Wood Dvd Rack


For the perfect way to display and organize your DVDs, take a look through this collection of wood DVD racks. So many options in DVD storage, you will find plenty of ways to keep your favorite films and shows safe, and keep them exactly how you want them for easy selection at will. Take a look at this extensive collection of wood DVD racks and pick out the right one for your home.

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Our Picks

Pallet wood dvd rack holds approx 230

Pallet wood dvd rack holds approx 230

An ingenious way to reuse natural materials, breathing a new life into wooden pallets. This carefully designed set is destined to hold an impressive amount of 230 DVD's. Elegant and rustic in the same time, will grab the attention not only of boho lovers.

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700 Series 280 DVD Dowel Multimedia Storage Rack

700 Series 280 DVD Dowel Multimedia Storage Rack

Unique and stunning, this multimedia storage rack owes its awesomeness to the use of traditional materials and enormous storage space, being able to accommodate 280 DVD's (or 385 CD's). Has the overall size of 61.5'' H x 24.25'' W x 7.25'' D.

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Diy dvd rack

A creative, wall-mounted rack for storing your CDs and DVDs in quite a unique way. The whole structure is made of sturdy wood in shape of a twisted maze with multiple compartments for your collection.

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Diy dvd storage

Furnish your living zone or entertaining center with wooden DVD racks. They are solid, nicely finished and have a lot of spaces for the collection of DVDs, CDs and books.

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Dvd And Cd Storage

Dvd And Cd Storage

Made from solid, bright wood, this dvd rack will be a good proposition for traditional or rustic decors. It comprises 4 shelves and a bottom drawer, offering an impressive space to store one's collections.

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CD Storage Rack

CD Storage Rack

It is a CD storage rack that is a fantastic addition to your living room and other. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor. If you looking for perfect storage rack you need to choose this one.

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CD Storage Rack

CD Storage Rack

It is a CD storage rack that is perfect for storing your CDs and DVDs or to display your favorite accent pieces. It has got a five fixed shelves and it is available in two finishes: cherry and espresso.

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Dvd storage diy

This wooden DVD rack is designed to provide maximum functionality on minimum space. Therefore its narrow, 8-tier construction will accommodate up to several dozens of CDs or DVDs.

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Dvd storage ideas diy

Stylish furniture is an excellent way to decorate the interior. Beautiful wooden rack on DVD discs lets you have your favorite movies and music always on hand. An attractive design is also a great decorative detail.

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Wood dvd stand 2

Anyone who has a lot of movies on DVD or even hippies VHS tapes will be delighted with this simple wooden dvd rack design. Made of oak, has wicker pegs and removable spacers ideally profiled under the size of DVDs.

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Wood Dvd Rack

Buying Guide

Tidiness is crucial in making a space look spacious and appealing. If you have a large media collection, a wooden DVD rack won’t just organize your favorite DVDs but also make them a decorative feature in your home. Wooden DVD racks come in different sizes and designs. To ensure that you get the right one for your needs and preferences, check out our buying guide below before you make a purchase.

If your media collection is large, it wouldn't make sense to purchase a small rack unless you'll only put on display a couple of pieces. So, examine your current collection's size.

If you are the type of collector that gets rid of an old item every time a new purchase is made, then you don't have to take into consideration expansion. But, if you collect each movie that comes out, then you have to make room for new additions.

For a small size media collection, there are compact DVD towers and racks to choose from.

  • Freestanding - A freestanding wooden rack for DVD storage can resemble a freestanding bookcase and it ranges from compact corner units to ones that can take up entire walls.
  • Wall Mounted - A wall-mounted unit is ideal for the storage of DVDs and CDs if space is limited. If your media collection is small to medium in size, then a compact wall-mounted rack is your best option as it’s accessible and it will display your entire collection like wall art.
  • Spinning Rack/Tower - A spinning rack or tower is an excellent option if you want a unit that’s a great space saver as it only has a small footprint. Even with its relatively small size, it can hold a huge collection of DVDs. It combines a compact organization solution with convenience and accessibility.

If you want your collection to have ample protection from children, sunlight, and dust, then opt for a rack with doors. To further protect your collection, make sure the unit is lockable.

Because DVDs in large amounts are heavy, you need to ensure your wooden rack can handle heavy weight. If you opt for a material that isn't durable, you can bet the rack will just fall apart a few days after you've displayed your entire collection. Dangerous breaks can be avoided by opting for solid wood as a rack's material construction.

Here are the best types of wood for DVD racks:

  • Cherry - Cherry wood is popular with wooden DVDs racks as it’s a great material for indoor use. It's resistant to rot and decay and it can stand well to dents, scratches, and dings. Its strength and density make it difficult to craft or work with which is why a cherry DVD rack is expensive.
  • Pine - Pine is your inexpensive option. It's a type of wood that’s lightweight and it’s often painted. It is capable of resisting swelling and shrinking, but it is prone to dents and scratches.
  • Maple - Maple is a hardwood that’s incredibly hard and durable. It's for a heavy-duty DVD rack. Even when it’s carrying heavy weight, the rack will still look great for decades if it is made of maple. The problem with this type of wood is it requires staining or else it will look blotchy.

Best Ideas

Wooden dvd storage

This designer tree is actually a contemporary proposition for a DVD rack. Comprising 4 branches of various length, it offers a considerable space to store even very impressive media collections.

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Wood base dvd rack tower chrome holds up to 50

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