Slim Narrow Shoe Cabinet for Hallway

Are you tired of seeing shoes all over the place? Don’t know where your favorite pair of sneakers are? Fortunately, you’ll no longer have to deal with that mess anymore! With a narrow shoe cabinet, you can confidently say goodbye to shoe clutter. 

Thanks to their slim profile, they fit in even the tiniest of spaces yet offer ample room for all kinds of footwear, including high heels and boots! Besides, who wouldn’t want to keep their shoes dust-free and well arranged?

Since there’s a wide selection of styles, designs, and finishes to choose from, finding the right shoe organization system might not always be easy. But don’t worry, because we’re here to help!

Here are fifteen types of shoe cabinets that will not only fit your needs but your home’s aesthetic as well!

Narrow shoe cabinet with doors

Narrow shoe cabinet with doors

Glass doors, sliding doors, pull-down doors, slatted doors—you name it!

These doors all come with their own benefits! For instance, glass doors are an excellent choice if you want to put your fancy shoe collection on display.

Alternatively, sliding doors and pull-down doors are the ultimate space-savers since they don’t occupy much space when opened. Plus, they’re much easier to handle when in a rush.

On the other hand, slatted doors provide good airflow, thus reducing odor build-up!

$106.19 $165

Compact shoe cabinet with open storage compartments

Compact shoe cabinet with open storage compartments

It’s no doubt that multifunctional furniture is a must-have for any small room. After all, they help you make the most of the available space in your home.

But did you know that shoe storage units can be used for more than just storing shoes?

Open storage, such as shelves and a top surface gives you the perfect stage for displaying decorative items or even your favorite purses and accessories!

Jazz up your little shoe cabinet with photo frames, potted plants, candles, and books for an eye-catching focal point!

6 inch deep shoe cabinet

6 inch deep shoe cabinet

Looking for an ultra-slim shoe cabinet that hardly takes up any space yet can hold a decent amount of shoes? If yes, a low-profile unit that is 6 inches deep may be your best bet!

This shallow shoe cabinet can be placed behind doors, in tight hallways, cramped closets, or anywhere where space is at a premium.

On top of that, its thin silhouette stays out of the way!

Wall mounted shoe storage

Wall mounted shoe storage

Not all shoe storage solutions have to be slimline and freestanding to be considered space-saving.

A wall shoe cabinet or rack is an ideal alternative for when floor space is limited or for when you’ve got lots of wall space to work with!

What’s more, it keeps your shoes off the floor while still being easy to access, not to mention it will give the setting an airy and open feel with its hanging design! 


A narrow shoe bench

A narrow shoe bench

Are you hopelessly inflexible and hate tying your laces while standing up? Or maybe you suffer from back pain whenever you bend over? If this is the case, look no further than a narrow shoe storage cabinet with a bench.

Now, you can comfortably sit down and put on your socks and shoes without needing to go elsewhere!

Do the shoes not go well with your outfit? Put them back in the cubbies underneath, have a seat, and try on another pair!

For extra comfort, go for a cushioned bench.

A decorative shoe cabinet

A decorative shoe cabinet

Who says shoe organizers can’t be attractive, fun, and attention-grabbing pieces of furniture?

Thankfully, decorative shoe cabinets come in narrow versions as well, so you can store your footwear in style even when there’s not much space around!

From unusual designs that resemble a staircase to bold pieces that ooze industrial charm, these types of shoe cabinets will surely make a statement and become a showstopper in your home!

Vertical shoe cabinet

Vertical shoe cabinet

Just because space is a constraint doesn’t mean your shoes should be scattered everywhere across the floor.

Rather than buying a wide unit, you could save a lot of your precious floor space by picking a slender and tall cabinet with a smaller footprint.

Moreover, lengthy shoe cabinets offer more storage space than other models, making them a suitable option for larger shoe collections!

Simply place the skinny shoe cabinet in a spot where there’s a bit of wall space to spare.


Small, minimalist shoe cabinet

Small, minimalist shoe cabinet

If you’re not a fan of ornate and striking furniture, you’re good to go with a thin shoe cabinet with a simple, clean-lined appearance.

Most, if not all, minimalist shoe storage have sleek, hidden compartments to stash shoes out of sight so your guests won't even know what's inside!

These shoe cabinets have an uncluttered look that is super versatile and can go with just about any home style, be it contemporary, modern, or coastal!

$69.99 $135.81

Narrow entryway shoe cabinet with drawers

Narrow entryway shoe cabinet with drawers

When it comes to entryway storage, the more functional the better, especially when you live in a tiny apartment. Putting a console table and a shoe cabinet in a small entryway simply doesn’t make sense!

So, instead of choosing a regular shoe cabinet with only shelves, why not invest in a unit that will give you even more storage possibilities?

For instance, a narrow shoe cabinet for a hallway that features some drawers can come in handy for organizing your keys, sunglasses, socks, gloves, and other small everyday essentials.

This way, you can drop off your keys and put your shoes away the minute you get home without causing a mess!

A classy white slimline shoe cabinet

A classy white slimline shoe cabinet

Whether your interior boasts a neutral color scheme or a variety of vibrant colors, an ultra-thin shoe cabinet in white will fit seamlessly into any setting.

It brightens up the room and exudes an understated elegance that goes with any kind of decor!

If you do get bored of the white finish as time goes by, you can paint it in a different shade for a pop of color!

Remember that white furniture shows dirt easily so you’ll need to clean it regularly to keep it looking as good as new.

$169.35 $193.71

Tall mirrored shoe cabinet

Tall mirrored shoe cabinet

Did you know that some shoe cabinets can serve as mirrors too? Indeed, there are various shoe storage pieces out there that come with a full-length mirrored door!

Think about how much easier it would be to get ready in the morning!

With this added functionality, you can always make sure that your shoes match your outfits!

Space savvy shoe storage with hooks

Space savvy shoe storage with hooks

Other useful features you might want to look for in a shoe storage cabinet are hooks!

Imagine running late because you misplaced your keys or you suddenly can’t find your umbrella when it’s pouring out!

Since keeping a small space neat and orderly can be a challenge of its own, having hooks on your shoe cabinet is easily the answer to all your disorganization woes. They’re perfect for hanging hats, umbrellas, bags, and anything else you need before heading out the door.

The best part is, there’s no need to drill holes on your wall to mount these hooks!

Narrow shoe storage with vertical compartment

Narrow shoe storage with vertical compartment

Don’t know where to store your knee-high boots since they don’t seem to fit anywhere? Fret not because some narrow shoe organizers include a storage compartment designed just for boots.

Now, you can make your boots stand up straight to prevent them from creasing! For more flexibility, choose a unit with adjustable shelves.

Of course, you’ll have more room for other shoes as well! 

$399.99 $579.99

Solid wood shoe cabinet that looks like traditional furniture

Solid wood shoe cabinet that looks like traditional furniture

What sets traditional-style shoe cabinets apart from others is their sturdy construction and ornate detailing. We’re talking about crown molding, stately rounded edges, vintage handles, and tapered legs!

Unlike manufactured wood, solid wood pieces have a natural, warm, and inviting appeal that complements any cozy space, such as country, rustic, and boho chic!

Also, they can be re-stained or painted so you’ll never get bored of the way they look.

Multi layered yet compact shoe cabinet

Multi layered yet compact shoe cabinet

If your shoe collection keeps growing while your storage space does not, it’s time that you opt for a narrow, multi-layered shoe cabinet!

These designs offer a large capacity of up to 38 pairs of shoes given that they typically feature 5 or more spacious shelves!

In addition to being functional, they can also be stylish and give a nice touch to your home.

Our advice Buying Guide

Whether you have your own designer collection which can make even Carrie Bradshaw blush or not, there's one thing we're sure of: we all want a narrow shoe cabinet to store all our trainers and wellies. Without the right shoe cabinet, you'll spend lots of time tripping over valuable pairs of shoes.

Fortunately, manufacturers have blessed us with several narrow shoe cabinet units that offer us not just shoe storage, but also a space-saving solution we all want to have! To help you select the best cabinetry to store all your shoes in one place, here are the things you need to consider:

What type of shoe cabinet is best for your space?

  • For rooms that have little space overhead, a short narrow shoe cabinet will be a good idea. This is a perfect choice because short standing shoe cabinets only take up a few inches of floor and wall space. But, there's a catch: they'll only allow storage of a few pairs of shoes.
  • If your room is blessed with lots of wall space but minimal floor space, tall standing shoe cabinets are your best option.
  • If what you're looking for are shoe cabinets that are made for entrance halls, then you'll love entranceway shoe cabinet units as they feature slim designs.
  • If there really is limited floor and wall space, then pick narrow over-the-door hanging shoe cabinets. They're best installed when you don't have space on your flooring.

What's the most durable shoe cabinet material?

Sturdiness will rely on the material when it comes to narrow shoe cabinets. Less expensive options but less durable too are the flexible plastic cubicles. They're functional, but they're harder to match to a room's décor. A wooden shoe cabinet is heavier, sturdier, and long-lasting, making it a safe option. Metal shoe cabinets, however, are more fashionable. They're more durable than wooden shoe cabinets, and they're suitable for use in any room.

What are the recommended dimensions for shoe cabinet cubicles?

The height of the cabinet is mostly determined by the style of your shoes, while the depth is dictated by shoe size. High heels and boots require more space than trainers for instance. Generally speaking, however, a shelf that is 13 inches deep should be enough for most types of shoes.

Buying a narrow shoe cabinet is as easy as pie if you remember all the things you've just learned. Now that you're equipped with the right info, why don't you take a look at the selections available online? We guarantee you'll find a narrow shoe cabinet that you'll love.


Altha Shoe Cabinet II

Altha Shoe Cabinet II
With this shoe cabinet you can stash your shoes stylishly from now on, while adding a modern flare to your setting and a perfect storage solution. It features a two storage compartments and each fits six pairs of shoes comfortably.

Sarmog Quadrante Shoe Cabinet

Sarmog Quadrante Shoe Cabinet
What an exquisitely beautiful piece! Unique shoe cabinet with five folding single-depth mirror magnet closing doors. Crafted of solid and durable engineered wood, it features aluminum handles and chrome-plated feet. Stores 15 pairs of size 12 shoes.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

Shoe Storage Cabinet
Cabinet to store shoes to any interior according to need. The construction is made of wood with small metal parts on handles. Opening system for easy storage and save space.

Narrow shoe cabinet

If you are looking for a simple and functional solution to the hallway, this fun magazine rack shoe is a great solution. Hanging on the wall is stylish, modern and very functional. Holds a lot of shoes and more.

Narrow shoe rack

A space-saving, modern piece of practical cabinet, perfect for smaller entryways. The cabinet includes 6 black-finished compartments for storing your shoes, and a natural-finished wood top, great for displaying decorations.

Narrow shoe cabinet

A beautiful cabinet that brings not only space-saving benefits but also a touch of snow-white elegance. It can be placed against a wall in your entryway, giving you four stylish drawers with black-finished pulls, and a smooth top for displaying decorations.

Narrow shoe cabinet

This shoe storage cabinet has the wooden construction, simple design and white finish, and it fits perfectly to small spaces in your entryway. It's a wall mounted piece of furniture, with enough storage space for your pair of shoes.

Ikea stall shoe cabinet

Narrow shoe cabinet in simple form. Designed for mounting on the wall for added stability. It can accommodate up to 9 pairs of shoes. Received many positive recommendations from customers for neutral design and functionality.

Stylish shoe rack

A functional piece of furniture for small entryways or mud rooms. This narrow cabinet is made of white-finished wood, offering 1 storage drawer on top, and 2 pull down compartments - each with two horizontal partings for storing 4 pairs of shoes.

Stylish shoe storage

This shoe storage cabinet offers just the perfect design solution for when you might not have too much space in your interior, while the white finish and the narrow structure make for just the best option for any demanding home.

Ikea front hall storage

Make your entryway or mud room more practical, with this space-saving shoe cabinet. It is characterized by a narrow design, white-finished wood construction, 1 top drawer with black pull knobs, and 2 pull-down cabinets with double parting for storing shoes.

Shoe cabinet slim

This shoe storage item constitutes a perfect proposition for all cottage decors. Additionally, if you have narrow spaces, it will work out perfectly well. Apart from it, it creates a warm, cosy appeal from the first seconds in the house.

Stall shoe cabinet ikea

Black, elegant shoe cabinet. Who doesn’t need a proper shoe cabinet for the entryway? This one here is perfect for modern, stylish houses which want to emphasise the minimalistic character of the interiors.

Stall shoe cabinet

Narrow shoe cabinet is the best pick for space-limited entryways and foyers. When you can't take advantage of excessive floor space, choose this narrow piece, which nevertheless has four spacious drawers to organize your shoes.

Hidden shoe rack

Narrow wooden shoe storage cabinet with plenty of space for shoes. This organized storage space includes functional sliding doors. Upper part of this storage cabinet features four hooks for coats, hats, etc.

Narrow shoe cabinet entryway

This cabinet is a narrow element suitable for the storage of shoes. It features simple lines and a neutral white color, so it looks very attractive in different indoors regardless of their colors and style.

Small white shoe cabinet

I so need one of these by the front door to catch the clutter! DIY- Rustic Wall Storage Bins Tutorial !

Stall ikea shoe cabinet

This narrow shoe cabinet constitutes a perfect solution for all tiny foyers or entryways. Organized horizontally, it can accommodate 4 pairs of shoes. A clever, wall-mounted IKEA hack.

Narrow hallway cabinet

This narrow cabinet makes a great addition to tiny entryways or mudrooms. Cleverly designed, makes a great storage for shoes. Cool and clean design fits well into modern apartments.

Urbane designs gala narrow shoe cabinet

Urbane Designs Gala Narrow Shoe Cabinet

Ralph two drawer shoe cabinet white 1

Ralph Two Drawer Shoe Cabinet - White

Ikea shoe cabinet stall

The pony wall with built-in storage is hand made by the wood. If you need some space saver ideas for the entryway, hall, bedroom or changing room, try this one!

Shoe storage cabinets with doors 9

Picked this up at Ikea. Now I can get the kids' shoes of out of the hall closet to make room for other things! It will take up SO much less room!

Love this ikea shoe cabinet for a narrow entryway

Love this ikea shoe cabinet for a narrow entryway

Slim shoe rack

An excellent addition for narrow entryways or hallways, that will spice them up with functionality and snow-white appearance. The cabinet rests on gray-painted steel legs that support 9 square shoe compartments, and 3 open shelves on top.

This four drawer shoe cabinet fits into narrow spaces get

This four drawer shoe cabinet fits into narrow spaces, get shoes off ...

Closetmaid white stackable shoe cabinet design

Closetmaid White Stackable Shoe Cabinet Design

Get your shoes off of the floor trones shoe cabinets

Get your shoes off of the floor! TRONES shoe cabinets mount on the ...

Harding Shoe Storage Cabinet

Harding Shoe Storage Cabinet

Narrow cabinets for hallway

Narrow white shoes cabinet 1

Narrow white shoes cabinet

Home etc ebba narrow shoe cabinet

Home Etc Ebba Narrow Shoe Cabinet

Dottus 3 drawer metal shoe cabinet review

Dottus 3-Drawer Metal Shoe Cabinet Review

Narrow cabinet for hallway

I LOVE how simple and clean it thats a shoe rack!! I can't wait until it gets here and Brad gets to assemble it :P

Shoe storage in small entryway

The STÄLL shoe cabinet holds at least 8 pairs of shoes and fits in a narrow sliver of floor space.

Thin shoe cabinet

55 Mudroom And Hallway Storage Ideas-wonder if you could cut an old dresser in half for that storage?

Shoes drawer cabinet

Shoes can be a difficult part of de-cluttering your home. This closed-door cabinet for storing your shoes makes it easier to conceal footwear you need, keep them accessible, and still present a clear, clean surface to visitors.

Narrow hallway shoe storage

Frederic Berthier: Appartement Poissonniere - Thisispaper Magazine

White black narrow shoe storage cabinet with bench 14 pair

White/Black Narrow Shoe Storage Cabinet with Bench 14-Pair ...

Torino narrow white shoe storage cabinet 6 pairs

Torino Narrow White Shoe Storage Cabinet - 6 Pairs ...

Narrow shoe cabinets 4 door shoe cabinet grey buy online

Narrow Shoe Cabinets 4 Door Shoe Cabinet Grey - Buy Online ...

Torino narrow white high gloss shoe storage cabinet 18

Torino Narrow White High Gloss Shoe Storage Cabinet - 18 ...

Torino narrow white shoe storage cabinet 9 pairs

Torino Narrow White Shoe Storage Cabinet - 9 Pairs ...

Torino narrow oak effect shoe storage cabinet 18 pairs

Torino Narrow Oak Effect Shoe Storage Cabinet - 18 Pairs ...

Torino narrow white shoe storage cabinet 6 pairs 1

Torino Narrow White Shoe Storage Cabinet - 6 Pairs ...

A classy tall shoe cabinet to fit small entryways ikea

A classy tall shoe cabinet to fit small entryways - IKEA ...

Narrow 4 drawer shoe cabinet in white

Narrow 4 Drawer Shoe Cabinet In White

Narrow shoe cabinets 6 door shoe cabinet white buy

Narrow Shoe Cabinets 6 Door Shoe Cabinet White - Buy ...

Mobel oak tall shoe cupboard wooden furniture store

Mobel Oak Tall Shoe Cupboard - Wooden Furniture Store

Torino narrow white shoe storage cabinet 9 pairs buy

Torino Narrow White Shoe Storage Cabinet - 9 Pairs - Buy ...