Custom Gaming Chairs

With seats that have accessory plugs, seats that recline, and even seats that look like scorpions with tails that crane overhead to hold your gaming screen, these custom gaming chairs are an awesome addition to any games furniture set. Tons of features, plenty of plugs, and a swivel ability, make these custom gaming chairs a win, even when your losing your game.

Best Products

Rocker Game Chair

Rocker Game Chair
This is the perfect floor seating solution for avid gamers. Enjoy the comfortable rocking motion along with mesh and faux leather upholstery, available in four different color combinations. Cushioned with recycled fiber batting and framed with eco-friendly wood, this is an environmentally friendly purchase you can feel good about.

Ergonomic PC & Racing Game Chair

Ergonomic PC & Racing Game Chair
An ergonomic design is essential when you’re gaming for hours at a time. This gaming chair is available in five different colors and is height adjustable. It also has 90-180° back reclining capability, 360° swivel and multi-directional wheels. Upholstered in durable PU leather this is a high-quality chair that is easy to wipe clean.

Floor Game Chair

Floor Game Chair
This super comfortable, plush floor gaming chair is designed for long hours in front of the screen. It features an ergonomic design and is filled with high-density sponge to relieve hip pressure, ease fatigue and support the neck and shoulders. Capable of transitioning between five adjustable back rest positions, this is a versatile chair that you can adjust to your needs.

Massage Racing Game Chair with Footrest

Massage Racing Game Chair with Footrest
This massage racing chair has it all, including a reclining back that folds down flat to 180° and a USB massage lumbar pillow take good care of your lower back. Faux leather upholstery and a high-density sponge interior make this seat firm and supportive. The chair is durable with a strong metal frame and has multi-directional wheels for your convenience.

Pro Series Gaming Chair

Pro Series Gaming Chair
The exclusive swivel gaming chair with carefully upholstered vinyl. The frame is made of wood. It includes a headphone jack and a control panel. Comfortable headrest and adjustable armrests. Ideal gadget for every player.

BoomChair® Gaming Chair

BoomChair® Gaming Chair
A perfect piece for every video game enthusiast. This Gaming Chair in Black & Grey offers adjustable volume/bass/treble, adjustable headrest, interactive vibration motors, built-in USB charging port, powerful subwoofer, and 2 stereo speakers.

A44 Gaming Chair

A44 Gaming Chair
This Gaming Chair in Black & Blue is going to grant you a true gaming experience. Includes built in standard size input for headphones, 2 speakers, adjustable vibration, adjustable headrest, and connection compatibility with MP3, TV/DVD/VCR, and video game system.

Our advice Buying Guide

Lovers of gaming won't be able to think of anything much better than a custom gaming chair. Adding this to your games room or living room will not only provide endless comfort while gaming, but you'll also be able to enjoy yourself knowing that your body is supported correctly by the right furniture. Let's look at some of the various designs which are available so that you can find the best style for you.

What are some of the best designs of custom gaming chairs available?

Massage gaming chair

With several features all wrapped up into one amazingly comfortable chair, a massage gaming chair is ideal for those who may suffer with back and joint problems. As well as sitting in the chair and using it like a regular piece of furniture, you can also use the mechanisms at the side of the chair to activate the massage feature. The chair is able to recline to angles of around 60 degrees, and you can adjust the intensity of the massage to suit your requirements.

Tech chair

A must-have for any sci-fi fans and those who love technology, this style of chair will definitely get people talking when they walk into your home. A strong metal frame supports the furniture, which includes either a fabric or leather chair. Within this design, you may find other features such as a metal frame which comes above the chair and towards the front, enabling you to affix a television or computer and enjoy an even better games experience.

Lounger chair

Made without legs, this chair is flexible and versatile and is well-suited to bedrooms. Normally seen with padded leather upholstery, the chair allows the user to lean back and enjoy playing their favorite games. Some varieties of this design have a back piece which is adjustable. This can be done by applying pressure to push the back into a downwards position or bring it back up into a more upright position. A substantial amount of padding ensures that this chair gives the user lots of comfort, even when considering the fact there are no legs for support.

Baseball glove

For the sports fans who also love to relax in the evenings in front of a screen with a good game, a baseball glove design is a unique option. Large enough to support your entire body and with the 'finger' part of the glove being used as the back and side surroundings of the chair, this will fit perfectly in a room which already has some sports décor. With generous padding and a chunky seat, you can either buy a separate footstool to make this chair more relaxing or invest in the reclining type which has a mechanism for leaning the chair backwards.

Connected chair

You can enhance your gaming experience buy purchasing a custom gaming chair which has a headphone jack and other ports. Made from fabric, leather, polyester and other durable materials, this design of gaming chair has ports along the side which allow you to charge your devices or connect your earphones.


Gaming Chair in Red

Gaming Chair in Red
This Gaming Chair in Black offers comfort and sophistication for any modern interior. The chair is upholstered for good durability, and generously padded for extra comfort, ensuring a good choice for dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and apartments.

NCAA 100 Gaming Chair

NCAA 100 Gaming Chair
With this Gaming Chair in Black your gaming experience is going to be one of a kind. The chair offers XZipit® Patented Interchangeable Logo System, 9V 600mA adapter, side control panel, built-in dual speakers, and 250 lbs of weight capacity.

Mini Gaming Chair

Mini Gaming Chair
A perfect piece for every video game enthusiast. This Gaming Chair in Black & Red offers side control panel, 2 speakers, foldable design, and connection compatibility with MP3, TV/DVD/VCR, and video game system.

Custom gaming chairs

This is a game chair fit for any hero with the highest levels of comfort and the sublime design that allows you to plug it into any game system. It comes with the truly stylish design as well with the black and gray fabric finish and an amazing blue trim.

Custom gaming chairs

A technologically sophisticated futuristic gaming chair with a circular frame finished in white. It's equipped a.o. with 3 feet, hydraulic regulators, a comfy armchair covered in black, wide padded arms, adjustable console and screen holders.

Battlemech cockpit simulator

BattleMech Cockpit simulator

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Stokke office chair

This amazing chair is an impressive combo of comfortable usage and functionality. Upholstered in a black leather, the power recliner works like a charm - thanks to its powder-coated metal frame. Also includes a built-in adjustable desk, a supportive back and a deep seat.

Custom gaming chair

Custom Gaming Chair

Custom gaming chairs 2

Office chair mounted on metal base with height adjustment function. It is fitted with wheels for easy movement. Upholstery is made of leather and reinforced with solid stitching. Great addition for teenager's room, office and more.

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Custom gaming chairs 3

Customized gaming chair featuring a sturdy metal base, sitting on top of caster wheels for easy movement. The chair also comes with customized accessories for your gaming equipment including cable management. You also get comfortable cushioning and light black leatherette upholstery.

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Custom gaming chairs 4

Gaming/battle station

Custom gaming chair

Renegade Gaming Chair

Custom gaming chairs 4

This WILL be my desk one day! Minus the split keyboard and I want a gnarly tower :) but in love with the desk and the fold out screens!

Game changer legs

Game Changer - Legs

Custom gaming chairs

Oh my goodness gracious. You can slide the chair up because it was custom made for the chairs height

Custom gaming chairs 21

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird I hope they enter me we sure can use some furniture a nice chair is a start

Custom gaming chairs 12

La Maison de Campagne Dollhouse

Custom gaming chairs 15

fantastic piece my a good friend of mine, all hand painted, I'm thinking of getting a few custom pieces for my game table

Custom gaming chairs 7

Like the lighting in this space and what they did with the walls and ceiling

Custom gaming chairs 3

skateboard chairs

Custom gaming chairs 2

The V1 computer desk can be used as a computer gaming chair, flight simulator, racing simulator, video editing workstation, personal movie theater, surround sound music environment and more."

Custom gaming chairs 9


Custom gaming chairs 1

Customized Game Chair

Custom gaming chairs 1

This set of gaming chairs provide all the players want - comfort and convenience. The Pallisser Media chairs feature USB Charging, Power Recline, Stainless Steel Cupholders and free Tray Tables.

Custom gaming chairs 28

Walnut Vizier with 3'2''x6' game vault. Hardwood leaves removed, false fronts removed, player stations open. Affixed cup holders open. Bin (Rail Accessory) on internal rail system. Two High-Backed 8 Hour Chairs.

Custom gaming chairs 11

"Built in" bookshelf made with Ikea shelves and decorated with some goodwill finds. (I need this to make the kids toy/game storage more neat looking!)

Custom gaming chairs 17

Rustic Elements Furniture in IL - cool tables, benches and chairs custom-made to your specifications!

Custom gaming chairs 27

KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity Center--Love the fact this is so portable. Would be great to take to the park.

Custom gaming chairs 5

Ole Miss burlap pillow- Hotty Toddy, Ole Miss, Custom Made to Order on Etsy, $29.00

Poker tables and chairs

The rubberized floor casters. If you are an enthusiast of chairs games ex. poker this table is for you. Could be use for 6 or 8 persons depends of th size. Each place has drink holder in round prepared. There is also the incrusted place for the chips.

Custom gaming chairs 20

For the sweethesrt tabke only??? Silver+Sequin+Tablecloth+custom+sizes+by+CandyCrushEvents+on+Etsy,+$45.00

Custom gaming chairs 22

How to make your own Harry Potter Robes on

Custom gaming chairs 23

Artist/Illustrator Deborah Yanowski is based in Chicago- Spirit lifting work.

Custom gaming chairs 24

needlepoint backgammon board - custom designed of course!

Custom gaming chairs

The custom carpeting features an old Carpet: Old world design rendered in autumnal shades of antelope, olive, cranberry and black.

Custom gaming chairs 25

Cora Custom Chair - Dining Chairs & Stools - Custom - Room & Board

PlayStation 4 Camera

Custom gaming chairs 26

Regent Game Table #04601-930-038. Available Mid February. Shown with 58012-700-003 Dolphin Chairs. Available late January. **Custom design shown in Ambella fabric 6015-53 cut velvet leopard Standard option comes in plain ivory leather.

GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment (Xbox NOT Included)

Nailhead accent chair 1

Hudson Upholstered Accent Chair - Slate Velvet. Per customer review: The chair appears blue online, but is more gray in person.