Closed Shoe Storage

There is no need to put all of your most prized shoes on display. Put them away in a closed shoe storage cabinet or roller system. Just open it up, insert shoes, then close, and they are out of sight, if never really out of mind. This is the best collection if you like to keep a tidy home. And with many styles of closed shoe storage units to choose from, we will have the right unit for you.

Best Products

50 Pair Shoe Rack

50 Pair Shoe Rack
If you do not know how to fit in the closet of your favorite shoes, the shoe rack will be perfect Perfect for the dressing room, where comfortable enable selection of shoes for creation. A perfect piece of furniture for fashionistas.

36 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

36 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack
Innovative over-the-door shoe rack. This versatile shoe rack is the perfect solution for homes with limited space. The rack allow you to hold up to 36 pairs of shoes in an easy to access way. The rack has been made from steel and polymer.

50 Pair Shoe Rack

50 Pair Shoe Rack
This is an extremely practical shoe cabinet. Can accommodate up to fifty pairs of shoes, which makes it all the more practical and spacious. It is made from metal rods. This means that any sand on the sole will not accumulate in it.

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Over the Door Shoe Organizer
Very practical thing which will organize place where you keep your shoes. It collects them into one place where you can organize shoes as you want and it's really simple. This organizer holds up to twelve shoe pairs.

Mudroom Lockers

Mudroom Lockers
A storage cabinet which is a wonderful idea for an entry hall. It features two spacious wardrobes for coats and jackets, bottom shoe storage cabinets, and extra shelves at the top. There is also a useful bench included.


Practical closet stylization with storage space for shoes, bags, etc. This practical design includes simple lines and neutral white color, so it looks good in any decor. Metal elements are also resistant to wear.

Over Door Shoe Organizer

Over Door Shoe Organizer
Shoe organizer which features construction making it easy to hang on majority of doors. Additionally, the organizer can accommodate up to 36 shoe pairs thanks to large dimensions, and sturdy metal frame makes it a long lasting construction.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to store shoes in small spaces?

Since small spaces can easily get cluttered and messy, the best way to keep your shoes organized and easy to access is by opting for a closed shoe storage. Not only will a closed shoe cabinet keep your shoes off of the floor, but it’ll also help reduce visual clutter in your home. Besides, these practical shoe storage solutions are compact and can be placed in the entryway, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and other areas of the home.

You can also get smart with your small space by installing storage drawers in your stair risers. You will save space, your shoes will be out of sight, and your house will be tidier. Entryway benches with pull-down drawers also make for a space-efficient shoe storage system. All you have to do is store your footwear under the bench seat to maximize your small space.

What types of closed shoe storage are there?

When it comes to closed shoe storage options, there are many out there. For instance, a closed shoe cabinet is popular for many reasons. It keeps your shoes out of sight and inside the cabinet.

It also safeguards your shoes against dust and sunlight. However, ensure that your shoes are dry and aired out before placing them inside to avoid the build-up of mold. The lack of air may also lead to reduced longevity.

Cabinets with louvered doors are another closed shoe storage option. They have slatted doors for temperature control and offer dark storage when light is not required.

Shoe storage benches are another standard option and are usually kept near the entryway of the home. They also double as additional seating space.


Storage and Organization 3 Tier Revolving Shoe Rack

Storage and Organization 3 Tier Revolving Shoe Rack
3 level shoe rack offers space for 18 pairs of shoes. It is made of metal and glossy finish effect. It allows easy organization and helps to keep order in the home and more.

Closed shoe storage

An aesthetic practical shoe cabinet of wooden materials in white. It has a rectilinear frame, an open front base, recessed side panels. It has a drawer up and 3 flip down compartments (with 1 slanted shelf each) with horizontal metal bar pulls.

Shoe storage drawers

shoe storage drawers

Closed shoe cabinet

Round shoe cabinet for space saving in each home. It consists of a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood. Perfect solution for lobby, hallway and more.

Closed shoe rack

Closed shoe storage, made from dark wood, is a perfect solution for small entryways or hallways, where you can't have a bigger shoe cabinet. This tall, narrow furniture offers plenty of storage space.

Closed shoe storage 1

Get your shoes organized with this beautiful closed shoe storage made from wood. The piece features an easy to open mechanism and its natural wood grain finish complements any décor. While you can use the cabinet in various rooms, it’s often ideal for the hallway.

Hidden shoe rack

Narrow wooden shoe storage cabinet with plenty of space for shoes. This organized storage space includes functional sliding doors. Upper part of this storage cabinet features four hooks for coats, hats, etc.

Closed shoe storage

Extra-large shoe storage cabinet featuring a closed-door design. The piece has three large cabinets at the top and three additional drawers at the bottom. You also get a top shelf finished with beveled glass doors to ensure all your shoes have enough storage.

Shoes drawer cabinet

Shoes can be a difficult part of de-cluttering your home. This closed-door cabinet for storing your shoes makes it easier to conceal footwear you need, keep them accessible, and still present a clear, clean surface to visitors.

Bench Shoe Storage York Silver Cabinet

Closed shoe storage 8

Modern shoe cabinet offering remarkable storage capacity. Made from wood and finished in a creamy white shade, the piece features several closed cabinets, shoe racks, and hanging hooks, all designed to give you as much space as possible for your shoe collection.

Stall shoe cabinet ikea

Black, elegant shoe cabinet. Who doesn’t need a proper shoe cabinet for the entryway? This one here is perfect for modern, stylish houses which want to emphasise the minimalistic character of the interiors.

Closed shoe storage

This pull down drawer for your entryway bench will obviously provide an extra boost of both space and storage possibilities for your shoes, but it is also a nice accent choice that won't overwhelm any decor.

Oak shoe cabinet storage rack furniture closet shoes triple chest

Oak Shoe Cabinet Storage Rack Furniture Closet Shoes Triple Chest Shoe ...

Closed shoe storage 1

Hidden shoe rack storage behind coat rack. Great idea for mudroom! Beautifully constracted from oak wood, painted in pure white looks very neat and clean. Box shaped gaps right under the rack give some extra storage space.

Closed shoe storage 7

Storage drawers in stair risers. Since we're going to have to rework our stairs when we remove carpet and have hardwood installed, I might look at doing this. I wouldn't want such obvious pulls; perhaps heavy duty "push" spring-loaded openers. Thinking

Closed shoe storage 12

Best Walk In Closets - #walkincloset #closet #organization

Closed shoe storage

from Modern Country Style blog: The Old Monastery: Modern Country House Tour

Closed shoe storage 11

Smart space saver in your home. Built the drawers inside the stairs to hide shoes or any other items which you are not currently using. You will save the space in your hall cabinet and keep everything in order.

Closed shoe storage 9

small entryway ideas | Entryway Ideas. This is the exact mud room that I want

Built in storage cabinets with doors

Don't let your mudroom become a messy catchall for shoes and season gear.With shoe storage cabinets,benches and drawers-should work well. Everything made of white wood. Cabinets contains also little blackboards - to leave a message to your family.

Closed shoe storage 5

Open and Closed Storage Incorporate both open and closed storage for your shoes and boots. The open shelving and glass doors allow you to see all of your shoes at a glance, while giving your closet a high-end boutique look. Design by Michael Fullen Des

Closed shoe storage 13

This is as close to my closet ive seen. nice to compare apples to apples. i want to do this .. bedroom closet for shoes (from floor to ceiling) in the middle of the closet

Closed shoe storage 15

My Mud Room? I was thinking one of the tops of the benches could lift up and be able to use that corner for off season storage.

Shoe storage cabinets with doors 4

Like the accent color in the back and space to sit. Might want space below open for shoe/boot trays

Pinned by patty cake

Pinned by Patty Cake

Closed shoe storage 6

Like this to build in garage....that way coats, shoes, etc can stay out of laundry room.

Bench with storage drawers

An elegant and functional arrangement of a mudroom. It features plenty of storage space in built-in cabinets with extra bottom drawers for shoes. With this shelving unit your mudroom will be always neatly organized.

Shoe rack closed

Bench like what we have already installed in the back screened-in porch. Perhaps we could put in the coat rack just by closing over the screening

Closed shoe storage

laundry room ideas for small spaces | Traditional Spaces

Shutter Locker Storage, 74H x 42W x 17D, GREY

Place this fashionable locker in your hallway and improve its functionality in a blink of an eye. The unit features 3 double hooks for hanging coats, and 3 storage drawers located under the bench seat.

Cheap Home 18-pair Wood Door Hanging Shoe Storage Closed Rack Organizer

Closed shoe storage 14

Designer Profile | The Design Co.

Closed shoe storage 3

I need this for our front door! my husband likes to leave all of his shoes there :-)

Closed shoe storage 3

Pantry Idea-instead of the drawers under the cabinet, could do 2 open shelves for shoe storage

Closed shoe storage 1

this came from the website houzze - the architect has it drawn to look like this - i will post a picture once completed.

Closed shoe storage 2

People say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can use reclaimed wood to create such a great closed shoe storage with a bench and space for a coat organizer. All painted in white, with perfect formed shelves and rustic tone.

Closed shoe storage

This shoe organizer makes a great printer stand with storage space.

Closet armoire

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this closet armoire for their home. It features large decorative storage boxes and wooden construction, which fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Closed shoe storage

... Customize Storage Sofa and Shoes Rack + Storage Cabinet in Living Room

Integrated entry storage this entry system doesnt leave organization to

Integrated Entry Storage-This entry system doesn't leave organization to chance. Labels on hooks, baskets, and cubbies ensure that everything goes where it belongs. Closed upper cabinets store off-season gear, while boxes corral smaller items on open shel

10 Shelf Shoe Organizer

10 Shelf Shoe Organizer

Green storage bench 1

ENTRANCE instead of the small cubbies at the bottom how about smaller drawers for mitts etc