Dining Bench with Back

Accommodate your love of entertaining with an upholstered dining bench with a back. Ideal for big or sociable households looking to update their dining space, cushioned benches provide comfortable, spacious and versatile seating. Unlike dining chairs that are limited to one person per seat, benches provide extra flexibility and allow you to squeeze more guests around the table.

Upholstered benches are a great way to emphasize your interior style as the right piece can tie the room together by shape, color or texture. As well as providing support, backrests also create more of a visual impact in a room, perfect for anybody wishing to inject personality and style into their dining decor. Pull up a chair and read on for our experts upholstered dining bench picks and soon you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t pulled up a bench instead.

Minimalist Blue Velvet Upholstered Dining Bench with Back

Minimalist Blue Velvet Upholstered Dining Bench with Back

Give your dining space an opulent look with a button-tufted velvet dining bench. Fuss-free, clean lines and hairpin legs are true to modern design, providing style and a sense of spaciousness, due to the minimal floor space occupied.

Soft and textured, velvet upholstery adds a touch of luxury and comfort to your mealtimes. Choose an eye-catching color, like this azure, to add a fun pop of color to your kitchen or dining room. Known for its luxurious look, it may surprise you to learn that velvet is hard-wearing and easier to clean than you may think! Keep it looking fresh by vacuuming on a regular basis.

Modern Faux Leather Upholstered Corner Dining Bench with Back

Modern Faux Leather Upholstered Corner Dining Bench with Back

Small space but looking to go big on contemporary style? Nothing brims with modernity more than a crisp silhouette of white leather combined with polished chrome. Corner dining benches are a great space-saving solution as they fit snugly into corners, occupying little space yet comfortably seating multiple people. Alternatively, when placed centrally, they can define the layout and guide the flow around the room.

Faux leather is practical, durable and low-maintenance. To prevent general wear and tear and the build-up of grubby everyday marks, give it a frequent wipe down with a non-abrasive cloth, wrung out with warm water and gentle soap.

Mid Century Modern Faux Leather Dining Bench with Backrest

Mid Century Modern Faux Leather Dining Bench with Backrest

Gentle organic curves, minimal ornamentation and a focus on functionality; mid-century modern style benches create an understated, timeless look. Combine it with a pair of same-style, retro-tinged dining chairs for mix and match seating.

If you have a small room, low backrests are preferable as they occupy less space, visually, and create more of an informal and relaxed feel. Top off the look by adding further texture with a rug beneath the dining table for a cozy feel, and some vibrant, jazzy cushions for extra comfort. 

Transitional Grey Upholstered Dining Bench with Tufted Back

Transitional Grey Upholstered Dining Bench with Tufted Back

Combine modern simplicity and traditional elegance with a transitional style dining bench, for a look that’s classic but fresh. Button-tufted upholstery and round edges evoke classic decorative detailing, combined with a contemporary crisp profile, rigid lines and soft grey color palette. Solid wood legs add to the inviting and warming feel of the furniture, suggesting a rustic interior style.

To be able to neatly tuck the bench underneath the table, take the inside leg length of the table and leave an additional 2 to 4 inches for clearance when pulling it in and out from the table.

Country Style Linen Upholstered Bench with Backrest

Country Style Linen Upholstered Bench with Backrest

Bring charming country style to your dining space with a linen upholstered dining bench with a gently scalloped backrest. Doubling as functional and statement decor, an upholstered bench is a fun and cost-effective alternative to dining chairs, seating just as many guests, if not more, all on one cozy seat.

Look out for an upholstered dining bench with a removable seat cushion for easy cleaning. Linen is a good choice for dining furniture because of its durability and low maintenance. It is a popular natural material that creates a soft, organic look, particularly in neutral beige tones and paired with wood finishes.

$1629 $2287

Open Back Upholstered Bench for Dining Table

Open Back Upholstered Bench for Dining Table

Elevate your dining space whilst maintaining a feeling of spaciousness with an open back upholstered dining bench. The design takes up less visual space than high back seating, making the room feel bigger.

Cotton is a popular choice for upholstery, particularly in warmed climates, because it is a breathable material that allows heat and moisture to move away from the skin. Plus, it resists pilling and has good abrasion resistance making it durable and long-lasting. 

Black Leather Upholstered Bar Dining Bench with Back

Black Leather Upholstered Bar Dining Bench with Back

Update your home bar with a sophisticated seating alternative, and wine and dine in comfort. Choose a tall upholstered dining bench with a supportive back and footrest and say goodbye to sore backs and rears and having to awkwardly re-accommodate yourself every 10 minutes.

Black faux leather is versatile and suits a variety of interior styles and color schemes. It is also a durable material, resistant to scrapes, scratches, ultraviolet light and stains. Create a desirable contrast by pairing it with a bar or kitchen counter in a light shade such as cream, white or grey.  

$270 $539.99

French Country Upholstered Dining Bench with Tufted Back

French Country Upholstered Dining Bench with Tufted Back

Celebrated for its round contours, ornate details and refined elegance, a French country style upholstered dining bench will add a touch of laid-back sophistication to your mealtimes. Think button tufting, flared back legs and a neutral color palette, striking the perfect balance between a live-in feel and impeccable style.

If you have a round pedestal table, consider complementing it with a curved dining bench for added intimacy. This will also accentuate the gently rounded shapes of the furniture, characteristic of French country design, and create an easy flow of movement around the room, ideal for entertaining.

$699.99 $1140

Pared Back Modern Upholstered Dining Bench Seating

Pared Back Modern Upholstered Dining Bench Seating

Add subtle texture to pared-back kitchen decor with a clean-cut upholstered dining bench with a backrest, in soft grey linen. Decorative studded detailing frames and accents upholstered furniture and evokes a sense of opulence. To achieve a formal look, opt for a bench with a high back. This works best in big kitchens or dining rooms as high back dining benches take up more visual space.

When selecting a dining bench for a kitchen countertop or high table, allow 12 inches between the bench and the tabletop to provide enough legroom. 

$172 $379.99

Mid Century Modern Grey Upholstered Bench with Tufted Back

Mid Century Modern Grey Upholstered Bench with Tufted Back

Pull up modern flair to the table with a mid-century-inspired bench. Soft grey upholstery works magic with dark timber tones, adding warmth and organic elegance to an otherwise stark modern aesthetic. Perfectly combining comfort and style, upholstered benches with tufted backrests provide support and relief, allowing you to enjoy long evenings around the table with family and friends.

Stylish yet practical, polyester is a great fabric for upholstered dining benches, particularly if you have children or a messy spouse! Unlike cotton, stains do not soak into the synthetic fabric. Instead, they rest on top of the material, making spillages easy to deal with.

Our advice Buying Guide

An upholstered dining bench with back is a great addition to any home. It's not just comfortable, but it's also a great seating to use when bonding with friends and family. These days, there are plenty of models to choose from. This means choosing the right one can be tricky. In this article, we are going to cover what to look for in an excellent upholstered dining bench with back.

What style of upholstered dining bench should you get?

Since there are different varieties of upholstered dining benches with back, knowing the style you want can immensely help narrow down your choices. Each style works great for a particular situation.

  • If you want an upholstered dining bench with back that has a formal look, then you'd want something that has a high back. Keep in mind that high-backed dining benches will visually take-up more space.
  • If you have a small room, then a low back is preferable. Low back means it has a low profile, which then makes the room feel bigger.
  • If you want a relaxed feel, then a low back with a soft fabric works great. Low back is often associated with being laid back, and the sight of a soft fabric is just incredibly tempting.

How to select a comfortable dining bench?

Some types of upholstered dining benches will be more comfortable than others. Generally, too much comfort would mean using softer and weaker fabric, which then has a significant impact on longevity. On the other hand, the stronger the fabric, the less comfortable it will be. It's up to you to find the right balance between durability and comfort.

When it comes to comfort, another thing that you must check is the backrest. The backrest has a significant impact on how comfortable the upholstered dining bench will be. If you plan on sitting for an extended period in the upholstered dining bench with back, then you'd want something that’s back-friendly. This means choosing an upholstered dining bench with the right backrest height, which follows the contours of your back.

If you have no plans of sitting too long on the upholstered dining bench with back, then you can prioritize other factors such as durability and style.

How to select the most durable dining bench?

When it comes to durability, your primary concern should focus on the product's craftsmanship and materials. When it comes to the materials of an upholstered dining bench with back, there are two major things to check: the fabric and the frame.

  • Wood and metal are two of the most popularly used materials for the frame. Generally, real wood is elegant and ages pretty well. On the downside, it will usually be more expensive and will require more maintenance. Metal frames are typically cheaper than wood. It also requires lower maintenance. On the downside, metal frames don't age well, and they don't look as luxurious compared to real wood.
  • You have plenty of options when it comes to the fabric of an upholstered dining bench with back from silk to leather. There's typically a trade-off between comfort and durability. It's up to you to find the right balance for you.

So, that's it for now. There are other factors that are also worth checking out but starting with the ones we mentioned above is a good start.


Boggess Upholstered Bench

Boggess Upholstered Bench
For a fresh addition to your dining room look no further than this colorful upholstered bench. The ultra-soft polyester upholstery and high-density foam seat and backrest provide comfort and a sense of luxury. Enjoy long dinners and chats with friends while lounging on this contemporary bench perfect for any living space.

Melstone Upholstered Bench

Melstone Upholstered Bench
Welcome guests into your home and around your table with this classic upholstered bench. With a frame crafted from solid wood and a seat filled with comfortable foam, this piece features traditional studding that makes it suitable for the dining table, entryway, or in a nook in the living room.

ConCo Dining Bench Vintage Brown And Dark Gunmetal

ConCo Dining Bench Vintage Brown And Dark Gunmetal
Combining high fashion and function in one, this addition to your dining area will quickly become the centerpiece with its X-style base and faded leather appearance. Family and friends will enjoy warm conversations over dinner seated on this beautiful piece and lean back into its comfortable cushioned support.

Barnstaple Upholstered Bench

Barnstaple Upholstered Bench
Elevate the style of your contemporary home with this chic mid-century inspired piece. The oak frame is covered by soft cotton linen upholstery that features chic button-tufted to add texture to your space. The padded seat is 65" long and can comfortably accommodate two people up to 650 lbs.

Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook
A simple, but attractive stylization of a breakfast nook. It includes a comfortable bench with a corner placement construction. Soft, button cushioned surfaces provide relaxation. Its white color looks nice with a brown wooden table paired with rattan chair.

Lou lou bench contemporary dining chairs and benches

Lou lou bench contemporary dining chairs and benches
This picture shows a bench that provides plenty of space for adult users in dining rooms. Its durable wooden frame supports a soft seat with a comfortable backrest. A stylish floral pattern perfectly decorates dining rooms.

Robert passal interior design eclectic dining room new york

Robert passal interior design eclectic dining room new york
This comfy bench for living room has a sturdy frame made of faux bamboo, and a fashionable seat upholstered in a quality fabric. On the seat, there is another seat cushion, which also is much softer.

Custom parsons style upholstered counter

Custom parsons style upholstered counter
This parsons bench can be a nice choice for enhancing living rooms and bedrooms. The seat and back is upholstered in a flower-patterned fabric finished with a black nail head trim. The frame is wooden, with straight legs, and fixed stretchers for better durability.


A beautiful leather dining bench. Interesting, stimulating upholstery ensures that the interior is not boring. Beige colour keeps the interior calm and light. It’s not overwhelming, but instead relaxed and laid back.

Upholstered dining bench with back 5

This bench is a comfortable product suitable for dining room use. It also matches breakfast nooks, etc. Wooden frame of this bench assures solidity, stability and support. Its soft seat and backrest are finished in neutral white color.

Dining room benches with backs

An upholstered retro bench with a tall back piece and thin curved arm rails. This piece of furniture is covered with a light fabric that has blue stripes throughout, and stands on tall, straight legs made of wood,

Bench with back

We was looking for a comfy and classic dining bench for our dinette room. We found this upholstered bench, which has got the light gray color and wooden dark frame. It looks fab in our place to eat.

Upholstered dining bench with back

This kitchen bench has a very high back, making the whole piece the most visible thing in the room. The bench is made of wood, painted in a white color, and has a well-padded seat cushion, and a plenty of hidden space for storage.

Upholstered dining bench with back

This gray upholstered bench with black legs may look almost simplistic at the first glance, yet its dense backrest tufting, silver nailheads trim (double on sides), very wide seat and tall back make a whole that's special in many ways.

Wingback bench

This bench is very comfortable thanks to its cushioned seat and button-tufted backrest. It includes a durable wooden frame. Back and seat spaces are wrapped with gray fabric and finished with decorative nailheads.

Dining bench with back

Transform your room into a royal chamber, using this magnificent bench with a very high back. The whole is upholstered in purple leather, resting on beautifully designed legs. The bench also includes a sloping sides, and a gorgeously button-tufted back.

Kitchen upholstered bench seating

Armless bench with a comfortable, cushioned backrest paired with a seat. Wooden legs assure good strength, support and stability. Neutral upholstery with simple stripes look great in any types of indoors.

Fitzgerald upholstered bench french stripe contemporary benches

Fitzgerald Upholstered Bench, French Stripe contemporary-benches

Upholstered benches with backs

Rustic and really spacious setup for a large living room with stone walls and iron candelabras decorating the space. In the middle of the room lies a long sofa in a vintage style, upholstered in a tufted fabric in a light pink colour.

Home products upholstered chairs hampton bench

Home > Products > Upholstered Chairs > Hampton Bench

High back upholstered dining bench

This glamorous silver high back sofa with trimming will be a fantastic way to add some eclecticism into the space. It has the proper measures to become a comfortable dining bench.

Upholstered dining banquette bench

Spacious and extraordinary shape, make your breakfast corner will be extremely cozy. Especially if you combine two such upholstered, neat curved dining benches with back and decorative buttons. The upholstery is kept in the color of cereal coffee.

Upholstered dining bench with back 2

Upholstered Dining Bench with Back

Leather dining bench with back

Modern bench for dining rooms. It features a durable steel frame with L-shaped legs that provide the best stability. It features a soft padded seat with a supportive backrest. The whole sitting area is covered with white leather.

Dining room bench with back

Add comfort to your living zone or bedroom with the upholstered dining bench with back. It features the C-shaped and beautiful pattern with neutral colors. It brings the solidity to any home.

Dining table bench seat with back

This is a dining table bench with a curved back. It has a beautiful array of ash and light blue patterns that seem to draw one in, and it can easily seat two people. The table has four legs all wooden and colored brown with slight curves.

Dining bench upholstered

FRANCK BENCH The Franck Bench features an extra tall back to act more as a sofa in a formal setting. This oversized, upholstered bench comes in two classic tones to work with many types of home decor and to add lasting style to your every day life.

Padded bench with back

This upholstered, tasteful dining bench with back could stand in the hall, living room or bedroom. Thanks to the upholstery in a neutral gray shade and the dark finish of the hardwood frame - it adapts to your needs captivating with small decorative buttons.

Upholstered breakfast nook

An upholstered bench makes great use of corners and tricky spaces. Pick a printed fabric that contrasts the wall color to add more interest to your dining room. Rustic wood chairs and dining tables are the perfect balance to the glam upholstery.

Curved dining bench with back

Dining Items Dining Settee by BeModern

Fabric dining bench

A traditional take on an upholstered dining bench with a back on a slightly smaller scale than most dining benches, providing a place for only two people. The black cotton cover nicely matches with the striped cushions.

Upholstered bench with a latticework back and hand applied finish

Upholstered bench with a latticework back and hand-applied finish. Product: BenchConstruction Material: Wood

Dining bench with back and storage

This sleek bench was made from a headboard of a bed frame! We love the pearl color crocodile fabric against the sharp black. Benches are great multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be used in an entry hallway, at a dining room table, living rooms, or

Low back dining bench

Stylish sofa upholstered with thick fabric and finished with decorative quilting on the back. It is mounted on wooden base. Elegant piece of furniture for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Linen upholstered bench with an arched back and nailhead trim

Linen-upholstered bench with an arched back and nailhead trim. Product: BenchConstruction Material: Engineered ...

Dining table bench with back

Add a touch of charm to your entryway or living room with this stylish birch wood bench, showcasing an openwork back and upholstered seat. Product: BenchConstruction Material: Birch and fabricColor: Dark brownFeatures: Will enhance any roomDimensions: 2

Upholstered bench with back

Look on this divine dining bench! It's upholstered with tufted back and interesting shape. The light gray color is suitable with neutral color palette around. I want to have it!

Upholstered black vinyl tufted back long dining bench with wooden

... Upholstered Black Vinyl Tufted Back Long Dining Bench With Wooden Base

Upholstered high back dining benches

It is an aestheric product that not only decorates indoors, but it also provides comfort. This bench is made of wood and its seat is filled with soft polyurethane. Its dark brown seat and back upholstery looks very nice.

Dining table bench with backrest

Neat breakfast area with built-in seating, striped upholstered stools and slim console sized table. Brindle colored hardwood floors, stable style back door and olive jars with sunflowers.

Dining table bench with back

Upholstered Dining Bench – An Excellent Addition for your Home Decor

Dining room upholstered bench

Indoor bench with high back. It is filled with foam and upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric. It has extra pillows decorated with interesting pattern. Modern accent for the living room, dining room and more.

Tufted bench with back

Rosedale, Toronto, Canada home | design by Colleen McGill | photography by Donna Griffith

Upholstered dining bench with back 3

Upholstered Dining Bench with Back:

Modern industrial pewter upholstered dining bench

Modern Industrial Pewter Upholstered Dining Bench ...

Upholstered dining bench with back 4

Upholstered Dining Bench with Back:

Upholstered dining bench with back 6

Upholstered Dining Bench with Back:

Modern upholstered dining bench with back plushemisphere

Modern Upholstered Dining Bench With Back – Plushemisphere

Crown mark palmer dining 2022s 2 upholstered high back

Crown Mark Palmer Dining 2022S-2 Upholstered High Back ...

Light green velvet upholstered dining room bench with

Light Green Velvet Upholstered Dining Room Bench With ...