you'll enjoy the right bass response.


Modern speaker stands 4

Everyone who use home theatre or listen music in home dreams about good sound system. Unfortunately good loudspeaker usually don't looks good. This speaker with solid rack looks more vintage and natural so it will be fit to your living room.

Modern speaker stands

The sound is best received if its source is at the level of the listener's ears. This explains why the speakers should not stand on the floor or on a high rack. These crossed three pointed wooden legs will be perfect as a modern speaker stand.

Modern speaker stands 3

Modern element of home equipment. This speaker stand features a durable metal construction that assures support to a rectangular, large speaker. The whole construction is not only durable, but also simple and stylish.

Designer speaker stands

Speaker stand in vintage style. Base consists of metal wires. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Speaker stands ikea

These speaker stands have got the black color and they measure 36 inches of high. they are suitable with modern or contemporary style and decor in the drawing room or entertainment center.

Quarter sawn white oak speaker stands 3

Quarter Sawn White Oak Speaker Stands

Walnut speaker stands

Contemporary setup for a DIY Dieter Rams-inspired wireless audio system made with the use of large speakers situated on a plastic pole, all placed in a modern living room to finish off a home cinema theater.

Plastic speaker stands 1

Music at the highest level needs top quality racks. These curved, metalized and a very elegant plastic speaker stands will also help you to efficiently manage your wires. The conical legs perfectly align with the ground in your living room.

Cool speaker stands

It is up to every music lover to listen to music with the purest sound possible. An optimal distribution of sound sources may be useful for the stands for the speakers. These modern speaker stands are classic but modern metallic, stable solution in black.

Ikea speaker stands

Modernize your drawing room or entertainment center with this wooden speaker stand. Trust me, it's unusual and unique, everyone will be delighted how cool this product is.

Ikea hack speaker stand

Resembling a small megaphone, this small speaker stand constitutes a very interesting to store and present your set of speakers. Smooth, minimalistic construction will fit perfectly well into modern decors.

Modern speaker stands 7

DIY Futuristic Speaker Stands From IKEA Lamps | Shelterness

Modern speaker stands 4

Why not go for the amazing and modern-looking speaker stands that will provide your household with the significant boost of audio quality and will make for just the most fitting choice when it comes to complimenting any possibler decor.

Cerruti baleri bloom modern coat hanger

Cerruti Baleri Bloom Modern Coat Hanger

Stylish speaker stands

These functional items are loud speakers with stylish wooden surfaces. They feature high level of stability and support thanks to their solid metal frames finished in black color. Their legs provide good stability.

Modern speaker stands 9

The sounds evoked with the Toulouse Lautrec's Moulin Rouge print are the perfect accompaniment to Stephanie Sheldon of Noun and Thomas Nevarez's music room. (Image: Holly Mueller)

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Contemporary speaker stands

Trying to create the entertainment center in your home? So, you need the speaker stands. Now, the most stylish are modern speaker stands, just like these. They are durable, solid and high quality.

Speaker stands 23

Speaker Stands

Diy speaker stands ikea

Go for these modern speaker stands to ensure a much higher quality of sound in your interior. They will help you produce the perfect quality for all of your favorite tunes and won't take too much of your floor space thanks to the compact design.

Modern speaker stands 5

If you want arrange home theater in your apartment or you love listen music in high quality, this speaker set is must-have in your home. It is composed of metal stands and two, modern speakers inserted in wooden covers.

Cherry hardwood 26 pair of speaker stands speaker stand_0_0 jpg

... -Cherry-Hardwood-26--Pair-of-Speaker-Stands-Speaker-Stand_0_0.jpg

Unique speaker stands

Space age pop modern "Air Suspension" 1970's speakers with matching stereo stand

Office storage media storage entertainment centers tv stands 7

... / Office Storage / Media Storage / Entertainment Centers & TV Stands

Diy satellite speaker stands

This TV is an old-styled product that features a solid metal frame. Its base provides support, stability and aesthetics thanks to its red finish. The whole set is ideal for people who love old-styled technologies.

Modern speaker stands

Aesthetic sturdy modern stands for quite heavy speakers. Stands are manufactured of black coated metal. A stand is composed of a T-like foot with spikes, 3 upright columns and a ladder-like 2-rung top.

Speaker stands display stands media pedestals contemporary side

Speaker Stands, Display Stands, Media Pedestals contemporary-side ...

Dieter rams loudspeaker with stand model l 02 1958

Dieter Rams. Loudspeaker with Stand (model L 02). 1958

Modern speaker stands

Suitable for modern interiors, this speaker stand is characterized by a simple design of two square, wooden panels (the base and the top) that are connected with vertically set planks. You can use the top of the stand for placing your speaker on it, and the inside to store your CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays.

Systems solid red oak pedestal speakers stand with large surface

... Systems > Solid Red Oak Pedestal Speaker's Stand with Large Surface

Speaker stand ikea

This kind of equipment is a stand for speakers and record players. Its large rectangular base holds different kinds of equipment and provides stability. This functional element also looks very attractive.

Ikea speaker stands hack

A solid construction that also provides stability. This speaker stand includes a flat surface that is able to hold different types of speakers. Its durable frame includes a base that protects the whole construction from falling down.

Decorative speaker stands

This multi-functional item is a combination of modern and retro styles. It can be used as a cupboard, TV stand or hi-fi system. Its durable wooden construction includes different sizes of compartments and a narrow shelf.

Modern speaker stands 8

Optimal distribution of sound sources may be useful for column stands. Modern speaker stands for columns have a minimalist form on a square base and with square top in black chromed color, that's why they will fit any interior.

Modern speaker stands

If you looking for extra ordinary ideas for your apartment, you have to choose this DIY modern speaker stands. They features the white, contemporary color and IKEA hacks. Everyone will be impressed how cool this product is.

Materials lack shelf numerar countertop capita legs

Materials: LACK Shelf, NUMERAR countertop, CAPITA Legs

Stands and mounts tweet merchant spotlight stands mounts silver

... stands and mounts tweet merchant spotlight stands mounts silver

Bose speaker stand 1

These speaker stands are made of re-purposed old Bose and fiberboard. The simple, modern shape, and round top create the unique look. They will be excellent in the contemporary living zone.

Product Ace Portable Mini Wireless Induction Speaker (Black)

A very simple, small, but very functional element. This is a wireless induction speaker that is available in different colors that match different stylization. The product is solid, wear resistant and very reliable.

Pyle PWMA100 Rechargeable Portable PA System with Wireless MIC Pyle PWMA100 Rechargeable Portable P

It is a rechargeable portable PA system with wireless MIC that it can be used at club meetings, small outside events and more. It adds fun to your home. You will be impressed how awesome this product is.

Ikea hack speaker stands

This set incorporates a durable turntable stand and speakers. They are finished in neutral colors, so they alos decorate different types of indoors. Their constructions are durable and they feature high level of stability.

Modern speaker stands 1

Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2) The Jazz series speaker stands ...

Modern furniture smart wireless remote control home theater speaker

-modern-furniture-smart-wireless-remote-control-home-theater-speaker ...