Foam Pool Mats


Foam pool mats are a blast, and they don't just have to be used in the pool. Take them to a lake, and feel like you are literally walking on water. Fold an end and you can lounge with a makeshift pillow. Or connect several together for plenty of water fun. They always float, and can handle plenty of weight, depending on the thickness of the foam mat.

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Large Foam Pool Mat

Large Foam Pool Mat


This large floating pool mat is perfect for a large group or family. The mat comes with a bungee tether you can use to anchor the mat and prevent it from drifting away. It’s available in bright pink and blue.


Designer Advice:

This brightly-colored floating foam pool mat is easy to spot on the lake or pool. It has a high weight capacity that easily supports 8-12 adults. It is safe, odorless, and doesn’t deform easily either. You can use either side of this reversible mat. It can also be rolled up by one person, allowing easy storage. 

Adult Sized Foam Pool Mat

Adult Sized Foam Pool Mat

Robelle Industries Inc.Toys

Perfect for one person, this floating pool mat comes with a built-in full-roll pillow for head support. Its closed-cell foam construction offers a soft and smooth vinyl coating. The pool mat float is available in seven color options.

Designer Advice:

We recommend this floating pool mat to any adult looking for a durable foam mat for personal use. It has a thick and sturdy construction and will last you for ages. The mat is easy to clean and resistant to sun, chlorine, and salt water. This ensures the color or integrity of the mat won’t deteriorate easily or anytime soon.

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Quilted Pattern Foam Pool Mat

Quilted Pattern Foam Pool Mat

Comfort Research

Relax and unwind with this fun floating pool mat and its quirky quilted pattern. It features built-in head support and a unique satin finish that elevates its appeal. The float is available in blue and aqua.

Designer Advice:

Float your stress away with this foam floating mat for pool. This comfortable adult-sized float has a quilted pattern that hugs your body to provide a relaxing experience. The float features a durable, long-lasting construction that is resistant to peeling and chipping. It also dries quickly and is suitable for open waters, too.

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Stylish Foam Pool Mat

Stylish Foam Pool Mat

Spin Master

This float mat for pool is a stylish addition to your summer poolside decor. It has a cool pineapple embossed design and an in-built pillow for head support. The float comes in three colors and embossing options.

Designer Advice:

When you want a unique and cool float for your beach vacation, this fun foam pool mat is an ideal choice. We love all its emboss options that create a comfortable texture for you to lie back on. The material won’t peel or chip and is resistant to chlorine and saltwater. Its rich colors permeate the entire float and are fade-resistant.

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Extra Large Foam Pool Mat

Extra Large Foam Pool Mat

This huge foam pool mat is perfect for hosting a party by the poolside. It features a thick, high-density XPE foam that’s soft on your elbows and knees. The pool float mat comes in a bright yellow and green color.

Designer Advice:

This mat is perfect for outdoor water activities with adults or children. Its tether kit comes with one grommet, one 11-foot bungee cord, and a clip to help you anchor it safely to a dock or boat. Its two Velcro straps make storage easy. The only drawback is the space this pool float mat takes up in your storage.

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Foam Pool Mat

Foam Pool Mat

This pool mat is made from foam to ensure that is floats freely in your swimming pool, allowing you some comfort and a nice way of relaxing on your days off work. It sports a bright blue finish and a strong construction to last for years.

Swimming pool floating mats

This is a colorful foot mat made of layers of foam in steps and have different colors from blue, orange and yellow. It easily absorbs water and has varying thickness.

Sprint Children's Medium Multi Color Mat

This multi-color foam pool mat can be a great attraction for all children. It will help them get used to water and learn how to swim and enjoy the relaxing influence that water has.

Pool mats

Pool Mats

Foam pool mats

This set of foam pool mats will let you fully benefit from summer and its sunshine. Take your favorite book, grab a delicious drink and just relax on the exquisitely comfortable mat. Its glossy vinyl coating resists the sun, chlorine, and salt water.

Floating mat for pool

Quality swimming pool foam mat - a floater that boosts the fun factor wherever there's a water reservoir around. The large foam waterpad works deliciously well as big yoga mat, too. And its thick and it floats!

Eyeline ghost pool fun mat beach kids adults foam float

EYELINE-GHOST-POOL-FUN-MAT-Beach-Kids-Adults-Foam-Float-Lounge-Yellow ...

Premium Foam Pool Mat

Premium Foam Pool Mat

An amazing foam pool mat with the extra pillow fro your head, to make you feel even more comfortable, while enjoying your free days. You can now bask in the sun and make goo use of the wonderful weather.

Flat foam slide mats

Flat Foam Slide Mats

iFloats 24 Foot Water Pad Party Float with High Flotation Floating Foam Pad for Water Recreation and Relaxing

WOW Water Walkway (10x6-Feet)

Gold's Gym 10mm Exercise Mat

TRC Recreation Sunsation Pool Float

This vinyl coated, smooth foam constitutes a great option for an afternoon chill out at the pool. Thick, yet soft surface will allow you to float smoothly around the pool, enjoying a drink or a book.

Floating foam pool mats

A comfy modern floating mattress for 1 person. It is manufactured of nice-looking vivid blue closed-cell foam which is nice to the touch and very lightweight thus easy to handle. It has a loop headrest.

Ultra Sunsation Pool Mat

Ultra Sunsation Pool Mat

Home foam mat chair

Home > Foam Mat & Chair >

Luxe Sunsation Pool Mat

Luxe Sunsation Pool Mat

Super Soft Float

Aqua Cell Deluxe Cool Pool Float, Blue, 72 x 1.75-Inch Thick

It is a rectangular mattress to the swimming pool. This allows it to lie on it and enjoy your holidays. Perfect for relaxing the and of resting. It is ideal for holiday lazy days. It has a blue color. This is an inflatable mattress.

Play rafts pool floating mats

Play Rafts Pool floating mats

Hart float mat floating pool mat hart sport

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Hot selling swimming pool floating mat 1 5 thickness

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