Concrete Memorial Benches

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Our memories live on. But sometimes it helps to have a steadfast item to associate with them. If you have a loved one who has been lost to their own mortality, or you wish to dedicate something firm and solid to a heroic group, we think these concrete memorial benches are the right way to do it. Let everyone know that you cared enough to keep their memory alive.

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Pansy Cast Stone Garden Bench

Pansy Cast Stone Garden Bench

Stylish garden bench crafted of cast stone. It distinguishes itself with absolutely gorgeous carving embellishing its base. It truly transmutes your garden into magical glade! Where unicorns frolic etc, you know what I mean.

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Furniture Curved Stone Garden Bench

Furniture Curved Stone Garden Bench

This is the bench, which was made of stone. It is primarily intended for the garden. However, its design it is ideal mainly for gardens classicist, referring to the antiquity and ancient civilizations.

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One of a kind mosaic garden bench custom

One of a kind mosaic garden bench custom

Richly decorated bench made of concrete and covered with colorful tiles. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Received many positive recommendations from customers for high quality and elegant design.

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Decorative One Seat Bench with Storage

Decorative One Seat Bench with Storage

It is a decorative one seat bench that has got a storage for storing your clothes or other items. It has got a cushioned seat and wood construction. This bench is great for your bedroom, hall, foyer and other.

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Custom wood cubby bench for mudroom

Custom wood cubby bench for mudroom

Stylish and functional - these two words can describe best this foyer bench. It combines a coat rack with a considerable storage spot for shoes and a convenient bench to sit and tie your shoes.

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Memorial concrete benches

Outdoor memorial bench with a concrete frame. Back and seat are made of marble and has bronze memorial tablet. This type of bench is dedicated in public area, especially in parks to memorialize famous people.

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Concrete memorial benches 1


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Concrete memorial benches 2

A pretty contemporary memorial bench made of concrete. It has 2 showy decorative sturdy legs adorned with floral motifs. It features a rectangularish gently curved seat with floral ornaments on edges and embossed small hearts and an inscription.

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Concrete memorial benches 1

Made of concrete, the memorial bench is an excellent way to impress the stylish decor of the garden, which reminds beautifully of our loved ones and beyond. The whole looks very impressive and looks great among the plants.

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Creamy gray memorial bench with back

Creamy Gray Memorial Bench with Back

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Concrete Memorial Benches

Buying Guide

The weight of concrete memorial benches tells you that they have been created with a form of stone or concrete. Seamless and ornate, each letter of the loving phrases has been machine stamped for perfect distribution. A great way to honor the memory of a relative, friend or pet.

What are the pros and cons of different memorial bench materials?

  • Cast Stone - Used to resemble natural rock, cast stone is made from concrete. Plasticizers and special mixers are blended with aggregates until a smooth and durable integrity are formed. The end result is a weather resistant and smooth exterior.
  • Precast Concrete - Concrete has a drab and porous appearance. However, memorials benches often have color enhancers added and the surface is handcrafted for an aesthetic appeal in the surrounding landscape. They are often secured with steel that adds reinforcement to the structure after being cast in a mold.
  • Resin Stone - A resin/stone mix uses molten plastic resin and a base material. Fillers, such as stone, are added and make it possible to create fine details. Not as sturdy as stone or concrete, it can become brittle with outdoor use.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - Commonly known as GFRC, this mixture of Portland cement and glass fibers was perfected in the 1970s for use in ornamental concrete products. It offers a smooth and detailed look without the need for reinforcement. It is 75% lighter than traditional concrete.

What are the most common styles of concrete memorial benches?

Concrete memorial benches are typically straight or slightly curved and set on plain or ornate legs. Designed to be placed among natural elements of the outdoors, limited materials and decoration are used. Scrolls or leaf designs often leave a well-balanced appearance when used on legs, or a slight trim that outlines the poetic message. Colors can be ordered that are natural, such as beige, brown or gray. An array of peaceful messages cover the seat for remembrance.

How to select the right size concrete memorial bench?

Sizes can vary according to your need. For gardens, a 29" long bench that stands 14" tall is lovely. When used beside of a gravestone, use proportion to the head stone for proper balance and appearance. For example, the bench should not be more than half the height of the corresponding stone. If the head stone is lower to the ground you may want to consider a flat stone instead of a bench. Or place a beautiful concrete memorial bench under a favorite tree in your yard where it can be seen every day.

How to care for concrete memorial benches?

Cast stone will naturally grow lighter or darker in color over the years. This is completely natural and provides a natural glow to your bench. GFRC will need special care to protect from the ground's elements. Always wrap the feet of GFRC monument benches with burlap and cover with plastic material to prevent damage from water and soil.

Best Ideas

Concrete memorial benches

This concrete memorial bench constitutes a nice way to commemorate one's beloved or merited person. These massive block constructions belong to the Capellucci's family in Ocean Beach.

Memorial bench 2

Memorial Bench

Urban commando park bench this precast concrete bench is available

urban commando park bench this precast concrete bench is available in ...

Concrete memorial benches

Simple and durable concrete bench. This bench has a very unique design with its black, white and ash spotted colors complementing each other. The bench can easily accommodate three to four people. It’s definitely a perfect fit for gardens and parks.

Garden benches park benches custom benches memorial benches

... Garden Benches, Park Benches, Custom Benches, Memorial Benches

Concrete memorial bench 1

Grey concrete and adorable memorial bench. It might be not so comfortable but it is a great idea to show your memory and to chisel something adorable or simply grave a significant poem or quote.

Private garden memorial benches

Private Garden Memorial Benches

Concrete bench 2

Concrete Bench

Cement bench lowes

Patio bench with antique Greece style, will take you to wonderful historical times in your yard. Very long - 43-in, made of solid stone with fantastic ornaments will emphasize beauty of your garden.

Memeroial headstones with bench


B4550m all concrete classic memorial bench with plateau back


Personalized concrete garden bench

Personalized Concrete Garden Bench

Concrete benches lowes

"Granite Bench" Memorial Garden Bench, Handsculpted stone Bench, Concrete bench, Rock Bench, concrete patio furniture, light weight garden b...

Garden benches lowes

This concrete memorial bench delights with its beautiful mosaic finish. The multiple tiny tiles feature a composition of blue, beige, pink and green, which together comprise a lovely butterfly.