Pod Chairs

On odd choice but still interesting, these pod chairs will definately be a unique addition to any home. In many colors, many styles, and even some that are designed for gamers, it is worth taking a look at this wild and crazy seating option, in this extensive collection of pod chairs. They are more comfortable than they look. We guarantee it.

Best Products

Child Pod Swing Chair Reading Nook Tent Indoor Outdoor Hanging Seat Hammock Kids

Child Pod Swing Chair Reading Nook Tent Indoor Outdoor Hanging Seat Hammock Kids
The multicolour kid hammock cocoon is a good idea for both interior and exterior fun. The connection of fabric cotton and inflatable cushion will be secure for the children, even if the play on their own. Perfect for kids between 3 and 7 years old.

Wicker Pod Swing Chair

Wicker Pod Swing Chair
Now you can have a quality siwng inside your own home. This pod chair is made of a tubular metal frame wrapped in neatly-woven wicker, suspended from the curved neck, attached to the flat feet base for stability.

Pod Chair with Cushion

Pod Chair with Cushion
A funny and attractive element of outdoor decor. This amazing pod chair features a weather resistant construction based on aluminum and rattan elements. This white chair provides additional comfort thanks to its soft blue cushions.

Wicker Pod Swing Chair

Wicker Pod Swing Chair
Comfortable and stylish pod chair for outdoor use. Its swing construction is very original and durable. Solid frame includes a round base that assures stability. Neutral colored, tufted cushion increases softness and comfort.

Hanging pods

Maybe one day... I'l be a happy owner of such an amazing pod chair! <3 Elevated screen allows for game-playing while indulging yourself with moments of relax on the ergonomic chaise lounge enclosed in a globe frame. Future is today! :o

Hanging reading chair

This purple pod chair is a proposition designed for all, who love contemporary design and futuristic shapes. An ultimate lounging spot, designed to take you to a new dimension of comfort.

Cuddle chairs 1

This ball relaxing chair makes me want to cuddle inside with a really good book! Another person can make it with me perhaps, as the inside is spacious enough for two. Warm colored pillows, cream, cocoa brown and yellow, emphasize the cozy feel.

Our advice Buying Guide

If there were an accent chair beauty contest, the pod chair would walk away with the crown. Originally called ‘Balloon chairs’ or ‘ball chairs’ due to the obvious resemblance with a balloon, the term ‘pod’ was coined later perhaps as an ode to the pea pod or to the more ominous pods in the ‘Alien’ movies.

The origin of the nom de guerre remains unclear. But these fun and uber comfy chairs have become extremely popular in the past few years. Be it the cradling seat, the spanning wingback sides or the womb-like, encapsulating design, everything about the pod screams relaxation.

Just sit back, pop in your headphones and get lost in bliss. If this is your first attempt at pod chair shopping, then here’s a nifty guide to help you with the process.

What different types of pod chairs are there?

As surprising as it sounds, pod chairs come in a variety of shapes and styles.

  • There’s the conventional pod, which is like one half of an egg without a flat base.
  • Then there’s the floor-mounted one which is an elevated pod on a pedestal.
  • Ceiling mounted pods save space on the ground but require more horizontal room around it due to the swing mechanism.
  • Some pod chairs feature a footrest that can be extended in front of the chair and allows the user to recline and rest their feet.

How to select the right size pod chair?

Decide on a style and then measure the space where you intend to place it. If it’s a small apartment, then choose a minimalistic design without a pedestal base. The best part about these chairs is that they have a minuscule footprint. You don’t need a lot of room around the chairs to get in and out of it either. Account for the extra space needed for the wingback sides though.

Check the depth of the pod chair as well. While the cradling seat does sound comfortable, you do not want one that’s too deep for comfort. If the chair you like is very deep, you have the option to add cushions to it. For hanging pods, check the maximum weight rating allowed.

What decorating styles are best complemented with pod chairs?

Pod chairs make great conversation pieces in just about any type of décor. In a contemporary set up, you can choose one with modernistic elements in the design. Like a sci-fi styled pod. Yes, those are available too. In a classic décor theme, choose a rustic pod made of wicker or wood.

What are the best materials for pod chairs?

  • If the pod chair will be placed outdoors, then the material has to be extremely durable and waterproof. Wicker ticks both these boxes and makes for a great outdoor pod chair material.
  • For indoor use, pods can either be made of plastic, synthetic resin, wicker or wood. Other materials like tempered glass and metal are also used, albeit rarely, to make pod chairs. But the weight and the cost make them an impractical choice for home use.
  • If the chair has an integrated cushion, then check the quality of the cushion and upholstery.
  • In a household with kids, opt for a fabric that’s forgiving. Removable cushion covers will make it easier to maintain them.


Designer Modern Eero Aarnio Ball Chair with Blue Interior - With

Stylish pod chair that’s as modern and fashionable as they get. Blue upholstery and white exterior make it almost futuristic, which is great for interiors of such design. No better way to impress your guests than with such a chair.

Hanging pod

The hanging hair is the perfect place to rest. Wicker, suspended in the tree, with large cushions in the middle. A place to calm down, in an amazing anthracite. Cone shaped with white finish. This pod chair is enough for two people.

Pod chairs 1

If you are looking for stylish styling and super cozy furniture, these pod chairs are a perfect choice. Wool furniture is exceptionally pleasant to use, providing an extremely comfortable rest.

Pod chairs

Hanging chairs in your garden? Why not? Thanks to this beautiful chair, you will experience the best feeling of comfort. They add comfort, style, and relax into any exterior space.

We all want to escape sometimes and have a few

We all want to escape sometimes and have a few moments on our own and Micasa LAB‘s Cocoon 1 is a bubble-like pod that gives you the solitude you might long for with several modern conveniences you might not want to live without. Their goal was to create

Outdoor pod chair

Beautiful outdoor pod chair made from a combination of sturdy wooden frames and wicker. The pod measures 42 inches in length, 42 inches in width, and about 80 inches in height. It also comes with a comfy all-weather cushion and UV resistant fabrics for long-lasting service.

Chair pods

Little trip to space! If you feel part of the universe,this pod chair, will emphasize it during your nap.Round,cosmic with dark blue and white color style-allows you to isolate yourself from all surroundings.What's more, it has a leather mattress inside.

The ball chair is probably the most iconic cocooning furniture

The Ball Chair is probably the most iconic cocooning furniture ever.

Pod swing chair

PLYWOOD EGG CHAIRS Working with Plus Architecture, designer Emma Selzer has created plywood ‘Egg Chairs’ that will be incorporated into a new apartment complex in Melbourne Australia. These pods will be placed in a public lounge as one of the many co

Hush pod interesting but since i can almost literally sleep

Hush Pod -- interesting, but since I can almost literally sleep anywhere, not for me!

Woodsy fairytale reading pods 30 epic examples of inspirational classroom

Woodsy Fairytale Reading Pods | 30 Epic Examples Of Inspirational Classroom Decor

Kaddur Chair - Black Exterior With Black Interior # EEI-110-BBK

Make sure your interior stays classy and modern at the same time by opting for a sublime piece like this chair, sporting an amazingly original design and allowing for hours of rest and comfort for your tired back.

Sensory skull chair as seen on

sensory skull chair as seen on

Unusual chair

Luv this chair....Awesome Gadgets That We Should All Have | product design gadgets | product design gadgets

Liquid study spaces the droplet outdoor workspace encourages students to

Liquid Study Spaces - The Droplet Outdoor Workspace Encourages Students to Get Outside (GALLERY)

Basket pod

Basket Pod

I love this as an outdoor seat but wed have

I love this as an outdoor seat but we'd have to have a shelter for it here on the east coast

Seat swing chair

Now you can relax in style, while swinging in your garden in this comfortable pod chair. Designed for outdoors, the chair is weather-resistant, made of stylishly shaped metal, and hangs on a strong rope.

Round loveseat

"Could you throw in the zen hanging orb chair if I buy the circular window bookcase?"

Coolest sleeping pods for some serious napping job designbuzz design

Coolest Sleeping pods for some serious napping job | Designbuzz : Design ideas and concepts

Pod chair hanging

Lotus Hanging Pod Chair

Enclosed chair

Pod chair neutral natural bedroom organic- i died a little inside when i saw this [ ] #bedroom #Talavera #Mexican

LexMod Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair in White

Ball chairs have this extra something in their style thanks to which they look so cozy and jazzy at the same time. They instantly add cutting-edge attitude to an interior. This ball chair has white shell and base, and it is cushioned cream inside.

Pod chairs

Now you can swing on your porch in style, thanks to this fantastic pod chair with hollowed dandelion design. The chair is strengthened with a tubular metal ring in the front, hanging on a strong chain and accommodating a super-soft white fabric seat cushion.

Nylon Canvas HugglePodHangOut with LED Lights

With this hanging chair your little ones will be having a ton of fun. Designed of heavy-duty machine washable 100% nylon, the chair is suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, provides 250 lbs. of weight capacity, and requires 3 AA batteries for the inside LED lights.

I want looks so comfy

I want. Looks so comfy...

Cheap egg pod chair

handmade...denim....natural elements. Houten hangstoel, ei-vorm.

Round pod chair

My new favorite spot in my backyard...a hanging chair converted to a lounge chair with a firepit stand.

LexMod Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair in Red

Ball chair with glossy white fiberglass outer shell and thick poly/cotton inner lining in deep raspberry red, with cushioning. This ultra-fancy chair model offers satisfying functionality due to swivel motion and scratch & peel resistance.

Egg pod chair cheap

amardillo furniture for children by ola giertz

Swivel chair with a pull down canopy that turns this

swivel chair with a pull-down canopy that turns this egg-shaped chair into a little cocoon

I can see myself loungin in one of these

i can see myself loungin in one of these

I wonder if the kids bedrooms could hold a hanging

I wonder if the kids' bedrooms could hold a hanging chair?

Pod chair

Though it's sometimes not easy to use a large indoor space efficiently, here this effect was successfully achieved: the space was divided to sections, and a bunch of oval hanging rattan chairs with white cushions draws attention the most.

Enclosed egg chair

This doesn't go with my front or back yard, but it's awesome! Maybe someday when we buy our house on the beach.

Best Selling  Egg-Shaped Outdoor Swing Chair

This kind of chair is a very original product that not only provides comfort, but also looks very stylish. It is a swing chair that has got a steel frame and a PE wicker sitting space. It is perfect for an outdoor use.

Hearthsong Hugglepod Deluxe Hanging Chair | Hanging Seat, in Red

It is a hanging chair that is available in two color options to choose: cardinal red and royal blue. It has got a 100-percent cotton canvas construction. You will be impressed how great this product is.

HearthSong HugglePodTM Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Hanging Chair, in Red

Red and blue hanging chair for outdoor use. Made of 100% cotton canvas in vivid colours. It will hold up to 175 lbs. It is appropriate for kids aged 4 and older. It will do well indoors, too. Works great with a swivel hook.

Cheap pod chair

Dark walls + wood furniture

NCAA Iowa Hawkeyes Stool

Iowa Hawkeyes devotees probably won't be able to pass up this foldable tripod stool. It is dedicated for outdoor activities, wherever you need a seat to have with. It travels in a practical slipcover that comes in a set.

Pod chair for kids

Zara Pod Chairs

Black is back and this time on your walls a

Black is back, and this time on your walls. A 2014 design trend, expect to see moody walls everywhere. There's nothing to be afraid of — this color will not only allow light fabrics to pop, but will serve as the perfect backdrop for a collection of tren

Foam chairs for toddlers

An extraordinary chair for toddlers, which will be a great fun for babies as they don't have to sit there, but they can stand and actively participate in preparing the meals. A simple, wooden construction will adapt to any design.