Dining Table Benches With Backs


Many homes have moved away from conventional chairs and have started putting in at least one dining table bench in their home. It has become popular in restaurants, and the feel is that it promotes a closeness with members of the group. A share and share alike, if you will. And we guarantee you can find a dining table bench with back for your dining set.

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Our Picks

Bethany Upholstered Kitchen Bench

Bethany Upholstered Kitchen Bench

If you are a fan of intriguing and extra ordinary solutions, this excellent and well made upholstered kitchen bench is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out and enjoy the functionality!

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Kitchen Bench

Kitchen Bench

Every cozy dining zone needs z kitchen bench. With a stylish furnishings it looks interesting and tasteful. Everyone will be delighted how cool it looks in apartment.

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Newburgh Wooden Kitchen Bench

Newburgh Wooden Kitchen Bench

A wooden bench in antique style. Carefully crafted carvings on construction. Has very good recommendations from satisfied customers. Increases place to sit in the dining room and more.

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Al Fresco Kitchen Bench

Al Fresco Kitchen Bench

Wooden kitchen bench. This cheerful kitchen bench is the perfect solution for casual dining. It has been designed in appealing rustic style and finished in driftwood. The bench features nylon chair glides and supportive slatted back.

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Leather dining bench with back

Now you can accentuate your home with this aesthetic and sophisticated banquette bench with high back. It has a wood frame wrapped with an off-white fabric, while resting on espresso-finished wood tapered legs.

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Dining table bench with back

A lavish and modern dining space that features an elegant, tufted sofa and matching chairs in a neutral, beige color and a classy table with fabulous, shapely legs. The highlight of the room is a steel pendant with a silver, high gloss finish.

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Dining tables with benches with backs

Why you need a kitchen banquettes? A banquette is an easy way to add a casual and multifunctional element to any kitchen. It can act as a space for casual dining - with white dining table, bench with upholstered 3 seat cream cushion and some light chairs.

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Distressed dining table with bench dining room traditional with accent

Distressed Dining Table With Bench Dining Room Traditional with accent ...

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Steve Silver Tulsa Bench - Oak

A traditional simple mission style bench. Sturdy construction made of oak with natural finish. Comfortable, wide, 2-person piece of furniture with a quite tall shaped slat backrest and upholstery made of natural colour durable poly-cotton fabric.

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Diningroom black dining table wmarble top and bench seats dining

-diningroom-black-dining-table-wmarble-top-and-bench-seats-dining ...

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Dining Table Benches With Backs

Buying Guide

A dining table bench with back should be roughly the same length as your table in order to create a consistent look or, if you were planning on pushing it underneath it to gain more space whenever you’re not sitting on it, 2-4 inches less.

Obviously, you should also consider how many people you want to accommodate. For example, a dining table bench with back that’s between 42 and 52 inches is ideal for two adults or three kids. For larger models, allow at least 21 inches per person or a bit more if you’d like to be able to squeeze in an additional guest whenever needed.

However, there’s absolutely no point in having a spacious bench that’s longer than the actual table, so you must always keep both these factors in mind!

Dining table benches with backs can help you seat a large number of people around your table with the luxury of back support. We always recommend looking for a bench that has built-in upholstered cushions, as that saves you having to go out and look for coordinating cushions (and having to keep track of them). You’ll want to select a bench that’s between 42 and 52 inches wide, for most typical table lengths.

The material matters, too. If your style is farmhouse-chic or vintage, a well-seasoned wood is likely your best bet. However, we’ve seen some lovely aluminum or steel benches that can help sell industrial vibes in any home.

When sourcing dining table benches with backs, start with the type of material your dining table is made of. Unless you’re going for an eclectic mismatched look, it tends to be best if dining tables and their associated seating are made of similar materials or have similar color schemes.

Choose a matching material for cohesion; then, if you choose an upholstered style, play around with more interesting patterns or colors. Your bench should be about one foot shorter than the length of the table, and it should be 18-24 inches shorter than your table’s height.

Best Ideas

Coaster Imperial Dining Height Upholstered Bench in Rustic Oak Finish

Simple and classy, this cosy bench was crafted using dark oak finish equipped in tufted leather cushion. Design of the coaster bench is very solid making it an excellent addition to your kitchen or dining room.

Table bench with back

This upholstered bench looks awesome with white dining chairs and classic, traditional wooden table. Everything is designed with the neutral color palette. The white, cream and brown colors are a restful combination.

Dining table benches

A beautiful simplicity in a dining room. This large wooden table is available with a backless bench and some solid chairs with backs. White pillows perfectly match this set and they provide more comfort for people who sit on the bench.

Dining table benches

Dining Table Benches

Dining table bench with back 7

Great design and utility – the perfect mixture! A very simplistic yet beautiful storage bench, perfect to put up against a wall of your dining room or in a corridor. Looks great and gives you a nice little compartment to store stuff in.

New 5 Foot Wide Solid Wood Dining Bench in Black Finish

Wooden dining bench in black finish. This traditional and elegant dining bench has a solid wooden construction and will greatly enrich your dining room or even a restaurant. The bench has an antique black finish and has been purposefully distressed.

Plank oak bench with backrest for dining table op060

Plank Oak Bench with Backrest for Dining Table OP060

Dining room table with bench and back

Dining Room Table with Bench and Back

TMS 3-Piece Nook Dining Set, Black

This traditional styled set will help you create a comfortable and stylish dining space. L-shaped large bench and second one, smaller, will provide enough seat space. All pieces are made of durable MDF in matte black.

Modern bench with back

Why not opt for something that will truly let you know comfort in your dining room with this sublime set including a modern-looking bench and some banquetting chairs to match it with the dotted, green upholstery and strong, metal frames.

Dining table bench with back 11

This simple dining bench with back is curved to match the round pedestal dining table it provides company for. Light gray padding is neutral, and therefore easy to mix. Subtle nailheads trim details the edges.

Dining Nook Solid Pine Breakfast Set in Natural Finish with Traditional Styling. Great for Eat-in Dining Kitchens Dining Room Table with Three Benches with Backs and One Backless Bench

With homely, traditional look this solid breakfast set will fit your lifestyle. Made from solid pine with warm walnut finish, it provides space for five people to sit comfortably, while the bench seat slides up to the table with room for more.

Dining benches with backs

This simple set of furniture will plays its role perfectly in the dining room or as a set of garden furniture. It is made of not lacquered wood with metal finishing and it is composed of table, bench and four chairs with cloth seats.

Dining table benches with backs

The vaulted ceiling in this modern farmhouse brings a great, unique feeling to an already gorgeous setup. A beautiful combination of rustic, traditional furniture and some antique elements gives this one a unique look.