Orthopedic Office Chairs

Do you want to have a functional, nice and… orthopedic chair in your office? In case you are interested, here’s an interesting collection of such orthopedic chairs which fulfill all their functions well and are available in different designs, shapes and sizes. Now you can also choose something that you really like.

Best Products

Workspace Office Guest Chair

Workspace Office Guest Chair
Pretty comfy contemporary chair with a frame of black-coated metal. It has a side-turned double U-shaped base and padded loop arms. Its contoured seat and tall across-split back have foam filling and black artificial leather upholstery.

Bristol Office Chair

Bristol Office Chair
Convenient swivel chair on wheels. Soft seat upholstered is pleasant to the touch material. It is adjustable in height. Designed for office or a teenager's room.

Printers Writing Large Desk

Printers Writing Large Desk
This is a product that will bring an attractive, classic style into the house. It is a desk that is perfect for writers or office workers. The product is equipped with a single drawer that provides a storage space for office items.

Dhi Deco Solid Fabric Slipper Chair

Dhi Deco Solid Fabric Slipper Chair
A touch of simplicity, functionality and comfort in the house. This armless chair has got a simple construction that matches any room. Its padded seat assures comfort and softness. What is more it has got a solid backrest that provides high level of support.

Workspace Office Guest Chair

Workspace Office Guest Chair
Elegant comfy contemporary chair with a black-painted metal frame. It has a sled-inspired base and C-shaped arms with padded tops. Its contoured both tall back and seat are padded with foam and upholstered in black pleather.

Airgo swivel desk chair

Airgo swivel desk chair
This piece of furniture is a chair designed especially for the office use. Its soft seat and solid backrest are elements that provide the best comfort and ergonomy that is very important in the commercial and home office.

Orthopedic office chairs 3

Showing the future trends in office furniture design, this futuristic looking office chair is actually a very helpful tool in your fight against back pains. Recommended by specialists, it allows your back to regenerate.

Our advice Buying Guide

What features to look for in orthopedic office chairs?

When looking to buy orthopedic office chairs, there are a few features you'll need to look out for. Most people remain seated in office chairs for hours on end, and therefore, having a chair that is comfortable is of utmost importance.

Adjustability is one feature that should be high on your list of must-have features. This includes adjustability of the seat height, armrest, backrest and even headrest.

Seat size also plays a major role in the comfort of a chair, and the seat should provide you with even pressure across the seating area. Narrow seat areas should be avoided.

Also, opt for hard caster wheels if you have carpeted floors and soft caster wheels for hard floors to ensure stability.

Testing out an orthopedic chair is recommended to ensure it matches your needs.

What are the best chairs for sitting all day?

Orthopedic office chairs are the best chairs for sitting all day because they’re literally designed to achieve the most ergonomic position possible without straining your body.

For example, most orthopedic office chairs reduce pressure on your hips, eliminate neck problems, reduce back pain, and help you maintain the correct posture throughout the entire workday.

What is the best office chair for neck pain?

To reduce or avoid neck pain when sitting for long periods when working, it’s important you look for orthopedic office chairs. These office chairs are ergonomic and typically have armrests that support your forearms—having armrests that allow your arms to sit in a neutral position at 90° to create a good support system for your neck.

The best office chairs for neck pain also have the right backrest for your body. They ensure you are correctly positioned to maintain the curves of your spine and often have extra padding for lumbar support. Orthopedic office chairs should also have a 15° back angle, as this amount of tilt reduces the pressure on the spine during a prolonged sitting session.

Having an office chair that allows your feet to touch the ground also reduces the chances of neck pain. If your seat is too high, you may experience excess pressure on your shoulder and the back of your knees. If it is too low, the upward trajectory of your thighs means additional pressure being placed through the bones in your backside. Having an orthopedic office chair that is the perfect height can reduce neck pain significantly.


Orthopedic office chairs 2

This orthopedic chair is the best you could ever ask for while working those long hours. It gives you that work-at-home feeling right in your office. Its comfy backrest and headrest help to prevent aggravated stress in your back and neck.

Wave full leather orthopaedic chair side view

Wave Full Leather Orthopaedic Chair Side View

Orthopedic office chairs

Sitting in a chair can challenge your body, even if it’s completely healthy. Fingertip controls are located on the side of the chair seat. The tall seat back and headrest help support the back and the head, cushioning is strategically placed.

Office exercises orthopedic office chair yoga

Office Exercises: Orthopedic Office Chair Yoga

Chairs 56

Chairs ...

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Basic - Graphite Frame Size B (Medium)

This kind of chair is a high quality product designed for use in home offices. It has got a durable frame with an attractive graphite color. The chair has got arms, an adjustable height mechanism and a supportive backrest.

Orthopedic office chairs

A functional orthopedic chair that boasts of its ergonomic design and functional solutions. The chair rolls on caster wheels and rotates, while providing good support for your back. Also includes adjustable armrests, a gas lift for height adjustment, and a 5-star chrome-finished metal base.

Love Home Comfortable High Quality Memory Foam Round Shape Seat Cushion/seat Pad/chair Pad/ Chair Cushion/ Office Cushion/car Cushion/stool Cushion with Velvet Cover (Black)--16.5''*16.5''*2''

It is a comfortable memory foam round seat cushion, for enhanced your comfort sitting comfort. It has got a black color and it fits to any style and décor. You will be impressed how great this cushion is.

Orthopedic office chairs 4

This simple and elegant office chair was built to give you comfort and prevent body aches and pain while working in the office. This chair provides just the right amount of support needed to sustain those long hours of sitting.

Orthopedic office chair balance ball 2

Orthopedic Office Chair Balance Ball

M344 Office Chair in Orange

This office chair has got an orange finish, modern design, solid construction and adjustable height. It is an attractive and comfortable addition to your office space. You need to have it.

Orthopedic office chair

Carefully profiled orthopedic seat covered with faux leather and reinforced with solid stitching. Provides support for the spine. Suitable for office chair, home or car. Simple form and functional design.

Chair support for sciatica

Cushina BEST MEMORY FOAM CUSHION FOR ANY SEAT - Premium Orthopedic Coccyx Cushion - Helps Relieve Lower Back, Tailbone Pain And Sciatica - Medically Proven Lumbar Support - Portable Ergonomic Chair Seat Pad for Indoor, Outdoor, Home and Office, Computer,

Orthopedic chair pad

Orthopedic office chair with height adjustment function. It is upholstered with soft fabric. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine.

Designer chairs 25

An interesting futuristic chair featuring a shell resembling a number 6 of grey moulded plastic. It has a round seat and a curved halfback running to a flat wide arm serving as a laptop desk. A metal base is built of a low column and a 3-arm foot.

Orthopedic office chairs

New Deluxe Memory Foam Back Ache Pain Office Chair Orthopedic Seat Solution Cushion

Office chair cushion for sciatica

Thanks to this well-designed seat cushion, you are getting a comfy place to sit that ensures orthopedic and ergonomic benefits. The cushion is made of 100% memory-foam, soothing your aching back and reducing pressure on your spine and tailbone.

Orthopedic office chairs

I need this orthopedic memory foam seat cushion for my office space! This chair pad provides the ergonomic posture and adds comfort and relaxation for my body.

Office seating meeting room chairs executive chairs orthopaedic chairs

... office seating meeting room chairs executive chairs orthopaedic chairs

Chairs executive office furniture orthopedic chairs lagos nigeria

Chairs Executive Office Furniture Orthopedic Chairs Lagos Nigeria.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Designer Task Chair with Chrome Base, Blue

It is a task chair that has got a chrome base, flexible, plastic back and padded foam black seat. It is available in four color options: blue, gray, orange and white. You need to have it in your office.

Office chair orthopedic

For many people with back pain or neck pain, the prospect of a long trip can be daunting. The seats in cars, airplanes, buses, and trains aren’t always the most comfortable and sitting still for an extended time can in and of itself aggravate painful ar

Love Home Comfortable High Quality Memory Foam Round Shape Seat Cushion/seat Pad/chair Pad/ Chair Cushion/ Office Cushion/car Cushion/stool Cushion with Velvet Cover/3d Mesh Cover--16.5''*16.5''*2''-- Each Purchase Get One Free Gift "Love Home" 100% Cotto

This comfortable seat cushion is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, padded with high quality memory foam, and upholstered in a pink velveteen cover. The cover is durable, zippered, removable, and machine-washable.

Orthopedic office chair cushions

Comfortable back support cushion is the perfect solution for those who work at the desk. The orthopedic form of this office cushion is very comfortable, elegantly covered with leather and filled with memory foam.

Office leather chairs on sale office chair leather

office leather chairs on sale Office Chair Leather

Designer chairs 4

Original chairs in contemporary form. Perfect for watching TV, reading books and more. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Orthopedic office chair balance ball ill cover 52cm ball chair

... Orthopedic Office Chair Balance Ball ill cover. 52cm ball chair

Designer chairs 2

Classy and retro-looking at the same time this designer piece will ensure the highest level of charm and elegance, while the bright red finish makes it stand out easier and make for the finest decor option.

Safco SAF3457BL Flaunt Series Guest Chair Black Leather/Chrome, Black

This chair is a product that features a solid and original construction. It is based on solid metal frame with a chrome finish. The seat and backrest of this product are made of comfortable and wear resistant leather in a black color.

Orthopedic desk chair

Comfortable and ergonomic office chair with an orthopedic shape. Its purple seat is supported by a solid backrest. Durable black frame features wheels. The chair is also equipped with swivel mechanism and height adjustment.

Cush Comfort Non-Slip Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Spinal Alignment Chair Pad for Relief from Sitting Back Pain

This perfectly functional and comfortable seat cushion is the perfect solution for the backbone. Made of non-slip memory foam, it is comfortable and adjusts to the body so as to provide the best seating conditions.

KingSo®Orthopedic Deluxe Memory Foam Solution Backache Pain Office Chair Seat Cushion<br />

Orthopedic cushion for office chair

A practical modern contoured cushion suitable for most office chairs. It has orthopaedic features especially positive for relieving spinal compression. It's filled with memory foam and covered in soft beige fabric.

Orthopedic office chairs 1

Made of excellent quality orthopedic office chair cushion, the work does not carry a severe strain on the spine. A straightforward and modern form of premium quality is comfortable and very functional.

TUSH CUSH Seat Cushion - Small Home Office Car Compu Computer Ergonomic Orthopedic Chair Cushion - Black Velour Fabric

Ergonomically designed, and with orthopedic benefits, this comfy seat cushion is upholstered in a black velour fabric. The cushion relieves and prevents back pain, and features a cutout section that reduces pressure on lower lumbar discs.

Coccyx seat cushion by vive ergonomic orthopedic memory foam for

Coccyx Seat Cushion by VIVE - Ergonomic Orthopedic Memory Foam for Comfort - Best Indoors and Outdoors for Dining Chair, Car / Automobile, Bleacher, Kitchen, Office, Wheelchairs - LIFETIME GUARANTEE (Gray) - VIVE COCCYX SEAT CUSHION # 1 SEAT CUSHION FOR

Office reception chairs

A stunning seating area that features beautiful, black tiles and a light floor. The chairs and a coffee table perfectly match a dark background. The paintings on the walls with beautiful flowers add some warmth to the space.

Flash Furniture WA-3074-BK-GG Mid-Back Black Mesh Task and Computer Chair

It is the perfect chair to the computer. It has the possibility of adjusting the backrest and seat height. This can be an ideal match. It is made of high quality. It has a black color. PErfect for kids and for the office.

Tub armchairs 2

This stylish tub chair is suitable for use in the living room. It has got a neutral colour, so it can be used in different types of interior stylizations. The foam upholstery improves the comfort and relaxation.

Ortho chairs

OJIA Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion/ Seat Pad/ Chair Pad/ Chair Cushion/ Office Cushion/ Car Cushion/ School Cushion-Relieve Spinal Compression Nerve Pain, Sciatica and Pressure Off Back and Legs (Camel)

Designer Modern Humanscale Liberty Chair

It is a modern liberty chair that has got a black finish and is perfect for your office space. It is comfortable and perfect for your everyday work in office. You will be impressed how cool this chair is.

Flash Furniture High Back Designer White Leather Executive Office Chair with Chrome Base [GO-1297H-HIGH-WHITE-GG]

Office chair in modern form. Metal base with height adjustment function is mounted on wheels for easy movement. It is upholstered with high quality leather and finished with interesting pattern.

Orthopedic chairs

Orthopedic Chairs