Backyard Playground Equipment

Give you kids the feeling of being at recess at school, but when they are at home. These backyard playground equipment options are just plain fun, and they will give your kids the opportunity to work off some of that excess energy, while having a great time. They can play alone or with friends, and either way, they will have a blast. We guarantee it.

Best Products

Play Set Mountain Swing Set

Play Set Mountain Swing Set
Great kit for children to play, a great addition to the garden. Great gift idea, too. The kit contains many elements such as. slide and a climbing wall, so that children can develop their physical abilities.

Backyard playground ideas

This exciting idea for a children's playground is hand made from simple, publicly available materials. Numerous details and unusual play arrangements guarantee children a perfect place to spend their time outdoors. Solid wooden construction.

Diy gymnastics equipment

Wooden set designed for garden workout freaks. With this simple but efficient set, you can change your garden into the gym. You will be able to climb a wall and use ropes and bars to pull up, and train your muscles!

Playground equipment plans

This playground equipment can be a great offer for all pre-schools offering a fully safe entertainment, which will develop the children's motor activity. It allows several kids to use the item at the same time.

S embankment slide bespoke slides slides playground equipment

'S' Embankment Slide Bespoke Slides - Slides Playground Equipment

Diy playground ideas

Don't let your backyard be boring! Just look at this playground bench. It will be a real blast for your kid, of that we're sure. Wooden construction makes it stable and durable, to ensure your kid is safe at all times!

Homemade merry go round

With this backyard playground equipment your dog will finally have more than enough room to roam free and get the much-needed excercise. It is perfect to train it or to just simply let it have fun.

Our advice Buying Guide

A playground can be within a few feet of your home when equipment is set up in your backyard. There are many more options than a single swing set and slide to select from in today's market. Different equipment in various styles, colors, and materials will ensure fun for the kids.

What materials are used in making playground equipment?

  • Wood - Cedar wood delivers sturdy decks, steps, and frames for wooden swing sets. Up to 1000 pounds can be held with no fear of too many kids playing. Decay resistant, repelled by insects and possessing a natural beauty, cedar is a favorite for adding backyard playground equipment.
  • Metal - Teeter totters are secure and functional when built with heavy duty steel and protected with a rust-proof finish. Monkey bars and seesaws also use metal to create safe playing. Swing sets are available in metal that is powder-coated for extensive use. These are timeless pieces that can be kept for both children and grandchildren.
  • Plastic - Hexagon monkey bars and smaller swing sets and slides that are made from Polyethylene are good for tots that do not exceed 240 pounds in total weight. Bright colors are built into the material so there is never any chipping. Waterproof and dependable, this material can last for years.
  • Rope - Nylon rope with a 250-pound capacity sets the scene for Ninja Warrior Training or exploring on a Jungle Jim.

How to find the appropriate playground equipment for your property?

For limited space, a see-saw that measures 55" in length can be set almost anywhere and easily moved. If considering a large cedar swing set, consider the proportion to surrounding buildings and the land that is available. Some units are as tall as 12'6" and as wide as 23'. This is more of a permanent structure on your property.

What types of playground equipment are there?

  • Swing Sets - Swing sets come in metal, wood or plastic. If a slide is attached, it will be made of sturdy Polyethylene. Rope or metal chains secure the swings.
  • Climbing Sets - A variety of shapes and sizes for climbing and swinging are sturdy with metal, wood or plastic bases. Choose the design appropriate for your age group.
  • Seesaws - Teeter-totters and seesaws come in large and small models of plastic or metal. Metal has adjustable lengths.
  • Forts - Large wood or smaller plastic forts provide a platform for sliding, climbing and more.

How to maintain backyard playground equipment?

There is little that is required in keeping backyard playground equipment ready for use. Wiping off swing set seats and slides to avoid slippery surfaces should be done after a rain. For dust and dirt build-up, wash with mild detergent and water. Watch for stainless steel bolts that may work loose and tighten where needed. Check the equipment for any damage that could be caused accidentally by children. You may choose to cover the unit during the winter months for better longevity.


Diy backyard playground

If you want for your little ones to have a crazy fun while playing in the backyard, you may want to check this beautiful merry-go-round. It is constructed of all-weather resistant metal and it spins like a charm.

Backyard play equipment

This wonderfully decorated playground is a combination of natural wooden elements with interesting grass and earth formations. The whole made from eco-friendly materials is child-friendly and nature-friendly.

Diy outdoor gym equipment

Surprise your children with some crazy fun by presenting to them this impressive gym equipment for outdoors. The ripple slides are mounted very firmly and surrounded by two vertical mesh screen enclosure for proper safety.

Playground equipment for backyard 10

Playground equipment idea: something worth having in your backyard, so that the kids would stay busy during sunny days! Ropes and wooden blocks attached to a pyramid structure encourage for climbing and pulling up.

Kids obstacle course equipment

If you are looking for attractive garden play solutions, this impressive backyard play equipment will help you find a great solution. Curiously-designed wooden gutters give children plenty of game options, and solid construction provides endurance.

Backyard playground equipment 1

A great idea to improve your backyard and make it more child-friendly. This lovely house stands on solid logs, and has everything: a high-pitched roof, a sundeck, a working door and windows, and even a large sandbox place underneath the whole structure.

Diy playground equipment

Home made playground equipment

Backyard rope bridge

This well-designed children's playground with water wall play is an excellent way to have fun on hot days. Wooden construction with gutters gives you a lot of fun in the water and is very ingenious.

Homemade playground

Interesting backyard playground equipment, don’t you think? Slopes and slides will provide plenty of fun for your kids, while the wooden construction will make it safe and stable. Remember, when it comes to kids, safety first!

How to build a merry go round playground

When you would like to organize the backyard playground for your children, do it yourself. A few meters of rope, a few timber beams and your son could became the spiderman in your own garden. Great!

Backyard play equipment 9

Create the perfect environment for your child to move around, have fun and play on the fresh air with this amazing climbing frame that is constructed of only the highest quality wood and will make for just the most fitting option for any spacious backyard.

Backyard play equipment 17

9 piece set of equipment for dog backyard. Includes slide, tunnel, ladder and more. Frame is made of metal and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for large and medium sized dogs.

Playground equipment for backyard 1

Cool playground for big kids is such a cool way to entertain your teen kids in your own backyard! This playground equipment is very entertaining and looks fun. Constructed from silver steel elements and blue rope.

Outdoor bridge for playground

A simple but cool play catwalk for backyards. It's handmade of 4 thick round non-finished wooden posts joined with 4 sturdy round rails longwise. Four tyres are fixed to bottom rails. Posts are embedded in the ground.

Backyard play equipment 5

A frame climbing play equipment for pre-school to primary aged children who love to climb - if you have active child it is must-have in your garden. It is suitable for playgrounds, care homes and visitor attracions.

Backyard play equipment 1

Outdoor playground inspiration: merry-go-round featuring a unique bicycle design in red, accommodating five kids at a time. Serves playful purposes and develops motor skills along with muscle strength.

Jungle gym diy kits

Sue has gotten us a lot of wonderful, new, indoor gym equipment, but at this time of the year, I can't help but "Think Spring". Wouldn't it be fun to build something like this to put in the grass at the far side of the playground?!

Diy backyard playground ideas

The Blue Whale at Plikta Park in Gothenburg, Sweden (designed by Monstrum) - One of the most amazing playgrounds around the world

Play set or monkey bars off of back deck backyard

Play-set or monkey bars off of back deck.........Backyard Playground | Hand Crafted Wooden Playsets & Swing Sets - Gallery

Backyard wooden playground equipment like our safari pak cubby fort

Backyard wooden playground equipment like our Safari Pak Cubby Fort ...

Merry go round plans

Easy DIY Recycled pallet timber shop, cubby or market stall for outside play . Find out how at Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Backyard play equipment 10

Made from PVC pipes, this vibrant playground will provide great entertainment, engaging your children for long hours and providing diverse ways of interactions and development of their skills.

Backyard play equipment 15

A cool DIY round 'hill' or 'pyramid' for kids to play in the garden. It's created from disused car tyres spray-painted in vibrant colours. Tyres are arranged in steps and filled with the ground and sand.

Backyard play equipment 1

A cool large 2-level garden play equipment built of natural stained wood from pallets. Its frame has sturdy straight angular posts. Walls feature an upright slatted design. It's equipped a.o. with stairs, a bridge, a climbing wall, a plastic slide.

Backyard play equipment 6

This natural climbing wall constitutes a great backyard play equipment that will entertain all preschool children. It can be used for small group work or as ad-hoc seating for performances, a climbing wall and an ascending log stepper causeway.

Backyard play equipment 10

Why not add something that will allow you to have plenty of fun and provide hours of entertainment for your children with this outdoor wooden play equipment. This boardwalk is at the same time sturdy and well-constructed.

Backyard play equipment 4

A cool garden play accessory for kids. It's of colourful plastic and has a red front panel with low legs. Shape and length-varied pipes and shelves are attached aslant to the panel. A kid set afloat a ball which rolls down through pipes and shelves.

Outdoor obstacle course equipment

A great idea to occupy your children with something creative and fun, while keeping them busy in the garden or backyard. With this play equipment you are getting a whole bunch of sensory games, perfect for developing child's imagintaion.

Small playground equipment

While our days of swinging from the monkey bars are long behind us, our kids make up for it by spending hours jumping, running, climbing, and sliding up and down their favorite playground equipment. In fact, our kids live for…

Backyard playground equipment plans

Open topped Brighton Sand Box includes play tables and cover. High-quality timber sand pit for playgrounds and play areas.

Play equipment for backyard

Gonna get my hubby on it a.s.a.p. Maybe it'll be done in time for my daughters B-day.... IN JUNE, lol

The ultimate tree house for kids equipped with a climbing

This is a completely different dimension of a backyard play equipment. In fact, it can be said that this is a wooden tree house, because wide branches run between its floors - but it is grounded. Everywhere there are mysterious passages and a safe railing.

How to build playground equipment

If you are looking for fun playground equipment for your kids, this wonderfully made zip line is a great way to have fun. Stable attachments, appropriate security features, and a colorful saddle will be perfect for a toddler.

Obstacle course equipment for kids

Bring some fun into your garden or backyard, and put a big smile on your children's faces. With this numbered, concrete tiles your kids will have a real blast while playing hopscotch.

Cool play equipment for your garden that kids will love

Cool Play Equipment For Your Garden That Kids Will Love

Homemade outdoor gym equipment

diy pull up bars for kids

Build a merry go round

Thomas Gardner School Playground by Ivy Dawned, via Flickr

Backyard playground with the playground parts the professionals use

... backyard playground with the playground parts the professionals use

Swing-N-Slide Monster Web Swing

I used to have a small plastic blue elephant slide

I used to have a small, plastic, blue elephant slide when I was very little. This is definitely the adult version, and I want it!

Outdoor play house cedar swing set slide backyard

Outdoor Play House Cedar Swing Set Slide Backyard ...

5 tips for designing a kid friendly backyard

5 Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Backyard

Kids playground equipment backyard adventures

Kids' Playground Equipment - Backyard Adventures ...