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Some of us still love CDs, and not only have our old collections, but continue to add to them. For CD lovers, we give you wood CD storage that will not only properly store your CDs and keep them organized, but also complement your home with their attractive build and style. Take a look at this collection and pick your next CD storage.

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Our Picks

Beezwax cd storage box

Beezwax CD Storage Box

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Wood cd storage

A polished and sturdy CD storage. There are three sets of CD storage and two have five shelves while the largest has nine shelves. The CD storage shelves furniture is made from strong wood so they will definitely last the time.

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Wood cd storage 1

It resembles an antique pharmacy's furniture, straight from an antique hospital. But nowadays it can be made in mahogany wood cabinet. This will be allowed thanks to symmetrical square drawers. That's why it is a perfect wood cd storage.

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Corona 4 Drawer Narrow Cd Chest Mexican Pine Solid Wood Cd Storage New

Corona 4 Drawer Narrow Cd Chest Mexican Pine Solid Wood Cd Storage New

Narrow but tall, this CD storage chest can be effortlessly incorporated into an existing furniture setting, even if there's not much free space left. Light finish wood construction has been finished off with black metal hardware.

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Cd storage furniture wood 2

This designer wooden construction constitutes a unique cd storage item. With its clean geometrical forms, creating a form of a labyrinth, this multimedia cabinet will create an eye-catching accent in every decor.

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Deluxe 504 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

Deluxe 504 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

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Classic Mission Style Multimedia Cabinet Oak

It is a multimedia cabinet that has got a dark oak finish and classic design. It fits to any style and décor and is perfect for your living room. It is great for storing your CDs, DVDs and other.

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CD Storage Rack

CD Storage Rack

It is a CD storage rack that is perfect for storing your CDs and DVDs or to display your favorite accent pieces. It has got a five fixed shelves and it is available in two finishes: cherry and espresso.

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Cd wooden storage

Organize your DVD and CD collection with ease thanks to this tall cabinet. Measuring 60” x 24”, the cabinet offers several storage shelves capable of holding up to 486 CDs when full. The cabinet also comes in a supernatural wood grain finish for impeccable style.

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Metro Wood CD Multimedia Cabinet

Metro Wood CD Multimedia Cabinet

This Multimedia Cabinet in Red Finish is inspired by a retro telephone boot design, and crafted from solid wood. The cabinet includes 1 door with glass panels, and 4 shelves for storing CDs (does not accommodate the case for DVDs).

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Wood Cd Storage

Buying Guide

When you’re choosing wood CD storage for a big CD collection, you want to think about two different storage qualities: good economy of space, and good aesthetics. If you have a large collection, you want to be able to see and sort through your discs, too, so you can listen to whatever you want—whenever you want.

We like CD storage shelves for this reason; and ones made out of wood tend to give your CD storage collection a traditional type of gravitas that looks lovely next to an entertainment station. Plastic or metal can look too machine-like; wood, on the other hand, has the natural feel in this technology-oriented scenario.

Lastly, think about how much storage you need. We’ve seen wood storage units that can house hundreds of CDs! A good rule of thumb is to choose a unit that you can fill about 80% of the way - this allows room for growth without feeling overwhelming.

The most common types of wood CD storage revolve around small, shallow, and short shelves—typically 8-12 of them—in a wooden compartment; although there are more open metal- or wire-based models as well.

If you’re going for a more traditional or vintage look, we recommend sourcing a wooden cabinet to use for CD storage; if you’re hoping for something that’s more industrial or modern, use a black metal to get the effect you desire.

Best Ideas

Cd storage cabinet oc2291

CD Storage Cabinet (OC2291)

Habitat cd storage

Highly compact CD storage cabinet constructed from wood and featuring a stunning natural wood grain. The cabinet also comes with a slightly raised design and three large open shelves for all your CDs. You also get a large countertop for additional stuff.

Store cabinet ideas simple wooden small cd storage cabinet image

... Store Cabinet Ideas » Simple Wooden Small Cd Storage Cabinet Image

Cd storage chest 1

CD Storage Chest

Wood cd storage 1

Another wonderful DIY project! A handcrafted wooden storage crate, made out of pallet wood, purposed to store CD cases. Perfect to put up near your TV in the living room to store your music and movies!

Prepac Black Triple-Width Wall Media Storage Rack

Triple-width wall storage rack. The rack has been designed in traditional library style and can accommodate all sorts of media in any combination. The shelves are fully adjustable and allow for customization to your personal needs.

Wooden cd storage box

Old-fashioned cabinet. It has desktop, which can be used to stand TV set, and two shelves. These shelves are used as rack intended to storage CDs. This cabinet is made of worn-out oak wood and it is must-have in living room.

Wood cd storage 3

Get all your vintage collection of CDs organized today with this tall wooden storage. The piece comes in a minimalist design and offers an array of simple storage compartments for all your CDs. It’s an open storage too so you are able to see your titles anytime you need them.

Cd dvd storage cabinets

CD DVD Storage Cabinets

4 Shelf CD Storage (Honey Oak)

Wood cd storage 32

CD storage Crate, Rustic Wood Center Piece, Wood Crate Shelves, Storage Crate,Fruit and Vegetables Storage Crate, Storage Box on Etsy, $20.00

Wood cd storage box

A shelving unit which is a great option for an entertainment room. It's a piece made of solid oak wood in a natural color with narrow shelves which are perfect for storing CDs or DVDs. It will help you keep your CDs well organized.

Wood dvd storage cabinet photos

Wood Dvd Storage Cabinet photos

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