Double Pool Floats

Floating around the pool is a lot of fun but sometimes you want to float with two people and that is where a double pool float comes in. And we have plenty double pool floats to choose from. If you are ready to expand your pool float inventory, take a look in our collection.

Best Products

Wood slat double lounger

Wood slat double lounger
A comfortable and relaxing double lounger with a solid construction based on wooden slats. It provides comfortable postures for sleeping, reading and taking a sunbath. Its backrest is able to adjust to four positions.

Sun Odyssey 2 Person Pool Float

Sun Odyssey 2 Person Pool Float
A very interesting and comfortable item for people who love spending their free time in swimming pools. It is a pool float that provides space for two people. It is comfortable, reliable and resistant to damage.

Double pool float

Did you ever want to just lay and relax with a glass of wine outside, but the sun always shone directly in your eyes? This is the perfect solution! Chill out with a friend and a drink in this neat, portable deck chair.

Baby sunshade inflatable float seat boat 2babies twins swimming pool

... Baby Sunshade Inflatable Float Seat Boat 2Babies Twins Swimming Pool

Double pool floats 1

Two kids and only one swim float? That's not a problemy any longer! This wonderful, double swim float provides a comfortable and safe seat for two kids. It also has extra space with balls for even greater fun.

Twin baby pool float

Ideal for twin babies, this double pool float constitutes a cleverly designed, smooth way to entertain your kids and most of all get used to water, getting their feet' wet and learning how to swim.

Twin pool float

If you have twins, you probably want to keep an eye on both of them all the time, especially at the pool or the beach. This duo pool float is the perfect solution! You can finally relax, knowing that both of your children are safe and near each other.

Our advice Buying Guide

Pool floats have evolved from boring pool noodles and mundane inner floats of yore, to swanky, colorful double pool floats that are ruling the roost on Instagram. Couples are twinning on them. Multiples are basking in the glory together. Besties are giving people a hint of FOMO.

If not floating, people are sitting up, sipping cold beer or reclining in their double recliners on the glassy water surface. With the weather gods shining down upon us this summer, all you need to rev up your pool time is a double pool float.

And here’s some help for first time shoppers.

What are the most popular designs of double pool floats?

Double pool floats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • There’s the classic design which allows both users to sit, facing each other with their feet wading in the water.
  • There’s another variety in which both users sit facing the same direction. Loungers allow both users to lie down comfortably.
  • Recliner pool floats or chaises allow the user to sit up and recline. These usually have a cup holder for beverages and a snack tray integrated into it.
  • Baby double pool floats are designed for safety and allow the parents to tuck in the babies in securely. These are typically made of a thicker material and will rarely capsize, get deflated or fray.
  • If the pool isn’t covered, you might want to consider one with a canopy to protect the babies from sun exposure.
  • Lastly, you have the family pool float which is like a large whitewater raft and fits an entire family comfortably. You need a large pool to accommodate one though.

What types of pool float filling are there?

Double pool floats can be foam filled or an inflatable one.

  • The foam filled ones have a core layer of soft foam, with an outer vinyl layer. These are thinner than inflatables and hence allow you to float really close to the water surface. Also, it will stay afloat even if the outer vinyl layer gets punctured.The caveat is that these are heavier and pricier. If you are short of storage space, then these might not be the best of choices.
  • Inflatables are easier to store and carry, inexpensive and available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. However, these will tear and spring a leak from time to time no matter what the manufacturer would like you to believe. Also, you need to invest in an air compressor pump, lest you wish to put your lungs to the test every time you wish to inflate it.

What are the most durable materials to use for pol floats?

  • PVC or Vinyl is the most commonly used material for making inflatables. There’s been a lot of debate off late about how additives used in PVC are unsafe and toxic. But as of now, the research is blurred and manufacturers aren’t pulling them off the market.
  • TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane is considered to be safer than PVC. It is equally durable. But TPU products are available in limited sizes and designs. Also, these are pricier.

Chlorine, the searing summer sun, salt, pool floats have to endure the worst of elements. It’s imperative that you select one that will last for years without tearing or the color fading.


Double inflatable pool lounger

Inflatable lounger designed for outdoor use. Recommended for 2 people. It is fitted with cup holders and ice bag. It is made of durable vinyl. Easy to clean and store.

Double pool floats

Your kids argue about who's going to sit in the float? Not any longer!. With this practical twin float they can have fun in the pool together. Plus, it's also really pretty in a blue color with pictures of cartoon characters.

Double pool floats 26

floating moonlights.....expensive though!

Pool float for twin babies

Double pool floats with holes for legs. It is made of vinyl and finished with fish theme. It folds flat for easy storage.

Double pool floats 3

Double pool lounger recommended for ages 15 years and up. Armrests are fitted with cup holders. Pillow on the back provides support for the spine. It folds flat for easy storage.

Double pool floats 2

Now, this is something! Not only can you keep an eye on both of your kids at the same time, they can play with each other while in the float! This double pool float contains a special compartment in the middle, where your kids can play!

Twin baby pool float 1

Lovely double pool floats designed for younger kids. It is fitted with holes for legs and playground. It is made of vinyl and decorated with duck theme.

Baby floats for twins

Double pool floats made of vinyl and decorated with interesting pattern. Recommended for children 6 months to 36 months old. Includes holes for legs for added safety.

Double pool floats 1

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Double pool lounger 1

Luxury Cabana Double Swimming Pool Lounger

In perfect happiness with this double swimming pool inflatable

... In Perfect Happiness with This Double Swimming Pool Inflatable

Double pool floats 16

Double Pool Lounge Chair W/ Storage Cooler Large Floating Inflatable Water Raft #Intex

Double baby float

Aren’t they adorable? Keep your children safe and close together with this double pool float. It even has a special place in the middle – just pour some water in it and let the kids play with the plastic balls!

Double pool lounger

i-Sopod This revolutionary bath tub design is the handy work of i-sopod. Like a car straight out of a sci-fi film, this bath tub is constructed using doubled skinned GRP mouldings. Whilst open, the tub lights up like a Christmas tree using its in-built L

Double pool floats 21

Splash and Play Double Designer Inflatable Pool Lounge Float

Twin baby float

Double lounger for pool, garden and more. Carefully profiled seat is fitted with pillow for added comfort. It is completely made of vinyl. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Twin swim float

Luxury boat fitted with slide. It has a lot of places to sit. Includes railings and ladders for added safety. Classic form and contemporary design.

Double pool floats 13

Another great find on #zulily! Double Salon Lounge Float #zulilyfinds

Double pool floats 22

10 Fabulous Pool Floats For Summer

Double pool lounger 3

This fabulous double chaise lounge enables to comfortably relax by the pool. Its wooden, cool and clean design guarantees sturdiness and practicality, enabling remarkable moments with sunshine and your favourite book.

Double pool lounger 2

Outdoor lounger that provides comfortable relaxing space for young and adult users. Its brown wooden frame is solid and includes two wheels for enhanced transportation. Its sitting and backrest spaces are cushioned for comfort and finished in white color.

Double pool floats 8

You’ve never seen a hot tub like this before – the HotTug is a a wood fired hot tub that also doubles as a motorized boat.

Double chaise cushion 2

Double chaise lounge for the garden, patio, porch and others outdoor places. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is fitted with removable cushion for easy cleaning. Simple form and functional design.

Double pool floats 12

"float" by DESIGN MOBEL, designed by david trubridge

Multi person water floats

With summer in full swing, it’s time to think about the beach gear. Check out this wonderful 2 person pool float. It even has drink holes, to ensure you don’t have to leave it for anything. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy yourself.

Double pool floats 10

Floating on the lake or river with someone you love is always fun in the sun. #paulmitchell

Double pool floats 20

Look at this #zulilyfind! Purple Double Floating Pool Raft #zulilyfinds

Santa Fe Double Patio Chaise Lounge

Double chaise lounge crafted from heavy duty wrought iron with bronze powder coat finish ensuring rust protection (other shades available). The seat features grid surface. The sides have been accented with swirly detailing.

Float that makes floating in the pool with two kids

... float that makes floating in the pool with two kids a breeze. No more

Double raft

Inflatable pool lounger made of vinyl. Includes console table and cup holders. Handy gadget for camping, swimming pool and others outdoor events.

Double pool floats 4

Double pool lounger with cup holders on the armrests. Recommended for ages 13 years and up. It is made of PVC. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine.

Double pool floats 2

Inflatable Party Rafts: Blue Moon Islander Inflatable Double Float

Double pool floats 23

Look at this Purple Double Floating Pool Raft on #zulily today!

Double pool floats 24

Spielberg's new yacht - $200,000,000 Its most impressive feature is an infinity pool with a 15-ft. glass wall that doubles as a cinema screen so Spielberg and his guests can view movies while swimming or lounging poolside.

Double pool floats

Double Pool Floats

Duo splash twin float

Duo Splash Twin Float

Double pool floats 29

Again, an amazing structure floating in green. A pretty sweet "tree house" if you ask me :) *T

Big Sea-Saw Rocker Water Float Toy for Swimming Pool & Beach

Stand alone slides

Cool Castle Floating Habitat: Endless adventures await your kids with this dual-purpose floating castle that doubles as a stand-alone pool. The bright, fun colors will draw kids in for hours of legendary royal water fun. For use in or outside the pool, th

78" Double Mattress 1 Purple

Double ring float pool inflatable

Double Ring Float Pool Inflatable

Pool Floats 77" Island Tube

Pool Floats 77" Island Tube

Double pool floats 19

love this. small pool house that doubles as a boat house in the back. PERFECT.