Floor Chairs


Have you ever sat on the floor? Second question: did you find it particularly comfortable? We sincerely doubt it. But it can be if you have one of these soft floor chairs at your disposal. They're just like regular chairs except they have no legs. They even have backs for you too lean against for additional comfort. And we have plenty of colors and styles for you to choose from.

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Our Picks

Floor chairs

Legless floor chair for meditation room or game room. Neat contemporary style with comfy deep tufting provides the maximum of user-friendly functionality. This design is extremely popular all over the world.

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Diy floor chair

Simple and just incredibly comfortable - this floor chair is a nice choice for all those, who value comfort above all and would like their household to look both creative and charming, since it sports a breathtaking design.

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First i love the fact that it is floor seating

First I love the fact that it is floor seating and yet still feels ...

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Brookstone chairs

This lovely pistachio bean bag chair offers unique comfort and mobility. It's lightweight, therefore it can be moved wherever you want around your house. It will enhance every interior with its warmth and liveliness.

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Muji ash floor chair game chair for ri

Muji Ash Floor Chair. Game chair for Ri.

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Fully Adjustable Five-Position Multiangle Chair, in Taupe

Floor chair with back support which can be adjusted into one of five positions. Additionally, it features thick and comfortable padding as well as durable cover made of polyester. It can hold up to 260 lbs.

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Rocking floor seat photo

Rocking Floor Seat - Photo

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Grey bean bags

An exclusive set of furniture that creates extra warmth and coziness in a room. It consists of soft bean bags, which serve as armchairs and small coffee tables. That's a great idea for your patio or garden too.

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GLS Comfort Floor Folding Sofa Chair Home Cushion Adjustable

Floor chair with adjustable back. It is covered with nice touch fabric and finished with decorative stitching. Perfect as additional seating in all kinds of interiors as needed. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

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Dodo floor seating design by claesson koivisto rune

Dodo-Floor Seating Design by Claesson Koivisto Rune

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Floor Chairs

Buying Guide

Floor chairs are a unique kind of seating accommodation as they don't have legs. Since this kind of chair sits on the floor, it offers unique advantages that no regular chair can provide. For one, it's very comfortable as your legs are resting flat on the ground. Also, it's distinct look will sure to catch the attention of your guests.

If you are in the market for floor chairs, then there are a few things that you need to watch out. Knowing what to look for in a floor chair in relation to your needs and wants can significantly help in avoiding major headaches.

These days, there are already a number of floor chair types. Some of the popular ones are lounge chairs, adjustable back, floor TV chair, floor sofa, floor rocking chairs, and swivel floor chairs.

  • Lounge chairs are designed for maximum comfort. Some will even have a leg rest. This kind of floor chair allows your body to settle in a very relaxed position. On the downside, because of how it's designed, it's not a chair that you can comfortably use for eating or working.
  • Adjustable floor chair, as the name suggests, has an adjustable back that comes with the option of changing the backrest's angle of inclination. It's a versatile floor chair that can allow you to do multiple tasks. Keep in mind that this versatility comes with a higher price.
  • Floor TV chairs are designed to be very comfortable with a support for your head while you're watching your favorite show. Some will even come with a cup holder and a small table for your snacks and drinks.
  • You probably know what's a rocking chair. A floor rocking chair works the same way except it doesn't have the standard legs.
  • Swivel floor chairs come with a mechanism at the bottom that allows you to turn the chair comfortably.

Another thing you need to consider is the flooring of where you are going to place the chair. Just like conventional furniture, a floor chair can damage the flooring. One important thing to take note of is the material of the flooring. If it's made from a relatively weak material (e.g., wood), then you need to have a way of protecting it. You can choose a floor chair with rubberized support at the bottom. This should minimize damages such as nicks and scratches. Alternatively, you can place a protective material in between the chair and the floor (e.g., floor mat).

The decision of whether to get a floor chair with or without armrests largely depends on the primary use of the chair. If you’re using the floor chair mainly for relaxation, then one that has no armrest is the better option. Keep in mind that your goal is to feel relaxed, and the armrest will often make you feel "constricted." On the other hand, if you plan to do something while sitting on the floor chair, then one with an armrest may offer the support your arms and hands need.

Best Ideas

Floor chairs

Finished in dark brown, this relaxing folding floor chair constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who like minimalism, yet cherish comfort. An ideal leisure companion after a tiring day.

Generation Folding 9 Colors Floor Chair Sofa Home Essential/lovers Folding Sofa a Lazy Man Sofa /Normal Version (Black)

Homelegance gamer floor lounger chair cream leatherette

Homelegance Gamer Floor Lounger Chair - Cream Leatherette

Blue bean bags

When you see this blue - a cobalt beanbag with a simple but unique structure, you will immediately choose the angle in your home for which it is suitable. It has the shape of a large cushion, polyester finish combined with cotton and visible subtle buttons.

HomCom 75" Adjustable Folding Floor Sofa Chair - Cream

A great way to replace sofas and armchairs in your living room. A small, adjustable folding floor chair in a beautiful, cream colour. Very comfortable and bound to make your home unique and cosy. Truly one-of-a-kind solution!

Floor chairs 2

I am a real fan of this kind of careless design, which makes space airy and extra-cosy. The shapeless beanbag, which imitating knitted texture, will fit in your body closely and provide the best position to have a rest.

Floor chairs 3

Launching day with a beautiful pattern mix.

Memory foam folding modern living room floor chair 122 55

... Memory Foam Folding Modern Living Room Floor Chair 122*55*16 cm

Portable Floor Chair, Karma Chair, Folding Chair. Adjustable Angle Back-Rest. 14" Wide X 22" Tall X 21" Deep

This folding chair is portable, lightweight, and provides back support. Upholstered in durable fabric and padded with high-density foam, the chair also includes a height-adjustable backrest that allows for varied angled positions.

White bean bags

I really love this living room design. Very simplistic and contemporary, with a nice, monochrome touch. I especially love the huge pillows as a sofa replacement; they give off a really unique, unusual look to the place.

Giant bean bags

This would be perfect in front of my fireplae when I need to be lounging.

Floor chairs 9

That DIY Party Highlights - Decorative Accents | DIY Show Off ™ - DIY Decorating and Home Improvement Blog

High low floor pillows poufs beanbags omg i need to

High & Low: Floor Pillows, Poufs & Beanbags-OMG! I need to find a way to make one of these!!!

Simple and easy foldable japanese floor chair 103 56 15

Simple and easy Foldable Japanese Floor Chair 103*56*15 cm