Stackable Media Storage


Media storage doesn’t have to be only functional. It can also be a part of your décor. And if you love the idea of showcasing your movies but also want their display area to accent your design for the interior of your home, then some of the sturdy, stackable media storage options might be just what you need. They are made of quality materials and are designed for safe and efficient stacking. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Stackable dvd storage

This is a compact stackable media storage which helps to save space in your living room or bedroom. It has two storage compartments each having the capacity to store 36 DVDs. It has a beech effect color with the drawers painted black.

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Stackable media storage

This is a huge media storage space which has a sleek and elegant finish. It has 9 drawers and is a very spacious area for storing your CDs. Each drawer has silver-lined knobs along with locks on each to secure any private media.

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Stackable CD Cabinet by Miles Kimball

This is the original and very nice looking cabinet CD. This is a very practical solution which combines the very high dose of elegance. Wooden finish building a remarkable effect. It is niverasal and practical.

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Leslie Dame Wood CD, DVD Storage Cabinet 6 Drawer Apothecary Style CD-150W Walnut

It is a storage cabinet that has got an apthecary style, six drawers and three color otpions to choose: walnut, cherry and oak. This product fits perfectly to classic and traditional style and décor in your living room.

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80-Disc One Touch CD/DVD Storage Box

The simple construction of this stackable media storage makes the whole unit extremely functional. Hanging cd rack allows you to conveniently store a collection of music or videos that will always be at hand.

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Stackable media storage 3

Suitable for modern homes and offices, this fine cabinet enhances interiors with clean lines and white appearance. Designed of durable metal, the cabinet is stackable and features 3 capacious drawers with a key lock.

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Stackable dvd rack

jacob s stack a media storage stack made from natural bamboo and solid ...

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American furnishings stackable mud bins

American Furnishings Stackable Mud Bins

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Cd dvd vhs stackable media storage racks

CD / DVD / VHS Stackable Media Storage Racks

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Hillcrest modular eco friendly zboard storage and stackable organizer

Hillcrest Modular Eco-friendly zBoard Storage and Stackable Organizer

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Stackable Media Storage

Buying Guide

A stackable media storage unit is the ideal way to organize an extensive DVD collection so you can always locate your selection quickly.

Stackable units for storing media are functional, but they can make beautiful decor pieces as well. These storage pieces’ versatility means you can make them fit your space regardless of the room’s shape or size.

Position the stackable storage units as a low corner shelf in a casual rec room, or mount them in a geometric formation on the wall to save floor space and create an eye-catching display for your DVD collection at the same time.

Separate the DVDs on each level of your stackable shelves by genre, year, director, or title to make it easy to grab your pick for movie night in a snap.

First of all, make sure that the stackable media storage unit will hold the type of media that you need to store. (It’s easy to get different types of media and their associated shapes confused!) Then, look for drawers that pull out, so you can easily view all of your CDs or tapes with just one smooth motion.

We’d also look for a unit that has several different drawers so you can organize your media, and for closed-front drawers that are aesthetically pleasing so you can avoid the often very-busy feel of a typical media storage cabinet.

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