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Are you starting a new business or restaurant and can definitely use a reception desk or host station? Then you should definitely take a look through all the options in our collection of reception desks. Your host, maitre' D or receptionist is the first impression a visitor makes, and the style of these desks will certainly give off a very professional first impression.

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Reception desk shabby chic salon counter retail cash and wrap

Reception desk shabby chic salon counter retail cash and wrap

A luxury stylish reception desk with a wooden frame and low curved legs in off-white. It has a rectangular moulding top and side walls with top cutouts. A front panel is padded and upholstered in elegant off-white pleather with deep button tufting.

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Curved l shape reception desk salon desk retail cash desk

Curved L Shape Reception Desk - Salon Desk Retail Cash Desk | eBay

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Circular reception desk 2

Circular Reception Desk

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Cool silver/metalic reception/lobby desk. It would suit a beauty salon as well, or haidresser. Very minimalistic design, no heavy patterns nor emblemats. It means you can stick any print you want.

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Reception Desk Addition

Reception Desk Addition

Wooden reception desk with silverish finish lines in between the wooden parts. Ideal as reception desk or trades desk. It looks very stable and heavy, but in fact it's not that massive. Cool interior design idea.

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Rectangular Reception Desk

Rectangular Reception Desk

Rectangular reception desk with plexiglass panel (looks like frosted glass) on front and two sides. It is constructed of sturdy wood with dark cherry finish. It contains one wooden shelf. of 250 lbs weight capacity.

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Buy reception desk 10

Modern reception desk constructed from wood. The desk also has a tempered glass counter as well and comes with a stunning natural wood grain finish that can be further customized with additional colors. You also get a neat curved design that delivers plenty of tabletop space.

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Ikea hack reception desk

Whimsical reception desk offering a counter-height design and a neutral blue finish. The piece is also fitted with several storage lockers in front for important office supplies. It should be perfect for the front desk in a school, hotel, or any business.

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Small reception desk beauty salon

You love french inspirations and you daydream about some exellent french element in your hotel or office interior? Get you one! Beautifully quilted, front desk reception,has ottoman-like upholstery. The shade of pink, velvety, is glistening from a distance .

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Buy reception desk 8

Reception Counter Desk 4 piece set | eBay

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Buying Guide

When starting your own business or looking for a new reception desk for your shop or office, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of choice available on the market. This guide aims to help you understand some of the variety which you can buy in terms of reception desks, so let's take a closer look at the styles which might be suitable for your business space. Whether you're running a beauty salon, opening an office in the middle of town or giving your seasoned business a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture, there are options to suit every situation.

Metallic and silver reception desks

A minimalist design which would suit many shops but also beauty salons and other services, a silver reception desk doesn't often have a lot of extra detail. The smooth silver finish is attractive when your customers first walk in, and the area behind the desk includes shelves and cupboards for storing your important items. A comfortable desk is also included on the other side of the reception unit, and is ideal whether you want a chair or not. Two small yet sturdy feet support the unit, making it easier to clean around and adding to the modern appearance. The minimalist design is an opportunity to customize it as you would like, such as putting your business banner or logo on the front of the reception desk.

Natural wood reception desk

Made with varying lengths of wooden beams which are fixed together to create a large reception desk, this is a suitable design to have at the entrance to almost any building. It is particularly useful if you have two or three members of staff sitting at the reception desk at once. A wooden desk is affixed to the other side of the unit, which may be the same color or a different shade to the wooden beams used at the front. A natural effect on the wood helps to achieve a homely and comfortable appearance as your guests first walk through the door and into your business space. This reception desk is up to 10 feet in length, which allows ample space for leaflets, information packs and other things.

Corner reception desk

A corner reception desk isn't always the most suitable option for your business, but it could be a good idea depending on how the layout has been arranged. A corner or curved reception desk can save a lot of space, particularly if you already have a limited amount of space in the reception. A corner reception desk is ideal for keeping paperwork and other business-related items and documents out of sight of your customers. Corner desks are often wooden, but can also be metallic or silver. There is a space for the printer and computer, as well as an area for one or two monitors and a phone and various other reception accessories. It's easy to move around, and will fit in any corner of your reception space.

Best Ideas

Small reception desk ideas

Front desk/ceiling

Receptionist desk ikea

A great contemporary reception desk having a staple-shaped frame (with a bit recessed panels) of wooden materials in grey with subtle gold undertones on fluted corner posts (with carved top parts) and edges. A marble-like top is in beige shades.

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Compact reversible reception L-desk perfectly suited for smaller offices. The piece is designed from wood and comes in neat light gray finishing, touched up with back accents for perfect visual balance. The desk also offers a relatively larger counter for documents and other stuff.

Ikea reception desk ideas

Counter height and well-built reception counter featuring a sturdy pine construction and a cream neutral finish. The counter also offers an 8-inch thick countertop, enough to withstand the daily wear and tear even in high traffic reception areas.

By metal stand offs and a recessed metal base

by metal stand-offs and a recessed metal base .

Napoli Rectangular Reception Desk

Napoli Rectangular Reception Desk

Simple-lines and practical construction are the main features of this reception desk. This modern Italian stylization with clean lines and neutral colors provide large working space and its lower area includes three storage shelves.

Circular Reception Desk

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Ultra-modern ghost reception desk designed to grab the attention of all guests. The piece first of all sits on a strong wooden base. It’s then finished in a light white palette at the top and accents of silver at the bottom.

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An elegant and functional reception desk in a graceful curved shape, which will look good even in the centre of the room. It features a plain front while the inner part is equipped in plenty of storage shelves.

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Reception Desk

Bali Square Reception Desk

Square Reception Desk

Small reception desk for salon

Dividing a room