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Towel stand might not be the most important element of your house but it can still be quite useful. Now you can see how nice looking it can be, too. All the designs, sizes and colours of the teak towel stands presented below, are very nice and have already inspired many. What do you think about them?

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Updated 01/09/2023
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Freestanding Teak Towel Stand with Shelf

Freestanding Teak Towel Stand with Shelf

Ebern Designs

Perfect For: Adding spa-style elegance to bathrooms or pool houses

What We Like: Scandinavian-inspired design with stainless steel hardware

This freestanding teak towel stand combines style and function, showcasing the natural grain, character, and imperfections of solid teak wood in a rich, oiled finish. Measuring 34" H x 22.5" W x 11.25" D, it features an open, airy design with three graduated rails for hanging towels and a slatted lower shelf for slippers, folded robes, and other accessories. The stainless steel hardware ensures sturdy support, making it an ideal addition to your bathroom or pool house.


Designer Advice:

Pair this towel stand with matching teak bathroom accessories, such as a shower bench or bath mat, to create a cohesive and luxurious spa-like experience in your space.

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Vintage Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

Aqua Teak

Perfect For: Rustic, industrial, or country-style living spaces

What We Like: Generous storage space and unique design

Captivating and functional, this vintage trunk coffee table boasts a generous storage compartment, perfect for stashing board games, blankets, or keepsakes. The distressed wood and metal construction exudes a timeless, rustic charm that adds character to any room. Its versatile design blends seamlessly with various decor styles, while the locking latch ensures your belongings are securely tucked away. Moreover, the flat surface provides a stable platform for beverages and decorative items.


Designer Advice:

To enhance the table's rustic appeal, consider pairing it with an industrial-style rug, a cozy leather sofa, and warm, ambient lighting to create a space that feels warm and inviting.

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Teak Towel Ladder Rack

Teak Towel Ladder Rack

Foundry Select

Perfect For: Versatile and stylish towel storage in the bathroom or home decor accent

What We Like: Free-standing design with high-quality teak construction

This teak towel ladder is not only an attractive bathroom towel rack but also a lovely decorative addition to any room in your home. The free-standing, unattached design allows you to lean it against a wall and hang fresh or used towels from the rungs for easy access or drying. The ladder is made from high-quality teak, ensuring durability and strength for years to come. Its sturdiness even makes it suitable for general household chores.

Designer Advice:

Accessorize your ladder with decorative towels or twine-wrapped rungs for a rustic look or complement with metallic hooks and holders for a modern touch.

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Rustic Teak Wood Towel Rack

Rustic Teak Wood Towel Rack

Union Rustic

Perfect For: Adding practicality and charm to your bathroom

What We Like: Durable solid teak wood construction

This rustic wooden towel rack is a stylish and practical addition to your bathroom, made of solid teak wood for durability and stability. The towel holder features a top layer, offering ample space for placing towels and other bathroom supplies to keep the area clutter-free. Its natural, rustic look adds warmth and character, making it a versatile choice for traditional or modern bathrooms alike.

Designer Advice:

Pair it with other teak or wooden bathroom accessories to create a cohesive, warm look and incorporate soft, fluffy towels in earthy tones to complement the rustic style.

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Versatile Imitation Teak Towel Stand

Versatile Imitation Teak Towel Stand

Bay Isle Home™

With rounded corners, this stylish imitation teak towel stand looks great in a bathroom or alongside a pool or hot tub. Measuring 41 inches tall and offering three horizontal slats for hanging towels or other absorbent cloths. Included is a lower shelf for slippers, shoes, or other footwear.  

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Stylish Teak Outdoor Towel Rack

Stylish Teak Outdoor Towel Rack

Highland Dunes

Offering three slanted rungs for holding towels, this 32 inch tall freestanding towel rack is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The lower shelf measures 24 inches by 12 inches and is perfect for slippers or pool and shower shoes so you can easily grab them and go.

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Tall and Stylish Freestanding Teak Towel Rack

Tall and Stylish Freestanding Teak Towel Rack

Aqua Teak

Standing 36 inches tall, this freestanding towel rack is made from solid teak wood and features three slanted horizontal bars for hanging towels, robes, and other cloths from. Being a freestanding unit, you can move this towel rack to any place you may need it including alongside the pool or near the hot tub.

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Four Rung Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Four Rung Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Asta Furniture, Inc.

This simple ladder style towel rack measures 59 inches tall and offers four rungs for holding various towels, clothing, and more. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, you’ll love having this simple yet versatile towel rack in your bathroom.

Designer Advice:

While this towel rack works perfectly well in any bathroom, it also looks great near the pool, sauna, or hot tub. Lean it up against the wall for easy yet out-of-the-way access to your favorite beach towel or cover-up robe.

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Simple Wall Mounted Teak Wood Towel Rack

Simple Wall Mounted Teak Wood Towel Rack

Madison Bay Trading Company

Measuring 16 inches wide and offering the most convenient place for your favorite beach towel or bathrobe to hang, this wall-mounted towel rack is perfect for bathroom, indoor pool, or sauna use. Made from premium aged teak wood, the wood grains are highly attractive and unique to each piece.

$25.42 $20.83

Designer Advice:

The simple design of this wall mounted wooden towel rack makes it perfect for any type of decor you may have in your home or pool house. It fits in quite well with modern, contemporary, rustic, and chic decor styles so you don’t have to spend time looking for the right towel rack.

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Genuine Sanded Teak Towel Rack

Genuine Sanded Teak Towel Rack


Made from genuine sanded teak wood, this wall mounted towel rack can fit into a wide range of different decor styles in your bathroom, sauna, or pool room. This rack measures 16 inches wide giving you plenty of room for even a thick beach towel to hang until you need it.

$32 $24.99

Designer Advice:

We love the versatility of a wall-mounted towel rack. Not only can you decide exactly where you want to install it, but it can work in a variety of places in addition to your bathroom. Wall mounted towel racks can fit into kitchens, saunas, outdoor pools, and patio hot tub areas.

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Teak Towel Rack

Buying Guide

Teak has unique qualities that are not shared with other types of wood. Teak wood can withstand water without possibility of rot and will keep its warmth and richness for 100 years. Bathrooms should not be off-limit to the natural beauty of wood and teak allows you to keep natural wood alive and attractive regardless of a damp environment. Resembling a short ladder, a teak towel holder has no frills. The natural beauty of the wood and the simple freestanding construction is all that is needed to bring warmth and charm to a bathing area.

Teak has been used for ship building and exterior construction for centuries. The multiple good qualities make It one of the highest in demand of all woods.

  • Easy to Work With - Teak has a straight grain which makes workability more efficient. Glue adheres well for finishing work.
  • Rot and Decay Resistant - It is believed that the natural oils contained in teak prevents it from drying out as found in other woods.
  • Insect Proof - Termites and other wood-eating insects find teak undesirable.
  • Resists Mold and Mildew - The natural oils found in teak keep mold and mildew from forming.
  • Eco-Friendly - Because teak requires no toxic finishes, there is no danger of chemicals leeching into a room.

Teak works well with many different styles. Due to the straight lines and golden brown appearance that is common in most teak towel stands, contemporary, traditional and Southwestern decors accept the accent of teak wood very well. There are models that include shelves or seats that extend the versatility of a teak towel rack and provide an added flair in country or rustic decors.

Set your freestanding teak towel stand next to a vanity, outside of a shower or beside a bathtub. You do not have to worry about water splashing on the unit. This is the beauty of teak. Water will never damage teak and it will stay dependable and durable for decades. Keep your stand away from traffic areas for safety but close enough for easy access.

Teak requires no maintenance. This is proven by teak outdoor furniture that remains durable throughout the years. You may want to wipe off your stand with a damp cloth to prevent soap scum build-up. Be aware that over time the golden brown color will begin to turn to a grayish hue. This is perfectly normal and many times preferred for a modern decor. If you prefer the original color, a light sanding will instantly bring it back without damage. A teak cleaner and brightener can then be applied to prolong any color change.

Best Ideas

Standing teak towel rack towel rack tribu

Standing teak towel rack Towel rack - TRIBÙ

Teak towel ladder

Did you know that your bathroom towels do not have to rest on boring metal racks? You can use a specially adapted teak wooden ladder that has metal grips on which, in a truly unconventional way, you can hang colored towels.

Spa towel holder

Towel stand for indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made of teak wood. Includes shelf for storing cosmetics, toiletries and more. It is resistant to mildew and harmful weather conditions. Perfect addition for the garden or poolside.

Teak towel stand 1

Custom Teak Towel Rack by Denys Stryker by Exeter-Furniture

Teak towel stand 15

Handtuchhalter aus Teak 110 Galyno

Teak towel stand 26

- Angled Teak & Stainless Towel Stand - From the Spa Collection - Free Standing Towel Racks

Bed bath and beyond towel rack

A simple design of this beautiful towel stand, makes the whole durable, waterproof, and stylish. Designed of sturdy Teak in natural finish, the stand offers 3 wooden rods for hanging your towels, and 1 open slat shelf at the bottom.

Free Standing Towel Stand

Free Standing Towel Stand

To keep your towels warm from eternal contact with the floor in the bathroom-stainless steel and teak wood were used to create a teak free standing towel stand in a great design.Enough for a couple of towels and emphasize their elegance with a cherry trim.

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Wooden towel rail stand

White bathroom with wooden accents for stand-up shower

Pool towel racks free standing

I was looking for a towel stand for my bathroom. I found this one, and now it's in the corner of the bathroom. The solid teak wood construction has enough space for towels of my all family.

Teak towel stand 8

Buy towel stand - Kayu natural teak towel stands - Tikamoon

Mid century danish modern teak chrome towel rack c1960

Mid Century Danish Modern teak chrome towel rack c1960

Teak towel stand 14

towel stand, gbr

Teak towel stand 24

Eli Teak Towel Bar Tikamoon

A grade teak towel holder rack bathroom spa pool storage


Angled teak stainless towel stand from the spa

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Patented sula tm angled teak stainless towel stand

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