Kids Large Slides

Kids love swings and slides. Why not have them in the garden? Take a look below and check out the kids large slides in the presented collection. You can be sure that your little ones will love them! So which one would make an ideal addition to your garden?

Kids large slides

A cool large and tall outdoor slide for kids. Its sturdy frame is of durable steel with a weatherproof red coating. It's composed of a tall ladder with handrails, several security supports and a quite steep long slide with a polish metal surface.

Kids large slides

One of the most exciting outdoor items for kids - slides. This DIY playground slide is based on a large diameter plastic drain piping that has a smooth interior, safe and comfortable for sliding.

Kids garden slide chute with plastic slip 3 80 m

Kids Garden Slide Chute - with Plastic Slip - 3.80 m - Large Kids ...

Slides stainless steel slides play slides fun slides children s

... slides stainless steel slides play slides fun slides children s slides

Kids large slides 24

Being a great outdoor entertainment for your kids, this cubby house delights with its slide, large climbing wall, covered porch and enclosed play house. Long-lasting fun guaranteed!

Kids large slides 17

The Wonder Years: Natural Playground Photos Read more about Natural Playgrounds on Quiet Nature:

Kids large slides 1

The benefits of kids climbing UP slides. Why should you let them? Are you for or against it? What are your playground rules?

Kids large slides 7

If i had stairs, i'd do this :) a rainy day thing to do. It sounds fun. An indoor slide

Large playground slide

Kids' bunk beds. Two children to a room. And two extra beds for their friends.

Kids large slides 9

Decorating Ideas for Fun Playrooms and Kids' Bedrooms : This designer made the most of a large column in the center of the room by turning it into a “tree.” A swing hangs from the tree’s canopy and a woodsy wall mural keeps the tree company. Design

5' Turbo Slide

5' Turbo Slide

Big slides for kids

playhouse and swingset, dream come true for twins, two slides!!!

Big kids slides

This, a secret door and a library---my dream house complete...okay and a big kitchen, scrapbooking room, aquarium large enough to dive in, and huge closet...I don't ask for much!

Treehouse kids furniture

Treehouse Kids Furniture
A treehouse is a dream of probably every child. And if a tree house is combined with a large slide and a climbing wall, it couldn't be better. Here, a large slide leads straight to a sandpit that guarantees soft landing.

Kids large slides 5

tub in shower. Large wasted tub space could become this. Allowing toilet to go become a water CLOSET.

Side Winder Slide

Side Winder Slide

Easy Store Large Slide

Easy Store Large Slide
Cool and functional large foldable slide for kids aged 2-6. It consists of a 4-rung green ladder and a straight blue slide with smooth edges. All pieces are made of durable weatherproof plastic. This slide can be used outdoor and indoor.

Kids large slides 6

Just imagine having something like this in your backyard garden! If you have some spare space there, why not buy a huge inflatable slide with a pool at the end! Your kids are bound to absolutely love this thing!

Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide

Large slides

Pool Slide on hillside - contemporary - pool - boston - Timothy Sheehan, ASLA

Large indoor slide

Rollerslide is large enough for two or more kids to experience a multi-sensory experience, every time they slide

Kids large slides 14

Large Families on Purpose: Mom Tips - For the Car: Organization & Preparedness

Kids slides for sale

Great ideas for natural playgrounds instead of big plastic toys

Large plastic slide

Adventure Peak... at Edinborough in Edina, is a great indoor play structure of giant tubes and slides. Wonderful for the little ones in the cold Winter or the hot Summer. Plus, the tubes and slides are large enough for grown ups, if you're okay with crawl

Playpark slide for big kids

Playpark slide for big kids

This is my friends houes it is truly a great

(This is my friends houes! It is truly a great family place!) Ball pit and rock climbing room with 2 story slide! Now that's a fun vacation rental!

Giant garden slide

Bunk bed fitted with ladder, slide and railings for added safety. Construction is made of wood. Great solution for each kid's room. Traditional form and modern design.

Large plastic playhouse

The enchanting large playhouse is a great combination of functionality, robust design and interesting details. The slide, swings and sturdy wooden construction of the building impresses. Perfect item for the garden.

Cool Wave Slide

Cool Wave Slide
Pretty and safe wavy-designed slide platform for kids aged 3 and up. It is made of a unified green moulded weatherproof plastic. It has elevated smooth protective sides. This slide platform can be mounted e.g. to a playhouse frame.

Loft bed with slide

If you want to impress your kids, you may want to check this sturdy, wooden bed with a long slide leading down from the top bunk. The bed has also a lower bunk and a comfy ladder, and it's all designed in the shape of an eye-catching, pirate ship.

Double click on above image to view full picture 455

Double click on above image to view full picture

Adults can enjoy a cup of tea and snacks from

Adults can enjoy a cup of tea and snacks from our tea rooms or enjoy a ...

Kids large slides 16

Your child can transform a photograph into an all-natural work of art. 1. Take a full-body photo of your child in front of a fairly plain background. 2. Print out the photo as large as you can. Ours is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. 3. With your child, collect natu

Description canadian national exhibition big slide jpg

Description Canadian National Exhibition Big Slide.JPG

Kids large slides 18

Decor Ideas :: Amelia's clipboard on Hometalk :: Hometalk

Large fiber glass slide for kids garden playground image

Large Fiber Glass Slide for Kids Garden Playground Image

Kids large slides 19

Use duct tape to make a sheath that can slide on a belt and hold a toy sword - my boys love this!

Kids large slides 20

I like the sleek hardware on this "barn door" for a modern / contemporary look... rather than the bulky, rustic hardware on so many "barn doors."

Click image to zoom 3

Click image to zoom

Children s slide large plug in hose for waterslide slide

children s slide large plug in hose for waterslide slide length 365cm ...

Kids large slides 21

Kindergarten Plants, Animals & the Earth Activities: Make a "See Through" Seed Museum

Intex Waterslide

Home products bentley kids large green garden wavy slide 1

Home » Products » Bentley Kids Large Green Garden Wavy Slide

Kids large slides 22

Bible Fun For Kids: Acts & Life of Paul Bulletin Boards

Kids smoby large 180 degree tobaggan u turn garden slide

Kids Smoby Large 180 Degree Tobaggan U Turn Garden Slide

Scoop Slide

Scoop Slide

Kids large slides 23

How to divide a large living room

Play fort i would love to have one of these

Play Fort-I would love to have one of these in my backyard-- I think with some help from Pappy we may be able to create this fort for Jax next summer!!! :)

Adult slip n slide gotta make for the lake next

Adult slip n slide - gotta make for the lake next year.....

Kids large slides 1

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