Pool Cue Floor Rack

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The ultimate accessory for your pool table game room is a custom floor rack for those house cues, or even to hold your everyday tournament cues. Maybe you want something simple, something exotic, or even something specific to your favorite team. They are all available. Get your best cue rack here and keep those cues safe from damage caused when they don't have a home.

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Updated 12/10/2022
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Console Cue Rack

Console Cue Rack

Hathaway Games

This unique pool cue rack allows easy storage in a stylish way. Skillfully crafted from solid hardwood with a beautiful walnut finish. It includes a small drawer, two brass hooks, and three built-in coasters for drinks. 

$209.52 $579.99

Designer Advice:

A great piece to add to a traditional or farmhouse-style game room. The cabriole legs, wooden construction, and timeless details make it perfect for placing on the opposite wall of a real console table. Elevate its classical appeal by installing a framed vertical artwork on top for a stunning ensemble. You can also place an area rug underneath to complete the look.

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Metal Cue Rack

Metal Cue Rack

HJ Scott

This pool stick holder is an elegant and easy way to keep your cues organized. It's the perfect solution for people who have limited storage space. Made from high-quality steel and holds up to six cues. 

$63.99 $90

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Curved Cue Rack

Curved Cue Rack


This cue rack floor stand features a once-of-a-kind twisted wood design. Skillfully crafted from high-quality materials, it rests on four sturdy and robust legs. Its sleek and compact design can hold up to eight cues.

$97.65 $108.5

Designer Advice:

Perfect for compact spaces as its dimensions will fit a small corner of your game room. The chocolate and wine models are best for traditional and farmhouse interiors, while the honey-finished wood would work best in rustic and cottage spaces. The midnight black option is recommended for modern and contemporary themes. Sturdy, versatile, and comes with assembly tools and hardware.

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Wooden Cue Rack

Wooden Cue Rack

Hathaway Games

Excellent storage and a minimalist style are the highlights of this pool cue rack. It includes four built-in drink holders to add to the 10-cue holes and space for pool accessories and billiard balls. 

$84.79 $199.99

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Rustic Cue Rack

Rustic Cue Rack

RAM Game Room

This floor pool stick holder keeps them organized and protected from scratches. The rack is made from Chinese rubberwood and is a great space-saver. Available in wood finishes of your preference and holds up to 10 cues. 

$240 $146.99

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Quarter Cue Rack

Quarter Cue Rack

Accuplay Billiards

Keep your pool accessories organized and close by with this pool cue holder. It holds four score counters, rubber rings for cue holes, and four built-in beverage holders with space for a complete set of balls. 

Designer Advice:

With its unique quarter-round appearance, this piece is perfect for modern and midcentury modern interiors. Its form also makes it ideal to be placed in the corner of the room as it fits there appropriately. Place beside your bar area or pool table to make it more convenient to hold drinks while playing or chit-chatting with friends. Available in four wood finishes. 

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Pool Cue Floor Rack

Buying Guide

How tall a pool cue floor rack is depends on personal preference and also room height. Overall, you can expect the average measurement for a traditional pool cue floor rack to be approximately 32” tall.

To find the right height pool cue floor rack for your games room, you need to find the correct measurements. First measure from ceiling to floor in the room. Determine the exact midpoint. This midpoint is the height to which you want the central part of your floor rack to sit. This provides balance to the room and cue display.

Also, take into consideration that the average pool stick is approximately 57-59” in length. If you have a lower ceiling in your pool room, you’ll need to look at how much vertical space you have available. You don’t want to leave chalk marks on your ceiling or create a too tight fit. If space is limited, a vertical wall mounting cue rack may be a better option.

If you are concerned about your pool table accessories taking up too much space, a pool cue floor rack is a great solution. A floor rack takes up minimal space in your game room and is built to organize your pool cues, balls, chalk, and triangle with optimal efficiency.

Choose a floor rack with a slim, narrow design that holds your cues up off the floor by mounting to the wall, or opt for a black floor rack that functions like a mounted storage unit to hold all of your pool necessities. Another option is a triangular-shaped floor rack that tilts the pool cues towards each other, keeping them angled inwards. This model stores your triangle and chalk in the center, underneath the pool cues. Finally, choose a floor rack fitted for a corner to utilize an area of your room that is often otherwise forgotten.

The best material for a pool cue floor rack is wood. Better yet, consider a wooden base with metal racks for an even more durable piece. Solid wood, such as oak and mahogany, offers a sturdy construction and is of better value in the long run. Plus, wood pool cue floor racks come in numerous finishes and have an elegant appeal that can instantly jazz up any game room.

A less expensive alternative is plastic. Pool cue floor racks made from plastic have a lightweight yet sturdy design, are often compact and ideal for corners but aren’t the best choice for long-term use.

Thoughtfully selected pool cue racks and holders can help you to neatly arrange your cues, making the unit look like an arty game-room showpiece! If you are investing in a new unit, cue up and get on with this article. It will help you make the right choice.


This is a 2-piece cue holder. The base piece has insets or grooves in which the cues can be rested. The other part has clamps in which the other side of the cue can be fixed. The cues remain secured in this no-frills, simple but efficient holder.

Three major advantages are:

  • Space-saving - since the cue holders don't use even an inch of floor space

  • Affordable - since these are basic designs, they cost less than the other types

  • The expensive cues are stored on the wall; hence they will not obstruct anybody's movement and get damaged accidentally

Wall-mounted cue holders are ideal for compact game rooms where floor space is scarce. Made of wood, they will match well with a wooden floor or other wooden accents in the room.

Corner Pool Cue Floor Racks

They have two perpendicular sides that fit into the corner angle. The top shelf will have slots and the base will have grooves. The pool cues will fit snugly into the grooves and slots. Their front profiles can have any tapered shape such as a semi-circle, flat, or half-diamond.

These corner racks are floor models and their main advantage is the effective use of the room corners. They are ideal for game-rooms with an odd angle or an odd layout that they can utilize effectively. You will choose these racks if your game-room is compact and you intrinsically like corner arrangements.

8-cue racks

They are 2-piece cue racks with a base that rests on the floor, while the top panel is wall-mounted. The cues are held on each side of a center panel. These designs often have space to arrange the balls and accessories on the center panel.

8-cue pool racks and holders are for social game-room environments and are a pretty sight, with the multi-colored cues making them look like a décor piece. Do you enjoy taking turns playing pool? Or, are you a pool cue collector with many pieces to display? Go for this 8-cue holder which will help you display your collection.

Spacious game-rooms with preferably just a billiards table at the center and sitting arrangement along the walls will suit these cue holders perfectly.

Solid Square

This one is an all-square pool cue holder, a variant of the 8-cue model. It has a solid square base with short legs, an inset square pole and a square top fitted to it. The base has four grooves on the corners, and one groove each at the center of all the four sides, to hold eight cues. The top unit has matching slots where the cues rest.

This unit also comes in a rectangular shape, with three grooves on the longer sides and one groove each at the center of the shorter side, thus making it an 8-cue holder.

These cue holders have a solid macho appeal. Go for this unit if you are after a sturdy looking and dependable rack. A vinyl plank floor with wooden texture and other wooden furniture will only make this cue holder more prominent in your game-room.

Multi-purpose storage racks

Apart from a tidy arrangement of cues, these racks also store other accessories - from hand-gloves to billiards balls.

These pool cue racks are like low tables resting on four legs and have the top and base planks or shelves. They have appropriate grooves and slots in which the cues go, and drawers and hooks to store other things.

These storage racks help you place all your billiards requirements in one central unit. Do you like your game-room accessories in neat order? Then this one is for you.


  • Very durable and strong
  • Various finishing options - French polish, lacquer, shellac, oil paint, and more which will go with any game-room interior
  • Blends with other wood or wood-finish décor
  • Is great for elegant pool cues, giving them  the look of a showpiece


  • Made from ABS or Polyurethane (U), hence durable and climatically stable
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Excellent finishes including wood and metal textures
  • Affordable - less expensive than wood

Best Ideas

Pool cue floor rack 1

If you have a billiard table, you will love this exotic holder for cues. It's a simple construction with a dark wooden base and holders that resemble the tail of a snake. This extraordinary piece will give the room an African touch.

Wall mount pool stick holder

Make pool table or snooker games more enjoyable thanks to this stunning novelty cue stick holder. Featuring a sturdy wooden base and a brilliant whimsical statue of a man, the holder offers six racks for all your cue sticks, all of which are made from metal for extra longevity.

Cue racks and stands

Free-standing pool cue stick rack designed from wood and finished in a beautiful light brown stain. The stand also comes in a strong rounded base and additional metallic detailing along the edges for impeccable accents. It can also hold up to eight cue sticks at any given time.

Pool cue floor rack 3

Wooden stillage intended to storage pool's equipment, for example: billiard cues, rack and billiard balls. It is very useful element of billard club, but you can used in pub or your garrage as stillage or just a decoration.

Pool cue floor racks

If you are one of those who spend hours playing billard or pool- you have your own table, missing only - accessory pool cue floor rack. It is made of mahogany wood, finished with luxury lacquer and black leather. Contains a space for pool balls and cue.

Pool cue floor rack 2

An attractive traditional standing corner rack for pool cues, balls and other accessories. It's crafted of brown-finished wooden materials. It has side walls with curved fronts, a low base with cutouts, a showy arched top rail.

Pool stick holder

This cue rack made from solid, reclaimed oak wood will add a great rustic element for your barn wood game room. Features clear-coat dull catalyzed lacquer finish to provide durability for years.

Pool cue rack height

Just what your recreational room needs! A handy holder for pool cue sticks. Perfect for billiard parties. Elegant and slick design fits in perfectly with both modern, contemporary furniture as well as more traditional one.

Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack

Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack

Sometimes it isn’t about elegance or making a statement, it is just about keeping your billiards equipment in good shape. This six-stick wall rack is designed to do just that. An excellent way to store a beginner set, or to take care of those extra sticks that won’t fit in your main rack, or even to set aside equipment for children in the family to use, this modest rack will do the job.

$84.79 $199.99

Corner Pool Cue Floor Rack

Corner Pool Cue Floor Rack

It is a corner pool cue floor rack that is available in three color options to choose: antique walnut, black and mahogany. It has got a beverage holders, brass hook and solid construction.

Players Cue Stand

Players Cue Stand

This minimalist pool cue rack will do a good job of keeping your favorite cues in good order. The wire holders are grouped around a central pole that is mounted on a weighted stand. It will hold six pool cue sticks. But please note: It is intended for indoor use only. You will need to find another location for added accessories, such as chalk. With that said, this weighted stand will keep your favorite sticks in good order.

Classic cue stand with drawer 1

Classic Cue Stand with Drawer

Viper 10 Billiard Cue Floor Rack

Viper 10 Billiard Cue Floor Rack

This deluxe floor rack will keep your billiards equipment at hand and in good order. No need to find a way to hang it on the wall. This freestanding unit will keep the cues, rack, and balls tidily all in one location. Made in China from oak wood, this fine cue rack will keep your playing equipment in good order for many years of enjoyment. Made from solid wood with a classic oak finish to keep your cues in order.

6-cue Wall Cue Rack

6-cue Wall Cue Rack

Sometimes it isn’t about elegance or making a statement, it is just about keeping your billiards equipment in good shape. This six-stick wall rack is designed to do just that. An excellent way to store a beginner set, or to take care of those extra sticks that won’t fit in your main rack, or even to set aside equipment for children in the family to use, this modest rack will do the job.

Traditional 8-cue Viper Wall Rack

Traditional 8-cue Viper Wall Rack

Keep your pool cues in order with this traditional wall rack. While it isn’t particularly fancy, it will do the job of keeping your valuable cues standing straight, eliminating the risk that they might become warped from being leaned against a wall. The rack can be mounted on any wall near your pool table, keeping them safely stored in a way that they can stand straight while being readily at hand for your next game.

$28.5 $39.99

Deluxe Wall Pool Cue Rack

Deluxe Wall Pool Cue Rack

Floor cue rack 1

Cedar log cue rack | Log Cabin Decor Dad should make this for your house :)

Dog Pool Cue and Ball Holder

Floor pool cue rack 1

Iszy Billiards 8 Cue Stick Pool Table Ball Floor Rack with Scorer Black Finish by Iszy Billiards. $47.67. 8 Pool cue and ball floor rack - Holds 8 cues and full set of balls - With 4 score counters - Cues and balls not included - Some assembly required -

Pool cue rack custom design pool cues pool cue floor

Pool Cue Rack, Custom-Design Pool Cues Pool Cue Floor Rack ...

Cedar floor log pool cue rack from fireside lodge 16760

Cedar Floor Log Pool Cue Rack from Fireside Lodge (16760 ...

Sterling floor cue rack legacy billiards

Sterling Floor Cue Rack – Legacy Billiards

Sterling floor cue rack legacy billiards 1

Sterling Floor Cue Rack – Legacy Billiards

Top 10 best pool cue rack in 2020 top best

Top 10 Best Pool Cue Rack in 2020 - Top Best Pro Review