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If you're starting your own company, money is tight at the beginning. and until you can afford to put in a more impressive desk, a cheap reception desk will have to do. Fortunately, we have a collection of cheap reception desks, because your receptionist is the buffer between you and the customer. Take a look at this collection and see if you need a cheap reception desk.

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Our Picks

L-Shape Reception Desk

L-Shape Reception Desk

This stylish L shaped reception desk is the best solution for professional office. Covered with stylish laminate is rugged and ideal for on a daily basis. A comprehensive counter, shelves and cabinets.

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Rectangular Reception Desk

Rectangular Reception Desk

Rectangular reception desk with plexiglass panel (looks like frosted glass) on front and two sides. It is constructed of sturdy wood with dark cherry finish. It contains one wooden shelf. of 250 lbs weight capacity.

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Diy reception desk ideas

Ordinary lumber and drywall can be used to structure an attractive reception desk. Create a framework of two-inch by four-inch wood stock, then cover with a combination of drywall sheeting and plywood to create an attractive façade to conceal workspace.

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Cheap reception desk 4

A strong and exquisite reception desk. The body is made from polished hardwood and is resistant to any type of decay. The top is made with marble and it has ample space to arrange your materials.

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Cheap reception counter

An aesthetic though simple modern reception desk having a rectilinear frame of wooden materials in white. It has a long U-shaped top with gently elevated edges. It's equipped with lots of pigeonholes and drawers.

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Cheap reception desk 5

Worn railroad ties can be stacked to create a rustic reception desk. Top with a polished slab of hard stone with the edges left a little rough to add to the general effect. Incorporate shelving or cubbyholes where supplies can be stored.

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Rustic reception desk

This piece has been custom-made and offers a very economical design, perfect for any salon. It offers ample desk space and is sublime for a computer or paperwork, making it much easier for you to work.

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Cheap salon reception desk

Salon reception desks cheap - Desk : Interior Design Ideas #

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Reception Furniture Single Unit Curved Station

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Cheap salon desk

A plywood surround can create an inexpensive yet attractive reception desk. Leave the wood natural, or paint or stain it, or add bunting, for increased attraction. Build shelves or cubbies on the backside, as needed for brochures, tickets or other items.

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Cheap Reception Desk

Buying Guide

Sometimes the most important thing for a business, a meeting or an event is a cheap reception desk. You don’t need anything fancy. No decorator quality, imposing pieces of furniture, just a good place to keep lists, badges, and to provide a greeter with a good place to stand. It also serves as a psychological barrier between the receptionist and the people who will be met, interviewed, directed or whatever is needed. Hopefully, it won’t be called upon to do any other duty, and in most cases, it will not.

The Super Cheap Reception Desk

This is one that you will see often at public schools or even sometimes at universities. A folding table is draped with a beautiful tablecloth, often bearing the school’s logo. Some folding chairs are provided for the greeting committee who dispense name badges or tickets, trifold programs, or raffle tickets for the grand prize. The table method has the advantage of being roomy but has no real space for boxes of added materials, nor does it have a place to conceal items such as a security button.

The Cheap Display Desk

Beauty parlors, tanning salons, off-Broadway or community theaters and similar establishments might use this reception desk. It is small, just large enough for one person to stand behind it. The front of the desk has glass fronted display panels where previews of wares being sold within are displayed, such as shampoos, lotions or publicity pictures of the cast – depending upon the venue. Behind these shallow display cases is a small desk that is dropped below the top level of the display and a storage area which can be used to hold price lists, programs, tickets, discount coupons, and similar items.

Roomy, Serviceable Reception Desk

Security conscious specialty or department stores might use one of these. Put together using panels of inexpensive, veneered wood, this reception desk might allow two or even three people to sit behind it. They are also very useful at large conventions where hundreds of people might need to be met and greeted within a few hours. The front of the desk is raised sufficiently that the person behind the desk might need to stand or to be seated on a stool. It has a writing surface suitable for the guest or customer to write their name on a badge or to sign a list. The workers are provided with a larger desk that is lower than the one provided for the standing guest, and there is a roomy storage shelf beneath the inner desk where extra supplies can be stored.

The Interview Desk

This desk has two L-shaped desks positioned so the interviewer and interviewee can face each other. The interviewer’s desk is slightly larger, presumably so that it can house files, boxes of applications and similar items. The interviewee’s desk might be supplied with application forms, writing tools and perhaps notepaper, brochures or portfolios, depending upon the sort of interview. This arrangement can handle many kinds of interviews, from employment to vacations in the Bahamas.

A well-appointed space reflects your business culture, mission, and professionalism. Smart looking and high functioning reception desks and suites provide the centerpieces for these public facing receiving areas.

From the first impression to every visit after that, your reception area speaks volumes. Not only about your business but also about how you care for both prospective and current clientele.

If you've been tasked with sourcing, a reception desk or reception suite for your company's lobby or your client's offices, you know the choices on the market are vast and varied. To help you wade through the ocean of possibilities, we've provided a comprehensive guide on how to choose reception desks and suites below.

A receptionist sits at a reception desk. Their job is to greet customers, clients, and patients, check them in for appointments and perform various other tasks in between greetings. A reception desk is made to be aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for both customers and staff.

Typically, these customer-facing desks have a solid front and two sides and consist of two components:

  • Reception countertop - allows customers and receptionists to sign papers and conduct transactions.
  • Sitting desk - allows the receptionist privacy to do their work in between greeting customers or patients. This desk sits behind (and at least 12 inches below) the reception counter.

Reception desks can be found in a variety of business settings such as health care offices, government offices, stores, bank lobbies, office buildings, city apartment lobbies, hotel lobbies, high-end restaurants and lounges, hair and nail salons, spas, and more.

Besides the shape of your room, you'll want to consider your workspace requirements when choosing a shape for your reception desk.

  • Square. Ideal for small offices with just one receptionist working at a given time. It has three equal sides and an open back. Square reception desks offer a simple look perfect for offices without a distinct style.
  • Curved. Saves space in small to mid-size areas. The bow out at the front with a curved edge facing the client. The desk behind takes up minimal space and can be situated in a corner or parallel to a wall.
  • Round. Offers mobility and ample desk and counter space from all angles. Works nicely with medium to large areas. Will often have an almost complete circle shape with cut out in back to enter and exit.
  • L-shaped. It connects two work areas behind the reception counter. It allows the receptionist to rotate easily from one worksurface to another.
  • U-shaped. Spacious enough for large reception areas to allow for multiple receptionists working at once. It offers a reception counter in the front with a desk behind and two additional work desks with or without counters above.

To ensure you get the correct size reception desk, there are some general rules of thumb you can apply when selecting the correct one for your space.

  • Measure and sketch out your space carefully.
  • Be sure to include any architectural elements that may get in the way, such as windows, inward swinging doors, built-in workspaces, etc.
  • Calculate how much room you will need to leave on all sides for staff and clients to move about freely.
  • Add at least an extra 60 inches or more for turning radius behind the desk.
  • Leave 3 feetor more between the reception desk and any surrounding walls or furnishings for traffic flow.
  • The width of your desk shouldn't overpower your reception area.
  • A single-person reception desk (48+ inches) works best in small areas.
  • A two-person reception desk (71-73 inches) will be more appropriate in a mid-size reception area.
  • In a large space, such as a bank or office tower lobby, a very wide desk (8 feet or wider) will balance out the expanse of the area.
  • Typically, there are three heights for reception desks between 28 inches to 34 inches. The choice will largely depend on the height of a person using it.

The busy reception area will see a constant stream of activity. As such, your desk will incur wear and tear from the rigors of daily exposure. The material you choose for your reception desk will be dictated mostly by desired durability and budget. Below we've listed the common materials used to make reception desks and suites.

  • Laminate - Affordable and durable. It does not scratch or dents easily. Available in a range of solid colors and wood grain prints.
  • Wood Veneer - Falls in between laminate and wood in terms of cost and durability. Veneer is a thin layer of genuine wood adhered to particleboard. Gives the appearance of real wood without the cost. It requires some maintenance. Styles include traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary.
  • Solid Wood - Long-lasting and most costly of all the materials. Prone to scratching, denting, and scuffing. Most popular option for luxury venues such as hotels, banks, and law firms. Lends itself towards all décor styles.
  • Metal - Strong, durable, and affordable. Includes metal types such as aluminum, steel, and iron. Works nicely in industrial and minimalist offices. Can be combined with frosted or clear glass.
  • Glass - Durable, moderately priced, easy to maintain. Frosted glass provides privacy for the reception suite as clear glass would not.  As a design accent, glass is used for the countertop section of the desk with other components constructed from metal, veneer, laminate, or wood. Glass is contemporary or industrial in style.

As with standard desks, reception desks offer an array of features and storage solutions to fit your needs such as:

Behind Desk:

  • Built-in drawers, cubbies, and storage cabinets.
  • Pre-drilled holes for cords and wires.
  • Power outlets at desk level for computers and office equipment.
  • Large desktop workspace.
  • Pull-out keyboard drawers.
  • Monitor platform.

Desk Front:

  • Customer-facing receding toe-kick to avoid scuff and dents from shoes and kicking.
  • Wider countertop overhang in the front for use with stools or chairs.
  • Flat front for business signage or customer greeting plaque.
  • Modular coffee bar unit for reception desk suites.
  • Decorative metal or glass accents.
  • Under-counter lighting on the desk front.

Best Ideas

Juno U-Shape Reception Desk

Juno U-Shape Reception Desk

Create an inviting space for people walking into your office with this professional-looking reception desk. It comes in a curved top counter design with ample space for handling all the reception duties such as signing in visitors and writing. The desk has enough space for a computer, telephone, papers, and everything receptionists use. It’s made from laminated wood with a metal accented frame and a solid neutral finish. It’s also easy to assemble.

Dulcia Office L-Shape Reception Desk

Dulcia Office L-Shape Reception Desk

Aesthetics meet function in this practical and multifunctional great looking contemporary reception desk. It features commercial-grade construction with melamine lamination and clean edges on the front, back, and bottom. The desk is designed for highly active office use. It’s also easy to assemble using basic tools. Best of all, the desk is available in attractive colors to match the clean looks of your reception area and maintain the warm welcoming environment of your office.

Gillard L-Shape Reception Desk

Gillard L-Shape Reception Desk

This L-shaped commercial-grade reception desk is designed to complement your office furniture while providing a perfect reception center at the same time. It comes with multiple features to create a practical, multi-function contemporary reception space for your office. It has a clean and smooth melamine lamination, completely finished front, bottom, and back edges, and fresh colors to match with your corporate or brand style. It’s easy to assemble and even comes with seating included.

Said Rectangular Reception Desk

Said Rectangular Reception Desk

This white rectangular reception desk is designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. It comes with functional features that allow you to serve your visitors or clients whether they are standing or sitting down in front of the desk. It also comes with a handy storage system to keep your documents within easy reach. The desk has a gloss surface that perfectly contrasts with its matt finish. It’s a great option for salons, legal offices, medical clinics, and just about any other workplace.

Juno Series Reception Desk

Juno Series Reception Desk

If you want your office or workplace to make a strong first impression on visitors and clients, this curved double-unit reception desk is a perfect option. It’s an elegant and professionally designed work station made from a powder-coated steel frame with a sleek thermo-fused melamine finish. The front office desk is also quite functional with interior wire management cutouts to manage cables and avoid cord clutter. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cecilia Office L-Shape Reception Desk

Cecilia Office L-Shape Reception Desk

Here is a perfect L-shaped reception desk designed for all types of professional offices. It comes with well-illustrated pieces to create a functional multi-purpose reception center. It’s also a commercial-grade reception desk with quality melamine lamination and clean finish on the front and back edges. It’s a fashionable front office desk available in colors that blend perfectly with your brand’s style. The spacious L-shaped desk is easy to assemble using basic tools.

Salamone Rectangular Reception Desk

Salamone Rectangular Reception Desk

This great looking reception desk offers a perfect combination of aluminum, glass, and glossy laminate materials to give you an elegant and functional front office management desk. It’s a perfect choice for all types of offices including medical, legal, and all types of customer service centers. It has a modular construction, an extendable countertop for people with disabilities, and a glossy white front to give your spaces a neat sterile look.

Said Rectangular Reception Desk

Said Rectangular Reception Desk

Designed to reflect the popular cubism style, this rectangular reception desk provides a perfect combination of functionality and office aesthetics. It comes with features that allow you to serve visitors and clients in either sitting or standing positions, which is quite convenient for disabled persons. The package includes a bookcase where you can store papers and other small items, hutch, and desk. It’s made of strong and durable metal and can be assembled quite easily.

Nabil L-Shape Reception Desk

Nabil L-Shape Reception Desk

This is a L-shaped reception desk with all the features to enhance your front office performance while maintaining the style and elegance of your office. It comes with modular laminate case goods as well as a file pedestal and box, and other useful features. It has solid wood construction with 3mm laminate edges, Mahogany, cherry, or espresso wood grain laminates, and wood base material. This is a perfect reception desk for today’s busy offices.

Lamotte Reception Desk

Lamotte Reception Desk

If you are looking for a perfect way to style up your small or large business premises, here’s a practical reception desk to help you do exactly that. The desk has a clean curved design to give you a semi-circle style that’s ideal for serving a large number of clients or visitors. It also gives you plenty of legroom, well-organized cable management, and a spacious reception environment. The desk has smooth laminate with polycarbonate surfaces.


Reception Desk Addition

Reception Desk Addition

Wooden reception desk with silverish finish lines in between the wooden parts. Ideal as reception desk or trades desk. It looks very stable and heavy, but in fact it's not that massive. Cool interior design idea.

Cheap reception desk

Reception desk for commercial applications. It features a decorative front illuminated with LED. The cabinet includes a practical shelf for computer keyboard. It also offers two doors and two drawers with keys.



Cheap reception desks

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