Wrought Iron Hanging Pot Rack


For the sturdiest pot rack you will never have to replace, consider the cold intensity of a wrought iron hanging pot rack. The perfect addition to your rustic kitchen, these pot racks have plenty of hooks to hold all your pots and pans and will mount easily on any exposed rafter beam. They will never fail you and are made to last. If you need a new pot rack, see collection for all the styles and sizes.

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Our Picks

Old World Kitchen Wrought Iron Hanging Pot Rack For Cooking Pots Amp Pans

Old World Kitchen Wrought Iron Hanging Pot Rack For Cooking Pots Amp Pans

Decorate your kitchen with rustic accents offered by this hanging rack for pots and pans. This old-fashioned piece is made of wrought iron with fantastic scrollwork, and 4 strong chains that will firmly keep the rack above your table.

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French pot rack

If you are a real fan of pot racks then this one will surely grasp your attention. It offers the vintage look of its design and is at the same time immensely durable and strong enough to hold all of your pots and pans.

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Neo Hanging Pot Rack

Neo Hanging Pot Rack

A great kitchen proposition, allowing to save space and creating a unique item, being a work of art in a way. A hanging pot rack and a chandelier and storage spot for fruits and veggies in one. Features 10 hooks and 6 candle holders.

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Iron pot holder

Why not provide a complete and truly stunning look for your kitchen with this sublime pot rack for all of your cooking pots and pans to be in one, safe spot. It sports a beautiful design with the wrought iron structure bursting with decorative curves and moldings.

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Basic Kitchen Hanging Pot Rack

Basic Kitchen Hanging Pot Rack

Durable elegant iron hanging rack for kitchen utensils. It can also serve as a display. It has an oval shelf with 10 double hooks on a border, 2 bowed slats joining edges and decorative scroll above. It hangs thanks to 2 chains with hook ends.

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Hanging Pot and Pan Rack

Hanging Pot and Pan Rack

Aesthetic practical traditional ceiling rack for pots and pans. Its 8-sided frame is crafted of durable black-coated wrought iron. It's equipped with 2 nickel chains and 12 S-shaped not painted hooks.

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Wrought iron half dome pot rack wall

Wrought iron half dome pot rack wall

An intesting idea for improving your kitchen with rustic accents, by using this vintage hanging rack for pots and pans. Designed of durable wrought iron, the half dome rack comes with lovely scrollwork and 8 sturdy hooks.

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The scrolled wrought iron pot rack with tortoise glass finial

The Scrolled Wrought Iron Pot Rack with tortoise glass finial looks at ...

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Kitchen ceiling pan holders

Fancy wrought iron pot rack, all black. The abundance of scrolls and swirls makes the rack particularly eye-drawing, bringing it to the higher level of kitchen décor accessory - not only practical, it pleases eyes as well.

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Wrought iron hanging pot rack

Made of wrought iron hanging pot rack is a perfect combination of solid base and functionality. The impressive form captivates, and plenty of room for kitchen accessories makes them always available at hand.

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Wrought Iron Hanging Pot Rack

Buying Guide

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you may eventually find yourself running out of space for all your pots and pans. As you settle down and shop for an increasing number of household items, there may come a time when you need to think about extra storage measures.

Investing in a wrought iron hanging pot rack is a great way to save some cupboard space and worktop space in your kitchen. Hanging down from the ceiling rather than taking up any of your workspace, they add plenty of charm to all homes as well as being practical additions to the kitchen. Some pot designs are really visually pleasing, so hanging them on a rack is a clever way to put your collection on display.

Straight horizontal hanging pot rack

This is one of the most simple designs, so if you don't want anything that attracts too much attention in your kitchen, think about buying one of these. There are around ten metal wires which cross over in either direction to create the rack feature, while the wrought iron frame holds everything together and manages the weight of your heaviest pots. The handles are also made from wrought iron, and can be affixed to your kitchen ceiling in a suitable location.

Feature wrought iron hanging pot racks

If a design like the above sounds a little too empty for your kitchen, you can look at the feature pieces which have some extra character about them. For example, there are designs which include a peacock or tree on the rack, positioned either in the center or along one of the sides. While this has no effect on the way the product is used, it is a great way to make a simple item into something with more charm. This style is a good option if you are worried that the hanging pot rack might make your kitchen look old or boring.

Wrought iron wall pot rack

This item is fixed to one of the kitchen walls, and comes with several hooks on which to hang your pots and pans. It is slightly different from many of the other designs in that it does not become attached to your ceiling at all. However, it's still an effective way to save space while storing your pans and pots safely. There are typically between six and eight hooks – all made from wrought iron. The pot racks which hang from the ceiling will also hold around 6-8 pots, therefore the capacity is the same for both designs.

Circular wrought iron hanging pot rack

If you don't like a rectangular shape for your pot rack, there is a circular version which is equally as practical and easy to install. Rather than having a criss-cross style rack on which to hang the pots from, the circular design has a rounded frame with various hooks attached to the edges of it. If there are hooks all the way around the frame, you may have space for around twelve pots. Some of the hanging pot racks, however, only have space for six.

A general rule is to hang pot racks in such a way that there are 40 to 48 inches from the bottom of the hooks to the top of the work surface.

Best Ideas

Tuscan fleur de lis round hanging kitchen pot rack

tuscan fleur de lis round hanging kitchen pot rack

Vintage wrought iron hanging pot rack

Vintage wrought iron hanging pot rack

We found this exemplar of wrought iron hanging pot rack somewhere in Santa Cruz - in its simplicity it is unique because it functionally let you hang all the pots and pans on strong iron hooks that are hung on an oval wrought iron frame.

Wrought iron hanging pot rack almost

Wrought iron hanging pot rack almost

A cool vintage style hanging kitchen rack for pots. It's crafted of wrought iron with a pretty red finish. It consists of a circular frame and 9 double-hooks with rolled ends. It has a sturdy chain fixed to a frame in 3 points.

Wrought iron hanging pot rack 1

This antique hanging pot rack is construct of the wrought iron, which guarantees the high quality and solidity. Add it into your entryway and enjoy the industrial accent piece.

Ceiling pan holder

This hanging pot rack made from wrought iron will add a cool, rustic or industrial vibe to your kitchen space. catching the attention with its intricate form. Ideal for lofts or contemporary apartments.

Wrought iron pot rack 2

This crafty creation is a pot rack. It’s made of wrought iron and is very resistant to rust. It has several racks for your pots and saves you space in your cabinet and also workspace. This rack also has a center light for illumination and adds beauty to your kitchen.

Iron pot racks

Traditionally stylized, classic pot rack. It stands out amound other wrought iron hanging pot racks thanks to intricate details. The brass pots collection couldn't be displayed in a more beautiful way.

French or tuscan scroll wrought iron hanging pot rack new

French or Tuscan Scroll Wrought Iron Hanging Pot Rack New | eBayhttp ...

2nd ave 38 french wrought iron hanging oval neo pot

2nd Ave 38" French Wrought Iron Hanging Oval Neo Pot Rack

Suspended pot rack

Wrought iron hanging pot rack - with chains and s hooks for pots.

Wrought iron pot racks

You will never have to wonder where to put dishes or kitchen textiles. All thanks to a wrought iron hanging pot rack, which over the kitchen island will hang, full of flourishes, in brown color, giving space for hanging pan and pots.

Wrought iron hanging vine pot rack kitchen dining home storage

... -Wrought-Iron-Hanging-Vine-Pot-Rack-Kitchen-Dining-Home-Storage-Decor

Wrought iron pot racks hanging

In a small kitchen, every free centimeter of surface is at a premium! The uses of the ceiling for a suspended wrought iron hanging pot rack with a decorative shape,silver plated forged leaves or shades of copper is ideal for pots and pans and saving space.

Butcher Hanging Pot Rack with Grid

Butcher Hanging Pot Rack with Grid