Wall Mounted Utensil Rack

Are you tired of ransacking your entire kitchen to find that pesky knife or spoon a recipe calls for? Enter a wall mounted utensil rack. Functional and often versatile enough to match any trend, these racks can hold pots, pans, cooking books, and anything else you want them to.

Key factors you’ll need to think about are durability, materials and finishes, and exactly how much space you have to hang your utensil rack. If you have small children or pets the above are undeniably important and practical things to consider as you’ll need something sturdier and therefore safer than the average person.

Beneath are ten innovative and multifunctional picks.

Slogan Utensil Hanging Rack

Slogan Utensil Hanging Rack

If you prefer your kitchen décor to look as though it could be part of a barn conversion, this deliberately rustic-looking hanging rack is for you. The contrasting blue, white, and grey letters above will add a subtle accent touch to your kitchen and the five metal hooks are great for smaller kitchens. However, over time the shabby look could deteriorate and look less shabby chic and more in desperate need of a paint job, so it’s always good to think about factors that could accelerate this such as damp or scratches. 


Space Saving Wall Mounted Utensil Holder

Space Saving Wall Mounted Utensil Holder

This cleverly-crafted holder is a storage solution and a hanging utensil rack in one due to its double shelf design and a generous ten hooks at the bottom. The top shelf could be used for anything from cooking books to chopping boards, or even just as an extra place for nice décor touches such as plants or candles. Additionally, the simple metal finish lets you see and locate items easily, reducing chaos in the kitchen. 

Iron Rail Utensil Rack

Iron Rail Utensil Rack

Want something that will last for years without any frills? This industrial-style wall mounted bartan stand will hold the things you reach for most when cooking without any fuss. With ten hooks available, this utensil rack will hold a lot more weight due to its iron finish, ideal if you are a bit of a cooking aficionado and own a lot of heavy-duty pots and pans.

$24.99 $27.99

Traditional Utensil Rack Wall Mount

Traditional Utensil Rack Wall Mount

This utensil rack would be a charming addition to any kitchen and will certainly keep your pots, pans, and appliances within eyesight for easy access when whipping up a recipe. The natural wood finish adds to an attractive piece of furniture sure to blend in with most décor. Additionally, shelf storage on top gives you a visually appealing space to place spice jars, soups and much more. 

Wooden Utensils Stand On Wall

Wooden Utensils Stand On Wall

Is your taste on the simpler side and you want a utensil rack which matches this? This minimalist holder is both practical yet pleasing to the eye. There are four hooks specifically for pans, and a remaining two for anything you wish to place there. As a bonus, it offers easy installation. The only disadvantage of this rack is that it does not hold as much weight as others, so your stainless-steel pans will have to remain in the cupboard. 

Kitchen Utensil Hanging Rack Stainless Steel

Kitchen Utensil Hanging Rack Stainless Steel

This stainless steel hanging rack is durable enough to last for years. Useful for decluttering your kitchen no matter its size, this stand will hold whatever you place on it without so much as a wobble. Extremely sturdy, it also happens to be rust and water-resistant, making it a great option for a kitchen which gets used a lot. The steel finish means it won’t scratch easily, either, which is definitely an advantage for those who have pets or children. 

Kitchen Utensil Rack Wall Mounted

Kitchen Utensil Rack Wall Mounted

Tiny kitchen or not much wall space? This is the smallest utensil rack on the list, but its wall-mounted design means it is very effective for storage. Differing from others in that the hooks hang from a round surface instead of a shelf, you won’t get extra storage from this rack. Nevertheless, it makes up for this with eight hooks designed to withstand heavy duty appliances, from your weightiest pot to your myriad of kitchen appliances. 

Stylish Hanging Kitchen Utensils Rack

Stylish Hanging Kitchen Utensils Rack

This sleek and stylish utensils rack will blend into any existing kitchen seamlessly without fuss. The curved metal design on either side adds an understated accent touch to the overall look. Moreover, this rack requires minimal assembly if you’re in a hurry to add that finishing touch. Coming equipped with ten hooks, the downside of this contemporary style is the potential lack of storage on the top shelf, meaning if you are someone who owns a lot of cookbooks or spice jars this may not be the best choice for you. 

Wall Mounted Utensil Rack For Kitchen

Wall Mounted Utensil Rack For Kitchen

If you have a large family, like to batch-cook, or simply own a lot of pans, this double-shelved industrial-style utensil rack is a solid and versatile choice. Its black exterior will merge with a lot of popular kitchen décor styles, and to top it all off, this style additionally has removable trays for more storage and to free up kitchen space. Ten hooks mean you can place a variety of utensils without hassle and the strong metal framing guarantees durability for larger pots and pans. This is a brilliant utensil rack in terms of flexibility, strength, and storage.

Multifunctional Kitchen Utensil Rack Wall Mounted

Multifunctional Kitchen Utensil Rack Wall Mounted

Coming in a smooth black matte finish, this utensil rack offers so much more than ten hooks. It happens to be a cooking lover’s dream, with features such as knife slots and anti-rust surfaces. Best of all, there are two aluminum cups which could be used to store anything from cutlery to spice jars to salt and pepper grinders. Finally, there’s a sliding bar for a dish towel or any spare cloths. Despite all these features, this rack doesn’t have as much room for actual pots, so proceed with caution if that would be its main use. 

Our advice Buying Guide

There is just nothing like a wall-mounted utensil rack to help keep your kitchen organized and to have your utensils at hand when you need them. They come in all sorts of designs and styles, but the main consideration is that it is easy to place or hang your favorite utensils when they are not in use.

What are the benefits of wall-mounted utensil racks?

Wall-mounted utensil racks are a great way to extend your kitchen’s storage capability. While it is often a good thing to have the right utensil for the job, it can be difficult to find a place for everything in a well-appointed kitchen. Even in this age of decluttering, work is often made easier with the right tool to take care of the task at hand. Wall racks and locating multi-purpose items is key to having what you need, when you need it and not having to search for it in a bottom drawer or the back of a cabinet.

What are the most attractive designs of wall-mounted utensil racks?

Stainless Steel with Sliding Hooks

A bowed band of stainless steel with an assortment of sliding hooks, this style of utensil rack is easy to mount and easy to hang an assortment of utensils. The hooks allow for arranging the items in any order or number (within reason) desired. The only drawback to this style of utensil rack is that it doesn’t allow for utensils that do not come with a hole in the handle.

Wrought Iron Basket with Hooks and Towel Rack

Combining beauty and utilitarianism, a rack like this is perfect for hanging just about anything from potholders and towels to cutting boards and large spoons. The wrought iron basket is a fantastic place to put the spices and other non-perishable condiments that you use most often.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Keep your knives at hand where they are not likely to be dulled or nicked by being jostled about in a drawer with other utensils. A strong magnet will readily keep your stainless and carbon steel knives organized and where you can find them. Whether you are looking for the good paring knife for preparing potatoes or the cleaver for chopping carrots or parsnips, you can be sure the knife you want is visible when you need it.

Ceiling Mounted Hanging Shelf

In some kitchens, it seems as if there is just not enough room for everything. A shelf unit with hooks on its edges can be a handy place to store pots, pans, spoons, ladles and more. Light-weight utensils such as sifters, colanders and even small aluminum saucepans are naturals for this kind of storage. Suspend it above a table or countertop where no one is likely to bump their head on a low-hanging utensil.


Bar Wall Mounted Utensil Rack

Bar Wall Mounted Utensil Rack
A hammered steel, wall mounted utensil rack with six hooks. Heat and rust resistant. Perfect for small kitchens where you need to free space in your cabinets. May be used commercially as well. Chef's kitchen look.

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf
Choose this rustic shelf for your spices to compliment your kitchen and make it into a more elegant and functional one. It comes with the pot rack on the bottom for even more practical appeal to it.

Hand forged 5 coat or pot rack 26 inch

Hand forged 5 coat or pot rack 26 inch
A long-lasting and vintage-looking coat rack that will easily keep your wardrobe in place. With its wall-mount design and hand-forged metal construction, the rack is easy to maintain and comes with 5 robust coat hooks.

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Utensil Rack

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Utensil Rack
It is a wall mounted utensil rack that is made of stainless steel. It has got a gray color and is great for your foyer, hall and other rooms. You will be impressed how great this utensil rack is.

Wall mounted utensil rack

This beautiful old-style plate rack is a perfect combination of practical form and attractive appearance. All solid metal construction is durable and provides additional storage space. The ideal element to the kitchen decor.

Wall mounted kitchen utensil holder

Trust me, you need these wall mounted metal bars and hooks for pans in your kitchen zone! They are nicely finished and high quality, so they will be for many years in your home.

Wall mounted utensil rack

Decorative, adorable and simple wire basket to your kitchen or bathroom. Such solution will add a bit of modern spirit to your space. You can keep there kitchen utensils or your bath cosmetics. And it looks great!

Steel stand for utensils

A functional and decorative addition to mount right underneath your kitchen cabinet. The utensil rack is made of powder-coated metal and features 7 strong hooks for your utensils and 1 hook for a role of paper towel.

Utensil rack

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this kitchen storage organizes for their home. It features steel construction, simple design, steel hooks and 31 inches of length.

Kitchen utility rack

Thanks to this wall-mounted utensil rack, you will be able to properly display your kitchen helpers for many years. Crafted of steel, the rack features three double railings with strong hooks for hanging your pots and pans.

Wall mounted utensil rack 1

Wooden kitchen utensils are practical, but can be - to my surprise - pretty decorative when they're displayed on a simple wooden wall-mounted rack. And they're simultaneously organized neatly within hand's reach.

Kitchen utensil rack

A creative way to store your pots and pans, while using this utensil rack, installed right under a bar-type counter. You can also mount it on a wall, where all of your utensils will be displayed as they should be.

Kitchen utensil holder wall mounted

With this kitchen pan and utensil rack that can easily be mounted to the wall of your kitchen you will instantly gain that significant boost of both visual appeal and utmost functional use in your space.

Matfer wall mounted utensils shelf 31 1 2 inches

Matfer Wall Mounted Utensils Shelf - 31-1/2 Inches

Stainless steel utensil hanging rack

This wall mounted spice rack with utensil hooks will be a perfect addition to any kitchen, bringing style and functionality. Its chromed finish will fit well into minimalistic, contemporary decors.

Kitchen utensil hanger

Wall mounted rack for different kitchen utensils is an excellent way to operate a kitchen appliance. Simple wooden construction allows for comfortable and pleasant style for decor. The perfect solution for contemporary interiors.

11 stainless steel utensil rack

Wall mounted, this stainless steel rack for utensils constitutes a perfect way to bring in solidness and a contemporary design to your kitchen. A practical addition for all MasterChefs.

Utensil stand

Wire Cubbie Shelf Great storage for small kitchen Country Door

Utensil racks for kitchens

Better Housewares 6 Hook Utensil Rack Wall Mount Utensil Racks

Xcellent Global 5 Position Mop Broom Holder Hanger Organizer Wall Rack M-HG022

Hanging utensils in kitchen

A simple but pretty and practical wall-hanging shelf with pockets. It's crafted of wood with a brown finish but black pocket fronts with symbols of kitchen utensils painted in white. It hangs on a metal chain.

Wall mounted utensil rack to organize and make your cooking

... wall mounted utensil rack to organize and make your cooking utensils

Large 5 Double Hook "Kitchen" Wall Rack Hanging Mounted Decor Utensils Spoons Towels Hooks Organizer Storage Country Decoration

Steel utensil stand

There are such many ways to organize the space in the kitchen or bathroom - one of them it is this wall mounted utensil rack. A simple metal form with round borders and nickel finish. You can put it above the sink and hang the ladles.