Breakfast Bar With Storage


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and thus, deserves its own area for the consumption of those great breakfast dishes. Imagine eating your pancakes, your steak and eggs, or a southern breakfast of eggs, grits and bacon with toast, all from your breakfast bar with available storage. This dream can be your new reality when you pick your next breakfast bar with storage.

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Diy Breakfast Bar

Diy Breakfast Bar

Add this breakfast bar and enjoy both the space to dine with style and the extra storage possibilities, since it comes with the extra space for you to use, making it really multifunctional, while its warm finish adds warmth and charm to the decor.

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Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

The functional kitchen island equipped with cabinets, drawers and shelves for storage. Sturdy construction is made of wood with small metal components. It increases the functionality of any kitchen and gives an elegant look.

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Bar with Wine Storage

Bar with Wine Storage

Every cozy and stylish apartment need to have a bar with wine storage. With comfy furnishings and tasteful color palette it creates an aesthetic, good-looking and inviting nook.

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Small Tile Top Kitchen Island Set with two 24" Comfort Barstools

Small Tile Top Kitchen Island Set with two 24" Comfort Barstools

It is a set that includes small kitchen island with a tile top and two barstools. This set is perfect for small space in your kitchen and dining room area. It is great for everyday breakfast and coffee.

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Kitchen with breakfast bar 1

This breakfast bar with storage is a convenient solution, which will for sure find its place in contemporary kitchens. Combination of white base and wooden countertop stands for elegance in the traditional sense.

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Breakfast bar with storage 1

The picture-perfect white cabinets and granite counter-tops combine perfectly with the built-in storage and breakfast bar. The Dynasty - 6716DT

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Narrow breakfast bar

An aesthetic contemporary kitchen island made of wooden materials. It has a rectilinear body with 3 open front shelves and a moulding base finished in white. A rectangular top has brown shades. It's equipped with metal hooks on side walls.

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Breakfast worktop

Being a good embodiment of the Scandinavian style, this kitchen enchants with its cool and clean design and the combination of white with natural wood. The furniture seems simplistic, yet it is very solid and functional.

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Breakfast bar with storage 4

Modern breakfast bar featuring a stunning granite tabletop and a beautiful white finished wooden base. The bar also comes with an assortment of storage drawers and up to five stools, each finished in a slightly stained top and a white finished base.

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Breakfast bar with storage 18

Casual breakfast bar with storage - note the industrial accents that have been snuck here - the saddle wooden seat bar stools on geometric black metal bases, or the metal globe pendant lamps over the bar...

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Breakfast Bar With Storage

Buying Guide

Renovating your kitchen could mean that you start to consider installing a breakfast bar. This is not only a great way to save some space in your kitchen while making it look ultra modern, but it can help you to make something useful out of extra storage space. A breakfast bar with storage included will double up as a useful addition to your kitchen, helping you to save space by storing things practically and providing a modest and convenient place to eat.

Making your breakfast bar into somewhat of a display cabinet could add some character and life to your kitchen if you have some pretty items you'd like to display. This style is 4-5 feet tall like the average breakfast bar, but has several shelves which allow you to display or store things. This could be different jars of cereal or decorative bowls that you've always wanted to find a home for.

A breakfast bar which is independent of other units doesn't suit all kitchens but can be a good choice under some circumstances. For example, if you want a breakfast bar but you're not prepared to renovate your kitchen in order to allow for the installation of the new furniture, a stand alone bar can be much cheaper and more suitable.

  • One style of stand-alone breakfast bar consists of a metal frame and several drawers which can be pulled out from underneath the bar. Since this includes storage drawers, it's rare that you can find this style in a foldable design. The table top is usually wooden, while the individual stools to be positioned at the bar have leather or faux leather seats.
  • If you want more storage space at your breakfast bar, consider a large style which is chunkier and made from wood throughout. While this takes up more space and is therefore not always suited to smaller kitchens, there are normally 4-6 drawers or small cupboards which you can make use of.
  • Another style you can consider is a smaller and sleek chrome framed breakfast bar but with additional tall storage which you can position against a wall. This style is very suited if you have a free corner in your kitchen that you can use for the breakfast bar. A storage rack positioned against the wall will allow easy storage and access of all your breakfast necessities.

Deciding on just one color is never easy, and you might think that one block color won't suit your kitchen in any case. A popular look is to mix two different colors or materials. One such example is white wooden units for the breakfast bar, topped with a traditional brown wooden top. Within the units are various shapes and sizes of drawers and cupboards. This will enable you to make the most of the breakfast bar and storing plates, mugs, glasses and cutlery as necessary.

Best Ideas

Breakfast bar with storage 9

This unique set of furniture is must-have in every studio flat. Set is composed of few metal elements - a case, folding chairs and folding table, which can be used as a desk or miniature dining table.

Breakfast bar with storage modern open kitchen is a natural

breakfast bar with storage | modern, open kitchen is a natural focal point when entertaining at ...

Breakfast bar shelf

Well-built breakfast bar featuring excellent storage options. The bar is sculpted from wood and comes with a neat pearl finish, slightly goosed for that immense dash of class. You also get a practical counter height for excellent usability.

Island tables breakfast bars 1

Island | Tables | Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bar with storage 11

Vintage setup for a compact and space-efficient kitchen with an open dining area placed around the counters. The counters are made out of white-painted wood with a shiny finish and have an elevated set of lights above it.

Breakfast bar with storage 29

wall cabinet with breakfast bar | ... about the Different Types Kitchen Breakfast Bars | Home Design Gallery

Before after from breakfast bar to storage space may days

Before & After: From Breakfast Bar to Storage Space May Days

Breakfast bar with storage 27

Cleverly designed, this breakfast bar is not only stylish, but also functional. Its contemporary-looking silhouette conceals a smooth storage space. It shall appeal to all fans of minimalistic designs.

Breakfast bar with storage 15

The Green Kitchen - traditional - kitchen - other metro - This is a pretty green with the rustic beams!

Breakfast bar with storage 4

Clever idea for a desk with storage that doesn't have to be expensive or take up much room.

Breakfast bar with storage 3

Antique-White #Kitchen | Creamy antique white on the cabinets pairs with a coffee-bean color on the island in this warm kitchen.

Compact hideaway the cache storage cabinet was created exclusively for

compact hideaway. The Cache Storage Cabinet was created exclusively for Design Collab—a CB2 collaborative that brings us together with like-minded souls and design institutions. Design Collab No. 1 debuts small–space solutions by 12 students in the

Breakfast bar with lot of storage space

Breakfast Bar with lot of storage space