Wooden Shelf With Hanging Rod

You can never have too many shelves, or too many places to hang things. And to fit both of those, we give you wooden shelves with hanging rod. Hang your winter coat and put your gloves and boots on the shelf. Or maybe it's a good place to have the kids hang their back packs and put away their shoes so they don't get misplaced. Plenty of great applications.

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Wooden shelf with hanging rod

Wooden Shelf with Wicker Baskets and Hanging Rod---Kid's bedroom

Shelf with rod for hanging clothes

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Wooden shelf with hanging rod

A practical solution for entryways, hallways, bedrooms, and offices. With this wooden storage you can not only store your clohes on two open shelves, but also place them on the hanging rod attached underneath.

Wooden Wall Shelf

Wooden Wall Shelf
It is a very nice wooden wall shelf. It has a white color, which makes it very versatile. Its size also indicates that this is a typical standard flange. It will fit in the living room, bedroom and hallway.

Wooden shelf with hanging rod 6

... & Wall Racks > 16-in Wall Mount Valet w/ Shelf & Hanging Rod, Chrome

Distressed black wood wall shelf with

Distressed Black Wood Wall Shelf With
Wall-mounted wooden shelf with the hanging rod is a practical element of interior design. Interesting details and dark finish blend beautifully, creating a very functional design element. Excellent furniture for the hall and more.

Wooden shelf with hanging rod 4

Details about Rustic Aspen Log Hanging Wall Quilt Rack Display 60" L ...

Our advice Buying Guide

A wooden shelf with a hanging rod is a useful addition to any home. It can help you maximize your wall space by converting a portion of it for storage and organizing purposes. Apart from all that, it’s also an economical storage option. With so many advantages, it's highly recommended that every home should have at least one.

Keep in mind that this type of wooden shelf comes in many varieties. It's easy to get confused with the choices. To help clear some of the confusion, this article is going to be a buying guide for wooden shelves with hanging rods.

What kinds of wood are wooden shelves crafted from?

The common options typically come in the form of solid wood, plywood, and fiberboard. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Solid wood is the premium choice. As the name suggests, the parts of the shelf are crafted from real wood. It has the advantage of being the most durable. On the downside, it's also the most expensive wood type.
  • The fiberboard is also known as particle board. This type of wood is primarily made from sawdust, wood chips, and glue that are compressed together. It has the advantage of being the most economical option. However, don't expect it to be very durable and capable of supporting too much weight.
  • Plywood is sort of in between the fiberboard and solid wood in terms of durability and costs. For example, it's not as costly as solid wood, and it's more durable compared to fiberboard. On the other hand, it's not as durable to solid wood, and it's more expensive compared to fiberboard.

The wood type will have a significant impact on the cost and longevity of the unit. Hence, you must carefully consider the primary wood material used.

What are the most common types of shelf support?

Since you are placing the wooden shelf on a wall, it will need support to hold weight. There are three basic types of supports, which include the hanging, the L-shape, and the triangle shape.

  • The hanging type supports the shelf with a chain or rope. The chain or rope is attached from the wall to the outer corners of the shelf. This type can support reasonable amounts of weight. On the downside, it limits the storage space as the rope or chain is located above the shelf.
  • The L-shape supports the shelf at the bottom with a brace that is shaped like an inverted letter L. It's the most economical support type, but it's also the weakest.
  • The triangle is similar to the L shape in a way that it supports the shelf from the bottom. The key difference is it uses a brace that is shaped like a triangle. This maximizes the support by re-directing the weight to the wall. Thus, it’s a stronger support compared to the L-shape. On the downside, the extra side means it will limit the space directly below the shelf.

There are plenty of other factors that you can use to further narrow down your choices. However, the key points mentioned above should be enough to help you weed out most of the options that don't fit well with your specific situation.


Half way below the rod im going to build an

Half way below the rod I’m going to build an improved version of my ...

Wooden shelf with hanging rod 3

Hanging Shelves

Wall shelf with clothes rod

cabinet storage, countertop for folding, and clothes rod for hanging

Shelf with hanger bar

Wall mounted shelf with hanging rod. It is completely made of wood. Neutral design for the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and others interiors as needed.

Bermondsey Stepped 6 Cubby Decorative Wall Shelf

Bermondsey Stepped 6 Cubby Decorative Wall Shelf
A decorative wall shelf with six cubbies to make sure you get to fit all of your books or magazines or even some decorations. while the simple design allows for a nice accent to the interior and an elegant one.

Somer 7 Piece Hanging Shelves & Cabinet Set

Somer 7 Piece Hanging Shelves & Cabinet Set
Cool rustic style set crafted of fibreboard with a brown-reddish finish. A rectangular open front hanging cabinet has 2 larger side cubbies and 2 smaller in centre. Three pairs of simple size-varied shelves can be arranged in any configurations.

Wardrobe with hanging rod 1

Create this DIY closet with shelves and curtain rods and make sure you finally have more than enough space to keep all of your clothes neatly organized. It is a perfect option for when you're renting the flat.

How to make wooden shelf brackets search results diy woodworking

How To Make Wooden Shelf Brackets | Search Results | DIY Woodworking ...

Wooden Wall Shelf

Wooden Wall Shelf
It is a very interesting and highly original cabinet on the wall. It made of few wooden boxes, which are connected to one another by metal rods. The shelf is very practical, but also very decorative.

Wall shelf with hanging rod

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this desk for their home. It features the lovely white color, wooden construction and plenty of shelves. It can be used for sewing, scrapbooking, working, writing and more.

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Add it to your favorites to revisit it later.

Vintage pine shelf with hanging rod and

Vintage Pine Shelf With Hanging Rod And
Made in the style of a vintage wooden shelf with the hanging rod is an interesting solution to the hallway. Beautifully carved construction and functional details create a sensational whole which delights and brings exciting atmosphere.

Walk in closets using black wooden shelves and cylinder black

Walk In Closets Using Black Wooden Shelves And Cylinder Black Rods ...

Ashland Decorative "H" Shaped Wall Shelf

Ashland Decorative "H" Shaped Wall Shelf
Simple yet sturdy, this wall shelf can be easily and firmly mounted on your living room or entryway wall. Crafted from durable wood, the shelf offers an H-shaped design, long-lasting usage and enough place to properly display decorations or store books.

Industrial lightworks reclaimed wood shelf with towel rack

Industrial Lightworks - Reclaimed Wood Shelf With Towel Rack ...

Shelf with hanging rod

An industrial accent immediately boosts the general coolness factor in home space! Black steel pipe supports the reclaimed wood shelf (black walnut) sporting unique wooden pattern. Elegant, not shabby, as industrial accessories sometimes are.

The side wall with the double shelf and the high

The side wall with the double shelf and the high hanger rod is mine.

Wood shelf with rod

Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf: 2 Tier Wood Shelves & 2 Towel Rods

Reversed Criss Cross Wall Shelf (Set of 2)

Reversed Criss Cross Wall Shelf (Set of 2)
Set consisting of two beautiful wall shelves with modern criss cross design. Each piece is made of sturdy and durable laminated MDF and features classic finish. All required hardware is included in the set.

Sacramento Entryway Storage Shelf

Sacramento Entryway Storage Shelf
This beautifully made of hardwood entryway storage shelf is a perfect solution for any home. Hooks for coats were made of genuine metal hardware which makes them durable and perfectly fit the cabinet.

Small wooden bathroom shelf

Small Wooden Bathroom Shelf
Space-saving, comfortable and functional bathroom shelf made of wood. This hand-made item is very original and it plays both functional and decorative roles. It is suitable for use in bathrooms and other indoors.

Wood wooden shelf baby clothes rod

Wood Wooden Shelf Baby Clothes Rod
A durable and firmly attached to a wall, this simplistic shelf with a towel rod is crafted of hardwood and covered in a distressed finish. Its floating design allows you to save some space, and the sturdy rod easily accommodates even large towels.

Geometric Square Wall Shelf

Geometric Square Wall Shelf
This made contemporary-style square geometric wall shelf is a perfect theme decorative and functional. Holds numerous knick-knacks, books, decorations and frames with photographs.

Wall shelf with rod

Shelf made from end piece of a wooden pallet. Hanging bar added with a piece of turned steel, but a piece of rebar could be primed and painted to serve the same purpose. Or big box building supply stores carry zinc coated 1/2" rods in various lengths that

Wardrobe with hanging rod 4

Every woman has a feeling that they need a dressing room for all clothes. Now it is possible even in small apartment. Smart shelves will allow you to segregate your clothes and scarfs and put them in order.

Ashland 16" Display Shelf

Ashland 16" Display Shelf
This item is a special shelf that has got a functional and decorative character. It is a wall mounted shelf that offers plenty of compartments for storage and display of decorations. Its white color matches any stylization.

Wardrobe with hanging rod

Ottoman for living room applications. This round element of furniture features a soft, cushioned top with button tufting for additional attractiveness. This ottoman is finished in a very attractive and neutral silver color.

Stylish wall organizer made of durable wood in blue antiquated finish with a touch of vintage. Features three solid hooks, convenient shelf cabinet with glass doors, and easy to install frame with sturdy mount.

Sally Wall Shelf in Ballet Pink

Sally Wall Shelf in Ballet Pink
Pretty contemporary wall-mounted wooden shelf with a nice pink finish. It can be used e.g. in girls' rooms for toys display or in kitchens for storage containers with spices. It's rectangular, has elevated sloped sides and a protective rail.

Shelf with rod

This is an example of the fantastic development of the space of the entrance room. The wooden shelf, made of solid dark wood, has connected an industrial pipe which functions as a hanger. It may hang also in bedroom. Giving a space for "tomorrow clothes".

Add some stylish simplicity to your home with this functional floating shelf providing five sections or six small shelves for displaying arrangements and decor. Hangs vertically or horizontally, it is well made and highly versatile.

Decorative 3 Piece "Live, Love, Laugh" Wall Shelf Set

Decorative 3 Piece "Live, Love, Laugh" Wall Shelf Set
Set of three black decorative wall shelves. Each piece features strong and durable construction made of MDF and laminate. Additionally, the shelves have rectangular shape and have appealing, modern design.

Corner Wall Shelf in Black

Corner Wall Shelf in Black
It is a very interesting and unusual corner wall cabinet. It consists of two shelves. It is very elegant and very tasteful. It was made of wood in a dark suit. It is extremely practical and decorative at the same time.

Chicago 41" Floating Shelf

Chicago 41" Floating Shelf
A floating shelf. Made of laminated MDF, painted in espresso. Contemporary style, capacity of 30 pounds. Wide and good quality. Looks great as bookshelf or display shelf, may be also used as a home bar.

Wooden shelf with hanging rod 2

... room decor shelf. Could put a bottom shelf in place of the towel rod

Solid Wood Floating Wall Shelf

Solid Wood Floating Wall Shelf
This sturdy wooden floating bar is the perfect solution for every type of interior. Reinforced maintain most of the trinkets. Excels in every point of the home and office. It is simple and classic, perfect for contemporary interiors.

Cubby Wall Shelf

Cubby Wall Shelf
Wall shelf with seven storage cubbies. This makes it perfect for storing knickknacks or displaying photos. It's made of strong MDF, and each cubby has weight capacity of six lbs. Additionally, the shelf has no visible hanging hardware.

For clothing rod 2 10 hang clothes from wooden shelf

... for Clothing Rod, $2.10. Hang clothes from wooden shelf on wall

Rods and brown wooden shelves also with brown wooden hangers

... Rods And Brown Wooden Shelves Also With Brown Wooden Hangers And

3 Tier Wall Shelf

3 Tier Wall Shelf
Adorned with some traditional spindle accents, this cherry finish 3 tier wall shelf is designed to complement traditional decor, but it also works great with other decor styles. It is constructed from high quality wood.

Wall Shelf with Hooks

Wall Shelf with Hooks
A nice wall mounted piece of furniture that includes two storage shelves. Its lower part serves as a coat or hat rack thanks to its solid metal hooks. This item has got a durable wooden frame that is a long-lasting construction.

Provo Corner Shelf

Provo Corner Shelf
Corner shelf with four shelves and each has capacity of 20 lbs. The construction is made of strong MDF and provides elegant modern design. The shelf is perfect for displaying photos or storing smaller items.