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Exuding romantic vibes and nostalgic impressions, wooden swivel desk chairs tend to make your home office feel like you’ve traveled back in time. The combination of wood and upholstery, and in some cases, metal, also lends a warm, cozy ambiance to your work environment. While most have a traditional flair, there are also those that radiate modern rusticity. Take a look at our designers’ picks for wooden desk chairs that are perfect for pairing with an antique table or a contemporary bureau.

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Updated 20/12/2022
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Driftwood Executive Chair

Driftwood Executive Chair

Sand & Stable™

Refined lines and elegant details make this chair the right choice for the sophisticated executive. A 27.5” backrest height, adjustable seat, and fixed armrest encourage correct posture to avoid fatigue.

With a button-tufted back and polyester velvet upholstery, this chair finds the perfect balance between comfort and style. Complete the look of your classically styled office with an antique desk and Oriental rug for a workspace fit for royalty.

$279.99 $524

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Traditional Style Chair

Traditional Style Chair

Canora Grey

Banker’s style wooden office chair with wheels featuring an arched slatted backrest. The seat is upholstered in bonded leather, while the wood frame is finished in a rich antique wood stain. Aged gold caps and wheels provide an elegant accent.

Designer Advice:

With its classic look, this piece would look great for formal, traditional, transitional, and farmhouse interiors, especially when paired with an old-fashioned desk. While the curved back provides the right amount of lumbar support, you might want to consider adding a small back pillow for added comfort. Place a solid-toned or a patterned traditional area rug to complete your home office suite.

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X Back Swivel Chair

X Back Swivel Chair

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts style, this wooden swivel desk chair exudes rusticity and airiness. Made of solid oak and rubberwood, it has an open back with an X-brace design, an upholstered seat, and bent arms. 

Designer Advice:

We recommend pairing this chair with a vintage bureau with a closed front panel. This will help balance the openness and casual look of the chair especially if you’re aiming for a traditional look in your home office. However, if you want to achieve an industrial-style office interior, this piece would match well with a black desk with an open base.

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Cane Back Chair

Cane Back Chair

Sand & Stable™

Crafted in solid wood with metal parts, this wooden office chair has an airy, tropical vibe. Its rounded square back sports a woven cane panel while its seat is upholstered in polyester linen fabric. Upholstery is offered in linen and gray.

Designer Advice:

A great pick for coastal, beach-themed, bohemian, and farmhouse rustic home offices. Complete your ensemble by pairing it with an A-framed open-based desk and a wicker area rug. One thing to note is that its maximum seat height is lower compared to other office chairs. With that in mind, it is ideal for teenagers, kids, and petite adults.

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Swivel Chair with Curved Back

Swivel Chair with Curved Back

These club-style wooden office chairs with wheels showcase an airy design with their woven cane back and open-framed armrests. Made in solid wood and finished in black, its natural-stained cane panel and neutral linen upholstery lend refined complementary tones.

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Bentwood Task Chair

Bentwood Task Chair

Adorn your office space with this modern contemporary desk chair. Showcases gracefully curved seat and back for a sleek and stylish look guaranteed to earn tons of compliments. Has an adjustable seat height of 17.7"H minimum and 21.7"H maximum and 250 lbs weight capacity. Solid wood construction warrants extreme resilience and durability and adds a warm, charming touch. Occasionally wipe with a clean cloth to maintain its attractive appearance.

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Fully Upholstered Swivel Chair

Fully Upholstered Swivel Chair

Gracie Oaks

Graceful and elegant, this wooden desk chair with wheels is crafted from solid and manufactured wood. Its eye-catching high back features channeled stitching with all cushioned aspects upholstered in PU leather. Comes in dark brown and cognac.

$239.99 $270.99

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Farmhouse Swivel Chair

Farmhouse Swivel Chair


This wood swivel desk chair evokes the charm and simplicity of Mission-style designs. The backrest features horizontal slats while the curved seat is covered in polyester blend fabric. The frame is finished in sun-drenched or brushed acacia.

$215.99 $324.99

Designer Advice:

Coordinate the look of your home office with a farmhouse-style desk and a woven beige area rug. You can make it more comfortable by placing a small back pillow, especially if you’re planning on sitting on the chair for long hours. With its versatility, this piece can work in a cottage, traditional, transitional, and contemporary rustic interior. 

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Mahogany Executive Chair

Mahogany Executive Chair

Darby Home Co

Spend your working hours at the comfort of this executive and attractive desk chair. Vinyl upholstery covering extra-thick foam fill and button tufting at the back is reminiscent of the classic traditional furniture. Brass-finished nailhead trimming around the arms and seat offers a striking yet distinct finishing touch. Five manufactured wood leg bases comfortably support up to 275lbs. This luxurious chair can be firm but softens up with use.

$489.99 $825

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Wooden Swivel Desk Chairs

Buying Guide

Whether you are a student in need of a desk chair for your dorm room or a professional looking for a comfortable office chair, finding the perfect chair can be overwhelming. The terms “desk chairs” and “office chairs” are often used interchangeably, so it makes sense to use both when searching and shopping online and when seeking help in-store.

There is no definitive answer to what makes the most comfortable desk chair. Comfort is individual to each user, so while one user may require the back and leg support of an ergonomic chair another may prefer a lightweight task chair that allows them to sit and stand quickly and easily when moving between tasks. The comfort level desired may also be affected by how long you sit at your desk.

A good desk and office chair:

  • should make accomplishing your work easier,
  • support your body comfortably
  • remain comfortable during long periods of sitting
  • is suited to the user’s body and the flow of work at hand.

For those who sit for long periods and work on the computer, a desk chair with arms is the best bet. The arms provide additional support for your shoulders and neck and improve posture.

Armless desk chairs work well in tight spaces such as a dorm room or home office. Task chairs are most often armless and allow the user to sit and stand fluidly.

Highly adjustable and ergonomic office chairs are recommended for those individuals with back and neck issues and injuries. When choosing a chair, make sure the operation and adjustable controls are easily reached while seated and don’t require straining to operate.

Desk and office chairs are considered ergonomic when they adjust to comfortably fit the body and supportive needs of the user while increasing their efficiency at work. Adjustable features and ease of operation lead the most desirable and beneficial elements of an ergonomic desk chair.

When choosing an adjustable desk chair, you’ll want to find one with an expansive array of controls to allow for the most comfortable positioning. Office chairs typically have from five to 14 adjustable features. These require more mechanisms, however, and can drive the cost higher. When shopping, look for the following:

  • Lumbar support—Lower back support is a must, and a chair that allows you to adjust the level of support is optimal.
  • Seat height and back—This feature allows for accommodation of varying heights of people. For tall individuals raising both seat and back are a must for proper support. For shorter persons, adjusting the seat, so your feet are flat on the floor is desirable.
  • Seat and back angle—Adjusting the angles will allow for a proper seating position to take the pressure off the user’s thighs. It also allows for additional adjustment when using the lumber support.
  • Tension control—For those who lean back while talking on the phone or contemplating, this feature allows for the back tension to be more flexible. While those who need to sit straight up can tighten it for ideal support.
  • Arm height and width—With variable desk heights, you may need a chair that allows you to adjust the level and breadth of the chair arms to allow for linear support of the user’s arms from the chair to the keyboard.
  • Headrest—For those with neck issues, a headrest that tilts forward and backward for ideal support is a smart desk chair option.

While there are many pay-offs to investing in an ergonomic office chair, there are a few that are immensely beneficial, including:

  • Improvement of posture.
  • Lessening of back and neck pain.
  • Proper alignment of spine, hips, and shoulders.
  • Increased comfort during lengthy tasks.
  • Improvement in productivity overall.
  • Alleviates stress to the mind and body.
  • Comfort during hours of study or desk work.

  • A task chair is most often armless with a low back and lightweight body. These chairs allow ease of use for workers who move from desk to other areas of the office often.
  • An executive chair typically has a tall back, arms, and heavy padding. These chairs are more expensive than a task chair and allow for more adjustment for longer periods of sitting.

Leather, vinyl, fabric, and plastic are all good choices for a desk chair depending upon your needs.

  • A fabric mesh chair allows for air to circulate and works nicely in warmer office environments to prevent sweating.
  • A leather chair will last longer as the material is stronger and more durable.
  • A vinyl desk chair will be cheaper and works in environments where the chair is used less.
  • Lightweight plastic desk chairs are often used as task chairs as they are easier to push back and pull forward when moving about more.

Casters allow the desk chair to be moved about when sitting, standing, and moving between desk and worktable. The casters come attached to a base commonly with four or five-prong wheelbases depending upon the chair body. Consider laying a plastic mat under the desk chair for ease of movement.

A swivel desk chair will give you the most flexibility when preforming tasks and moving between sitting and standing positions. A fixed base will not give you any movement, and you will have to physically move the chair back and pull it forward to your desk or work table.

Before you invest in a desk chair, make sure you’re picking an option that’s durable, comfortable, and stylish. However, the most critical factor to consider when choosing a desk chair is its ergonomics. Since you’ll be sitting in this chair for hours at a time, you need to pick an option that provides ample support to your lumbar region and upper shoulder muscles.

When you’re sitting at a desk, your hips should be slightly above your knees, with your elbows at 90° to your body, your head upright, and your feet directly in contact with the floor. Opt for a chair with a height adjustment feature and a seat tilt lever to customize the chair to your comfort level.

If you get a chair that doesn’t support your back or lumbar region properly, you’re likely to end up slouched over your computer screen, putting unnecessary and continual pressure on your lumbar and thoracic spinal discs.

Get a chair made with breathable fabric so that you don’t overheat as you work. Look for models with integrated air vents or mesh backrests that allow you to stay comfortable and cool throughout the day.

If you work with multiple monitors or you need quick access to your printer and office supplies, choose a desk chair that swivels and has lockable rolling casters. Wooden swivel desk chairs are a stylish and ergonomic choice for your home office.

Despite the multiple moving parts, wooden swivel desk chairs are easy to assemble. If it has come in a flat pack box, the manufacturer should have included easy-to-read instructions with pictures of all components and attachment methods. The only challenging part is ensuring that the swivel mechanism and any hydraulic adjustment features are properly fitted.

The key to easily and securely assembling a swivel chair to start from the bottom and work your way up. Begin by attaching the casters to the base. Place the cover over the pre-assembled gas strut, and place strut inside the base. Attach the chair back to the base - you may find it simpler to perform this with the chair upside down - the back typically includes the swivel mechanism. Connect the seat and armrests to the back and base.

It is critical to never over-tighten any bolts and use washers when provided. Tightening any fasteners too much can cause the wood to split.

The best wood for a wooden swivel desk chair must be durable yet flexible to handle heavy weights without splitting or sustaining stress damage. Pressure-treated kiln-dried hardwood offers the ideal combination of strength and suppleness to withstand heavy-duty use.

Maple, red or white oak, cedar, and mahogany are all excellent choices. They not only offer the rugged durability you need but also add a refined aesthetic to your home office. Regardless of wood type, ensure that your wooden swivel desk chair is stained, painted, or finished with a sealant to protect against moisture damage which could reduce the chair’s structural integrity.

When assembling your wooden swivel chair, avoid over-tightening the screws and other hardware. If the hardware is too tight, it puts added strain on the wood and can cause it to split.

Today, with computer jobs so prevalent, more of us are sitting for longer periods than ever before. The average office worker sits at their desk an average of 1900 hours per year! With that in mind, well-fitted, comfortable, and supportive desk chairs are a must for well-being and work success.

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This wooden swivel desk chair is a simple yet classy addition to any decor, from the modern ones to the traditional, since it puts comfort first, making for a good option for when you need to spend long hours at your desk.

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Desk chair that assures ergonomy and good comfort. This wooden element features a practical swivel mechanism. Its x-shaped legs feature wheels for enhanced mobility. Soft seat cushion provides comfort and vertical backrest slats provide more support.



A chic swivel desk chair of wood in browns. It has 4 S-curved legs fixed to a short black-coated metal column with regulated height, a contoured seat, curved arms, a tall back with a wide top rail and a fountain-like inset of vertical curvy slats.

Swivel captains chair

Unique bar height swivel chair with a low base design and a stunning design. The chair is fitted with a sturdy four-legged metal base. It’s then fitted with a wooden top neatly finished in a glossed light brown stain for impeccable color balance and stylish elegance.

Old fashioned desk chair

The wooden swivel desk chair will fit both your home office and your dining room! This is a custom finish, for usually plastic furniture. The whole made in acacia wood. Including the base that gives place to the kneecaps wheels.

Wooden swivel desk chairs

Let's turn to the magnificent time of 40's and 50's with this Tweed Fabric Industrial, swivel, wooden desk chair. The sit and backrest provides perfect comfort and the design gives an elegant touch to the office decor.

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