Ikea Folding Tables


Portable, durable and easy to use, these Ikea folding tables are the perfect addition to a home where extra space, or unexpected dinner guests, is a constant concern. Having one of these simple to use table options can make or break a sudden dinner party for more people than your regular table can hold, or have the overwhelming urge to do a long term craft.

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Our Picks

GAMLEBY Gateleg Table

GAMLEBY Gateleg Table

This Ikea folding table is a real game-changer in smaller dining rooms or open-plan living rooms/kitchens.

When its leaves are down, couples can use it to seat comfortably for dinner… as well as to introduce an eye-catching decorative statement, of course! Made of pine, its beautiful light wood finish will work wonders with several styles and especially Scandinavian, traditional, rustic, and farmhouse interiors.

However, whenever you decide to have a few guests around, you can simply open either one or both leaves to welcome up to six adults and a couple of kids.

For added practicality, its surface is water-, heat-, and scratch-resistant, and the frame even includes an adorable drawer that will allow you to keep napkins or cutlery always at hand.

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Consisting of the iconic metal and wood combination, this charming Ikea folding table adds an industrial touch to the traditional French cafe feel.

It’s perfect for small patios or, since it’s pre-treated with a weather-resistant wood stain, even actual gardens. For the best results, you should pair it up with metal bistro chairs or models that include a wood element in the same style.

While this table is designed to seat two people comfortably (great for couples who wish to enjoy some meals outside!), you can just as easily gather around it with a couple more friends for an informal catch-up or some drinks.

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ASKHOLMEN Wall table + 2 folding chairs

ASKHOLMEN Wall table + 2 folding chairs

This Ikea folding table with chairs is a dream come true if you’ve ever thought ‘my patio/balcony is too small to sit outside’.

Well, get some drinks ready: its wall-mounted design results in less than 18” in width, so we’re sure it’ll fit in that little corner, too!

But this space-saving set isn’t just practical: it’s also incredibly stylish and charming.

Made of sustainably sourced acacia wood, it’ll work with a variety of decor styles, from traditional to bohemian and Scandinavian.

For added comfort and durability, it even comes with two versatile cushions that can be turned upside down.

This foldable set is the best choice for couples who haven’t been making the most of their balcony or patio due to its small size. You’ll probably end up eating al fresco every night, now!

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ÄPPLARÖ Table + 6 reclining chairs

ÄPPLARÖ Table + 6 reclining chairs

If you have a particularly large patio or garden, you might as well make the most of it while ensuring that both the members of your household and guests are super comfy and have plenty of legroom.

This Ikea folding table set is as luxurious as it gets: it starts out as a traditional table for four (ideal for families), but you can decide to open either one or both of its leaves, accommodating six or eight people.

What we think you’ll love the most about this sustainable acacia set is the fact that it doesn’t come with basic chairs: on the contrary, it includes six recliners for added comfort.

Can it get any better?!

Actually, it can: this set even has a hole in the middle of the table to keep an umbrella in place should the weather get a bit too warm.

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ASKHOLMEN Table and 4 chairs

ASKHOLMEN Table and 4 chairs

While this Ikea folding table with chairs will look just as divine in a large garden or patio, you won’t believe the wonders it can do in a smaller one or even a narrow balcony.

When it’s open, it looks just like a traditional table for four (although, if you have room for them, you can easily add two chairs at the heads of the table to fit a couple more people).

However, once you close it, you can store both the table and the four chairs against the wall in a corner.

This is a practical choice for families as well as couples who tend to have friends round for meals fairly often.

This stunning set is made with sustainably sourced acacia and is pre-stained to resist the weather, which is always handy.

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Not all Ikea folding tables are square or rectangular! If you were hoping to experiment with a different shape, we’re confident you’re going to love this round model.

We especially recommend it for your balcony or small patio: because it’s designed to be folded up and stored away by resting it flat against the wall, it’s a godsend in narrow settings.

Once again, this table is handy for couples, but you can also use it as a base to gather around it with friends while enjoying a few drinks or snacks.

Made of powder-coated stainless steel, this weather-resistant table is guaranteed to last you for many more years to come.

Why not achieve a cohesive feel by pairing it up with some bistro chairs in the same color?

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Ikea Folding Tables

Buying Guide

IKEA folding tables are a practical solution to everything from a handy craft table to a dining area for family or friends. Even better, they come in a variety of styles and attached functions which make them easy to fit with almost any home style from spacious and gracious to exceptionally cozy. Folding tables come in all sorts of styles and sizes, from basic craft tables to elegant gate-legged tables that could easily grace a Victorian drawing room.

The IKEA motto is “You could do it yourself – but you don’t have to.” Founded by Ingvar Kamprad, the name “IKEA” consists of his initials followed by the village where he grew up. The IKEA concept is that nice furniture should be available to everyone, not just a privileged few. With that idea in mind, IKEA furniture has clean lines and provides both comfort and practicality. Their folding tables follow this basic principle.

Basic Craft tables

Crafts require space, and sometimes a lot of it. Crafters often make do with dining room tables, coffee tables or even their beds – but none of those surfaces are truly satisfying. Dining room tables need to be cleared for dinner time, coffee tables are often low inviting a sore back, and beds – well, good for sleeping and maybe spreading out quilting or other fiber arts, but definitely not for paint and paper arts. A good folding table, in a size that can fit your area, can be set up, used until the craft is finished, then put away if that area is needed for guests, yoga, tai chi or even dance aerobics. Folding tables from IKEA can vary in size from individual TV tray dimensions to a dining table size that will seat six to eight people.

Storage Tables

Norden is a style of IKEA folding table that incorporates space-saving with attractive practicality. When folded, a Norden looks like a slim set of drawers and can fit in a narrow space. When one or both side panels are extended, however, it can become a sewing table, a desk – even a two-person desk – or a general craft table. It can even double as a dining room table for a tiny kitchen. The drawers enable storing items associated with the table’s most common use – anything from sewing or craft supplies to silverware and napkins.

Hall Tables and Tables for unusual spaces

Round hall tables can make a lovely statement, but too often are too large for modern entryways. A roundtable with fold down sides can make a place for a vase or even a basket for incoming mail. If more table surface is desired, one side can be lifted to provide a work surface. Triangular fold tables can fit into corners or into a niche next to larger tables to expand a working surface or to serve a few added dishes for an extra hearty or special meal.

IKEA folding tables combine practicality, attractiveness, and affordability – all part of the IKEA standard.

Best Ideas

Small craft table

Take-down table with shelves to storage frippery or tools. This table can be used in living room, in workshop during work, bu it will be fit especially to office. Due to wheels table is movable and more useful

Ikea folding tables

Combine functionalities and try the white table with three drawers. It can be used as a nightstand, working table, cabinet and much much more! It's not only very useful but it brings the simplicity to your home.

Ikea folding tables

If you're looking for ideas for your sewing room and would like to benefit from the maximum functionality then this piece will prove amazing. It sports the corner design and will be suitable for any sewing machine.

Ikea folding tables

The eat-in kitchen is now available for everyone, with these handy IKEA's wall-mounted drop leaf tables. Durable and eco-friendly, these minimalistic beauties will satisfy the small needs of students and singles alike. These wall-mounts combine ergonomy and practical approach for the best effect.

Accessories furniture extraordinary furniture folding table ikea

Accessories & Furniture, Extraordinary Furniture Folding Table Ikea ...

Norden gateleg table ikea you can store for example cutlery

NORDEN Gateleg table IKEA You can store for example cutlery, table ...

Sewing table ikea

Practical and space-saving folding table ideal for small laundry rooms. This quite large rectangular hinged table can be attached e.g. under a windowsill. It's equipped with foldable supports underneath.

500 Piece 35" Square Folding Puzzle Table with Raised Edge

500 Piece 35" Square Folding Puzzle Table with Raised Edge

The gorgeous 500 piece 35” square folding table is made from solid Wisconsin Oak and comes in six different stunning finishes. The melamine tabletop is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. With no assembly required, the perfect table for a family game night is easy to maintain and store, thanks to its folding legs.

Folding wall table

A space-saving work table that boasts of functional design and easy use. It's made of natural-fiinished hardwood, with 6 storage drawers, and 2 large drop leaves that allow you to fold it down into a narrow console table.

Fold away craft table

Introduce functionality to a small kitchen - this wall table hangs down when folded (still offering a small shelf surface to display tiny items) and serves as a breakfast table when unfolded. Melamine-covered white surface is easy to be kept clean.

Folding sewing table

This folding table from IKEA is designed in accordance with the brand's philosophy. It is stylish and practical, letting you save space, which is particularly handful in tiny apartments. Its universal black painting fits well into almost every decor.

Antique fold down table

Being a useful home companion, folding tables do not take too much space, while at the same time offering an extended surface for any unusual gatherings. This double folding one is made of a solid oak wood, which shall provide sustainability for years.

Ikea craft table

A simple, but useful folding table mounted on wall. Its simple wooden construction assures good appearance and solidity. It provides some space for storage or display of decorations and other items. It can be folded when not in use.

Fold down table

This unique table is crafted from solid birch wood and covered with a clear acrylic lacquer finish. Features 2 drop leaves and 6 storage drawers hidden under the top. You can wipe it clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Great dining table for a small eat in kitchen norden

Great dining table for a small eat-in kitchen. NORDEN/TERJE Table and 4 chairs - IKEA

Wall mounted desk ikea

Folding table for space saving in each home. Construction is made of wood. Base is fitted with 3 drawers for storing needed items. Top has large usable surface. Simple form and functional design.

Table for ikea superb for small spaces ikea s drop

... table for ikea superb for small spaces ikea s drop leaf table provides

Ikea fold down table

A wrapping/cutting station that remains almost flat to the wall when not in use! Me likey a lot!

Tudor City Fireside 26" Rectangular Folding Table

Tudor City Fireside 26" Rectangular Folding Table

The fireside 26” folding table is lightweight and a perfect addition to your compact living space. Crafted from hand-picked oak by skilled American craftsmen, it provides textural warmth with its unique natural wood grain. Use this table to enhance your movie-watching experience as a beverage and snacks station, to play cards, complete a puzzle, or utilize it when working from home.

Oak folding tables 1

An antique, folding table that can be used as a side table when closed or as a dining table when open. It's a simple design with clean lines and an elegant look. Made of solid, oak wood, it will serve you for long years.

Ikea gateleg table

Very practical wall mounted table with a drop leaf construction made of wood. This piece of furniture is a space-saving element that can be folded down when not in use. Construction of this table is long lasting.

Ikea Applaro Drop-leaf Folding Wood Table Brown Seats 2 - 4

This wooden table offers a very functional drop-leaf construction. Its folding frame allows for problem free transportation and storage. The table is able to seat up to 2 ora 4 people depending on its configuration.

Foldable table ikea butterfly wind multifunctional storage table table

Foldable table IKEA butterfly wind multifunctional storage table table ...

The transforming coffee table genius and its not by ikea

The Transforming Coffee Table. GENIUS!!!! And it's not by Ikea