Buffet Cabinet With Glass Doors


For somewhere attractive to store your best plates, cups and bowls, at buffet cabinet is a lovely way to do it. And to showcase your finest dinnerware, our buffet cabinet options have glass doors, easily displaying the interior of the cabinet and the items within. Take a look at our extensive collection for details into your next buffet cabinet with doors.

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Our Picks

Buffet cabinet with glass doors 2

A spacious and simple buffet cabinet. The buffet cabinet is made from hardwood and it also has wooden shelves and two storage drawers that also have sliding doors. Its design has a French theme and its see-through glass will make its items beautify the cabinet even more.

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Glass Door Cabinet

Glass Door Cabinet

It is a glass door cabinet that is a fantastic addition to any office, laundry, bedroom, kitchen, garage or any other room. You will be impressed how great this product is. You need to have it.

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Glass cabinets

Such a nice, fresh setup for a traditional kitchen with a pass-through glass cabinet connecting the rooms. The opening between the kitchen and the dining room makes the area seem more open and breathes life into it.

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Interior white kitchen buffet with double glass door hutch

Interior white kitchen buffet with double glass door hutch

Beautiful and elegant white wooden buffet cabinet with glass doors and several drawers. It will fit every modern and old style lounge and bedroom. It is commodious and has many bookshelves.

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Glass buffet

A traditional unit for small kitchens. It's finished in off-white but a dark countertop. It has a crown top and a recessed base. A lower part has 3 door cabinets and 3 drawers, a hutch - 3 glass door cabinets with glass shelves. Pulls are of metal.

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Buffet cabinet with glass doors 3

Majestic and beautiful buffet cabinet. The cabinet is made from polished wood and its dovetail finish is perfect. Its shelves are divided into two sections and its doors can slide to either side for easy access. The doors also have knobs to make sliding easy.

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Buffet cabinet with glass doors


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Furniture boutique wilshire china cabinet

Furniture boutique wilshire china cabinet

The stylish and highly impressive buffet cabinet with glass doors makes the interior of the living room or dining room a retreat. The attractive drawers and glamorous cabinets with glass doors show the contents.

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Coaster Cappuccino Finish Birch Veneer Buffet Hutch

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Sliding door buffet cabinet

Modern buffet cabinet featuring a beautiful low-profile design and sturdy wooden construction. The piece is finished in a stunning white shade and topped with two glass doors on either side for that charming dash of style. You also get small metallic hardware for the ultimate accents.

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Buffet Cabinet With Glass Doors

Buying Guide

For a formal dining room or living room, you can’t go wrong with a buffet cabinet with glass doors in a french-country or antique-style since these kinds of designs usually include detailed carvings and fancy pull handles that would fit right into a classy setting. If your space leans toward a more casual and cozy vibe, a traditional buffet cabinet with a white or off-white finish may be spot-on for your taste. That said, modern and contemporary spaces call for buffet cabinets with sleek lines, geometric patterns, and glossy finishes.

A buffet cabinet with glass doors is perfect for displaying china in an approximately symmetrical arrangement, with at least a couple of plates displayed upright for maximum visibility. Although you need to stack some of the dishes to utilize available space, having a few of them sit vertically helps make your collection look more impressive.

Consider hanging teacups from small hooks inside the cabinet, especially if you are short on horizontal space. Teapots and larger teacups that won’t fit on hooks look great on or next to plates. If there are too many pieces in one set to fit comfortably on a single shelf, take advantage of lower shelves or put part of the collection in storage.

Yes! Your buffet cabinet with glass doors can be used for endless purposes.

While traditionally these pieces of furniture were used in the dining room for fine plates, they can also be used in the kitchen as a substitute pantry if you don’t have a separate area for your room temperature goods.

We’ve also seen them used successfully as bookcases and as entertainment centers. Never fear, you’ll be able to use your buffet cabinet for any need you may have in your home.

Best Ideas

Buffet cabinet with glass doors 4

... HC-043 Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with Glass Doors,White with honey top

Buffet cabinet with glass doors 9

Antique and beautiful buffet cabinet. The cabinet is made from stained wood and has two sections with two doors each. The designs on the doors are simple and quite beautiful. The bases are ornate shaped. It can either be hung or placed on the ground.

Painted cabinets with stained doors

painted cabinets with stained doors

Buffet cabinet with glass doors 7

Simple Living Portland Glass Door Cabinet

China cabinet with glass doors

Elegant vintage wardrobe in Chinese style. Cabinet is white and has wooden drawer at the bottom and glazed doors with dark wooden garnishing above. This wardrobe can decorate classy bedroom or living room.

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