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Maybe you need more towel racks than you have, or perhaps you just don't want to punch holes in the wall to install a towel rack, but whatever the motivation, if you need a sturdy and attractive towel stand, look no further than our extensive collection of wooden towel stands. They are made to hold as many towels as you can fit, ensuring your towel will be dry when you need it.

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Free Standing Towel Stand

Free Standing Towel Stand
Free standing towel stand made of metal and finished with decorative curls. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

Free Standing Towel Stand

Free Standing Towel Stand
To keep your towels warm from eternal contact with the floor in the bathroom-stainless steel and teak wood were used to create a teak free standing towel stand in a great design.Enough for a couple of towels and emphasize their elegance with a cherry trim.

Wooden towel rack can also as a decoration in the

Wooden towel rack can also as a decoration in the house when the towel ...

Wooden towel stand 12

Take care of the exposure of your towels in the bathroom - they can become an important part not only for your wet body. Made of dark walnut wood, wooden towel stand, it offers hanging posts and a hangers. Contains beech wood components.

Beautiful Wooden Towel Rail Rack Vintage Classic Timber Stand Can Posted

Beautiful Wooden Towel Rail Rack Vintage Classic Timber Stand Can Posted
An elegant rack for towels where they will quickly dry. You can place it in a bathroom, but it will also be a nice decoration of your bedroom. It's a solid, wooden construction with a curved decoration at the top.

Towel stand wooden

My Faux French Chateau: Lovely Little Vintage Wood -

Wooden towel stand 2

Practical and durable wooden stand for towels. This construction is resistant to wear, water, moisture and other negative factors that can be found in the bathroom. Simple shape and neutral white color are another important features of this stand.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wooden towel stands can be invaluable to any bathroom. They can provide an extra holding area for wet towels and add a new piece of exquisite furniture to your bathroom. Most of the wooden towel stands you will find in the market at the moment are very simple. There’s nothing too elaborate about them, just a simple stand where you can hang your towels. However, even with this simplicity, there are still a few features you should be looking out for before you buy.

How big are wooden towel stands?

On average, a wooden towel stand won’t fill an entire bathroom length and it will also be shorter in height. As you begin shopping for a new stand, you need to assess the size of your bathroom carefully and pick a small and compact stand that doesn’t create too much clutter. If you have a big bathroom, then you have the luxury to go for a bigger size but most designs are relatively smaller. It seems that a lot of manufacturers of wooden towel stand designs presume that the majority of their customers will be people with small bathrooms. This is probably the main reason why most stands tend to be small and compact.

What are the most popular towel stand finishes?

There are many finishing options out there. While some stands may feature wood grain finishes to offer a rugged and more natural feel, others are softer and laminated. The colors on the finishing are also going to differ from one stand to another. However, brown earthy tones are very popular with wooden stands. Due to the simplicity of wooden towel stand designs out there, the only feature that can help embellish their look even more is the finishing.

How to select the right design of a wooden towel stand?

There are two things you need to consider as you pick the design for the stand. First, how many towels do you think it can hold? Most stands are designed to hold one or two towels but some can actually hold more. As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to clutter your stand and by extension your bathroom with too many towels. A maximum of three in every stand is recommended. In addition to this, smaller and compact stands for smaller bathrooms cannot hold a lot of things. The style, on the other hand, is basically how the stand looks. It’s about aesthetics and not function. In that case, always pick something appealing.

Finally, you need to pick a stand that can be used in any kind of bathroom. Although this is relatively hard since most wooden towel stand designs are made for specific types of bathrooms, if you look close enough you may be able to find versatile solutions that can work. Stands that can stand on their own or hang on the wall should be ideal to give you the level of versatility you need.

Getting high-quality wooden towel stand designs out there should be an easy job. It’s all about finding something that works for you.


Wooden towel rail stand

White bathroom with wooden accents for stand-up shower

Winsome Wood Blanket Rack, Antique Walnut

Wooden towel stand 6

Wooden Towel Stand at Homebase -- Be inspired and make your house a home. Buy now.

Www.Shopinfashion.Co.Uk Beautiful Bamboo Wood Wooden 3 Tier Towel Rail

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Towel Stand-1116

Restored wooden towel rack

Restored Wooden Towel Rack..

Wooden towel stand

Wooden element of bathroom furniture. This towel stand allows for perfect organization of textiles in small indoors like bathrooms. Its solid wooden construction features small and large shelves for different items.

Heated towel rack

Heated Towel Rack

Wooden towel stand 3


Wooden towel stand 1

Wooden Towel Stand

12th scale walnut wooden towel stand

12th Scale Walnut Wooden Towel Stand

Contemporary wooden towel stand white 2

Contemporary Wooden Towel Stand - White.

Wooden towel rack freestanding

Mine was a STEAL! I bought mine at a yard sale for $25! Vintage Wash Stand Wooden with Mirror Candle Holders by MustyMusts, $144.00

Towel rack ii 4 bars ga565 accents range

Towel Rack II (4 bars) [GA565] - Accents range

Wooden towel stand 5

In spite of its simplicity this incredible gadget will be very useful in every bathroom. This stand is made of wood covered of gleaming paint and it is intended to hanging towels. Due to this stand your towels will dry faster.

Lohas Free Standing Towel Stand

Lohas Free Standing Towel Stand

Wooden towel stand