Cd Dvd Storage Furniture

Folk of a certain age still cherish their CDs, and more people make it a point to have an impressive DVD collection. Problem is, they can be hard to store effectively, unless you have lots of bookcases. Instead of that, why not get a cd/dvd storage furniture piece from this collection. All the storage options a person can want, all here for your perusal.

Best Products

Pair of wave front cabinets paul evans 1971

Pair of wave front cabinets paul evans 1971
Sophisticated cabinet finished with carefully made carvings. Suitable for storing clothes and other necessities. Elegant design for each place according to taste.

Prepac floating wall triple media storage

Prepac floating wall triple media storage
A space saving piece of furniture that has got a storage and display function. It is a quite large shelf that is wall mounted. Its frame is very solid and able to hold a large amount of CDs, DVDs and other items.

Rustic storage media console large

Rustic storage media console large
A large media console that features a rectangular top for a large TV. It also offers drawers and compartments for other home cinema devices, CDs, DVDs and other items. This wooden construction guarantees solidity.

Yuman mod vision 1 entertainment center modern media storage

Yuman mod vision 1 entertainment center modern media storage
Home entertainment center that features a lower cabinet with shelves and storage compartments. Upper area includes wall mounted shelves and some space for a flat screen TV. Straight lines and neutral colors match any TV room design.

Library Media Console

Library Media Console
An interesting media console that plays a functional role and decorates indoors. It features a very unique construction that accommodates standard TVs and other home cinema devices. This construction also includes a small drawers for CDs or DVDs.

Cd dvd storage furniture

A three-drawer media drawer unit provides just the right storage for your DVDs or CDs. Metal slides help make operating the drawers smooth and easy. The neutral color makes it easy to add to almost any décor or color scheme.

Dvd storage solutions furniture

Great way to store all of your CDs and DVDs. Not only does it have a plenty of handy drawers for CD storage, it also has a clever, disguised compartment for those bigger boxes! Perfect for a traditional living room.

Our advice Buying Guide

What CD/DVD storage to choose for a large collection?

For a large collection, you must choose a type of CD/DVD storage furniture that lets you keep it organized without taking over your room. If you haven’t got a lot of floor space left, consider going vertical: you could look for shelf-based pieces of furniture or taller cabinets that consist of several layers but aren’t too wide.

If, on the contrary, you don’t want to introduce an additional tall, cumbersome element that would take up a big portion of your wall, choose a horizontal type of CD/DVD storage furniture. For example, you could opt for a shorter but wider filing cabinet-style item with two or three deep drawers.

Just be sure to run an inventory of all of your CDs and DVDs before looking for the right storage solution. Planning on buying many more? Then take this into consideration by leaving some additional room, too.

What are the best materials for CD/DVD storage?

The best materials for CD/DVD storage furniture tend to be durable and aesthetic. You’ll likely be storing your media (your CDs, your DVDs) in a place you spend a lot of time in, such as your entertainment room. Because of this, you’ll be seeing it a lot; so selecting a fine-grain wood or a durable plastic in a mod, fun color is likely best.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want your furniture to be water-resistant, just in case accident happens. We like plastic and metal options for this precise reason. Other than that, just look at your current decor to get an idea of what might fit best!

How much CD/DVD storage furniture should I get?

The amount of CD/DVD storage furniture you should get depends on three factors: The amount of room you have, the number of CDs you currently have, and the number you plan to get.

Start first with the amount of room you have, and how you have your entertainment center set up. If you have the space, a CD/DVD shelf on either side of your TV cabinet can look really classy! If you have a very large collection of CDs and DVDs, you can even get multiple shelves and place them around the walls of your room. That can be a real statement! Just make sure that you also have enough room to walk, and for other pieces of equally functional furniture like chairs and tables.


Cd dvd storage furniture 1

Cardboard storage boxes for cassette tapes or similarly sized small items. Although not impervious to damp, they can be a good way to organize cassettes, decks of cards, or other small items. They are excellent for making order of larger containers.

Cd dvd storage furniture 10

Vintage library card file cabinets are excellent for storing audio or computer cassettes, cards of various sorts including recipe cards or collector cards. They can be used to store small hardware or vanity items. This blond wood cabinet is a perfect condition.

Cd bookcase furniture

Classic white DVD/CD storage drawers can be an unobtrusive part of your credenza or even installed on a floating shelf. When teamed with a television credenza, they keep your favorite media items in good order and handy for use.

Blu ray media storage 12

If you are a musical madman who buys CDs instead of buying something else - you need a great piece of furniture, media storage that will fit them in a decent way. This wooden wall structure consists of sliding vertical shelves, full compartments for CDs.

Cd dvd storage furniture 2

A heaven for the musicaholics. This multilevel stilage could hold the longstanding collection of CDs and DVDs. Maybe it will be hard to find something in this number of discs, but the real collectors have thei own way to deal with it.

Solid oak storage chest dvd cd cabinet

Solid Oak Storage Chest / DVD/CD Cabinet

Dvd and cd furniture

Compact and extra high DVD storage cabinet made from wood and featuring a neat light brown stain. The piece allows you to organize your collection in a simple manner thanks to the two dozen pull out drawers, each with stunning black metal accents.

Cd drawers

Thanks to this storage cabinets, your large CD collection will be properly stored and organized. It's made of oak-finished wood and stands on a powder-coated metal frame, offering number of small drawers with name plaques and metal pulls.

Cd dvd storage furniture 7

Charming apothecary drawer fronts, somewhat like old library file drawers, are the perfect size to hold your CD or DVD collection and to keep it safe. The slip in label holders make it easy to file your collection for easy access.

1000 Series 830 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

1000 Series 830 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

Dvd storage drawers furniture

CD & DVD Media Storage: Prepac Large 4-Sided CD DVD Spinning Media Storage Tower in Espresso EMS-1060/0

Cd dvd storage furniture 12

Half Moon DVD and CD rack

Cd furniture storage

If you had such a piece of furniture in your house - to make an order in storage dvd discs would be pure pleasure. The wooden chest of drawers has the color of natural alder wood, while its drawers are painted white and green.

Diy dvd storage

DIY DVD Storage

815 cd dvd storage unit

815 CD-DVD Storage Unit

Cd dvd storage furniture 5

A DVD Storage Cabinet is a valuable addition to your home's decor

Cd cabinet wood

I could remember those cubic drawers from hotels and old fashioned drug stores. It occurs that wooden drawers serving before as card catalogs can store CDs and DVDs pretty efficiently. Check this distressed storage cabinet out.

Cd dvd storage furniture 14

Creative Stuff: Build a custom storage cubby unit for your craft supplies

Prepac Black Double Width Wall Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Rack

The real deal - this storage rack will certainly fit your whole collection - whether it's the CDs or DVDs, making your room feel more organized and nicely managed and finally letting you avoid the clutter, while the solid construction will prove strong and durable.

Cd cabinet furniture

DVD Storage Bags. we could just stack in the coat closet without having to fit another piece of furniture just for our movies!

Blu ray dvd shelves built around my flat screen in

Blu Ray/ DVD Shelves built around my flat screen in my living room. I used only 1"x4" (fur) and decking screws and a can of wood stain. Total cost was less than $30!

Modern media storage 22

An aesthetic modern wall-size media unit of wooden materials in cream. It has simple full both a top and a toe-kick, lots of open front shelves, a desk, shelved cabinets with doors (double doors and flip down doors) having large metal bar handles.

Modern media storage 31

A stunning brass floating media credenza that sports the antique design and still makes for a sublime choice for when you want to add a touch of modern appeal to your household thanks to its walnut finish.

Cd dvd storage furniture 8

Hammers and High Heels: DIY Vintage Crate Shelving Unit and "C2T39"

Cardboard cd storage

Cubus Office Storage Cabinet image 1 - medium sized

Furniture dvd storage

every other shelf is adjustable and could be used as mudroom furniture with shoe storage. Thanks IKEA!

Hallway furniture storage

Stylish organization of different items and accessories. This element of furniture includes storage drawers and compartments with durable wooden doors. Its wooden construction is finished in black color.

Espresso media cabinet 15

Leslie Dame CD-612-78 Espresso Mission Style Multimedia Cabinet $299.95 #onewayfurniture #dreamroom

With apertures of varying size this shelving unit is ideal

With apertures of varying size, this shelving unit is ideal for storing anything from books to DVDs and CDs. With a matt lacquer finish, it will look great freestanding or against a wall. The designers have added a slight curve profile to the edges to max

Hallway furniture storage 1

An old-fashioned wooden cabinet with a traditional, vintage look and a plenty of storage space inside. Great for an entryway storage solution if you’d rather have a closed wardrobe than hanging coat racks.

Diy dvd shelf

Creative and cool hanging racks for CDs and DVDs. Their oval or round frames are handmade of crisscrossed plywood slates in brown tones. Racks can have varied amount of pigeonholes and be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Cd dvd storage furniture 11

Cool DVD Storage Ideas: Astonishing Dvd Storage Ideas Diy With Elegant Design Of Wooden Racks For Your Entertainment Room Inspirations Also Full Of Various Dvds And Cds Black Along With Natural Items Photos ~ Closet Inspiration

Dvd cd cabinet furniture

Hide CDs and DVDs in a wall mounted storage unit; from outside, it looks exactly like a floating shelf, but it has drop down door mounted on hinges, so you get plenty of extra space inside. It's sleek white.

Dvd holder furniture

DVD rack in neutral form. Construction is made of wood. Functional accent for each place according to taste and need.

Cd dvd storage furniture 1

So much storage in a small space! 2 feet wide, 1 foot deep and almost 7 feet tall. Some shelves are adjustable. Good not just for shoes but linens in a bathroom, toys and stuffed animals in a kids room, CDs/DVDs... lots of options. Bradshaw Shoe Storag

Dvd wall

An unexpected solution for the development of DVDs. Not as in a pre-arranged rack, placed vertically, but horizontally arranged on narrow black shelves, with compartments. Which in the amount of 5 wall mounted cd storage are swept asymmetrically on the wall.

Modern media storage

It seems to inspire 50's and 60's in a slightly retro nature thanks to the color of the wood used and the lacquer. But it is a very modern media storage - the wall is covered with closed cabinets and has a recess in the middle - ideal for TV.

Open shelving living room

Large DIY built-in bookcase with white panels style base, merged with counter. Running all the way from the floor to the ceiling, using the vertical and horizontal space to maximum. Upper shelves of the bookcase have bulbs lighting.

Kitchen storage furniture

Element of kitchen furniture that serves for storage purposes. This cabinet offers wide storage and display shelves with glass doors. Lower parts include small and large storage drawers. The whole wooden frame is finished in neutral white color.

400 Series 400 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

400 Series 400 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

Furniture of America Sawyer Rectangular Top Console Table, Black

This rectangular console table with shelf is extremely practical yet stylish piece of furniture for the living room.It brings out favorite items. Its design itself is incredibly beautiful.

Cd dvd storage furniture 13

Rotating Cube Tower Media Storage Dvd Rack Multimedia Video Game CD Games

Small dresser for kitchen

Smart kitchen organization idea: a tall narrow cabinet flanking the refrigerator. Classic crown molding on top. The closabl cabinet with opaque doors hides away brushes, broomsticks and cleaning products.