Wall Shelf With Hooks And Baskets

Everybody needs more and better storage options in their home, and a wall shelf with hooks and baskets creates a sense of country appeal in any area of the house. Use in your kitchen to store odds and ends, or maybe hang coffee mugs and store tea packets, or in the hallway to store your coats, hats, and keys all in one convenient place. The prospects are endless in the asembled grouping bellow.

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Floating Entryway Shelf & Coat Rack

Floating Entryway Shelf & Coat Rack
This is a very ingenious shelf in the hallway. On the one hand, from the top, it has a place for rearranging a few items that in the hallway are needed. Its lower part is hangers for coats and jackets.

Cubby wall shelf country shelf for

Cubby wall shelf country shelf for
Coat rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is fitted with 5 double hooks and 3 open shelves arranged horizontally. Received many positive recommendations from clients for functionality and neutral design.

Wall shelf with hooks and baskets

A space-saving and country-looking shelf unit that will effectively spice up your vintage kitchen. The unit features an oak-finished wood open top shelf, 4 wire lattice baskets that work as open cubic compartments, and 9 metal hooks underneath.

Wall shelf with hooks and baskets

The wooden wall shelf with hooks and baskets is a perfect solution for the kitchen and pantry. Handy drawers give you plenty of storage space, and a small but functional top makes it possible to use the whole thing in many ways.

Wall shelf with hooks and baskets

Metal & Wood Shelf with Baskets & 7-Hooks traditional-wall-shelves

Small shelf with hooks

Imagine that a black metal shelf for mugs looks like jewelery for your wall. Hanging hooks will allow you to hang your green cups in a symmetrical and stable way. Functionality adds small baskets to which you can stack kitchen utensils.

Wall shelf with hooks and baskets

Rustic Wall Mounted Baskets & Hooks - Finally! A way to get organized without sacrificing your personal style. Our rustic wall mounted baskets with hooks with keep your things sorted, displayed and out of harms way. 2 baskets, 1 bin and 5 hooks provide pl

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Homeowners who try to stay organized are often looking for handy storage solutions. A wall shelf with hooks and baskets included is a great way to store many different things, while keeping it neat and tidy and out of your way elsewhere in the home. Let's consider some of the popular styles for these wall shelves.

Why have a shelf with hooks and baskets?

The hooks provide a place for hanging coats, scarves, keys and umbrella, while the baskets are commonly used to keep letters, books, paperwork, mugs, spices and children's toys. This all contributes to the de-cluttering of your space while offering a great deal of a visual impact as well.

What are the most popular designs of wall shelves with hooks and baskets?

Built-in baskets and wooden shelf

A popular design is a wooden wall shelf, accompanied underneath by four metal baskets with each having two hooks at the bottom. The baskets can be removed, but they are included with the unit and match the frame. The top shelf is normally made from either natural wood or hardwood, and is often unvarnished for a more authentic feel. On each of the baskets is a space to insert a label, indicated the items which are kept within each one.

Wall shelf with separate baskets

Some wall shelves do not come with baskets, and you need to buy your own to include on the shelves. A design such as this is normally two wooden shelves, situated on the wall one underneath the other. These are then connected using two small pieces of wood for each end, and then two further pieces in the middle to create compartments. This leaves you with three compartments on the wall, plus the top shelf. Underneath these compartments, there is a wooden piece against the wall, which has 5-6 hooks for hanging coats and bags. You can use rattan or wicker baskets on the shelves, or plastic and metal if you need something more hard-wearing.

Wall shelf and hooks with a vertical set of baskets

This is a common style if you want a wall shelf with hooks and baskets in the hall as you enter the home. A wooden plank is nailed to the wall, and on this you can attach the hooks. The plank is normally around three feet long, and has space for 6-8 hooks depending on positioning. Two vertical wooden planks are on the wall slightly below the hooks, and four metal baskets can be attached to these. This design gives you space for coats, shoes, scarves and other items of clothing. It is a design which also works well in the kitchen. You can keep spices and condiments in the baskets, while using the hooks for mugs or kitchen utensils. If you have children, the bottom basket is ideal to reserve for their items.

What interiors are the perfect fit for a wall shelf with hooks and baskets?

Wall shelved with hooks and baskets look like they belong in country houses, and while they may complement the style of country homes the most, you can certainly use these units in any property.


Linon 4-Basket Wall Organizer

Hooks knobs pulls hooks black metal wood shelf with baskets

... Hooks, Knobs & Pulls | Hooks | Black Metal & Wood Shelf with Baskets

Hooks knobs pulls hooks black metal wood shelf with baskets

... Hooks, Knobs & Pulls | Hooks | Black Metal & Wood Shelf with Baskets

Beadboard wall shelf

Tour of a modern nursery with vintage elements - Making Nice in the Midwest

Wall shelf with hooks and baskets 5

Threshold™ Entryway Mirror with Baskets and Hooks Can be black or white. In white it might be cute in a bathroom of guest room.

Wicker basket wall shelf with coat hooks

Wicker Basket Wall Shelf With Coat Hooks

Shelf with hooks and baskets

A practical solution for accommodating smaller entryways, hallways and mud rooms. This unit is made of wood and splashed in white, offering 12 open compartments with capacious baskets, 1 stylish bench with a sturdy seat, and 5 double metal hook coats.

Wall shelves with baskets

Stylish wall shelf with hooks and baskets and the personalized bench is a lovely idea for entryway or hallway equipment. Beautiful combination of wood construction, wicker baskets and attractive color scheme impresses.

Threshold Entryway Organizer with Seagrass Baskets and Hooks - Assorted Colors

Wall shelf with hooks and baskets 3

55 Mudroom And Hallway Storage Ideas | Shelterness

Wooden wall bracket with wire baskets wall shelves and hooks

Wooden Wall Bracket with Wire Baskets - Wall Shelves And Hooks - Storage And Display - Love this for laundry room or mudroom - even for a playroom

Cubbie shelf with coat hooks

... wall coat hooks. interesting wall hooks. ikea coat hook shelf

Wicker basket wall shelf

Make shelving with JoAnn's crates, paint them. (Could be cute for mini mudroom setup in garage, kids could paint their own crates...)

Foyer with bench for shoes and baskets chalkboard schedule with

foyer with bench for shoes and baskets. chalkboard schedule with hooks

Liberty wire wall shelf 27 49 organize the mud room

Liberty Wire Wall Shelf $27.49 Organize the mud room, garage, laundry room with 5 large hooks, 5 small hooks and baskets. Great for kids coats/bookbags and lunchbox storage!

Stairwell and mudroom revamp i only had 5 inches to

Stairwell and Mudroom Revamp I only had 5 inches to work with to keep this narrow hallway free from clutter. The baskets on the bottom will hold miscellaneous things like scarves, flip flops, magazines, softballs, etc.. The bottom shelf, will be a spot

Newport 2 Basket Storage Shelf

Newport 2 Basket Storage Shelf