Foam Pool Mats

Foam pool mats are a blast, and they don't just have to be used in the pool. Take them to a lake, and feel like you are literally walking on water. Fold an end and you can lounge with a makeshift pillow. Or connect several together for plenty of water fun. They always float, and can handle plenty of weight, depending on the thickness of the foam mat.

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Foam Pool Mat

Foam Pool Mat
This pool mat is made from foam to ensure that is floats freely in your swimming pool, allowing you some comfort and a nice way of relaxing on your days off work. It sports a bright blue finish and a strong construction to last for years.

Premium Foam Pool Mat

Premium Foam Pool Mat
An amazing foam pool mat with the extra pillow fro your head, to make you feel even more comfortable, while enjoying your free days. You can now bask in the sun and make goo use of the wonderful weather.

Pro 2000 Pool Lounger

Pro 2000 Pool Lounger
This U-shaped pool lounger comes with a padded seat allowing the user to sit high in the tube for enhanced visibility and free range of motion for casting. It features an adjustable foam seat and backrest and two large main equipment pockets.

Ultimate Floating Pool Mat

Ultimate Floating Pool Mat
Are you dreaming of a perfect rest and fun in a swimming pool? This amazing and functional floating pool mat is gonna provide you everything you need! Check it out and experience a perfect summer time.

Swimming pool floating mats

This is a colorful foot mat made of layers of foam in steps and have different colors from blue, orange and yellow. It easily absorbs water and has varying thickness.

Flo Through Large Pool Float Mat

If you want your summer days in the pool to be even more fun and relaxing then this large pool float mat is the way to go. It is truly durable and will serve you for plenty of years to come, ensuring your safety along the way.

Flat foam slide mats

Flat Foam Slide Mats

Sprint Children's Medium Multi Color Mat

This multi-color foam pool mat can be a great attraction for all children. It will help them get used to water and learn how to swim and enjoy the relaxing influence that water has.

Floating mat for pool

Quality swimming pool foam mat - a floater that boosts the fun factor wherever there's a water reservoir around. The large foam waterpad works deliciously well as big yoga mat, too. And its thick and it floats!

Pool mats

Pool Mats

Foam pool mats

This set of foam pool mats will let you fully benefit from summer and its sunshine. Take your favorite book, grab a delicious drink and just relax on the exquisitely comfortable mat. Its glossy vinyl coating resists the sun, chlorine, and salt water.

Mat turtle pe foam floating mat for fun or learn

mat turtle pe foam floating mat for fun or learn to swim floating mat ...

Floating mat blue 40mm

Floating Mat - Blue (40mm)

Eyeline ghost pool fun mat beach kids adults foam float

EYELINE-GHOST-POOL-FUN-MAT-Beach-Kids-Adults-Foam-Float-Lounge-Yellow ...

iFloats 24 Foot Water Pad Party Float with High Flotation Floating Foam Pad for Water Recreation and Relaxing

Floating foam pool mats 1

Aquaria Antigua foam pool float - won't chip, crack of peel. Made in USA!

Foam pool mats 1

It's a must-have idea for a successful holiday and your kids will absolutely love it. This water float features a large size as it can easily seat a few people and a thin structure that makes it look like a mat.

Foam raft for pool

At Wateraft, Feel the best ever feeling of fun with our Swim Rafts, Watermat , Inflatable Party Rafts , Swimming Floats , Water Rafts , Foam Mats , Pool Rafts & Water toys. Shop also from our online Store and for more details visit or ca

Foam pool lounger 1

Aquaria Santorini Pool Float - Featuring Aqua Cell technology. These foam pool loungers won't chip, crack or peel.

WOW Water Walkway (10x6-Feet)

Clevr 96 Sq Ft Red & Black EVA Foam Floor Mat Interlocking Exercise Gym 24 pcs

Clevr 96 Sq Ft Blue EVA Foam Floor Mat Interlocking Exercise Gym Flooring 24 pcs

Serenity Pool Mat

Serenity Pool Mat

Gold's Gym 10mm Exercise Mat

Texas Recreation Sunray Foam Pool Float

Float in your pool and enjoy your new comfort and a perfect way to relax with this pool float, made from durable and strong foam to add to your convenience. It offers you the comfortable headrest and comes in a vibrant, blue color.

TRC Recreation Sunsation Pool Float

This vinyl coated, smooth foam constitutes a great option for an afternoon chill out at the pool. Thick, yet soft surface will allow you to float smoothly around the pool, enjoying a drink or a book.

iFloats 12 Foot Water Pad Party Float with High Flotation Floating Foam Pad for Water Recreation and Relaxing

An oversized, twelve-foot long water pad made out of floating foam for water recreation and relaxing. Perfect for garden parties if you have a pool and makes for a perfect replacement to inflatable mattresses.

Poolmaster 70758 Soft Tropic Comfort Foam Mat - Lime Green

The closed-cell foam with vinyl coating construction allows superior floatation and comfort, while the durable and crack-resistant finish provides a perfect choice for years of relaxing and resting in your pool on a sunny day.

Floating foam pool mats

A comfy modern floating mattress for 1 person. It is manufactured of nice-looking vivid blue closed-cell foam which is nice to the touch and very lightweight thus easy to handle. It has a loop headrest.

Aqua Cell Marquis Pool Float, Aqua, 70 x 1.25-Inch Thick

It is a rectangular mattress. Perfect for the beach and the sea. It is a great place for resting on land and on water. It has a blue color, which catches the eye. It is mandatory equipment for every holiday.

Ultra Sunsation Pool Mat

Ultra Sunsation Pool Mat

Pool foam mat

Get the best quality Inflatable Pool Toys and foam mat at Wateraft for your pool or a cottage trip. Perfect for families to enjoy during the summer.

Foam pool lounger

Aqua Cell Marquis Pool Float, Blue, 70 x 1.25" Thick Aqua

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Luxe Sunsation Pool Mat

Luxe Sunsation Pool Mat

Sunsation Pool Mat

Sunsation Pool Mat

Super Soft Float

Large diameter pool noodles

Super Soft Pool Mat Color: White. Fully reversible full circle pillow provides head support. Size: 1.75"H x 70L x 26"W. (One Size)Size. Blue. Made in the USA. The White Supersoft Pool Float provides the ultimate lounging experience in your pool! This famo

Foam pool mats

Swimline swimming pool toys - sofskin floating foam mat. Imagine you and your family spending holidays in one of the hottest and nicest countries in the worlD. This would be super awesome if each one of you had one of these mats!

Pool mat float

Play a round of golf in your swimming pool or backyard with the ultimate Aqua Golf Backyard Game. Chip onto this floating island green with the included 12 hook and loop golf balls. Tee up your shot on the 12" x 22" chipping mat and aim for one of two fla

Softie Pool Float

If you just love hanging out in your pool but would like to sunbathe in the middle of the water, this pool float in red finish will surely help you achieve that and get the immense rest with the strong construction that doesn't absorb water or leak.

194 results for foam pool mat

194 results for foam pool mat

Foam swim mat

fun napping mat / cot for kids looks like cylinders of jersey knit over noodles of foam or narrow bolsters

Aqua Cell Deluxe Cool Pool Float, Blue, 72 x 1.75-Inch Thick

It is a rectangular mattress to the swimming pool. This allows it to lie on it and enjoy your holidays. Perfect for relaxing the and of resting. It is ideal for holiday lazy days. It has a blue color. This is an inflatable mattress.

Sunray Pool Mat

Sunray Pool Mat

Aqua Cell Deluxe Cool Pool Float, Aqua, 72 x 1.75-Inch Thick

It is a flat, blue mattress, perfect for relaxing in the outdoor swimming pool. It is very comfortable and soft. It inflatable mattress. Ideal also to the lake. It has a blue color. It is rectangular in shape.

Aqua Cell Marquis Pool Float, Blue, 70 x 1.25" Thick

It is a very comfortable mattress. It has a blue color and rectangular shape. It is the inflatable mattress and therefore ideally suited to both the beach and the water. Practical and pretty. Ideal for holidays.

Swim Time Aqua Golf Backyard Game

This is a great game for leisure time at the pool. It is a AQU golf course, which combines water fun and practice their golfing skills.It provides a fun and lots of laughter. Check yourself, and fun will never end.

Texas Recreation Kool Float with Kool Kan Foam Pool Float

Red mattress that is perfect for holiday relaxation. It is perfect for him to lie on the sand, on the beach, but also you can lie on it on the water, at the pool or on the lake. It is very convenient.

Pool Lounger

Pool Lounger