Kids Art Tables With Storage

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Encourage your children to explore their creative side with a kids art table with storage. The bright and colorful tables are the perfect addition to a child’s playroom and give your young artist a creative area for drawing, painting, or building. Art Tables with storage include cubbies and shelves for storing art supplies for a clutter-free playroom. We’ve collected ten of the best kid-friendly art tables available, with features ranging from integrated paper rolls to hidden storage for art supplies.

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Updated 13/04/2023
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Kids Rectangular Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set

Kids Rectangular Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set

Zoomie Kids

What we like: Stain-resistant melamine tabletop for easy cleaning; multiple storage compartments

What we don’t like: Sharp angles on the table and chairs 

Not so great for: Rough play, as the chairs can be fragile

Perfect for: Keeping your kids’ crayons and markers organized

Perfectly sized for children between the ages of five and seven, this kids’ art table with storage is made from manufactured wood and evokes a mid-century or contemporary aesthetic.

The tabletop is melamine and resistant to stains, so cleaning it after your kids are done playing is a breeze. It also includes a paper roll for drawing and art projects. 

The table comes with two stools that fit under the table so you can reclaim the floor space for play once the kids have finished arts and crafts. It also has three compartments for storing markers, pens and pencils, crayons, and other art supplies.

$226 $226.99

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Kids Arts and Crafts Table with Hutch and Chair Set

Kids Arts and Crafts Table with Hutch and Chair Set


What we like: Ample storage; built-in hutch

What we don’t like: Limited tabletop depth and space.

Not so great for: Anything requiring papers or supplies spread out

Perfect for: Small-scale projects and illustrating

Ideal for one or two children to draw and write while having access to multiple storage compartments, this arts and crafts table has a hutch, so everything is available to your kids at all times. The desk has rounded edges to reduce the risk of injury, and the manufactured-wood construction is rigid and durable.

The eight differently sized shelves in the hutch allow you to store everything from paints and markers to books, while the three shelves at the bottom of the desk increase the capacity for games and toys. 

$1109 $960.7

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Kids 3 Piece Oval Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set

Kids 3 Piece Oval Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set


What we like: Chalkboard tabletop; integrated paper roll; and mesh basket

What we don’t like: The chairs don’t have back support

Not so great for: Older kids; doing homework

Perfect for: Children who want to paint, draw, and use chalk

If your children love drawing, painting, and coloring, this kids’ art table has integrated dowels and includes a paper roll to provide your budding illustrator with a convenient canvas. You’ll also find three paint cups on the tabletop. 

For children who prefer chalk, the manufactured-wood tabletop doubles as a chalkboard. The included mesh basket allows you to keep your children’s art supplies organized and out of the way, reducing clutter.

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Kids Table and Chair Set with Shelving Unit

Kids Table and Chair Set with Shelving Unit

Mack & Milo™

What we like: Simple design; combination shelving unit and blackboard

What we don’t like: Time-consuming assembly

Not so great for: Older children; groups of three or more

Perfect for: Small bedrooms, study nooks, shared home office spaces

Suitable for children between the ages of five and eight years old, this set includes an art desk for kids, two chairs, and a combination vertical blackboard and shelving unit. The set is crisp white and made from manufactured wood with a chic minimalist design. 

The shelving unit has two open shelves on both sides, a top shelf, and a deeper storage bin for books and games. On the opposite side is a blackboard with its own small shelf for chalk. The two backless chairs also feature their own cubbies, perfect for storing books or displaying toys. 


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Kids Rectangular Arts And Crafts Table With Rotating Tower And Chair Set

Kids Rectangular Arts And Crafts Table With Rotating Tower And Chair Set


What we like: Keeps messy activities organized and simplifies cleaning

What we don’t like: The tower in the center takes up a lot of space

Not so great for: Drawing or writing — there are better options for these

Perfect for: Activities involving slime, paint, modeling clay, glue, and glitter

If your kids love slime, modeling clay/Play-Doh, paint, or other messy arts and crafts, this table and chair set allows them to easily keep these activities and items organized and clean.

You can remove the tabletop, which is segmented, for independent cleaning. The tower in the center of the table has rotating cups for paint, brushes, markers, pens. There’s also a dispenser for glue, slime, or paint. The manufactured-wood construction is durable and long-lasting. 

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Kids Table and Chairs Set with Storage Boxes and Blackboard/Whiteboard

Kids Table and Chairs Set with Storage Boxes and Blackboard/Whiteboard

What we like: Ergonomic chairs; reversible tabletop with whiteboard and blackboard

What we don’t like: No assembly instructions included

Not so great for: Messy activities 

Perfect for: Art, games, and snack time

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose arts and crafts table with storage, this set includes a table with a blackboard and whiteboard, two chairs, and ample space for art supplies, toys, and games. 

Safe and non-toxic, this set is appropriate for kids between three and seven years old. The two chairs have comfortable backrests to support your kids’ posture and include their own storage bins with pull handles. 

The table has its own storage compartment covered by the removable and reversible tabletop. Two grooves allow you to safely flip the tabletop, choosing between a general-purpose whiteboard and a blackboard for use with chalk. 

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Best Minimalist
Kids Craft Table and Chairs set

Kids Craft Table and Chairs set


What We Like: Built-in paper dispenser

Perfect For: Toddlers and elementary school children

Designed for children ages 2 to 4 years, this 16-piece kids craft table includes seating for two, six fabric bins, a built-in paper dispenser and five paint cups, making it perfect for siblings or friends to share. Give your preschooler a safe and comfortable space to explore their creativity with this art center.  

$349.95 $399.95

Designer Advice:

To keep the space organized, use the six fabric bins to store supplies, pop crayons in the paint cups and add a few floating shelves above the table to display their completed artwork. 

What Users Say:

This is a great table for my 4 year old. She loves it! I love that we can easily stock the baskets with a variety of independent activities so she can operate on her own during quiet time each day!

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Kids Activity Lego Table Set With Storage

Kids Activity Lego Table Set With Storage

What we like: Reversible tabletop with smooth and construction surfaces; storage bins under the table

What we don’t like: Chairs could be more durable

Not so great for: Kids under two due to small parts and sharp corners

Perfect for: Children who like playing with Lego or other building blocks

For kids who love Lego and arts and crafts, this set includes a table with a reversible tabletop and two chairs — the perfect addition to your child’s room. One side of the tabletop is smooth, ideal for everything from playing with toy cars to drawing and writing. The other side has a construction surface that you can use with building blocks.

When your children are finished playing, there are two sliding storage bins under the table to keep blocks and other toys.

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Best for Single Child
Plastic Children’s Craft Table

Plastic Children’s Craft Table


What We Like: Large work surface

Perfect For: Personal craft table for kids

This compact-sized craft table is the perfect addition to your child's bedroom. With molded plastic compartments, a raised shelf, and storage bins, this desk offers plenty of room for a single child's art supplies. The vertical compartments are perfect for storing books and tablets, keeping the workspace organized and clutter-free. The desk also comes with a sturdy chair, ensuring that your child is comfortable while creating their masterpieces. Its non-toxic and durable construction guarantees safety and reliability.

$126.05 $146.99

Designer Advice:

Keep the desk itself as the focal point by surrounding it with neutral-colored decor and add a small bookshelf nearby to display completed artwork. Ensure you place the desk on a stain-resistant low-pile area rug that is easy to clean to reduce maintenance from spills due to markers and paint. 

What Users Say:

Absolutely the best product out there. My grandson just loves it. Extremely sturdy and well made.

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3 Piece Rectangular Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set for Older Kids

3 Piece Rectangular Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set for Older Kids

What we like: The height-adjustable chair and desk; cup holder; attractive design

What we don’t like: Seat weight capacity isn’t as high as we’d like

Not so great for: Kids over ten years old due to limited weight capacity

Perfect for: Adjustment as your children grow; drawing, writing, and painting

Available in either white and pink or blue and white to suit your child’s preferences, this art table for kids is designed for children between eight and twelve years old. You can adjust the height of both the desk and chair as your children grow, and the set is designed to maximize your child’s comfort. The table is made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and the chair and desk are made from polypropylene.

Under the tabletop is an integrated drawer, which your child can use for books, pens, pencils, markers, and other school and art supplies. 

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Best for Older Children
Ergonomic Arts and Craft Tables with Storage

Ergonomic Arts and Craft Tables with Storage

Zoomie Kids

What We Like: Embedded pull-out drawer

Perfect For: Growing with your child

With a tiltable desktop that protects eyesight and an embedded pull-out drawer, this ergonomic desk offers ample storage space for all their supplies. It also features a bookshelf, hutch, book holder, and computer keyboard tray, making it ideal for study as well as arts and crafts. This desk is designed to grow with your child with a desktop that features locking rotary knobs that adjust to their height.

Designer Advice:

Add a colorful rug underneath to define the workspace and create a cozy atmosphere. Use the large bookshelf to display their favorite books and organize their art supplies in the embedded pull-out drawer.

What Users Say:

We love this desk! It gives you all the utility with great design, which is usually impossible to find! I got it for my daughter for distance learning and love the style and function!

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Minimalist Kids Rectangular Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set

Minimalist Kids Rectangular Arts and Crafts Table and Chair Set

Harriet Bee

What we like: Simple and attractive design; comfortable chair

What we don’t like: Metal tabletop hinge is exposed when open — may pinch little fingers

Not so great for: Group activities

Perfect for: Child’s playrooms where space is limited

Made from manufactured wood, this kids’ art table with storage is simple, elegant, and ships with a single child-sized chair. When you need a compact, minimalist table and chair set for your child’s room, this set is the ideal size. Lift the tabletop using the conveniently located groove in the front, and you expose two storage compartments separated by a divider, allowing you or your child to keep art supplies, puzzles, and other items neatly organized. 

The table also has a rear barrier, ensuring that items can’t roll off the rear. 

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Kids Art Tables With Storage

Buying Guide

The most useful feature of a kids art table with storage is height adjustability, both when it comes to vertical height and the possibility of changing the angle of the table surface. This will allow your children to enjoy their kids art table for more years as they grow up and to find the perfect angle for different activities without incurring in an uncomfortable posture.

Since colors and paint will certainly be involved, you should also choose a table with a surface that won’t stain, whether that’s a whiteboard, chalkboard, or a coated wood finish.

If you think your kids will mainly use it to paint, consider looking for a table with cupholders to prevent spillages.

Finally, since we bet they already have plenty of art supplies, don’t forget to choose a kids art table with storage that can contain all of them and keep them organized.

There are quite a few options when it comes to kids art tables with storage. Some of them have storage space for art and creative supplies underneath the table, while others contain bins that stack away underneath or around the table and can be easily accessed when needed.

The storage underneath the table will be great for storing paper or things that the child needs to access less frequently, whereas bins or containers around the table are perfect for storing crayons, pencils and other items that the child needs constant access to while creating their masterpieces.

There are also kids' tables that have storage options underneath the chairs or behind the chairs.

Ultimately, the choice you make will depend on the purpose of the table as well as the size of the room you will be using it in.

In order to feel free and create art, your kids need to have a designated space to do so. Kids art tables are great for your children as it is readily available any time your kids get the urge to create. So here are some tips on where to place your kids art table.

You may consider setting up your kids art table in the corner of their bedroom or a playroom.

These spaces are usually designated for your child, and so they would make ideal spaces for your child's creative juices to flow. Alternatively, if the desk is portable enough, why not take it outdoors. There's nothing better than your child creating art while enjoying the sunshine and warm weather outside to spike their creativity.

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This kids art table with storage is an ideal proposition for your toddlers to learn creativity. Learning by entertainment is always the best way, now enabled by this handmade set.

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Encourage your kids’ art interests with this larger art table and two chairs. Featuring a low-profile design, the table is fitted with a sheet reel and one large countertop for all your childrens’ art supplies.

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Table with Drying Rack and Storage

Table with Drying Rack and Storage

Practical table for artist kids. It's made of wood with a natural finish. It has a rectangular top, a side paper-drying rack, a side blue plastic shelf with partitions, 4 flat plank-like legs with 2 two-pocket open ditty boxes on sides.

Kids craft table with storage

Give your children the ultimate workstation for their art projects with this stunning table. Built directly from solid wood, the table is finished in a glossed white shade for immense style. It also comes with a large workspace and several open shelves for your kids’ art supplies.

Guidecraft Guidecraft Kids Deluxe Art Center, Wood, Table 21H in.

Kids art table with storage 4

A long, low table with a peg-board behind it provides the perfect space for one or two young artists. Cubby shelving accommodates flat art papers, while finished work can be displayed above. Hanging cups provide storage for art supplies.

NaturalWood 12" Rectangle Toddler Table and Chair Set

NaturalWood 12" Rectangle Toddler Table and Chair Set

If you're looking for extraordinary practical and stylish solutions for your kid, check out this amazing toddler table! It's gonna bring a perfect design for you and a perfect entertainment for your child.

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I am totally doing this in the playroom! So practical. I want to use it as an art table, put supplies in the drawers.

ALEX® Toys Artist Studio Super Art Table /W Paper Roll -Wood 711W

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Kids activity corner: with red table and natural wood chairs. The little art station features light blue wall racks for art accessories. The table top is not ordinary: it's a blackboard. You can draw on it with chalk!

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