Wooden Swivel Desk Chairs


A classic addition to a writing desk or an editors desk, these wooden swivel desk chairs are a throwback to the days of newsmen hunting for stories to print in the paper. They are still as useful and relevant today, and will go well in a home with an antique desk. In plenty of styles and stains, get one for your desk that matches the existing color. See collection for all the options.

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A chic swivel desk chair of wood in browns. It has 4 S-curved legs fixed to a short black-coated metal column with regulated height, a contoured seat, curved arms, a tall back with a wide top rail and a fountain-like inset of vertical curvy slats.

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Porter home office swivel desk chair

Porter Home Office Swivel Desk Chair

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Oak swivel desk chair antique wood chair styles antique wood

oak swivel desk chair antique wood chair styles antique wood swivel ...

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Wooden swivel desk chairs

This wooden swivel desk chair is a simple yet classy addition to any decor, from the modern ones to the traditional, since it puts comfort first, making for a good option for when you need to spend long hours at your desk.

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Wetherly Swivel Desk Chair

Wetherly Swivel Desk Chair

Luxurious traditional swivel chair of wood with a distressed brown finish. It has arms, a 5-prong base with casters, a column with adjustable height and a regulated rocker tension. A seat and rolled out back are covered in linen with nailhead trims.

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Vintage wooden office desk chair armchair sikes arts and crafts

Vintage Wooden Office Desk Chair Armchair Sikes Arts and Crafts

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Old wooden swivel desk chair 2

Old wooden swivel desk chair

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Wood swivel desk chair

Desk chair that assures ergonomy and good comfort. This wooden element features a practical swivel mechanism. Its x-shaped legs feature wheels for enhanced mobility. Soft seat cushion provides comfort and vertical backrest slats provide more support.

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Swivel captains chair

Unique bar height swivel chair with a low base design and a stunning design. The chair is fitted with a sturdy four-legged metal base. It’s then fitted with a wooden top neatly finished in a glossed light brown stain for impeccable color balance and stylish elegance.

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Old fashioned desk chair

The wooden swivel desk chair will fit both your home office and your dining room! This is a custom finish, for usually plastic furniture. The whole made in acacia wood. Including the base that gives place to the kneecaps wheels.

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Wooden Swivel Desk Chairs

Buying Guide

Before you invest in a desk chair, make sure you’re picking an option that’s durable, comfortable, and stylish. However, the most critical factor to consider when choosing a desk chair is its ergonomics. Since you’ll be sitting in this chair for hours at a time, you need to pick an option that provides ample support to your lumbar region and upper shoulder muscles.

When you’re sitting at a desk, your hips should be slightly above your knees, with your elbows at 90° to your body, your head upright, and your feet directly in contact with the floor. Opt for a chair with a height adjustment feature and a seat tilt lever to customize the chair to your comfort level.

If you get a chair that doesn’t support your back or lumbar region properly, you’re likely to end up slouched over your computer screen, putting unnecessary and continual pressure on your lumbar and thoracic spinal discs.

Get a chair made with breathable fabric so that you don’t overheat as you work. Look for models with integrated air vents or mesh backrests that allow you to stay comfortable and cool throughout the day.

If you work with multiple monitors or you need quick access to your printer and office supplies, choose a desk chair that swivels and has lockable rolling casters. Wooden swivel desk chairs are a stylish and ergonomic choice for your home office.

Despite the multiple moving parts, wooden swivel desk chairs are easy to assemble. If it has come in a flat pack box, the manufacturer should have included easy-to-read instructions with pictures of all components and attachment methods. The only challenging part is ensuring that the swivel mechanism and any hydraulic adjustment features are properly fitted.

The key to easily and securely assembling a swivel chair to start from the bottom and work your way up. Begin by attaching the casters to the base. Place the cover over the pre-assembled gas strut, and place strut inside the base. Attach the chair back to the base - you may find it simpler to perform this with the chair upside down - the back typically includes the swivel mechanism. Connect the seat and armrests to the back and base.

It is critical to never over-tighten any bolts and use washers when provided. Tightening any fasteners too much can cause the wood to split.

The best wood for a wooden swivel desk chair must be durable yet flexible to handle heavy weights without splitting or sustaining stress damage. Pressure-treated kiln-dried hardwood offers the ideal combination of strength and suppleness to withstand heavy-duty use.

Maple, red or white oak, cedar, and mahogany are all excellent choices. They not only offer the rugged durability you need but also add a refined aesthetic to your home office. Regardless of wood type, ensure that your wooden swivel desk chair is stained, painted, or finished with a sealant to protect against moisture damage which could reduce the chair’s structural integrity.

When assembling your wooden swivel chair, avoid over-tightening the screws and other hardware. If the hardware is too tight, it puts added strain on the wood and can cause it to split.

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Wooden swivel desk chairs

Let's turn to the magnificent time of 40's and 50's with this Tweed Fabric Industrial, swivel, wooden desk chair. The sit and backrest provides perfect comfort and the design gives an elegant touch to the office decor.

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Wooden swivel desk chairs

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