Wrought Iron Bakers Rack Outdoor

If you have ever baked in a clay kiln oven, then you know it is wise to have somewhere to put the fruits of your labors. We suggest a wrought iron bakers rack for the outdoors. Bake some bread, or a wood fired pizza, then lay it on one of these sturdy and artistic bakers racks. The heat doesn't transfer much, but they will support any weight put upon it.

Best Products

Vintage french country cottage white

Vintage french country cottage white
Attractive and functional white bakers rack for outdoor applications. It features a durable metal frame with a neutral white finish. Four shelves provide plenty of storage space and they are also decorated by some metal elements.

Baker's Rack

Baker's Rack
This Baker's rack is made of wrought iron and has got a classic style. It fits to modern and traditional rooms. You will be impressed how amazing this baker's rack is. You need to have it in your home.

Baker's Rack

Baker's Rack
This beautiful bakers rack is a great solution for the living room, kitchen or dining room. Made of iron is very strong and this beautifully decorated. Functionality and simplicity in the traditional way always works.

International caravan 4 tier wrought iron indoor outdoor bakers rack

International caravan 4 tier wrought iron indoor outdoor bakers rack
Outdoor bakers rack with solid shelves. This four tier construction includes space for towels and other items. Wrought iron construction of this rack is finished in neutral white color, so it looks attractive in any decor.

Bakers Racks

Bakers Racks
You can use it to support flowers, as an ornamental element, rack for accessories. Wrought iron bakers rack has many opportunities. One is sure - it's perfect for garden and outdoor spaces. It has 4 shelves and a black color.

Baker's Rack

Baker's Rack
This is made in the traditional style of the bakers rack is a perfect shelf variety. Made of solid iron is durable and very durable. Beautiful decorations make it suitable for the kitchen, living room or dining room.

Black Folding Bakers Planter Rack

Black Folding Bakers Planter Rack
This rack provides a space saving storage and display of plants and many other items. It is made of powder coated metal that is weather resistant, so it is ideal for an outdoor use. This is a folding rack, so its storage is problem free and space saving.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wrought iron bakers racks are a lovely addition to your garden, whether you enjoy growing plants and flowers or you're just looking for something to brighten up the outdoors a little bit. The designs we'll consider here are all the different variations of wrought iron racks that you can buy. These are most commonly used for the garden, but can also be used in the porch area, utility rooms and kitchen.

What are the most common patterns on wrought iron bakers racks?

One of the most noticeable features of iron bakers racks are the patterns and details which are available. When you start to shop around for these items, you'll soon see that there is a lot of variety just within this category.

  • Swirls: This is possibly the most popular pattern that you'll see on iron racks. The strong wrought iron frame is decorated on either side by 'figure of eight' shaped swirls. Wider swirls will extend around halfway down the frame, while tighter ones are much shorter and therefore more will be used.
  • Floral patterns: A good choice if you want to keep it outdoors all the time, a floral pattern can brighten up your garden even if you don't have any plants outside at the moment. Floral patterns are normally seen as roses or daisies, although you may see generic flower patterns and other styles too.
  • Criss-cross: A criss-cross pattern is often seen on iron bakers racks, and this is generally a more modern look than the floral and swirl patterns. They may be straight horizontally/vertical lines, or they may be positioned diagonally to create a 'diamond' effect.

What are the most popular shapes and styles of wrought iron bakers racks?

Here are some extra details on the available styles of wrought iron bakers racks to help you make the right choice.

  • Circular: This isn't one of the most popular designs you will see, but it's certainly different and has a beautiful charm of its own. While the traditional and most common racks are straight and shaped like a rectangle, the circular design is tall but each rack is rounded and there are swirls and curves to complement the look.
  • Corner rack: Depending on the layout of your garden and where you want to put the rack, a corner iron bakers rack could be a good choice for you. These tend to consist of 5-6 racks which climb neatly up the wall and are best positioned within a greenhouse to provide extra space to grow plants.
  • Iron frame wooden racks: Rather than buying a wrought iron rack which is iron all the way through, consider a rack which has some other materials included too. For example, a good look is a wrought iron rack with light wood shelves to balance out the stronger and harsher iron.

Whichever design you choose, be sure to shop around for the best deal and know which styles are available to you before making a decision. With the right information, it's difficult to go wrong and you'll be prepared for any challenges too.


Corner Baker's Rack

Corner Baker's Rack
This lovely corner bakers rack is a great solution for the rooms and outside. Beautifully styled steel construction gives a unique effect. Perfect for flowers and other trinkets. It has two smaller and two extensive shelves.

Bakers wine rack wrought iron

An impressive frame decorated with a rich floral or geometric pattern is the quintessence of rustic subtlety and good taste. Forged iron in this wrought iron bakers rack outdoor, has been finished in dark brown. By connecting to natural wood shelves.

Wrought iron bakers rack outdoor

This composition of white and blue color ornaments on the black wrought iron shelf is a perfect set for any home garden. It looks great and brings a lot of attention owing to its awesome look and stylish design.

Iron Five-Tier Bakers Rack

Designed of durable iron, this 5-Tier Bakers Rack in Black Finish is characterized by solid and stable, metal construction. The rack is durable enough to be used not only indoors but also in outside areas as patios.

Outdoor bakers racks 4

This outdoor baker's rack will become a nice piece to keep your patio decor at highest quality and ensuring that you always have more than enough space for you to organize your stuff and keep it neat and tidy.

Santa Fe Nailhead Iron 4-Tier Bakers Rack

Elegant, stylish, and functional – this 4-Tier Bakers Rack in Bronze Finish is designed of recycled wrought iron for maximum durability. The rack offers 4 open shelves for storage, and can be placed outside thanks to its weather-resistant properties.

Wrought iron bakers rack outdoor

Characterized by durable wrought iron construction and lovely scrollwork, this baker's rack can be a great helper during displaying your knick-knacks and pot plants. It's designed for indoors, and can be a great choice to bring some old-fashioned charm to your home.

Plant rack outdoor

Tall wrought iron bakers rack with decorous scrolls. Many shelves, couldn't omit the display as well - nice collection of vintage items, books, wooden boxes, teapot clocks and stuff... Adorable, isn't it?

Santa fe nailhead iron 4 tier bakers rack 2

Santa Fe Nailhead Iron 4-Tier Bakers Rack

What to put on a bakers rack

If you are looking for some charming way how to add loveliness to your patio or veranda, this ornately designed bakers rack delights with its unique shape, full of subtle, lovely details.

International caravan chelsea indoor outdoor iron 5 tier bakers rack

International Caravan Chelsea Indoor Outdoor Iron 5-Tier Bakers Rack

Folding bakers rack

Do you need to add more display spaces into the apartment? We've got the beautiful and nicely finished handmade rack with wrought iron construction. This bookshelf will be excellent at interior and exterior.

Bakers racks with brass

Bakers Racks with Brass

Black wrought iron bakers rack 2

Black baker's rack made of wrought iron for enhanced durability and resistance to damage or wear. It features three shelves for food products and other items. This rack also includes some decorative accents above its shelves.

Metal Bakers Rack - Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack, Folding Bakers Rack

Wrought iron bakers rack

Brick facade is a handsome backdrop for some wire furniture, like this wrought iron baker rack. Its owner decided to create an appealing aesthetic composition of glass, fruits and plants, so that the whole is very decorous.

Bronze bakers rack

Metal bakers rack with durable construction and neutral gray finish. It offers metal shelves and one wooden drawer with rectangular top. Side walls of this rack feature some decorative curves and other accents.

White bakers rack

A pretty rustic wooden bakers rack with an aged white finish. Its wider lower part is built of 4 straight angular legs (with metal fleur-de-lis) and rectangular both a countertop and a shelf. An upper part looks like a 6-pane window in a wide frame.

Outdoor corner shelf

Easy to clean and long-lasting, this baker's rack is destined for outdoor areas, allowing you to place some additional decorations or to organize your garden tools. The metal rack comes with a sturdy top with a mosaic of hand-laid tiles, 3 open shelves, and diamond-style sides.

Antique white five tier wrought iron shelving unit bakers stand

Antique White FIVE Tier Wrought Iron Shelving Unit Bakers Stand

4-Tier Iron Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack (Brown)

Outdoor plant shelves and racks

BakersRackGarden from Garden Web

Mandalay 4 tier wrought iron bakers rack antique black available

Mandalay 4-Tier Wrought Iron Bakers Rack-Antique Black Available

Black wrought iron bakers rack 5

Very versatile but also a magic piece of furniture. Also thanks to its name - baker's rack.Black wrought iron bakers rack is associated with warm homemade bread. Iron rods form a coherent whole with shelves and decorative trim, in black color.

Bakers rack wrought iron bakers racks

Bakers Rack, Wrought Iron Bakers Racks

Folding Scroll Triple Wall Shelf

Triple wall shelf. This elegant wall shelf has an attractive folding scroll design and provides plenty of storage. The shelf can be mounted to a wall and has a weather resistant construction allowing for the usage both indoor and outdoor.

Bakers rack black wrought iron kitchen laundry pots pans bake

Baker's Rack Black Wrought Iron Kitchen Laundry Pots Pans Bake ware ...

Outdoor bakers rack wrought iron

Lindo mueble de hierro para llenar de plantitas

Green bakers rack 4

By creating greenhouses on our balcony we take responsibility for new seedlings, flowers, and design. White or green baker's rack made of metal in delicate shades will make it easier to place next pots with interesting variations of flowers.

Rod iron bakers rack

Wrought Iron and Brass Baker's Rack

Baker's Rack

Baker's Rack

Corner Baker's Rack

Corner Baker's Rack

Outdoor bakers racks 1

With its openwork construction and bright colours, this bakers rack brings in a positive, spring ambiance. It will be a stylish spot to store one's dinnerware or glasses.

Plant stand 3 tier wrought iron bookshelf baker racks china

Plant Stand,3-Tier Wrought Iron Bookshelf/Baker Racks - China plant

Pangaea Home and Garden Folding Baker's Rack, Black

Elegant, stylish, and functional – this Folding Baker's Rack in Black Finish is designed of recycled wrought iron for maximum durability. The rack offers 5 open shelves for storage, and can be quickly folded for easy transport or storage.

Traditional Indoor/Outdoor Wrought Iron Bakers Rack with Wine Storage, Metal, Bronze

The Traditional Baker’s Rack with Wine Storage in Metal & Bronze Finish designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Construction is made of wrought iron in water-resistant bronze finish, and can holds up to 8 wine bottles. The rack also includes 3 spacious shelves for additional storage.

Outdoor etagere plant stand

I am going to paint our bakers rack this!

Black wrought iron bakers rack

Twenty four inches high, wrought iron baker’s rack with a dark finish and an antique, old-fashioned design of the frame. The three shelves give a plenty of space for herbs and spices storage and nicely fit a traditional kitchen.

Bakers rack outdoor

Wrought iron bakers rack for outdoor use. Of course, you don’t have to use it only for bread! It’s a great addition to any garden, which can hold anything, from flower pots to garden tools.

White corner bakers rack

Iron Five Tier Corner Shelf by International Caravan. $99.99. 12 in. L x 12 in. W x 73.25 in. H. In White finish. Great for tight corners. Great for indoor and outdoor use. 3533 Features: -Iron five tier corner shelf. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 73'' H x 12'

Corner wrought iron bakers rack

A beautiful stylish corner bakers rack of wrought iron with a bronze finish. It has a quarter-circular frame with 3 tall thin straight posts and 1 short foot in front. Sides and a top are adorned with scrolls. Shelves of thin rods have raised edges.

Corner Baker's Rack

Corner Baker's Rack

Vintage wrought iron bakers rack 1

Vintage Wrought Iron Bakers Rack