Dining Table With Bench And Chairs


Having a breakfast nook is a wonderful place for family members to gather for the most important meal of the day. A dining table can have a range of seating options, but a combination of chairs and benches provides the most seating room without looking out of place in any kitchen or dining area.

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Marbled Kitchen Table and Chairs and Bench

Marbled Kitchen Table and Chairs and Bench

Red Barrel Studio®

This set includes a 30 inch high table, four linen upholstered chairs with a 19 inch tall seat, and a 38 inch long bench. The stylish marble veneer of the table adds an elegant and classy look to any kitchen, while the durable and modern wood framing of the chairs and bench can support up to 400 pounds.

Designer Advice:

If you have a big family or invite visitors over for holiday meals, this dining set can be just what you need to have everyone at the table for the same meal. This elegant table, chairs, and bench combination look great near a window or in any dining room, kitchen, or sunroom.

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Country Charm Dining Table Chairs and Bench

Country Charm Dining Table Chairs and Bench

Gracie Oaks

This dining set features a 90” long table, four matching chairs, and a 60” long bench that are made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood. Each piece has all natural variations in the wood grain and tone, along with purposeful distressing to add a rustic and aged look perfect for a modern country kitchen.

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Classic Style Dining Sets with Chairs and Bench

Classic Style Dining Sets with Chairs and Bench

August Grove®

Made from natural dark cherry colored acacia wood with a waterproof coating, and ivory colored painted legs and framing, this dining set features a 60 inch long table, a 38 inch long bench, and four matching chairs to provide 6 or more seating options for family and friends.  

$1199.99 $1359.99

Designer Advice:

This dining set adds a classic and highly elegant look to your dining area or sunroom. It is perfect for enjoying breakfast, supper, tea, or playing cards and tabletop games. The highly contrasting color of the dark cherry colored acacia along with the bright ivory frame can fit into a wide range of decor options in your home.

Elegant Dining Table with Bench and Chairs

Elegant Dining Table with Bench and Chairs

One Allium Way®

This six-piece breakfast set features a 59 inch long rectangle table, a set of four matching chairs, and a 38 inch long bench. It’s perfect for large families to enjoy breakfast or for family gatherings during the holidays. The manufactured wood of the chairs is covered in deep gray fabric and can support up to 220 pounds.

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Dark and Bold Table with Matching Dining Chairs and Bench

Dark and Bold Table with Matching Dining Chairs and Bench

Red Barrel Studio®

Made of dark colored natural rubberwood, this table and seating set includes a table with leaf inserts that can extend to 66 inches long. Each of the four matching chairs can support up to 300 pounds, and the bench measures 52 inches long for a total of at least 6 seating options for family and guests.


Designer Advice:

The very dark color of this wood offers a bold and impressive look in your kitchen. It can be blended in with a dark decor, or used as a contrasting centerpiece in an otherwise light colored dining room or sunroom. The simple and traditional design fits in with luxurious decor just as much as it does with casual country aesthetics.

Warm and Welcoming Dining Sets with Bench

Warm and Welcoming Dining Sets with Bench

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

Made from a rich colored rubberwood, this dining set features a table, bench, and four matching chairs. The chairs and bench each have a padded polyester cushion to provide a comfortable spot for anyone to sit. The table features a leaf insert and can expand to a maximum of 90 inches long for banquets and holiday meals.

$1629.99 $1799.99

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Dining Table With Bench And Chairs

Buying Guide

Food is an important part of your daily routine. Everybody eats, right? Gathering around the table for a family meal is a time for bonding and sharing your day with the ones you love. Kitchen and dining room sets that fit your space are the perfect way to sit together, enjoy a meal, and spend quality time with one another.

  • Choose the right material for your kitchen and dining room set. Wood is the most timeless and versatile choice, even more durable when you go for solid options (whereas wood-looking laminate is a cheaper alternative). Glass can add a modern or contemporary touch, but it requires more wiping and could result in accidents if you have young kids running around. You could also experiment with sturdy metal or luxurious marble

  • Consider your needs and room when choosing the right shape: square and rectangular tables work best for large households and settings, whereas round and oval ones can look more traditional

  • Find the right decorative style that matches the rest of your interiors. Some popular options are pedestal tables that allow for more legroom, rustic farmhouse sets for large settings, streamlined shaker-style models that enhance their hardwood construction without stealing the scene, and industrial sets consisting of a simple wooden tabletop with raw metal legs

  • It's not compulsory to choose a table and chairs that match, but you should do so if you prefer a more consistent feel

  • Another great option is to go for chairs with complementary features as long as they share one common element

There are plenty of dining table materials to choose from but it's best to look at durable materials if you are planning on using your dining table for many years to come. Dolores Suarez, a founder of Dekar Design, says: "Most people don't change their dining chairs very often, so the durability of the materials and quality of construction are very important".  Bearingthis tip in mind, let's dive in.


Wood kitchen and dining room sets are by far the most popular choice. Whether they're stained or painted, wood has structural integrity and durability. It's timeless, it fits with many different types of decor, and it's elegant.

Solid wood is often more expensive than composite wood or other materials, but if you take care of it like you should, it will last for a long time. It could even last for generations, making a great family heirloom. Mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut are some of your best choices.


Glass is modern and futuristic. It fits well with a modern or industrial style dining room. Glass is easy to clean, but it can be fragile, so it's not the best choice for homes with rowdy kids or pets.

While this type of table can look very sophisticated, it's important to remember that it's a long term investment that may require extra maintenance because it shows fingerprints and dust more prominently that others.

Remember to always go for tempered glass. As far as thickness is concerned, 1/2 and 3/8 inch options are considered the most durable.


Metal is very sturdy and durable. It's an awesome choice for industrial or contemporary spaces with cool design features. It's stain resistant, which makes it a great choice for high traffic rooms or homes with kids.

The downside of metal is that it tends to be heavy, which might be a nuisance for buyers who are constantly on the move or those who will, for whatever reason, need to change the table's location around the house.


Traditionally thought of as a kitchen countertop material, marble can be a great choice for dining room sets as well. It's a timeless showstopper that leaves nobody indifferent. But luxury comes at a price. Also, marble has two serious drawbacks - it's terribly heavy and may crack or stain when not taken care of properly. For a more budget-friendly option that is equally attractive, you could also opt for other stone table tops like onyx or granite.


Laminate can be made to look like wood grain through a printed process, but let's not fool ourselves - it will almost always look manufactured. This is not to say, however, that laminate is a bad choice. Quite the contrary, it's affordable, heat and scratch resistant, easy to clean and comes in a multitude of options. But… it's not wood. If you want to find a middle ground between real wood and laminate, veneer will be your best bet.

The shape of your dining table largely depends on your preferences and the size of your room.

Circle or oval kitchen and dining tables have a more conventional feel and look great in farmhouse kitchens or any other more traditional space. They also make your room feel larger, so if you have a smaller eating space, choose a table with soft edges.

Square and rectangular tables have a more modern feel and look better in contemporary or industrial spaces. They also tend to take up more room than their circular counterparts, so they look better in larger spaces.

If you have a large family, it's likely best to choose a square or rectangle table. A round table that seats six is slightly smaller than a rectangle table that seats six, so every person will have a bit more room and you'll be able to accommodate a larger meal on a rectangle table.

Nevertheless, when it comes to socializing rather than eating, your needs may be slightly different and you may want to consider the following advice: "Small round tables are optimal for conversation and flexibility in number of guests," adds Barbara Eberlein, president and creative director of Eberlein Design. "Long, narrow rectangular tables maximize the number of guests along the perimeter but create a very different conversation pattern. Consider the type of environment you'd like to create."

Aside from material and shape, there are a lot of styles to choose from that go with different decorating schemes:


Pedestal tables have one bulky column in the center of the table top. The bottom of the column has a larger base to help support the table. It's a great solution for a room with limited space.


This style features heavy, distressed wood construction and is an excellent choice for large, epic spaces that accommodate heavy country dinners. The legs are thick and sturdy, and these tables often seat eight or more.


Similar to the farmhouse style, the rustic style features a wood table top that's often unpainted and distressed. However, many rustic styles will also incorporate modern flair in the form of metal legs or other modern features.


Shaker style kitchen and dining room sets are very simple and functional. They lack ornamental designs or intricate carvings. Defined by their sturdy hardwood construction, simple lines and classic tapered legs. Shaker dining sets are an easy fit in nearly any interior where the dining area is not supposed to be a focal point as they do not draw much attention.


These kitchen and dining room sets are typically large, heavy, and impressive. They very often feature heavy wood tabletops, which look fabulous paired with the geometric lines of raw metal legs.

Dining chairs don't necessarily have to match the table exactly, although this is the safest way to go if don't have a flair for interior decorating. Buying a dining room set is a guarantee that the pieces will always look good together.

If you choose complementary styles and colors, the pieces will work well together in the same space without making it look like you picked out a matching set all on the same trip to the store.

A good rule of thumb is to choose tables and chairs that share a common element, such as the finish, the style period or the design of legs.

However, this isn't a strict rule. You can choose anything you like and it doesn't matter if it matches, as long as it makes you happy. Shelby Girard, the Director of Design at Heavenly states: 'Gone are the days of matching dining room furniture sets', and adds: 'With a simple neutral table, I like mixing various styles of chairs. Just keep within a similar color family or style to create some consistency".

Whether you're looking for contemporary or traditional, kitchen and dining room sets come in all shapes and sizes, so choose the one that works best for your space and you'll be able to make memories for years to come.

Best Ideas

Dudley 6 Piece Dining Set

Dudley 6 Piece Dining Set

This Contemporary 6-Piece Dining Set in Rich Mahogany Finish is consisted of 1 rectangular table, 4 chairs with waterfall-style back, and 1 bench. Crafted from 100% Asian solid wood, the set is as durable as it is elegant.

Picasso 5 Piece Dining Set

Picasso 5 Piece Dining Set

If you are looking for interesting solutions to the dining room, the five-piece dining set is an excellent idea. Folding table, two benches and two chairs make a remarkable set that is very functional.

Terra Dining Table

Terra Dining Table

A piece of furniture created for use in modern dining rooms. This table represent a pure style with perfect proportions. It is made of engineered wood with hardware made of recycled aluminum that is solid, but not heavy.

Nicoli 6 Piece Dining Set

Nicoli 6 Piece Dining Set

6pc Dining Table & Chairs Set with Ladder Back Dark Oak Finish

A dining set - the table is huge and the four chairs plus the spacious bench offer plenty of room for your family or guests. The seatings come with the black upholstered cushions and button tufting and the oak finish looks elegant and traditional.

Amy 5 Piece Dining Set

Amy 5 Piece Dining Set

Consisting of Parsons chairs and a circular dual-shelved table with studded detail in brass, this 5-piece set will imbue your dining room with an edgy, rare appeal.

The set has also been made from rubber wood and upholstered with a polyester blend.

Make the most of the delightful contrast of pale grey and espresso it provides to create a worthy centerpiece in a modern farmhouse dining room.

Irving 5 Piece Dining Set

Irving 5 Piece Dining Set

Neutral colors and a practical yet organic form provide this 5-piece dining set with the ability to instantly enhance any mid-century modern setting.

The ensemble consists of four seats upholstered in faux leather and a round-topped table with hairpin legs.

Take advantage of its depth of color to provide a stylish anchor in a dining room decorated in more subdued tones.

Adda 5 Piece Dining Set

Adda 5 Piece Dining Set

An exquisite combination of traditional and more contemporary styles, this 5-piece dining set sits comfortably at the intersection of comfort, functionality and understated sophistication.

The dining room set which has been crafted from manufactured wood, also features Queen Anne-style chairs upholstered in faux leather.

Highlight the summery appeal of its design with a ceramic hourglass vase filled with brightly colored flowers.

Carolina 6 Piece Dining Set

Carolina 6 Piece Dining Set

Distressed wood with a dark tint, black leather and clear lines bestow depth of character on this 6-piece dining set.

The ensemble which consists of a table, four ladder-backed chairs and a padded bench has been created using solid and manufactured wood as well as faux leather.

Accentuate the classic appeal of the dining set with ivory or cream colored candles and indoor palms for a dreamlike, tropical touch.

Kenleigh 6 Piece Dining Set

Kenleigh 6 Piece Dining Set

Based on a color theme of light tan and mild grey, this dining set embodies the inviting yet refined allure which is the hallmark of both transitional and traditional styles.

This 6-piece ensemble consists of Parsons chairs, a bench and a table with traditional turned legs, and upholstery featuring tuft detail.

Place in a setting with a matching color scheme and decorate with functional ceramic pieces in accent colors to create a perfectly harmonious ambience.

Endicott 5 Piece Dining Set

Endicott 5 Piece Dining Set

Dual-toned in white and aqua, this dining-set with chairs which feature a slatted back design, presents the perfect balance of whimsical and sophisticated.

The 5-piece set has been manufactured from solid and manufactured wood and is capable of supporting a total of 250 pounds.

Take advantage of the ensemble’s pastel colors to add a splash of lightness and allure to a setting based on a neutral toned palette.

Kieffer 5 Piece Dining Set

Kieffer 5 Piece Dining Set

Stylish and designed to enable the efficient use of space, this dining set also comes with a rare appeal which can be brought alive with carefully chosen accessories.

Crafted from tubular metal and vinyl, this 5-piece set consists of four seats featuring creative cross back detail with a central medallion and a rectangular table with rounded corners.

Adorn with pristine white seasonal blossoms placed in polished copper or brass vases to enhance its allure.

Roundhill Furniture 6-Piece Karven Solid Wood Dining Set with Table, 4 Chairs and Bench

This fantabulous dining set is consisted of four chairs, a bench and large table. The whole was crafted using only solid wood and hazelnut finish. In addition, the table has also an option allowing to expand its top.

Jeannette 6 Piece Dining Set

Jeannette 6 Piece Dining Set

This 6-piece dining set will prove more than enough when it comes to seating your family during mealtimes - with the four comfortable chairs and a spacious bench you get the convenient and stylish solution.

Guilford 5 Piece Dining Set

Guilford 5 Piece Dining Set

This is a five-set to a small dining room. The set consists of a table, three chairs and benches. The entire structure was in black, which gives a certain seriousness and class, but also versatility. Perfect for a variety of interiors.

Dining table with chairs and bench

Rustic & earthy dining room | Photography: Marsel Roothman Photography

7 Pc Brand New Cherry Finish Solid Wood Dining Table Set, Table and 6 Chairs

Elegant classic set for 6 persons. Wooden frames are darker brown, seat cushions and back insets are lighter. A rectangular table has straight square legs with 2 grooves up and tapered ends. A chair features grooved front legs and a tall grid back.

Coaster 5-Piece Dining Set, Table Top with 4 Chairs, Cappuccino Wood

This admirable table set with four slat back chairs revitalizes any room with uncomplicated style. It's meticulously crafted from high quality wood with versatile cappuccino finish. Complements any decor in stylish durability.

Kentucky dining table 200cm with 3 louis oak chairs bench

Kentucky Dining Table 200cm with 3 Louis Oak Chairs & Bench

Table with 4 chairs and a bench

... Wood Table With Benches Feat White Unique White Dining Chairs On Wood

Cavendish 5 Piece Dining Set Includes Dining Table and 4 Upholstered Chairs

Elegant, comfy set of furniture. Made of rubberwood, upholstered with creamy microsuede, finished with light oak. It characterizes with X-shaped back design. Classy, rustic look. Standard tall, ideal for entire family and for traditional kitchens.

Monarch 5Pcs Dining Set With A Bench And 3 Side Chairs

5 piece dining set includes three chairs, one table and one bench. Made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) and veneer. Perfect for smaller rooms or apartments. Rectangular shape gives this furniture modern look.

Canterbury dining table with 5 chairs and bench noa nani

Canterbury Dining Table with 5 Chairs and Bench | Noa & Nani

Oval dining table for your cozy dining space homedecorite

Oval Dining Table for Your Cozy Dining Space - Homedecorite