Large Sandbox With Cover

Sandboxes can be a fun place for kids to play and be creative. But on a hot, sunny day, or after a heavy rain, the fun can easily turn to misery. A large sandbox with a cover, fixes that problem, keeping the sand cool, dry, and readily available for the kids to get back to being kids, building sandcastles and digging holes. Check out the options in sandboxes with covers in this collection.

Best Products

Sandlock Sandboxes 10 Rectangular Sandbox With Cover

Sandlock Sandboxes 10 Rectangular Sandbox With Cover
Great fun for little explorers. In such a large sandbox with a cover, you can hide treasures and take the day for children. They have corner seats in the set, green structure of the HDPE sandbox - which is easy to carry.

46" x 6" Solid Wood Square Blue Sandbox with Cover

46" x 6" Solid Wood Square Blue Sandbox with Cover
Spotting a vibrant blue color, this gorgeous sandbox makes for an eye-catching addition to any outdoor. Rotatable canopy provides all-day protection from the scorching sun. This colorful piece has a seating area included above the sandpit, so your kids can enjoy comfortable sitting when playing. Solid wood construction warrants a long life.

Alvantor Sandbox Sandpit Outdoor Backyard Kids Pool Foldable Dog Bathing Tub Play Accessories for Sand Toys 63”x12” Patent Pending

Alvantor Sandbox Sandpit Outdoor Backyard Kids Pool Foldable Dog Bathing Tub Play Accessories for Sand Toys 63”x12” Patent Pending
With a convenient foldable design and high-quality craftsmanship, this sandbox comfortably fits 3-4 kids. 300 density oxford fabric with a PVC backing lends remarkable endurance, plus a steel frame offers stability to hold up to 300pounds of sand. What's more, it easily converts to a children's bathtub, water pond, or indoor ball pit.

BIG Spielwarenfabrik Vario Sandpit Sandbox with Cover Child Sandboxes

BIG Spielwarenfabrik Vario Sandpit Sandbox with Cover Child Sandboxes
Add more fun to your kid’s playtime with this plastic sandbox in a green hue. The included nylon cover shields sand from leaves and dirt, while the weatherproof and UV-resistant plastic means kiddos can enjoy unlimited fun regardless of weather conditions. Suitable for children from 1-5 years.

11 Waterproof 11 40" x 7.75" Solid Wood Square Sandbox with Cover

11 Waterproof 11 40" x 7.75" Solid Wood Square Sandbox with Cover
Recreate a real beach experience in your backyard for your kids with this 40'' square sandbox. A floor cover is integrated to prevent sand spills, plus a water-resistant sandpit cover for keeping the sand dry; as wet sand harbors bacteria and encourages mosquito breeding. Recommended for children from 3 to 10 years.

Backyard 5' Square Sandbox with Cover

Backyard 5' Square Sandbox with Cover
Pretty practical bottomless sandbox for kids. It is made of wood with a natural weatherproof finish. It has 4 corner rounded seatings and a plastic liner. Practical, portable so it can be used in various places.

Sandlock sandboxes 60 x 120 sandbox with cover

Sandlock sandboxes 60 x 120 sandbox with cover
Thanks to this large sandbox, you can easily have your children and their friends all in one place. The sanbox is made of green-finished wood, has 4 comfortable seats, and comes with a durable cover. Measurements: 60'' x 120''.

Our advice Buying Guide

Sandboxes! Simple wooden frames filled with tiny grains of eroded rocks and shells that contain countless hours of laughter and fun, for little brains with imaginations running amok.

And of course, they are also the first sowing ground for seeds of teamwork and social skills. The experiences that your little munchkins get while digging into those innocuous-looking mounds of sand are incomparable.

Sadly, that doesn’t make shopping for these simple play boxes any easier. Most newbie parents are left dizzied at the sheer number of sizes, designs and features available in large sandboxes with cover.

If you are one of those parents, then here’s a little help to get you started.

What sandbox design should you choose?

What type of sandbox would your kids (or you) prefer? From barebones wooden frames with a tarp rolled over it for cover, to exquisite looking sandboxes with rollaway castles, your options are unlimited.

It is important to know beforehand what you are willing to spend for it and the kind of features you are looking for.

The most desirable features are a sturdy frame that doesn’t peel, warp or split, a heavy duty cover, a weed block in the base and some seating space for the kids, either on the sides or in the corners.

Vanity features like an elevated canopy, cup holders on the sides and storage drawers look good in advertisements.

But sand and kids tend to be a messy affair and these are not really going to do much to improve playtime.

What are the recommended materials for a large sandbox with cover?

Shoppers on a tight budget can opt for premade plastic sandboxes with covers. These are cheap and don’t warp either. But the cheaper ones tend to be flimsier than wooden sandboxes.

The last thing you need is the plastic lid blowing off in a wee bit of gust and the sandbox getting flooded, or doubling up as a litterbox for wandering critters. Even worse, it may end up as a resting place for the legless variety. Yikes!

Wood is the gold standard in sandboxes, with cedar being the most obvious choice. The only drawback is that it’s not pressure treated and tends to splinter occasionally.

If you willing to loosen the purse strings a little, you can get a sandbox made of pressure treated lumber. Just ensure that you are aware of the chemicals used to treat the wood. You don’t want anything toxic to leech out into the sand.

Can I make a sandbox myself?

A quick search on the internet will reveal hundreds of websites with DIY plans and videos to build your own sandboxes. The idea certainly seems appealing mind you. You can customize everything to your liking. The depth, the design, the cover. But it’s a time, labor and money-intensive woodworking project. One that you are better off not undertaking unless you have the expertise to complete. It’s always safer to buy one off the shelves, especially because there’s no dearth of options to choose from.


Square Sandbox with Cover

Square Sandbox with Cover
Easy-to-maneuvre sandbox cover with removable corner seat. It is constructed od sturdy and hygienic HDPE plastic in green. Ground barrier ensures that no insects,worms or weeds will get into the sand.

Turtle Round Sandbox

Turtle Round Sandbox
Little Tikes Turtle Round Sandbox is constructed from high-quality plastic. It features removable lid that covers sand area, two molded-in seats and lots of turtle shell details. Holds 150 lbs of sand.

Large sandbox with cover 2

A very solid sandbox with large canopy for kids. It provides plenty of space and protection from sun. Its cover is made of solid material finished in red color. Functionality and aesthetics are the main advantages of this construction.

Playground equipment sandbox plastic timber sandbox

Playground Equipment - Sandbox - Plastic Timber Sandbox

Kids sandbox

A large sandbox for backyards, that will keep your children busy and creative for hours. The frame is made of pressure treated wood, and with a weed cloth surface stapled to the frame. Measurements: 6' x 10'.

Sandbox with cover

This large sandbox will help you to create the best relaxation and fun outdoor zone ever! The colorful wooden construction is painted on the white, pink and blue color. The sandbox has the square shape with the cover.

Large sandbox with cover

Surprise your little ones with this fantastic snadbox for backyards, parks, and gardens. The snadbox is assembled using sturdy wood planks, and has 2 built-in benches on sides, so your munchkins would have a comfy place to sit.

Large 6 x 8 sandbox 1

Large 6 X 8 Sandbox

Large sandbox 2

Tot Town Large Sandbox

The sahara sandbox rolling cover shown open

The Sahara Sandbox - rolling cover shown open

8 ft Square Sandbox

8 ft Square Sandbox

Fisher price sandbox with lid 30 markham in toronto ontario

FISHER PRICE SANDBOX with lid - $30 (Markham) in Toronto, Ontario for ...

Hidden Treasure 4' Rectangular Sandbox with Cover

Hidden Treasure 4' Rectangular Sandbox with Cover

4' Rectangular Sandbox with Cover

4' Rectangular Sandbox with Cover

SandLock Sandlock Sandbox Covers, Green, Vinyl, 5 ft. x 10 ft.

Heavy duty coverlight fabric is commonly used to sew sandbox covers, cause weather elements protection is what one needs to have first and foremost. These particular covers are custom made for the sandboxes offered by the same manufacturer.

Plastic sandbox

Nice large sandbox with a mesh cover to protect the sand. Corners double as seating. Large enough for several children to play at together.   Reinforced wood panels prevent warping and weathering. Sturdy construction. Sanmu wood.   Holds appro

Wooden sandbox with cover

This wooden sandbox will constitute a great entertainment zone for all kids. Convertible, with folding out benches, provides a good observational point for their parents and protects from rain or other undesired weather conditions.

Kidz Rule Play Sand Box, You can enjoy the summer months with this incredible sandbox featuring a fun sun theme in a contemporary design that's perfect for any backyard. It blends easily with your landscaping theme, while providing hours of provide amusem

Blending easily with almost any landscaping theme, this fantastic sandbox for outdoors comes with an easy-to-remove, sunshine lid. The sandbox is sturdy, capacious, and beautiful; ensuring long hours of great fun.

Wooden sandbox with cover 1

A very practical and decorative sandbox that features a wooden construction in brown color. Upper area of this sandbox features a cover that protects children from the sun and other negative weather effects.

Wooden sandbox with cover 2

A great wooden sandbox that will let your kids play in it even on rainy days. It's a regular, outdoor sandbox, but it features a functional, solid roof, which will protect your kids from rain or sunlight.

Swing Town Sand N Shade

Sandbox home depot

Beautiful work! An amazing children playhouse with a retractable, hidden compartment that contains a sandbox. Every kid is bound to love it! Comes with wheels for mobility and a tarp on top to protect your kids from the rain.

Childs sandbox


Large sandbox 2


Large sandbox with cover 1

large sandbox with cover

Sandbox with lid

Sometimes fear to think how much time children spend in the sun, playing in the sandbox. This can be prevented by adding a protective shield to it. Together with small benches, large sandbox with cover is a comfortable,wooden solution for every garden.

Sandboxes with lids

This sandbox features a quite large shape, so it provides plenty of play space for children. Its durable wooden construction also includes a cover that protects from rain, sun and other outdoor factors.

Sandbox with lid

Sandbox with lid

51" Hexagonal Sand Box with Rain Cover & Lining

Step2  Crabbie Sandbox

Bright red crabbie sandbox with lid. Shell lid protects sand (up to 300 lbs capacity) from unwelcome elements, such as dirt and water. Two "claw" seats provided are fitting for blithe multi-child play.

Frame It All 7' x 8' x 6" Hexagon Sandbox

Home depot sandbox

This incredible sandbox was recycled of old petite picnic table. Not only is it marvelous entertainment for your children, it's look very original and beauty. You can insert this gadget in your garden.

Sandlock Sandboxes CSG-120120 Sandbox

10' Sandbox Cover Only

10' Sandbox Cover Only

Wooden sandbox

A cool practical sandbox crafted of solid wood with a pretty weatherproof natural stained finish. It has a square frame and a double tier hinged lid which can serve as a bench or even a coffee table.

Hqdefault jpg 67


Sandbox for kids

A large sandbox for outdoor use, that will serve your for a long time, easily withstanding weather conditions. Crafted of sturdy wood planks, the sandbox lays flat on the ground, with a pair of large lift-up doors for easy access.

Sandbox covers is a rugged design for any sandbox these

sandbox covers is a rugged design for any sandbox these waterproof ...

Image 1 large tuggy the tug boat step 2 sandbox

Image 1 Large Tuggy The Tug Boat Step 2 Sandbox with Cover

Sandbox Cover

Step2  Naturally Playful Sandbox

Big backyard brighton 4 rectangular sandbox with cover

Big Backyard Brighton 4' Rectangular Sandbox with Cover

Large sandpit with cover

Large wooden sandbox with cover in many colors. Its cedar wood construction is durable and safe for children who love playing outdoors. Simple lines look attractive in any design and six posts provide stability.