Stone Bathroom Accessories

This collection of stone bathroom accessories is not only clever but incredibly attractive. With toothbrush holders and tissue box holders that look as if they were chiseled out of marble, they are the perfect accent piece if you are enhancing your bathrooms appeal or doing an upgrade to the counters. They are heavy and sturdy and will fit universally with toiletry items you already have. See collection for more.

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Slate bath accessories

Slate bath accessories
Interesting bathroom accessories with a stone construction finished in neutral gray color. These clean slate accessories provide an attractive and natural look into the bathroom. They are smooth and available in different sizes.

Slate Bath Accessories

Slate Bath Accessories
With these slate bath accessories you will never again have to worry about them being thrown around the place haphazardly, since now there will be room for each one of them and all in a matching, grey-toned finish.

Michelangelo Marble Tissue Holder

Michelangelo Marble Tissue Holder
Who would expect that a tissue holder may look like a piece of art - this one does! It is massive and carefully carved from natural stone. The marble features beautiful organic pattern, black and gold with white streaks, 100% natural.

3pc Modern Silver Black Sparkle Mosaic Glass Tile Bathroom Accessory Set Deco

3pc Modern Silver Black Sparkle Mosaic Glass Tile Bathroom Accessory Set Deco
This bathroom acccesories set will find its place in every modern bathroom. Made from multiple, tiny crystals, this silver and black sparkle glass mosaic will bring style and prestige to your bathroom.

Amber street bathroom set towel rack

Amber street bathroom set towel rack
Don't settle for temporary, ugly toilet paper holders, when you can enhance the looks of your toilet with a holder like this one. It's durable and looks rich. Black painting makes it elegant and suitable for any kind of house.

Luna Marble Soap Dish

Luna Marble Soap Dish
Beautiful, rectangular soap dish made of natural marble imported from Greece. The piece is perfect to be used in a bathrrom - it will not rust, it is resistant to moisture, it does not lose its attractive appeal when exposed to water.

Luna Marble Tissue Box Cover

Luna Marble Tissue Box Cover
Elegant tissue box cover made of premium marble in natural white and gray coloring. Thanks to the usage of natural stone, you may be sure that this decorative piece is resistant to nature's elements, such as rust or funghi.

Stone bathroom accessories 5

These are marble stone bathroom accessories that will give your bathroom a natural feel. You can find them in different shapes that make for different uses.

Stone bathroom accessories 1

Bathroom accessories with very naturalistic feel. Beautify your bathroom and give it a more natural feel with these grey stone accessories. They come in different shapes for different purposes. We have the soap holder, toothbrush holder, and even a perfume jar.

Bath accessories marble travertine bathroom sets mike and ally palazzo

bath accessories marble travertine bathroom sets mike and ally palazzo

Kim seybert gray etched stone bath accessories gracious style

Kim Seybert Gray Etched Stone Bath Accessories | Gracious Style

Marble accessories cant have a marble counter but that doesnt

Marble accessories - Can't have a marble counter, but that doesn't ...

Stoneware bathroom accessories

Set of bathroom accessories made of high quality stone. Includes toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, trash bin, tissue box and more. Adds freshness and elegance to any bathroom.

Stone bathroom accessories

The arrangement of the natural stone bathroom is very elegant. The stone in the bathroom as a noble material is willingly used. That's why accessories made of stones have been created: hand-carved soap dish, ect. are beautiful alternative to standard plastic.

Bathroom accessories 22

Bathroom accessories

Stone bathroom accessories

Made from a natural river stone, this dispenser can be used for lotion or liquid soap by your bathroom or kitchen sink. Its stylish, organic design makes it a breeze to fit into any décor

Stylish marble bath accessories

Stylish Marble Bath Accessories

5 Pieces Set Indian Natural Marble Stone Toilet Bathroom Bath Set Accessories

Stone bath accessories 3

Beautiful though rather simple in forms contemporary bathroom accessories made of polished marble in light creamy shades. All 8 pieces feature clean straight lines. A soap dispenser has a pump of metal.

Stone bathroom accessories 25

Set of bathroom accessories consisting of soap dish, toothbrush holder, trash bin, tissue box and containers in various sizes. It is made of high quality ceramic. Modern design and functionality for each home.

Stone bathroom accessories 6

Natural stone bathroom sink accessories, dispensers and sets for sale ...

Stone bathroom accessories sets

The white tray made of Greek marble. It could be used as a contrast on the dresser to hold the jewelry and the parfumes. I am not pretty sure if it looks good in the modern bathroom, but will be perfect for the classical one.

Bathroom accessories stone

Interesting rustic style bathroom accessories hand crafted of soap stone in natural greyish shades. The set consists of 3 size-varied traditional bowls, a square soap dish and a rectangular tray for toothbrushes.

Stone bathroom accessories 21

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