Fire Pit Benches

Sit around your home fire pit with friends and laugh the night away on these fire pit benches. With backs or without, a solid piece or curved in sections, these sturdy, wood benches are a great place to rest your laurels and watch the flames lick the night sky, while hanging out after a barbeque or other friendly event. Take a look and see what we have.

Best Products

Benches made out of pallets

Round contemporary garden fireplace made of limestone cubes. Spaces can be filled with sand or other loose flameproof material. A semi-circular wooden bench has sturdy straight black legs and a top of slats in light brown tones.

Fire pit benches 2

Choose those amazing fire pit benches to not only pamper your household to the amazing warmth of the fireplace experience but also to add the comfortable seat to it, made entirely out of wood to withstand the weather conditions.

Fire pit benches

This delightfully made bench is an excellent garden furniture that will look to the location for a bonfire. Specially made seat shape allows you to sit comfortably around the fire and enjoy its warmth on summer evenings.

Fire pit bench

This cozy and inviting outdoor space i made with nice outdoor seating and fire pit benches. They are made of wooden pallets with natural finish. You will be impressed how cool this garden is.

Hull patio pergola propane fire pit custom benches pillar planters

Hull Patio Pergola Propane Fire Pit Custom Benches Pillar Planters Lighting Modern Patio Boston
Accommodate your firpit as it should be by surrounding it with those comfy benches for outdoor use. Crafted of sturdy wooden beams, each bench is connected with another by stone pillars with planters and a lighting system.

38 ideas for firepits party focal point benches firepit winning

38 ideas for firepits | Party focal point | benches+firepit= winning combination!!

Our advice Buying Guide

There is nothing like getting together with friends and family around the fire. This is why fire pits have become so popular. A firepit is a place we associate with roasting marshmallows for s’mores and telling spooky ghost stories. Something often overlooked is making sure to get seating for around the pit. Sure, you can just throw some chairs around the fire when you’d like, but you can take the experience to a new realm of comfort with fire pit benches.

Fire pit benches offer shared seating and mean you don’t have to worry about managing multiple seats. It can also be a way to help connect better since everyone will be sitting closer together. That’s definitely something we need since most of our days are spent looking down on our phones. If you’re finding yourself a bit unsure of where to start with your decision, then read our tips on how to choose the best fire pit bench for your home.

What different styles of fire pits are there?

Fire pits have a wide range in regards to style. Some fire pits are bare bones and are a simple pit in the midst of backyard’s nature. Other fire pits are built extravagantly with brick/marble designs and accompanied by a covered outdoor kitchen nearby. We also can’t forget about the compromise between these styles either.

How to select the right style fire pit bench?

For more rustic and nature surrounded fire pits, go for simple benches that offer the basic need of a place to sit. Wood or stone typically goes the best with these types of fire pits. Fancier setups call for more comfort. Choose fire pit benches that can accommodate outdoor seat padding. Seating with armrests and back support should be sought after as well.

What materials are used in making fire pit benches?

The material you decide to go with depends a lot on the style of your fire pit and backyard. Fire pit benches are available in several different materials:

  • Wood - Wooden benches have to be the most classic. Go for woods that show off the natural grain and texture to stay in touch with nature. Alternatively, choose a finish that will match the current theme of your yard.
  • Stone - Bold and stylish, stone is another popular option for a fire pit bench. Its natural texture can match just about anything. At the same time, a stone bench can offer a ton of aesthetic on its own.
  • Metal - Metal benches have the flexibility of being bent and twisted in cool designs. Most metal fire pit benches come in black.
  • Woven - The comfort that woven basket benches offer can often be overlooked. Don’t forget to consider this material.

How many people can be seated on fire pit benches?

Determine how many people you’d have seated around the fire pit. If you don’t plan on hosting big events with lots of friends and family, then you should be fine with 1-2 small to moderately sized benches. However, if you have a rather large fire pit and want the ability to seat over 10 people, look into larger, c-shaped benches or plan on getting 3-6 (or even more!) benches to accommodate your guests.

What additional features to look for in fire pit benches?

Fire pit benches can come with additional features. Some of the most common features are the following:

  • Padding - Sometimes you want a bit more comfort than hardwood, stone, or metal can offer!
  • Armrests - A place to rest your arm can offer some additional relaxation when gathering around the fire.
  • Back support - It all depends on your preference. If you want to sit back then consider a bench with back support. A bench without back support is a bit more “authentic”, though.
  • Built-in - For some fire pits, it could be suitable to have your benches built into the design.
  • Storage - Some benches offer storage either underneath or under the seating as a hidden cubby. Use these areas to store things like firewood, pillows, outdoor games, etc.

An outdoor fire pit is an amazing way to get together and enjoy nature. With the proper fire pit benches and seating, the experiences to come will surely benefit.


Outdoor project fire pit bench img_1317 jpg

Outdoor Project - Fire Pit Bench-img_1317.jpg

Backyard fire pit bench 4


Benches for fire pit

For everyone who's looking for a perfect way to make the garden or backyard not only look much more rustic and charming but also become a bit more practical these fire pit benches will help achieve exactly that.

Simple garden bench

Make your own garden bench from the seemingly simple pallets and enjoy a fine and truly significant boost to your decor that it offers with its natural look and the immense durability, making it last for years to come.

Semi circular garden bench

Beautiful backyard design idea that utilizes natural stone and has stone-flanked, well resembling fireplace serving as its focal point. All you need now is relaxation set with outdoor chairs and loveseats to gather around the fire.


Gorgeously made of stone seat walls with pizza oven is an excellent way to decorate the original garden decor. Beautiful work delights with detail and functionality, creating a unique place for family gatherings.

Storage sectional sofa

U garden set ! #Pallet, #Sofa

Fire pit with benches

A stunning idea for an original bench for your patio - this piece is made from the old pallets and will still combine the immense functionality with great looks, even offering some extra space for plants.

Benches around fire pit 1

Distinguishing itself with a curved shape, this backless fire pit bench constitutes a smooth, classic proposition for one's garden or backyard. It will accommodate smoothly 3 to 4 people.

Gabion bench placed around the fire pit

Gabion Bench placed around the fire pit

Fire pit curved bench

Fire Pit Curved Bench

Twin adirondack chair plans

An outdoor seats assembly for two: these Adirondack chairs are joined, and they share a rectangular table in the centre. The design embodies the classic Adirondack chair ida, and the finish is natural.

Outdoor fire pits wood burning steel mesh rim fire pit

... /Outdoor/Fire-Pits-Wood-Burning/Steel-Mesh-Rim-Fire-Pit-with-Benches

Fire pit bench seating

Outdoor bench made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Seat consists of horizontally arranged strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Perfect as additional seating in the garden, porch and more.

Love the mounting brackets holding up the bench and the

Love the mounting brackets holding up the bench and the poured rectangular pavers...Dwell | At Home in the Modern World: Modern Design & Architecture

Firepit benches

324ae6f06fb57339eef5d44b58536340.jpg 269×960 pixels

Outdoor curved fire pit bench

Although in constructing such a perfect hand-made fire pit bench made of pine boards - it will be time-consuming, it's worth finishing. The "L" shape allows for accommodating many people. And the dark color of the nail varnish encourages.

Wood log fire pit bench improvements

Wood Log Fire Pit Bench, Improvements

Fire pit bench 4

fire pit bench

Stone fire pit and bench gemini 2 landscape construction

Stone Fire Pit and Bench - Gemini 2 Landscape Construction

Woodworking fire pit bench plans pdf free download

Woodworking fire pit bench plans PDF Free Download

Adirondack benches 6

Creating a cosy nook for 2 was the aim of the designers of this Adirondack loveseat with table. Featuring a small, convenient table makes it a practical and stylish, wooden proposition that will enhance one's garden.

Black patio furniture sets

Relaxed outdoor lounge setting: a weather-proof conversation patio set with an armchair, loveseat, couch and round nest chair. Gray resin wicker weave was paired with white upholstery and lots of cushions.

Black fire pit 2

Patio chairs with adjustable back. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Perfect solution for the garden, patio, porch and more.

Hardwood garden benches 3

Rustic outdoor kitchen set with solid hardwood benches that provide comfort, relaxation and support to any user. This outdoor set is not only functional, but also decorates outdoor areas thanks to its stone and brick construction.

Reclaimed barn beam bench 2

Reclaimed Barn Beam Bench
If you had no idea how to decorate your barn home - think over using old planks to gain the original style furniture. For this bench there was the old railroad ties used. But to be honest - it should be in the good condition to use it at home.

Black fire pit 7

Create a lovely and utterly beautiful space in your garden with this amazing blackfire pit that will make for a splendid alternative for a fireplace at home and will make sitting outside at night much more enjoyable.

Small love seats 1

Smalls-space garden makeover: Built-in warmth < Small Backyard Makeover - Mobile

Adirondack benches

A fantastic outdoor bench for two people. It features an ergonomic shape of a deckchair with a solid backrest and armrests. Made of wood in a natural color, it will be a nice accent of the garden. You can decorate it with an elegant cushion.

Playground benches 1

If something is missing at your outdoor playground, it might be that cute wooden zigzag bench that can fill the gap! You may construct such a bench (or balance challenge accessory) by yourself if you have some spare wood logs and stubs.

Classic Accessories Veranda by Classic Accessories Log Carrier

if you love hauling logs, we have something just for you. This durable log carrier is characterized by a water-resistant, flat design. The carrier includes adjustable shoulder straps, and Gardelle Fabric System consisted of water-resistant fabric top, waterproof backing, and dark splash guard skirt.

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel

Gas outdoor firebowl with porcelain steel bowl and slate/marble mantel. It features 40,000 Btu cast iron burner, hidden control panel with electronic ignition for easy starts and protective cover. Requires 20-pound liquid propane tank.

Classic Accessories Veranda Jumbo Log Tote

A product created for people who want to transport wood to their houses without problems. This bag is made of solid materials and it is able to transport high amounts of wood. Its overall size is 7 x 2 x 10 inches.

Adirondack Wood Garden Bench

Adirondack Wood Garden Bench
Adirondack garden bench. This spacious bench can seat up to 2 people comfortably and is a great choice for your patio. The bench has been made from hardwoods or cedar and is easy to maintain. Attractive finish will brighten up your environment.

Napolean Fireplaces GPFP Outdoor Patioflame Propane Gas Fire Pit - Stainless Steel

Made of stainless steel outdoor platform for fireplaces, this is an excellent way to set up a climatic dip. The simple form allows for unusual arrangements, and friendly fire gives you the opportunity to spend many pleasurable moments.

Bond Manufacturing 65045 Newcastle Fire Table,

A great idea for improving your outdoor area with a flaming effect that at night looks, simply incredible. Created of stone bricks, the fire table also includes a black marble top with a rectangle fire pit filled with small stones.

Outsunny Backyard Patio Fire Pit

Outsunny Backyard Patio Fire Pit
Designed for outdoor areas, this Fire Pit is characterized by inner welded mesh screen, and exterior metal construction. The fire pit is resistant to heat, water, rust, and weather conditions. Includes a fire pit lid, and fire poker.

Bowl Fire Pit

Bowl Fire Pit
Designed exclusively for outdoor areas, this Bowl Fire Pit is made of durable steel with powder coated finish. Includes 1 fire bowl, 1 spark screen, and convenient handles. Burns wood and charcoal.

Outdoor Greatroom Colonial Chat Height Fire Pit Table with Mocha Top

A cool garden gas-fired pit table. Its cylindrical base with a steeply raised round foot is of concrete in brown fiberglass. A round top is of concrete in beige. A push button-switched stainless steel burner contains diamond-colour tempered glass.

Crosley Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Folding Table

This kind of table is a product that has got a very durable metal frame and a convenient folding construction. Its round top is made of wicker that is resistant to negative outdoor conditions. It is great for use in a garden or patio.

Curved bench seating

An interesting modern garden bench of weatherproof materials in beige and grey. This boomerang-shaped bench can accommodate at least 10 persons. It's equipped with poly-filled seat and back cushions in washable beige, green and grey covers.