Glass Front Storage Cabinet

Sometimes you want to store things, but still want to see them. For that, you need a glass front storage cabinet. Put your items in, and keep an eye on them. And a glass front storage gives you an easier view if digging for an item that isn't easily visible. Great for glasses, or the odd collectable. See the collection for the best in glass front storage cabinets.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation Cont Traditional Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation Cont Traditional Kitchen
Exposing brick or stone elements in the kitchen is a long-lasting trend, but I have to say that one of the most beautiful ones. The composition with the front glass storage cabinets gives an effect in great stylization.

Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet
This is a very interesting cabinet. It is made of wood. It has a white color. It consists of various cabinets and shelves. In addition, it has a variety of drawer. It is perfect for the bedroom, hallway or office.

2 Door Glass Storage Cabinet

2 Door Glass Storage Cabinet
Pretty traditional cabinet of wood with a natural finish. It has an open base and mouldings at the top and in the centre. It has 2 vertically divided cabinets with 2 adjustable shelves each: a bottom full door cabinet and a glazed door one up.

Glass front storage cabinet 4

This glass front cabinet for dish storage constitutes a great proposition for all, who like to add their spaces a bit of the rustic, shabby chic decor. Distressed wood and glass fronts create together a warm, alluring ambiance.

Glass front storage cabinet 10

The combination of oak wood framing and glass fronts constitutes a great proposition for the all classic offices. Called in France shirt meuble de magasin, featuring 50 graduated drawers, comes from around 1930.

Glass front storage cabinet 6

A stunning storage cabinet that comes with plenty of space behind the spacious doors and will grace your household to a bit of elegance with its black finish of the wooden structure, ensuring an elevated look.

Glass front storage cabinet

An elegant contemporary wall-recessed standing kitchen unit crafted of wooden materials with a white finish. It has a crown top and a moulding base. All cabinets with white shelves have glazed hinged doors with small round brass knobs.

Our advice Buying Guide

Can you put glass in existing storage cabinets?

For an alternative to buying a glass front storage cabinet, you can create a fresh modern look by putting glass panels in existing storage cabinets with a few simple steps and the right tools and supplies. First, determine what type of storage cabinet doors you have. Look for those with panel inserts that are raised or flush. Solid cabinet doors are not ideal for replacing with glass fronts.

Unfasten the cabinet doors without taking down the hinges and measure the panel areas, including the width, height, and thickness. Clamp the frame to your workspace and remove the panels with a router or circular saw. You may need a chisel to free corners and lift the panel out.

For the glass panel inserts, you can provide the measurements to a professional glazier for custom cuts. You must consider what type of glass to use. Choices range from transparent to frosted to textured glass options. Ensure that you use tempered glass for safety.

Apply clear silicone caulk around the panel frame’s edges, carefully lay the glass in place, and press. Let dry fully before rehanging. Other options to secure the glass panels include brackets or mirror clips.

What are the pros & cons of glass front storage cabinets?

A glass front storage cabinet acts as both functional storage space and an elegant piece of furniture in your home. There are several pros to glass front cabinets. They provide safe housing for delicate dishware while allowing you to show it off. In the kitchen, glass fronts allow for easy visibility of your items so you don’t have to remember which cabinet they are in and guests don’t need to hunt for cups or plates.

The only challenge with glass front cabinets is that stored items look better when they are organized. With see-through glass panels, the storage cabinet looks messy if these items are placed haphazardly. You can easily fix this with a short organizing session, which leaves your space looking refreshed.

Are glass front storage cabinets more expensive than wood?

A glass front storage cabinet will likely be slightly more expensive than an all-wood cabinet. Why? It takes time and skill to cut and fit glass panes into specific wooden cabinets, and some types of glass can simply be more expensive than some types of wood.

There’s also a process known as ‘glazing’ that a craftsman must perform to finish a glass front storage cabinet, and that takes time and additional materials as well.


Glass front storage cabinet

Welcome to the workshop of an old alchemist who left behind a perfect glass front storage cabinet. It turns to be main element of the huge kitchen. Provencal atmosphere, washed wood. Great cabinet for artictis souls.

Glass front storage cabinet 3

Tall kitchen vitrine with clear glass front. All glass on front - no knobs or opaque surfaces. All inner storage shelves are exposed. Simple design, clean lines, black frame, light wood back - suits many decor styles.

Glass front cabinet for dish storage 1

Glass front cabinet for dish storage

Glass front storage cabinet 2

Always good to have a towel in the bathroom, kept in a decent way. For large bathroom, you can invite a wooden cabinet. Yellow underlining cabinet, opened on two doors, made of wood and glazed. It adds color and space for bathroom accessories.

Glass front storage cabinet

This kitchen presents beautiful whiteness - which is presented on the living room bar glass cabinets, finished with white quartz top;white glass pendants hung from a cream beadboard ceiling. Also the island and wine cabinet are made in white colored wood.

Modern bookcases 11

A bookcase with nice, stylish design based on wooden frame and solid legs for increased level of stability. Its storage shelves are located behind glass doors with wooden supportive and decorative elements.

Glass front storage cabinet 15

Simple yet stunning. This black and white combination makes you take time out to enjoy the display. HOUSE of MANDY

Furniture o cabinets o classic grey glass front cabinet

Furniture • Cabinets • Classic Grey Glass Front Cabinet

Glass fronted cabinets

If you like half closed half open spaces - you should choose an u-shaped kitchen. Ceiling height white cabinets will be perfect solution in this case. These are create with granite countertops which give also a lot of space to cook or stored kitchen accessories.

Glass front storage cabinet

Glass Front Storage Cabinet

Glass front storage cabinet

Just look at this sophisticated, elegant kitchen in a French, traditional style with very tall walls and cabinets! While bound to give you plenty of storage space for pantry and dishes, we bet it would be hard to reach the top shelf for some people.

Small glass front cabinet

Pretty cottage kitchen units crafted of white-finished wood. A floor unit has 9 size-varied drawers with brass metal shell and bar pulls and a countertop finished in light browns. A wall unit with wooden shelves has glazed doors with catch closings.

Glass front storage cabinet

Built in kitchen storage - Cabinets with wood and glass doors

Glass fronted

When you do not want to throw old windows, you can give them a second life. Old wood, good glass can serve as a stylish cabinet for the room. The shades of beautiful beige, rubbed wood . It can be your perfect storage furniture.

Glass front storage cabinet

Despite black being a traditionally heavy color, the glass front cabinets really lighten the space and make for quite a beautiful display area.... assuming of course you have cute dishes.

Glass front storage cabinet

Attractive modern kitchen units with a bit worn grey finish matching light marble countertops. The largest unit has a crown top, drawers with shell pulls, full door cabinets and size-varied glazed door cabinets (with white shelves) with small knobs.

Bar glass cabinet

I like the idea of a slight separation between the eating and cooking spaces, yet keeping them connected enough for everyday convenience

Kitchen storage furniture 5

Butlers Pantry - Amazing idea for storage. Instead of built in make it as furniture.

Love this look white cabinets with glass doors and white

Love this look...white cabinets with glass doors and white drawers (love the drawer pulls, too), dark marble countertop, white beaded-board backsplash.

Victorian cabinets

Extremely impressive kitchen with beautiful Victorian style cabinets is a perfect combination of unique style and functionality. Nice finish in green, plenty of storage and cooking space makes it look phenomenal.

Glass cabinet storage

Glass- delicacy, freedom of space. The delicate shade of gray, combined with blue, adds a modern yet romantic dimension. With quartz countertops and gold cabinet handles gives a light to your kitchen!

Glass front storage cabinet 11

Turn a piece of furniture into a bathroom organization command center for all of your bathroom necessities like towels, toilet paper, q-tips, and so much more!

Glass bathroom furniture 8

our vintage home love: this cabinet!! would be perfect for my empty kitchen wall

Glass front storage cabinet 1

Tall cabinet mounted on wooden frame and fitted with glass doors. Suitable for storing books, tableware, display decorations and more. It consists of 8 shelves arranged vertically.

Glass front storage cabinet 2

dove grey and glass cabinets, high ceilings, chrome

Large Arts and Crafts Style Glass-Front Media Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves in Oak Finish

Narrow cabinets with doors 1

The owner of this narrow cabinet claims it's self made. Equipped with clear glass front, it exposes everything that's set inside. The finish is white, quite distressed for a boldly defined vintage look.

Glass front storage cabinet 7

Storage cabinets with wooden frames and attractive glass doors. These large elements of home design are finished in neutral white color and they include some storage shelves that provide plenty of space.

Bar with built in wine cooler

Being an exquisitely stylish proposition for one's kitchen or dining room, this Butler's pantry enchants with the gorgeous glass front cabinets and cleverly designed wine storage nooks.

Glass front cupboard

You live in a block? You can still have beautiful kitchen. Think about small display cabinets. Here the most important are the spacious countertops. Bright or in the natural wood. Kitchen units here has also a lot of cabinets and drawers.

Glass front storage cabinet 5

Kitchen - I dream of plenty of storage and glass cabinets to display the playful colors of my dish collection - a beautiful contrast for the clean white background of the cabinets. Of course, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful green jars and the lar

Glass fronted cupboards

A great cabinet with added glass shelving is good idea to expose treasures. It is fantastic way to make your pantry cabinets. Such solutions are inspired by China. White cabinets and dark countertops looks gorgeous .

White glass front china cabinet

white glass front china cabinet

Wood wine refrigerator 2

white marble countertops, white marble backsplash, glass front wine refrigerator, light gray cabinet

White kitchen pantry cabinet

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