Foam Pool Chair

For the comfort of enjoying your pool in the summer sun without getting completely wet, have you ever considered a foam pool chair. These floating seats are wonderful for anyone who loves to lounge, get some sun, or have a conversation with others around the pool while you bob carefree atop the cool water. In many styles and colors, you will want one for your pool.

Best Products

Super Soft Adjustable Recliner Pool Lounger

Super Soft Adjustable Recliner Pool Lounger
Wonderful choice for having quality time in your swimming pool. This Super Soft Adjustable Recliner Pool Lounger in Bahama Blue Finish is designed of double thick layers of closed-cell vinyl-coated foam. The frame is made of premium steel for maximum durability.

Premium Foam Pool Mat

Premium Foam Pool Mat
An amazing foam pool mat with the extra pillow fro your head, to make you feel even more comfortable, while enjoying your free days. You can now bask in the sun and make goo use of the wonderful weather.

Sunsation® Pool Float

Sunsation® Pool Float
This kind of product is an inflatable mattress designed for use on the beach or swimming pool. It is made of solid material that provides comfort. It is not very heavy and it assures enhanced transportation and storage.

Folding Pool Lounger

Folding Pool Lounger
Functional pool lounger made of durable materials for extra longevity, offering comfortable seat and back with supportive armrests, easy to store and transport frame, and practical design providing great relaxing spot.

Foam Pool Mat

Foam Pool Mat
This pool mat is made from foam to ensure that is floats freely in your swimming pool, allowing you some comfort and a nice way of relaxing on your days off work. It sports a bright blue finish and a strong construction to last for years.

Pool chair lounge floating swimming lake raft lounger water tanning

Pool Chair Lounge Floating Swimming Lake Raft Lounger Water Tanning ...

Foam pool lounger

Once you have this, would not want to go on any holidays. A monogrammed pool recliner provides an amazing relax in the water. You just soak up the sun, sitting on this easily adjustable recliner. Available in 4 colors.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are foam pool chairs better than inflatable pool chairs?

Foam pool chairs are considered better than inflatable ones even though they cost more. This is because foam is heavier and tends to last seasons. Most people prefer foam chairs to inflatable ones for their pools because foam saves time since you don't need to inflate it.

Most of these foam chairs also use closed-cell foam that is expensive but highly buoyant and durable. They are also thicker and therefore support more weight. A foam pool chair is also undeniably more comfortable than any other material.

What features should foam pool chairs come with?

For the ultimate pool and poolside experience, foam pool chairs should come with features such as cup holders for drinks and an option to either sit upright or recline. The best foam pool chair should be at least 2.5” thick to offer optimal comfort and support.

Your foam pool chair should also be made from high-quality foam coated with vinyl to resist chipping and peeling to give you a float that is durable and will last for many seasons. This quality foam means the chair can also support more weight.

Look for models that won’t fade with prolonged UV exposure, and have thick foam armrests for extra buoyancy.


Foam pool chair 10

Have to have it. Texas Recreation Softie Folding Foam Pool Float Lounge Chair $169.99

Trc recreation softie folding foam pool float lounge chair 5

TRC Recreation Softie Folding Foam Pool Float Lounge Chair

Aquaria maui floating pool sling chair

Aquaria Maui Floating Pool Sling Chair

Foam pool chair 4

A must-have for a relaxing holiday over the sea or swimming pool. It's a kind of a floating armchair made of special foam. It also includes a special place for a cold drink. It will let you spend nice time in water.

Foam pool chair

Unsinkable Pool Lounge Chair Is Utterly Soothing!

Foam pool chair 3

Scalloped Unsinkable Pool Chaise Lounger

Foam pool chair 2

This multi-functional element is must-have in your home if you have swimming pool in your garden (but of course - you can use it by the seaside too). It is made of water-proof foam and it can be used as a chair or swimming matress.

Aquaria sling swimming pool chair lounge yellow premium aqua cell


Texas Recreation Folding Baja Chair Foam Pool Float

Foam pool chair

... foam pool float, foam pool chair lounge, with the Texas Rec pool float

Floating pool chairs are a big hit for an adult

Floating pool chairs are a big hit for an adult pool party. Guests can ...

Foam floating pool chair 1

Sling Chair Swimming Pool Float by Swimline. $14.99. This fun and comfortable floating chair has been constructed using foam tubes and nylon mesh. This durable float does not require inflation and allows you to sit upright as you drift around the pool. We

Baja pool chair

#Pool #lounge #chairs combine the comforts of a standard lounge chair with a traditional pool float. You can soak up the sun, read a good book, or have a cozy conversation as you float gently in your pool.

Adjustable floating lounge chair

A wonderful pool lounger that guarantees comfort and relax. It's made of special foam that floats on the water. It features a comfortable backrest and two wide armrests. It's in a beautiful, blue color.

Pool hammock lounger

Have to have it. Splashnet Xpress Sunchaser Padded Foam Floating Pool Lounger $149.99

Foam pool chair 6

Folding Baja Chair Foam Pool Float Bronze, 006-4

Foam floats for pools 26

eco-friendly work of Shiner and coming across their latest Float series at the High Point Market made us love them more. Float is a collection of outdoor furniture made from plasticized foam that is not only lightweight and durable, but it floats in water

Poolmaster 70745 Rio Sun Adjustable Chaise Lounge - Blue Currents

This is an excellent pool deckchairs. The runners perfectly float on the surface of water deckchair. The middle section but allows it to rest comfortably. Perfect for an outdoor pool, which can be freely and happily relax.

Foam pool chair 1

Foam pool chair covered with vinyl material. This yellow chair also features a metal frame and steel reinforced arms for stability, support and comfort. Rippled surface of this floating chair protects from sticking.

Foam pool chair 8

Texas Recreation Folding Baja Chair Foam Pool Float

Foam floats for pools 18

Permanently buoyant foam hammock with contoured headrest and leg support (soft dual zone cushioning). This float for pools might be used in fresh and salt water. Thanks to throughout impregnation, UV rays do not affect its color.

Pool chairs 6

This bean bag chair constitutes an awesome way to hang out in a pool. Made entirely from polyester, it is lightweight and practical, having a removable, washable and UV-resistant cover. Available in various color variants.

Foam pool chair 7

"Folding Baja Pool Chair" -Two beverage holders -Back rest folds down -Vinyl-coated foam with a full metal frame

Foam pool lounger 1

This is my WANT for my birthday LOL

Luxe Sunsation Pool Mat

Luxe Sunsation Pool Mat

Foam pool chair 1

Texas Recreation Pool Saddle Floating Chair Bahama Blue

Foam pool lounger

Super soft adjustable pool lounge made of foam, coated with white vinyl. The construction provides multiple propping positions, from a full length float to an upright chair, with multiposition recliner in between.

Baja II Lounge Folding Foam Pool Float (Bronze)

Who said you can't combine spending fun time in the pool with sunbathing and relaxing in your favorite chair? This foam pool float is the perfect solution, providing you with a way to lie in your swimming pool and just jump into the water whenever you want.

Garden outdoor living pools spas pool fun floats rafts 15

... , Garden & Outdoor Living > Pools & Spas > Pool Fun > Floats & Rafts

Foam swim floats

With this water hammock you will be floating on the surface without worrying of hitting rock bottom. The hammock is lightweight, equipped with floatation pods on both sides to support your sitting position, and has a bright yellow design.

Foam pool chair 5

Summer is coming, but this King Kai Pool Float ($250) is making us wish it would hurry the heck up. Think beanbag chair meets inner tube - a soft, floating cushion made of buoyant foam beads encased in breathable Sunbrella fabric. That's right, no plastic

Outdoor Pool Float That Will Allow You to Soak up the Sun! This Swimming Pool Lounger Has an Adjustable Inflatable Cushion to Maximize Comfort. The Foam Arms Are Convenient to Carry a Drink or Sunscreen.

Microdry r ultimate luxury memory foam lounge cover in deep

Microdry® Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Lounge Cover in Deep Linen

Soft Tropic Comfort Mattress

Tem mattress with specially formed podłgówkiem a great way to relax outdoors. The mattress is very convenient. There you can swim and le also relax lying carelessly on the water. Just check it by yourself.

Foam pool lounger

Pool lounger made of high quality foam. Carefully profiled seat provides support for the spine. It is resistant to mildew and harmful weather conditions. Ideal as place for relaxation.

Pool chairs

Folding lounge chairs mounted on wooden frame and fitted with removable cushions. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral and functional design for the garden, patio and more.

Turkish Towel Peshtemal for Hamam Bathrobe Spa Pool Massage Sauna Beach Yacht Gym Fitness Kitchen Yoga Baby Towel Picnic Blanket 100% Cotton Table Throw Sarong Unisex "Red"

A pretty large rectangular traditional Turkish bath towel crafted of reddish cotton with a white striped design and long white fringes along shorter edges. It's very soft, well absorbing water and quick-drying.

Perfect beach or pool chair from target

This kind of product is a very interesting, solid and stylish piece of furniture created for an outdoor use. It is a beach or pool chair that has got a durable wooden frame that improves comfort and stability.

Half moon patio table

Simplistic and cheap solution for a colorful set of patio or garden furniture, consisting of a minimalistic round wire table and a set of four chairs with a similar fashion in a blue color and with a traditional, floral cushion on each chair.

Pool Noodles Swimming Pool Aid Fill Center No Hole Red, Blue, Green, White, Orange 58"x3" (Blue)

These are special noodles for swimming in the pool. They are available in many different colors, like yellow, green, red, blue. Perfect for fun in swimming pool, as well as learning to swim, especially for beginners.

Foam pool chair 23

Have the chair and love seat with sea foam green covers. Can't wait to use for first time this year. Considering getting the side tables.

Folding baja floating pool chair

Folding Baja - Floating Pool Chair

Recliner Ring Duo Pool Tube

Recliner Ring Duo Pool Tube