Towel Ring Stand


Give your bath towels, your hand towels, somewhere to dry, with these towel ring stands. Available in many styles to fit many decors, you will love the simplicity, the convenience, of having a sturdy and attractive towel ring stand in your bathroom. Find the right one that matches your decor in this collection. You might be surprised how much you need it.

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Our Picks

Countertop towel stand

Countertop Towel Stand

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Gatco 1504 Floor Standing S Style Towel Holder, Brass

Pretty-looking classic towel stands for traditional bathrooms. Made of brass with a hand chrome or bronze finish. A stand has 2 S-shaped arms for towels and a round base. It is not very large or tall, so suitable for smaller interiors.

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Countertop hand towel rack

Neat industrial towel ring stand with an extra-large square base and a strong metal frame. The piece also comes with a large ring at the top, nicely finished in gold to complement the industrial black on the base. Its unique charming design should bring a unique feeling of whimsy in any bathroom.

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A pair of vintage brass hand towel

A Pair Of Vintage Brass Hand Towel
A vintage pair of hand towel holders, made of brass in Japan, in the 1970s. Japan origin is clearly visible: each towel stand was topped off with 3D Koi fish figurines. Another ornamental accent was applied on bases (intricate etching).

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Allied brass tribecca free standing 1 ring towel holder

Allied Brass Tribecca Free Standing 1 Ring Towel Holder
If you’re looking for a unique way to store your towels in the bathroom, take a look at this antique, free-standing ring towel holder with a bronze finish. Made to be placed on a cabinet with the towels falling to the side.

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Towel ring stand 1

Free-standing and high-quality towel ring featuring a sturdy metal construction and an incredibly elegant chrome-plated finish. The piece stands on a strong rounded base and offers up to two extra-large rings to dry your towels and other bathroom attire.

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Home crystal countertop fingertip towel holder stand

Home > Crystal Countertop Fingertip Towel Holder Stand

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Free Standing Pedestal Fingertip Towel Stand

Free Standing Pedestal Fingertip Towel Stand
Attractive modern freestanding fingertip towel rack. It is manufactured of glossy-finished metal. It consists of a round base, a sleek round section stem and 2 circular holders hanging on short arms.

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Counter hand towel stand

Ruy Teixeira

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Towel ring stand 1

Get your towels organized and dried up easily with this beautiful metal towel rings. The rings feature a modern gold plated design and are glossed a little to pop. They are supported by a stable metal stand too and should be enough to hold three or four towels at a time.

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Towel Ring Stand

Buying Guide

A towel ring stand should be used in any bathroom that doesn’t already have a wall-mounted towel ring. Towel rings are a classy, convenient way for you to hang towels up to dry between uses while providing easy access when you need to dry off.

Without somewhere to hang hand towels to dry, they often sit on the bathroom countertop looking messy and potentially staining the counter’s surface because of the constant exposure to moisture. Creating a dedicated area for storing damp towels helps keep your bathroom tidy and your vanity in top condition.

Larger freestanding towel rings are ideal for letting bath towels air dry after your shower without hanging them against a door or wall. This prevents dark towels from staining the walls because of prolonged contact with moisture.

The standard directions for how far off the floor a towel ring stand should sit is 42” to 48”. Depending on how tall your towel ring stand is, you can judge for yourself whether the stand should sit on the counter or the floor.

If you have a short towel ring stand, you can place it on the counter. If your towel ring has a stand that stretches over 12”, you should place it on the floor.

Ideally, your towel ring stand should be a few inches from your sink so you can wash your hands and only have a minimal reach to dry them with a towel. The position that gives you and your guests easier access to a hand towel is where you should place your towel ring stand.

Best Ideas

Antique pedestal fingertip towel ring

Antique Pedestal Fingertip Towel Ring

InterDesign Axis Fingertip Towel Holder, Pearl Champagne

Stylish and chic hanger to the bathroom in the form of stand. It can serve as a towel rack or as a stand for jewelry. A modern form, the metal base and beautiful finish in pearl champagn makes it fit the most elegant bathrooms.

Hopeful Enterprise Towel Holder

Bathroom countertop towel holder

Double freestanding towel ring

Vintage 3 ring hand towel counter top stand

Vintage 3-ring hand towel counter top stand

Hand towel holder stand

Beautifully constructed towel ring stand with an opulent gold-plated finish and sturdy metal construction. The stand is relatively short too, making it easier to access it even for kids. Its strong rounded base and two large rings at the top should provide excellent usability for any household.

Home aldabella guest towel stand jewelry holder

Home > Aldabella Guest Towel Stand Jewelry Holder

Towel ring stand 16

WS Bath Collections Kubic Class Free Standing Towel Bar Stand

Towel ring stand

This gadget isn't very complicated, but it is very useful. It will plays its role perfectly as a stand for towels. It is made of metal and in spite of its simplicity it is very stylish. Must have in your bathroom!

Free Standing Waterfall Towel Stand

Free Standing Waterfall Towel Stand
This detached standing in the waterfall hanger for towels are tasteful and very practical element to the bathroom or kitchen. Beautifully finished with chrome-plated steel is elegant.

Pair of vintage brass hand towel rings stands holders hangers

Pair of Vintage Brass Hand Towel Rings/Stands/Holders/Hangers w/ Koi ...

Standing towel ring

Oil Rubbed Bronze Two Arm Towel Holder Allied Brass Bars Towel Bars & Rings Bath

Countertop hand towel stand

Freestanding towel ring stand made of metal with antique finish. Functional accent for each bathroom according to taste and need. Simple form and elegant design.

Bathroom countertop towel stand

Tribecca Free Standing 2 Ring Guest Towel Holder