Pool With Hot Tub

So many wonderful ideas and choices, so little time to pick, before you just want to dive in and make a splash. For your backyard, you can't go wrong with a pool. Add a hot tub and you have just invited heaven into your landscape. With many other fun features, and all made with the highest attention to style and quality, it is definitely time to get yourself a pool with hot tub.

Best Products

Avenli 4 Person Spa Prolong Inflatable Hot Tub

Avenli 4 Person Spa Prolong Inflatable Hot Tub
This Outdoor 4-Person Spa Prolong Inflatable Hot Tub can be a great choice for quality time with family and friends. The tub is equipped in a digital control panel for adjusting the temperature up to 104 F, and a bubbling massage feature.

4 Person 20 Jet Luna DLX Plug & Play Spa

4 Person 20 Jet Luna DLX Plug & Play Spa
Pamper yourself to this truly relaxing piece and enjoy the new-found comfort with the various upgrades such as the therapy jet. It is certainly the sturdiest spa in the industry, while still requiring less energy and delivering better performance.

8 Jet InstaSPA Deluxe Portable Spa

8 Jet InstaSPA Deluxe Portable Spa
Excellent for wet and bubbling fun, this 8-Jet Deluxe Portable Spa features a 1.5 HP motor, 1250W heater a lockable child-safe cover, and an automatic water heat feature reaching up to 104 F. The spa also includes a type A filter.

Pool with hot tub

Perfect backyard pool with hot tub and fire place

Pool with hot tub 10

pool with hot tub, tanning shelf, and waterfall

Pool with hot tub 4

Small pool hot tub - with infinity edge and beds for lounging...can i please have a rich husband?

Pool hot tub design

15 Fabulous Swimming Pool with Spa Designs - Home Design Lover

Our advice Buying Guide

What size pool with hot tub should I choose?

When determining the right size of pool with hot tub for your backyard, consider the available amount of space. For instance, if you have a relatively small backyard, opt for a pool with smaller standard dimensions of 20’ x 10’. If you have plenty of room in your yard, go for a model with larger dimensions of 33’ x 13’ or 33’ x 20’.

Larger, deeper pools are more expensive to install and run, as you’ll need to spend more money on heating and sanitation. Think about your budget before making your final decision on the size of your pool.

You should also think about how large you want your hot tub to be in relation to the pool. Small hot tubs tend to measure 3’ -5’ deep by 4’-6’ across, while larger models have a diameter of between 6’ - 8’ and a depth of 4’- 6’.

You also need to consider how many people can use the pool and hot tub. A small hot tub can comfortably accommodate 2-4 people, while a larger tub can fit up to 8 people, ideal for entertaining friends and family.

What shape is best for a pool with hot tub?

The best shape for a pool with hot tub is subjective and depends on the amount of yard space you have available and your patio space style. There are tons of designs for a pool and hot tub combination available, but two are extremely popular and will work well in most yards.

For a casual, fun pool and hot tub area where people can enjoy backyard barbecues and mingle freely, consider a kidney shape pool with an adjacent circular hot tub. This layout appears fluid and connects the hot tub and pool areas effortlessly so that no matter which body of water you're enjoying, you can still socialize with everyone. The curving edges of these pools are also pleasing to the human eye.

For the serious swimmer planning to use the pool in a primarily private context, opt for a rectangular pool and built-in, raised square hot tub. This layout makes it convenient to swim laps each morning in the pool and then do some polar plunge-style switches between the hot tub and pool afterward.

How much water do you need to fill a pool with a hot tub?

The amount of water you need to fill a pool with a hot tub depends on the size of the model. For 1 ft³ you need 7.48 gallons of water. To find the exact volume of water for your specific pool with a hot tub, you need to measure the width, height and depth of the interior of the tub.

For example, a pool measuring 4’x6’x6’ equals 144 ft³. 144 x 7.48 gallons means you’ll need exactly 1,077.19 gallons to fill the pool.

If you have an irregularly shaped pool, such as an L-shaped pool, you would split the L-shape into two separate boxes and measure the dimensions of each to find the volume, then add the volumes together.


Pool with hot tub 9

Haven Pools - pool idea (traditional rectangle with built in spa and automatic cover. Lighting & water features!)

Backyard designs with hot tub

Beautiful Backyard Pool Hot tub decorated with charming lanterns to create a romantic feel. #hottub #jacuzzi #ideas

Lagoon pool with grotto waterfall spa and fire pit by

Lagoon Pool with Grotto Waterfall, Spa, and Fire Pit by Lucas Lagoons

Pool with hot tub 1

Not only that you have a swimming pool, you can still benefit from a separate space in the form of a massage pool bathtub. The unique jaccuzi, located in the space of your pool, makes you feel like you can look up at all - massaging your body in warm water.

Pool with hot tub 5

This small pool will be fine, since I live on the beach. lol. BUT, the fence has to go for direct view/access to the ocean.

Pool with jacuzzi

This is quite possibly the greatest hot tub I have ever seen! I love how it looks so natural, blending in with the scenery. Stone Hot tub

Pool with hot tub 19

pool, hot tub, kitchen...Yep, this will work out just fine :)

Hot tubs

Hot Tubs

Pool with hot tub 32

Caviness Landscape Design, Inc. - Mediterranean grotto, kitchen & dry entertainment area

Inground pool with hot tub s

Inground pool with hot tub ???'s

Pool with hot tub 6

Pool, hot tub, and lazy river? Yes please! I'll take one of these for my backyard :)

Hot tub bar ideas

47 Irresistible hot tub spa designs for your backyard

Shaped pool with hot tub

Shaped pool with hot tub.

Pool with hot tub 28

Indoor stone fire place and hot tub, yes I want this!!!! Please and thank you.

Pool with hot tub 3

i want one for my backyard(too small for a pool) * Small backyard? This "spool" is the perfect solution = Spa and pool with waterfall :: Hometalk

Indoor hot tub ideas

Indoor/outdoor pool with a view! Have great ideas for your custom home? Get in touch with to make those ideas a reality!

Amazing green water in garden hot tubs with the main

amazing-green-water-in-garden-hot-tubs-with-the-main-pool-beside-in-the-jungle-atmosphere.jpg 432×640 pixels

Out your pool and dipping right into your spill over

... out your pool and dipping right into your spill over spa or hot tub

Pool with hot tub 2

hot tub with fireplace! Great for a small backyard or a small bank account lol

Pool with hot tub 30

A fire pit IN A POOL! WHOA! (36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home)

Beautiful natural stone hot tub 48 awesome garden hot tub

Beautiful natural stone hot tub. 48 Awesome Garden Hot Tub Designs | DigsDigs

Pool with hot tub 11

I love the natural look of this pool with the rock portion of the fountain. Beautiful.

This would be an amazing outdoor area a fire to

This would be an AMAZING outdoor area! A fire to make s'mores and read by, with a hot tub for adults and a small swimming pool for kids to wade in and teens to chill by, and ANOTHER seating area for eating, or drinking the morning coffee! Yes PLEASE! (:

Pool with hot tub 24

Spool. ( spa plus pool), This is our is an oversized hot tub with jets and lights and waterfall. Perfect for all seasons. Great for colorado weather., Patios & Decks Design

Todd richardson seamless blending of nature and design with a

Todd Richardson seamless blending of nature and design with a "natural spring" spa. To preserve the area's unity with the surrounding hillside, during construction Richardson wrapped the lichens and moss coating the boulders in burlap and kept them moist

Pool with hot tub 18

Oh my GOODNESS this looks absolutely incredible.

Swim spa hot tubs at la costa pool and spa

Swim Spa Hot Tubs At La Costa Pool And Spa

Pool with hot tub

Top 10 Beautiful Backyard Designs I love the outdoor spa with fabulous decking

Pools with hot tubs and waterfalls

hot tub that is off the master bedroom with stairs down to the pool. Can i just say i love this! (:

Pool with hot tub 1


Pool with hot tub 33

Above Ground Pools Decks Idea | photography above, is segment of Above Ground Pool Design Ideas ...

Cool hot tub ideas

spa pool | spa castle pines co all tile round spa with raised planter area with 3 ...

6-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa with Backlit LED Waterfall

6-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa with Backlit LED Waterfall

Tiki flair fire pit and waterfall hot tub

Tiki Flair: fire pit and waterfall hot tub

Pool with hot tub

Richards-Hot-Tubs-Pool-Spa-Combo-with-Spa-in-middle-of-pool-like ...

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Endless pools swim spas bounce back oregon hot tub

Endless Pools Swim Spas bounce back - Oregon Hot Tub

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15 spectacular private swimming pool designs with a hot tub

15 Spectacular Private Swimming Pool Designs With A Hot Tub

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