Bose Speaker Stands

For anyone who loves top-quality sound in your speaker system, you know that Bose is the brand to buy. And for product loyalty, we give you Bose speaker stands. Showcase those thump-machines and hear every glorious sound from your perfectly designed speaker system made by this top-quality company. These speaker stands complement them flawlessly.

Best Products

Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands

Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands
It is a basic, simple speaker stand that has got a medium density fiber core construction. It is an attractive addition to your living room or game room. It is a nicely finished product.

Bose 601 iii speaker stands by gusdo 7 95

Bose 601 iii speaker stands by gusdo 7 95
Made of a combination of wood and steel, the Bose speaker stand is a perfect execution and functionality in one piece of furniture. The whole is kept in an unusual color, and practical form is universal.

Small Satellite Speaker Stand

Small Satellite Speaker Stand
It is a small satellite speaker stand that has got a black finish, metal construction and an adjustable height. It is a functional and perfect addition to your living room area or home theater.

Clarksville Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

Clarksville Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)
It is a speaker stand that has got an adjustable height and black finish. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor in your living room or home theater. It is a very good choice.

Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

Adjustable Height Speaker Stand
It is a black finished speaker stand that has got an adjustable height and stylish metal feet. It is a contemporary addition to your living room, home theater and other. It is a very good choice.

Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 4)

Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 4)
A set that consists of four adjustable speaker stands. Finished in black with an attractive heavy weight base to provide more stability. It also features a multi-function adapter head that will fit most speaker systems.

Bose speaker stands

A stylish combination of attractive looks and modern form in this useful set of bose speaker stands is a perfect solution for any interior. The simple and straight leg adds all the lightness and looks very impressive.

Our advice Buying Guide

No matter how good the recording of your music might be, your listening experience is only as good as the speakers. But where to put the speakers and what about all those trailing wires? Fastening things to walls is often not a good answer, especially in a rented living space. Sometimes you need free-standing speaker stands, especially if you are using the music as part of a presentation in a large gymnasium or arena. Bose speaker stands can help with your “where to put the speakers” problem. Best of all, they come in all sorts and shapes because speakers come in different sizes and types.

What's the selection of Bose speaker stands?

Stands for Small Speakers

When it is back to school time, college students know too well that dorms don’t like holes in the wall. But what is college life without good music? Music is needed to study by and for that great hall party at the end of the week. Inexpensive small Bose stands will support bookcase or satellite speakers. They can be placed just about anywhere there is six to eight inches of floor space, and are perfect for creating surround sound.

Universal Table Stand

No floor space? No worries. The Bose universal table stand can support just about any kind of speaker. No mounting or floor space needed, just a spot on a study table will do. It is an excellent stand for Bose cube speakers, allowing flexibility for placement.

Wall or Ceiling Speaker Mounts

While these do require putting screws into the wall, they are ideal for home or classroom use where the speakers are likely to be permanently mounted. They are compatible with Bose cube speakers, Lifestyle systems, CineMate 520 home systems, and Touch Sound stereo JC series. They allow speakers to be correctly spaced to avoid feedback and for best sound quality.

Floor Stands

Although the trend has been toward smaller speakers, just as the trend is toward smaller and more powerful computer components, some speakers are still large and heavy. There are Bose speaker stands for those and well as the smaller speakers. Sturdy pedestal stands can support large bookcase speakers, elevating them for best sound production. They come with spikes to help create minimal contact, along with padding to protect floors and speaker cases.

Portable Auditorium Stands

As most public speakers and musicians know, it pays to have your own equipment when you are on the road. Even if you plan to visit schools or theaters that one might expect to have good sound equipment, the quality and quantity are certainly variable. Portable stands that can fold for easy packing is a super answer for a traveling show.

Why choose Bose speaker stands?

The Bose company focuses primarily on speakers, ranging from tiny earbuds to auditorium speakers. Since they make speakers, who is more likely to know what is needed in the way of a speaker stand? Their stands are created with durability and good sound in mind.


Bose stands

Aesthetic contemporary stands intended for the 901 Series VI loudspeakers. They're made of durable metal with a black finish. A stand has a quite wide round foot with rubbery pads, a thin upright stem and a round concave top to mount a speaker.

Bose 901 tulip speaker stands black pair for 901 speakers

Bose 901 Tulip Speaker Stands; Black Pair for 901 Speakers

Table speaker stands

Tulip speaker stands, two of them. Appropriate for 901 Bose speakers. Finished elegant matte black applied all over the surface, from white round bases, through slender stems, to flat tops that support speakers.

Bose speaker stands

Do you have an entertainment center in the apartment? So, you need the solid speaker stands. They have to modern like this pair. They are the elements with decorative and functional role.

Bose 901 stands

These sleek contemporary speaker stands are sold in pairs. Round pedestal bases resemble wine glass stems. Black finish is a safe and timeless choice. The model is compatible with Bose PS-6 901 speakers.

Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands (pair) - Black and Silver

Cool modern stands intended for Bose speakers. They're of steel with a 2-tone finish. A rectangle-like base with 1 curved edge and matching but smaller top plate are black. A slim triangle-like section column with a wire channel has a silvery finish.

Bose speaker stands 1

A pair of elegant stands that will display your speakers in a fashionable way. Each of those tulip stands is crafted of durable bronze, standing on a flat circular base, ensuring long-lasting usage and proper stability.

Bose 901 speaker stands

Nothing is so important in listening to and performing music - like good acoustics. That is why the bose speaker stands are important, for example like traditional candlesticks, but much more durable and stable. Finished in graphite matte color.

Speaker table stand

Minimalist speaker stands constructed from wood and finished in glossy black paint. The stands also come with a large base for support. You get a well-constructed rounded top too for your speakers and impeccable cable management as well.

Bose 901 speaker pedestal stands


Bose 901 pedestal speaker stands

Representing the cool and clean contemporary design, this Bose set of speakers stands feature also equalizers. Smooth white pedestal round base constitutes a stable construction.

Bose 901 speaker stands


Bose cinemate speaker stands

nice style on that speaker/stand. make it wireless using the SONOS CONNECT

Details about bose tulip speaker stands for 901 speakers

Details about Bose Tulip Speaker Stands for 901 Speakers

Bose ufs 20 universal floor stands pair silver

Bose UFS-20 Universal Floor Stands (pair) - Silver

Bose fs 1 bookshelf speaker floor stands

Bose UFS-20 Universal Floor Stands (pair) - Black

Bose 901 series vi speakers complete one owner set eq

Bose 901 Series VI Speakers; Complete One-owner Set - EQ, Stands ...

Bose speaker stand 1

These speaker stands are made of re-purposed old Bose and fiberboard. The simple, modern shape, and round top create the unique look. They will be excellent in the contemporary living zone.

Bose stand


Bose bookshelf speaker stands

Thanks to this pair of long-lasting stands, you will have a stylish and well-balanced solution for displaying your speakers. Each stand is characterized by a sleek silhouette with a round top and a matching, flat, circular base for stability.

Bose cube speaker stands

When it comes to bass speakers, these pair of Bose 301-V floor standing speakers are very much in demand. #bose #speakers #floor-standing speakers

Bose surround sound speaker stands

Bose Surround Sound Speaker Stands

Stands for bose speakers

Bose SS10 Speaker Stand/Adapter/Speaker Bag Speaker Stand by Bose. $164.99. This single stand includes double carrying case and attachment hardware. (Height: 52.5"-79.5").

Bose acoustimass speaker stands

901® Floor Standing Direct/Reflecting® Speaker System - Bose. Baby.

Bose standing speakers

Durable and fashionable, those stands are perfect for displaying speakers in modern interiors. Crafted of durable black-finished steel, each stand has a slender pole with matching both - a circular base and a round top.

Bose ufs 20s speaker stands silver finish for bose r

Bose UFS-20S Speaker Stands, Silver Finish For Bose® Cube Speakers ...

Bose jewel cube speaker stands

Speaker Stands

Bose lifestyle speaker stands

Bose Panaray 402 Speakers (Pair) + 2 Bose SS-10 Stands

Bose gemstone speaker stands

Speaker stand mounted on stable base with height adjustment function. It is made of durable metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Neutral design for each place as needed.

Bose UFS-20 Universal Floor Stands (pair)- White

These types of products are high quality, stable and solid stands designed for use with speakers. Each type of stand is made of high quality metal that is resistant to wear and damage. The height of a stand is 38 inches.

Image 1 bose 502a 502c system speakers stands mounts controller


Midcentury modern high end audiophile decorating the new house

midcentury modern + high-end audiophile = | Decorating the new house …

Bose 301 speaker stands

Style ideas for speaker stands

Bose UTS-20 Universal Table Stands (each) - Black

This is a very functional table stand created for use with different sound systems. It is made of high quality zinc cast, so it is solid and looks very attractive. Its size is 9.1 x 6.2 x 1.7 inches. This universal stand works with different types of speakers.

Bose speakers stand


Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands

This stand has got an universal character. It means that it works very well with many types of speakers. Each stand of this type has got a very solid and supportive floor base that protects from tilting.

Bose SS-10 Speaker Stand | Stand for 802-III 502A 402-II Loudspeakers

Liking the curvature of the speaker stands from bose

Liking the curvature of the speaker stands from Bose

Bose 901 stand

EZ Mounts -1 Pair Universal Home Theater Surround Sound Floor Speaker Stands for Rear Mounting Speakers Such as Bose Acoustimass, Cimemate, Jewel Cubes, Lifestyle Speakers and many other Popular Brands (Multiple speaker attachment methods including keyhol

Bose UTS-20 Series II Universal Table Stands

It is a single table stand for Bose cube speakers that is available in two color options to choose: black and white. It is a fantastic addition to your living room, office space, family room and other.

Details sur bose speaker stands x 2

Détails sur Bose Speaker Stands X 2

Bose speakers stands

Sale Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands (pair) - Black and Silver Cheap Price Discount

Bose package 802 iii speakers and stands