Fire Pit Benches

Buy the best fire pit benches selected and recommended by interior designers. By Chloe Hughes.

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing with friends in the backyard and a firepit is a stylish and functional addition to your patio or yard. Before you fire up the fun, ensure your outdoor entertainment area is outfitted with suitable seating options to accommodate guests. Fire pit bench seating is an excellent way to create an eye-catching focal point in your backyard.

Curved Garden Bench with Timeless Design

Curved Garden Bench with Timeless Design


Curved Garden Bench with Timeless Design

Astoria Grand



Perfect For: Enhancing the beauty of your garden or landscape

What We Like: Its elegant, classic curve and durable construction

The Malagrida Curved West Chester Bench offers an exquisite and timeless aesthetic that adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. Its durable construction, made with weather-resistant material, ensures long-lasting beauty and functionality. This stunning bench is versatile enough to complement various garden styles, from traditional to contemporary landscapes. The elegant curve provides comfortable seating for leisurely moments while admiring the beauty of nature or enjoying conversations under the open sky.

Designer Advice

Place this beautiful curved garden bench in a focal point of your outdoor space, such as near a water feature or surrounded by vibrant floral arrangements, to create a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Curved Fire Pit Bench with Back

Curved Fire Pit Bench with Back

$379.99 $629.99

Curved Fire Pit Bench with Back

Union Rustic

$379.99 $629.99


What we like: Double seating, functional storage shelf, and table

What we don’t like: Challenging to assemble

Perfect for: Cozy conversations by the fire

Not so good for: Uneven terrain or hilly areas

Adirondack-style seating and a rustic, unfinished look blended with a modern, chic style give these fire pit benches with backs a charming appeal for any backyard. Hand-crafted with a finely sanded cedar finish, this fire pit bench has room for two with a table between, perfect for holding snacks and drinks. It also has an integrated storage shelf perfect for storing your favorite books and displaying potted plants.

This attractive double fire pit bench is ideal for sophisticated outdoor dinner parties and down-home backyard cookouts. The warm, neutral tones give it the versatility to be dressed up for more formal entertaining or be everyone’s favorite comfy chair at your next family barbeque.

Plastic Outdoor Bench

Plastic Outdoor Bench

Plastic Outdoor Bench

Arlmont & Co.


What we like: Very durable materials, but still attractive

What we don’t like: No color choices reduces styling options

Perfect for: All-weather, permanent installation

Not so good for: Ultra-modern or formal decor

This attractive, 100% recycled plastic curved fire pit bench is tough enough to withstand the hottest summers and harshest winters. The plastic used to craft this fire pit bench are easy to clean, UV, rust, and water-resistant, making this an excellent choice for tough weather environments and homes with pets or kids.

An in-ground installation option for this fire pit bench offers additional stability, and the weight capacity of this bench is 1,200 lbs., making it a sturdy and safe choice for seating guests and children. You also never need to worry about painting or staining to maintain the bench. However, you should ensure that you keep the bench several feet from the fire pit to prevent flying embers from melting the plastic.

Black Iron Fire Pit Bench

Black Iron Fire Pit Bench

Black Iron Fire Pit Bench

Evergreen Enterprises, Inc


What we like: Unique cut-out design and three-person seating

What we don’t like: Iron construction makes the bench heavy and does not come with seat padding

Perfect for: Adding a fresh, new look to your fire pit

Not so good for: Tiled patios that may be scratched or chipped

This ultra-sturdy, attractive, curved fire pit bench features decorative Tree of Life cut-out details on the sides, giving it a whimsical style. An extra set of legs in the middle give this fire pit bench enough support and durability to hold up to three people, while the slatted design evenly distributes your weight for optimal comfort.

The sleek black iron of this all-weather bench gives it a style versatility similar to wrought iron. This black fire pit bench pairs equally well with a chic, modern-style fire pit or a Saturday night campout around your backyard BBQ. However, consider styling the bench with several outdoor cushions to protect your backside against the cold.

Backless Aluminum Fire Pit Bench

Backless Aluminum Fire Pit Bench

Backless Aluminum Fire Pit Bench

Latitude Run®


What we like: Padded, comfortable seating with adjustable feet for varied terrain

What we don’t like: Low seat height may be challenging for people with limited mobility

Perfect for: Modern, minimalist outdoor entertaining areas

Not so good for: Spaces that require a single-sized fire pit bench

A sleek, backless design and clean curved lines give this powder-coated aluminum fire pit bench a chic, modern style. This elegant curved fire pit bench provides comfort with a padded woven resin seat. The woven resin wicker makes the seat easy to clean with soap and water.

While it’s sturdy enough to weather the elements around your fire pit, it can also look fabulous inside your home. This super-adaptable double bench is perfect for an entryway, vanity, or Florida room.  

Elegant Console Table with Drawers

Elegant Console Table with Drawers

Elegant Console Table with Drawers

Arlmont & Co.


Perfect For: Stylish and versatile entryway or living room addition

What We Like: Ample storage and display space

This elegant console table provides plenty of storage options with its two spacious drawers and a lower shelf for displaying decorative items or extra storage baskets. The eye-catching design features a balanced combination of classic and modern elements, making it well-suited for a wide variety of home styles. With its sturdy and durable construction, this console table is an excellent choice for both practical use and aesthetic appeal in your entryway or living room space.

Designer Advice

Transform the console table into a stylish focal point by placing a large mirror above it and accessorizing it with a decorative tray, a small potted plant, and a few carefully chosen accent pieces.

Set of Four Fire Pit Benches

Set of Four Fire Pit Benches

Set of Four Fire Pit Benches

Arlmont & Co.


What we like: Lightweight, mesh seating allows for easy portability

What we don’t like: Metal construction can be cold on bare skin

Perfect for: People with a smaller backyard

Not so good for: Areas that receive excessive rain or snow; benches may rust

These outdoor fire pit benches are just the right size for a single guest to sit, with plenty of room for belongings like phones and purses. The mesh seats on these fire pit benches keep guests cool for summer, and the benches are light enough to easily move them from the patio to the fire pit.

These benches aren’t quite as sturdy as others with solid metal seats, so rough handling may cause bending. Some outdoor metal fire pit benches may rust over time, but a clear coat or rust inhibitor can be applied to counter this. Alternatively, store your patio furniture indoors during the cooler seasons.

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Fire Pit Benches

Buying Guide

There is nothing like getting together with friends and family around the fire. This is why fire pits have become so popular. A firepit is a place we associate with roasting marshmallows for s’mores and telling spooky ghost stories. Something often overlooked is making sure to get seating for around the pit. Sure, you can just throw some chairs around the fire when you’d like, but you can take the experience to a new realm of comfort with fire pit benches.

Fire pit benches offer shared seating and mean you don’t have to worry about managing multiple seats. It can also be a way to help connect better since everyone will be sitting closer together. That’s definitely something we need since most of our days are spent looking down on our phones. If you’re finding yourself a bit unsure of where to start with your decision, then read our tips on how to choose the best fire pit bench for your home.

Fire pits have a wide range in regards to style. Some fire pits are bare bones and are a simple pit in the midst of backyard’s nature. Other fire pits are built extravagantly with brick/marble designs and accompanied by a covered outdoor kitchen nearby. We also can’t forget about the compromise between these styles either.

For more rustic and nature surrounded fire pits, go for simple benches that offer the basic need of a place to sit. Wood or stone typically goes the best with these types of fire pits. Fancier setups call for more comfort. Choose fire pit benches that can accommodate outdoor seat padding. Seating with armrests and back support should be sought after as well.

The material you decide to go with depends a lot on the style of your fire pit and backyard. Fire pit benches are available in several different materials:

  • Wood - Wooden benches have to be the most classic. Go for woods that show off the natural grain and texture to stay in touch with nature. Alternatively, choose a finish that will match the current theme of your yard.
  • Stone - Bold and stylish, stone is another popular option for a fire pit bench. Its natural texture can match just about anything. At the same time, a stone bench can offer a ton of aesthetic on its own.
  • Metal - Metal benches have the flexibility of being bent and twisted in cool designs. Most metal fire pit benches come in black.
  • Woven - The comfort that woven basket benches offer can often be overlooked. Don’t forget to consider this material.

Determine how many people you’d have seated around the fire pit. If you don’t plan on hosting big events with lots of friends and family, then you should be fine with 1-2 small to moderately sized benches. However, if you have a rather large fire pit and want the ability to seat over 10 people, look into larger, c-shaped benches or plan on getting 3-6 (or even more!) benches to accommodate your guests.

Fire pit benches can come with additional features. Some of the most common features are the following:

  • Padding - Sometimes you want a bit more comfort than hardwood, stone, or metal can offer!
  • Armrests - A place to rest your arm can offer some additional relaxation when gathering around the fire.
  • Back support - It all depends on your preference. If you want to sit back then consider a bench with back support. A bench without back support is a bit more “authentic”, though.
  • Built-in - For some fire pits, it could be suitable to have your benches built into the design.
  • Storage - Some benches offer storage either underneath or under the seating as a hidden cubby. Use these areas to store things like firewood, pillows, outdoor games, etc.

An outdoor fire pit is an amazing way to get together and enjoy nature. With the proper fire pit benches and seating, the experiences to come will surely benefit.

Best Ideas

Fire pit benches

This delightfully made bench is an excellent garden furniture that will look to the location for a bonfire. Specially made seat shape allows you to sit comfortably around the fire and enjoy its warmth on summer evenings.



Gorgeously made of stone seat walls with pizza oven is an excellent way to decorate the original garden decor. Beautiful work delights with detail and functionality, creating a unique place for family gatherings.

Stone fire pit and bench gemini 2 landscape construction

Stone Fire Pit and Bench - Gemini 2 Landscape Construction

Fire pit benches 2

Choose those amazing fire pit benches to not only pamper your household to the amazing warmth of the fireplace experience but also to add the comfortable seat to it, made entirely out of wood to withstand the weather conditions.

Benches around fire pit 1

Distinguishing itself with a curved shape, this backless fire pit bench constitutes a smooth, classic proposition for one's garden or backyard. It will accommodate smoothly 3 to 4 people.

Benches for fire pit

For everyone who's looking for a perfect way to make the garden or backyard not only look much more rustic and charming but also become a bit more practical these fire pit benches will help achieve exactly that.

Fire pit curved bench

Fire Pit Curved Bench

Fire bench

This fire pit bench constitutes a great proposition for one's outdoor. Placed in your garden or backyerd, it will gather round all family members. Designed by Cedar Creek Woodshop.

Gabion bench placed around the fire pit

Gabion Bench placed around the fire pit

Outdoor project fire pit bench img_1317 jpg

Outdoor Project - Fire Pit Bench-img_1317.jpg

Adirondack benches 6

Creating a cosy nook for 2 was the aim of the designers of this Adirondack loveseat with table. Featuring a small, convenient table makes it a practical and stylish, wooden proposition that will enhance one's garden.

Outdoor fire pits wood burning steel mesh rim fire pit

... /Outdoor/Fire-Pits-Wood-Burning/Steel-Mesh-Rim-Fire-Pit-with-Benches

Fire pit bench

This cozy and inviting outdoor space i made with nice outdoor seating and fire pit benches. They are made of wooden pallets with natural finish. You will be impressed how cool this garden is.

Storage sectional sofa

U garden set ! #Pallet, #Sofa

Adirondack Wood Garden Bench

Adirondack Wood Garden Bench

Adirondack garden bench. This spacious bench can seat up to 2 people comfortably and is a great choice for your patio. The bench has been made from hardwoods or cedar and is easy to maintain. Attractive finish will brighten up your environment.

38 ideas for firepits party focal point benches firepit winning

38 ideas for firepits | Party focal point | benches+firepit= winning combination!!

Outdoor curved fire pit bench

Although in constructing such a perfect hand-made fire pit bench made of pine boards - it will be time-consuming, it's worth finishing. The "L" shape allows for accommodating many people. And the dark color of the nail varnish encourages.

Wood log fire pit bench improvements

Wood Log Fire Pit Bench, Improvements

Fire pit bench 4

fire pit bench

Curved bench seating

An interesting modern garden bench of weatherproof materials in beige and grey. This boomerang-shaped bench can accommodate at least 10 persons. It's equipped with poly-filled seat and back cushions in washable beige, green and grey covers.

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