Custom Gaming Chairs


With seats that have accessory plugs, seats that recline, and even seats that look like scorpions with tails that crane overhead to hold your gaming screen, these custom gaming chairs are an awesome addition to any games furniture set. Tons of features, plenty of plugs, and a swivel ability, make these custom gaming chairs a win, even when your losing your game.

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Our Picks

Ergonomic PC & Racing Game Chair

Ergonomic PC & Racing Game Chair

An ergonomic design is essential when you’re gaming for hours at a time. This gaming chair is available in five different colors and is height adjustable. It also has 90-180° back reclining capability, 360° swivel and multi-directional wheels. Upholstered in durable PU leather this is a high-quality chair that is easy to wipe clean.

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Massage Racing Game Chair with Footrest

Massage Racing Game Chair with Footrest

This massage racing chair has it all, including a reclining back that folds down flat to 180° and a USB massage lumbar pillow take good care of your lower back. Faux leather upholstery and a high-density sponge interior make this seat firm and supportive. The chair is durable with a strong metal frame and has multi-directional wheels for your convenience.

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Battlemech cockpit simulator

BattleMech Cockpit simulator

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Pro Series Gaming Chair

Pro Series Gaming Chair

The exclusive swivel gaming chair with carefully upholstered vinyl. The frame is made of wood. It includes a headphone jack and a control panel. Comfortable headrest and adjustable armrests. Ideal gadget for every player.

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Rocker Game Chair

Rocker Game Chair

This is the perfect floor seating solution for avid gamers. Enjoy the comfortable rocking motion along with mesh and faux leather upholstery, available in four different color combinations. Cushioned with recycled fiber batting and framed with eco-friendly wood, this is an environmentally friendly purchase you can feel good about.

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Stokke office chair

This amazing chair is an impressive combo of comfortable usage and functionality. Upholstered in a black leather, the power recliner works like a charm - thanks to its powder-coated metal frame. Also includes a built-in adjustable desk, a supportive back and a deep seat.

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Custom gaming chairs

A technologically sophisticated futuristic gaming chair with a circular frame finished in white. It's equipped a.o. with 3 feet, hydraulic regulators, a comfy armchair covered in black, wide padded arms, adjustable console and screen holders.

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Chair for a computer more command center barbers chairs mancave

chair for a computer more command center barbers chairs mancave ...

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Custom gaming chairs 3

Customized gaming chair featuring a sturdy metal base, sitting on top of caster wheels for easy movement. The chair also comes with customized accessories for your gaming equipment including cable management. You also get comfortable cushioning and light black leatherette upholstery.

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Gaming Chair in Red

Gaming Chair in Red

This Gaming Chair in Black offers comfort and sophistication for any modern interior. The chair is upholstered for good durability, and generously padded for extra comfort, ensuring a good choice for dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and apartments.

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Custom Gaming Chairs

Buying Guide

Lovers of gaming won't be able to think of anything much better than a custom gaming chair. Adding this to your games room or living room will not only provide endless comfort while gaming, but you'll also be able to enjoy yourself knowing that your body is supported correctly by the right furniture. Let's look at some of the various designs which are available so that you can find the best style for you.

Massage gaming chair

With several features all wrapped up into one amazingly comfortable chair, a massage gaming chair is ideal for those who may suffer with back and joint problems. As well as sitting in the chair and using it like a regular piece of furniture, you can also use the mechanisms at the side of the chair to activate the massage feature. The chair is able to recline to angles of around 60 degrees, and you can adjust the intensity of the massage to suit your requirements.

Tech chair

A must-have for any sci-fi fans and those who love technology, this style of chair will definitely get people talking when they walk into your home. A strong metal frame supports the furniture, which includes either a fabric or leather chair. Within this design, you may find other features such as a metal frame which comes above the chair and towards the front, enabling you to affix a television or computer and enjoy an even better games experience.

Lounger chair

Made without legs, this chair is flexible and versatile and is well-suited to bedrooms. Normally seen with padded leather upholstery, the chair allows the user to lean back and enjoy playing their favorite games. Some varieties of this design have a back piece which is adjustable. This can be done by applying pressure to push the back into a downwards position or bring it back up into a more upright position. A substantial amount of padding ensures that this chair gives the user lots of comfort, even when considering the fact there are no legs for support.

Baseball glove

For the sports fans who also love to relax in the evenings in front of a screen with a good game, a baseball glove design is a unique option. Large enough to support your entire body and with the 'finger' part of the glove being used as the back and side surroundings of the chair, this will fit perfectly in a room which already has some sports décor. With generous padding and a chunky seat, you can either buy a separate footstool to make this chair more relaxing or invest in the reclining type which has a mechanism for leaning the chair backwards.

Connected chair

You can enhance your gaming experience buy purchasing a custom gaming chair which has a headphone jack and other ports. Made from fabric, leather, polyester and other durable materials, this design of gaming chair has ports along the side which allow you to charge your devices or connect your earphones.

If you're reading this, odds are that you too have swept off your feet by the growing popularity of gaming chairs. Whether you are a gamer or someone with back problems, a stellar gaming chair can provide the lower lumbar support your back needs and make your life more comfortable.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right gaming chair? Fortunately, this comprehensive guide has been created to help you do just that! Read on to learn what factors make a great chair and how to choose one that your back will thank you for.

These specialized chairs are designed for the unique needs and comfort of gamers. Believe it or not, but the gaming chair designers spend weeks to observe how gamers sit and how they move in a chair. After a thorough analysis of what the gamers need out of a chair, the designers go on to create something that meets all those needs.

And despite what some believe, gaming chairs are not only for gamers. Anyone who falls in the below category will benefit greatly from a gaming chair:

  • Works from home and spends a lot of time sitting down
  • Works in an office and wants to improve their productivity
  • Have mobility or back issues and needs additional support when in a seated position 
  • Suffers from chronic or acute back pain 
  • Wants to be as comfortable as possible when seated 
  • Spends a lot of time playing games (quite obviously!)

There are 4 types of gaming chairs in the market:

Racing Simulator Seats 

The racing simulator chairs are the most advanced gaming chairs specially designed for racing games. They are often attached to a "cockpit" or frame on which you can mount your accessories, such as pedals, gear sticks, wheel, etc.

Professional racing drivers or serious gamers who play racing games go for the top-of-the-line racing simulator seats which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

It doesn't mean that casual gamers shouldn't buy these chairs or you must spend a small fortune to buy them. But if you have a tight budget and you're looking for a chair that you can use for other purposes (like in your home office or garage), a racing simulator seat is not recommended.

Console Gaming Chairs 

As the name suggests, these chairs are designed for console gamers. Compared to other kinds of gaming chairs, these are much more versatile and are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

You may have seen the "Rocker" chairs which are the most popular types of console gaming chairs. Rocker chairs come with L-shaped seats that you can place directly on the floor. The backrest of these chairs can generally rock back-and-forth with your movements, which is why they are called rocker chairs. 

Keep in mind that these chairs are not meant to be used at a desk and they are way less ergonomic than PC gaming chairs. You should only buy a console gaming chair if your sole goal is to enjoy your consoles comfortably.  

Console chairs usually include extra features like USB ports and surround sound speakers that can be easily integrated with a console.

PC Gaming Chairs 

When most people think of gaming chairs, they actually think of PC gaming chairs. These chairs are specifically designed to sit behind desks

So, if you want a chair that doubles up as an office/work chair, or if you play most of your games on a PC, this is a great option for you.  

A PC gaming chair is made of a 5-star, mobile wheeled base with a pedestal seat that is mounted on top. These chairs come with swiveling function so you can move around your desk freely. They also have a high back to support your neck and high armrests to support your wrists as you use your keyboard and mouse.

If you're looking for a chair that will prevent you from straining your neck and back while looking at your screen, a PC gaming chair is what you want. Also, these chairs are modelled off car seats (for their reclining capabilities), which is why they are also referred to as "Racing gaming chairs".

Bean Bag Chairs

You may not think of a bean bag chair as a "gaming chair" but many gamers prefer them because of how comfortable and soft they are.

These are large sacks generally filled with even foam and upholstered in microfiber or suede. Bean bag chairs are not particularly supportive or ergonomic but if you're looking for a chair that can accommodate a wide range of body positions and postures, they are an excellent option. 

Another reason to choose them is they tend to be cheaper than all other types of gaming chairs mentioned above.

Quite the opposite; gaming chairs are incredible for your back! If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, a gaming chair with help you stay comfortable and maintain the correct posture.  

And proper posture results in increased productivity, enhanced energy levels, and better mood. Gaming chairs will keep your back straight and in the right posture all day long. 

If you have ever spend a day in a standard office chair, you know how straining it can be on your neck and back muscles. It also leads to a curved spine which can cause chronic strain and many other health problems. 

Even if you are not a gamer, but someone who stays in a sitting position for extended periods, you need the effective back support offered by a gaming chair. They not only support good posture but also prevent slouching by holding your body up against gravity -- so your back muscles don't have to!

If you or someone in your family is suffering neck and back pain, a high-backrest gaming chair will work wonders for your health.

Now that you know what types of gaming chairs are available in the market, let's see what exactly you should consider when buying a chair:


Keep in mind that when you are seated in your gaming chair, your arms need both lots of opportunities for support and freedom to move. 

If you'll spend a lot of time on the gaming chair, we recommend choosing a chair with 4-Directional (4D) armrests that are specifically designed to provide support to your wrists, forearms, and elbows as well. 4D armrests also improve your seating ergonomics and relieve the pressure on your shoulders.


Go for a chair that comes with cold foam padding. If the chair has cheap padding or your knees can feel the steel frame under the padding, you won't be comfortable for long in that chair.

Cold foam padding provides consistent support to your body and it is far more durable too. It offers the firmest yet softest feeling, even if you stay seated all day long.


There are two factors to look for when testing the backrest of a gaming chair: support and adjustability.

When you're out shopping, position the adjustable pillows along the 2 curves in your spine: above your shoulders and at the lower back. Play around with the recline until you find the sweet spot where your entire body feels optimally supported.

To test the adjustability feature, shift the reclining position in a couple of different ways. For example, angle further back for relaxing or reading, and position upright for work. 

Ask yourself how you feel after adjusting the chair. Do you feel like you can stay in that position for the entire day?  

Interestingly, most of the expensive gaming chairs offer a recline to around 135-degrees, however, the cheap chairs offer 180-degrees deep recline. Why's that? It's because the ideal or recommended angle for using a PC is between 100 degrees - 110 degrees. If you want a chair that supports your back, choose a chair with this range of recline.

Pick a size that fits your body type. Choosing the right sized gaming chair will ensure maximum ergonomic and posture support. Backrest height determines where the neck pillow will fit you.

A right sized chair will also ensure that you can set your feet firmly on the ground. This will help offset your body weight by distributing it evenly throughout the surface of the seat. When trying out the chair, set the height so that your feet can plant firmly on the ground.

Don't think that a bigger chair will mean more comfort; if the chair is too big, you won't get proper support from the cushions.

Both expensive and cheap gaming chairs offer good back support and posture. If you are planning to sit in your gaming chair full time, you may want to invest more. It's because the expensive chairs come with superior features and upholstery. 

The additional features can include extra adjustment options so your body fits like a glove in the chair.

But if you'll only use the chair for a 4-6 hours or less in a day, a cheap gaming chair will do the job nicely enough.

Feel like there's a lot to go through and don't have enough time? Here is a quick low-down of what we discussed above

  • Gaming chairs are great for anyone who stays seated for extended periods -- you don't have to be a gamer to buy one.
  • If you suffer from chronic or acute neck, back, or spine aches and you're looking for a chair, a gaming chair will serve you far better than a standard chair. 
  • Pick a genuine leather chair if you're going for a high-quality option that will easily last for generations. 
  • Pick a mesh gaming chair if you sweat a lot and want a cool-looking chair.
  • Choose a chair with 4D armrests so you can get optimal support for your wrists, elbows, forearms, and shoulders.  
  • Just because it's expensive, that doesn't mean it's better - but the former sure comes with additional features.

Best Ideas

PC & Racing Game Chair

PC & Racing Game Chair

When you’re gaming, you need the perfect balance of support and ergonomics. This easy to assemble chair provides multiple adjustable features that enable you to find the right position for maximum comfort. Optimizing your position is vital to boost your performance, which is why this chair reclines between 90 and 130 degrees.

It also possesses tilt tension adjustments and endless locking positions. The footrest folds up under the chair when not in use, making the chair perfect for smaller spaces.

Swivel Folding 5-Position Adjustable Floor Game Chair

Swivel Folding 5-Position Adjustable Floor Game Chair

The foam padding in this exceptional gaming chair provides the lumbar support you need while also remaining soft and comfortable. The cotton knitting fabric also feels great and will not be irritating and potentially distract from your gaming. Easily foldable and simple to store, this chair provides the best in comfort as well as convenience. The chair comes in two color options: red or blue.

Respawn Recliner Racing Game Chair

Respawn Recliner Racing Game Chair

Crafted in a racing-style this chair provides an ultra-supportive and comfortable console gaming experience. The chair features segmented padding and a headrest pillow that keeps your spine properly aligned. A built-in cup holder in the left armrest also allows for easy and convenient hydration so you can go for marathon sessions. The low profile design makes it the perfect choice for any recreation room or man cave. Pair with a low metallic side table to keep your favorite snacks within easy reach.

Floor Game Chair

Floor Game Chair

Available in a bold red or blue color, this floor chair provides maximum comfort so that you can remain focused during your gaming sessions. The chair can extend into a completely flat position for use as a spare bed, and fold for easy storage. Thick sponge cushions provide extra relaxation making it perfect for keeping in the den and providing a plush space to read when you need a break from gaming.

Techni Sport Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

Techni Sport Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

Get in your gaming time without sacrificing the health of your back. This chair takes ergonomics to the next level and protects your spine with memory foam material that molds to the contours of your body. A headrest cushion and a lumbar support cushion support you for hours of gaming, and the 4D armrests help to relieve the pressure from your arms and wrists. An excellent choice for your desktop, this chair also features mobile casters and smooth swiveling action for easy mobility between multiple monitors.

Youth Rocker Game Chair

Youth Rocker Game Chair

Game in style with this art deco-inspired chair. This chair features stunning chocolate fabric that is comfortable as well as stylish and flared armrests, which provide ample space to relax your arms, so fatigue doesn’t set in while you’re gaming. The clean lines and armchair design make it stylish enough for the living room as well as the rec room. Pair with a knit throw rug to keep you cozy on cool evenings and textures throw cushions to elevate the style of the piece.

Racer Video Gaming Chair

Racer Video Gaming Chair

Sleek and modern, this jet-black gaming chair will blend seamlessly into your contemporary rec room or home office. The backrest is 17.5” wide, and the seat comes in at 21.75” offering ample space while still contouring to the shape of your body for a snug, comfortable fit. The overall product weight is 45 lbs. and comes with five multidirectional rolling casters so you can smoothly roll the chair from one room to the next.

Rocker Game Chair

Rocker Game Chair

Clean lines with a minimal aesthetic, this chair works well both as a gaming chair and an armchair in your urban style living room. Available in three bold striped styles, there are plenty of options to match your style. The chair is low to the ground and swivels 360-degrees making it great for gaming, watching movies, or reading. The chair has seven different adjustment positions so you can find the level of comfort to suit your needs.

Double Rocker Game Chair

Double Rocker Game Chair

This extra-wide chair is perfect for two-player gaming as it can comfortably fit both you and a friend making it an excellent choice for teenage bedrooms and entertainment areas. At 25” tall, the chair provides full back support and features a gentle rocking system that allows you to lean back in the chair without tipping over. The base of the chair is constructed from a sturdy wood frame that keeps the chair secure and stable at all times. Great for a den or living area with limited space as it can easily fold in half for compact and easy storage.

Floor Game Chair

Floor Game Chair

This super comfortable, plush floor gaming chair is designed for long hours in front of the screen. It features an ergonomic design and is filled with high-density sponge to relieve hip pressure, ease fatigue and support the neck and shoulders. Capable of transitioning between five adjustable back rest positions, this is a versatile chair that you can adjust to your needs.

BoomChair® Gaming Chair

BoomChair® Gaming Chair

A perfect piece for every video game enthusiast. This Gaming Chair in Black & Grey offers adjustable volume/bass/treble, adjustable headrest, interactive vibration motors, built-in USB charging port, powerful subwoofer, and 2 stereo speakers.

A44 Gaming Chair

A44 Gaming Chair

This Gaming Chair in Black & Blue is going to grant you a true gaming experience. Includes built in standard size input for headphones, 2 speakers, adjustable vibration, adjustable headrest, and connection compatibility with MP3, TV/DVD/VCR, and video game system.

NCAA 100 Gaming Chair

NCAA 100 Gaming Chair

With this Gaming Chair in Black your gaming experience is going to be one of a kind. The chair offers XZipit® Patented Interchangeable Logo System, 9V 600mA adapter, side control panel, built-in dual speakers, and 250 lbs of weight capacity.

Mini Gaming Chair

Mini Gaming Chair

A perfect piece for every video game enthusiast. This Gaming Chair in Black & Red offers side control panel, 2 speakers, foldable design, and connection compatibility with MP3, TV/DVD/VCR, and video game system.