Industrial Bakers Rack


For the people who love to bake in bulk, having a baker’s rack large enough to hold all your items while they cool is worth its weight in gold. For you we offer the industrial bakers rack. These large metal racks are well designed and specifically crafted for one purpose only and then is to hold all your bulk baking goods. See our collection for details.

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Our Picks

Vintage bread racks display or storage

Vintage bread racks display or storage

Vintage bread rack on wheels, a boon for industrial style interiors. Mobility is its unquestionable asset, and those striving for a heavily distressed finish in their industrial interior will for sure recognize its full worth.

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French vintage bakers rack shelving and

French vintage bakers rack shelving and

Designed in French style, this baker's rack emanates with industrial accents and sturdy construction. It features a durable metal frame with widened feet for stability, holding 4 natural wood shelves and 1 matching top.

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Rolling baking rack

Industrial styled bakers rack is an excellent way to create a functional pantry, kitchen, and even a living room where you can find a bookcase. The whole is based on wheels is mobile and easy to arrange. Base made of sturdy iron.

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French bakers rack antique

Made in industrial style bakers rack is a perfect combination of attractive design and functionality. Wooden shelves and wheels allow for a broad application of the whole. Beautiful appearance and practical use.

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Industrial bakers rack

If you have a restaurant or just need a lot of space for your kitchen tools in your home you should consider buying kitchen storage like this. It is very convenient made of wood and metal device that is easy to replace and provides all you need.a

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Industrial bakers rack 18

This is a traditional bakers rack that sits on 4 wheels. The rack’s major framework is made from metal and has a wire mesh design that encloses its shelving platforms. There are five wooden shelves sitting horizontally within the mesh. The fine brown color and the metallic frame of the baker rack give it an archaic look.

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Industrial bakers rack 7

1900s baker’s rack, lovingly restored, can be used for all sorts of things, from a serving cart to bookshelves. The utilitarian wire cage on three sides, and wrapped around the front corners, will keep items in while wood shelving adds charm.

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Bakers rack with wheels

A built-to-last baker's rack for indoors, that will give you much space to display your china, framed pictures, books, lamps, and plants. This industrial piece of fine craftsmanship offers a tubular metal frame and 5 open hardwood shelves.

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Industrial bakers rack 21

Featuring small wheels, this bakers' rack will be a perfect addition to your kitchen or dining space. 3-tiered construction offers enough space to store your dishes, as well as cutlery and other kitchen utensils.

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Industrial bakers rack 7

Industrial bakers rack, perfect for almost any moveable storage situation. It can be shifted from place to place, bringing things to where they are needed. Great for meetings, craft projects, or baked goods. Sturdy frame, and easy move wheels.

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Industrial Bakers Rack

Buying Guide

The most obvious use for an industrial bakers rack is obviously to store all the bread and cakes that you’ve baked until they’ve cooled down. However, nowadays, people choose industrial bakers racks for their quirky look and use them to store other types of items instead. For example, you could store your crockery, glassware, kitchen equipment, recipe books, long-life products, liqueurs, frames, and even houseplants.

In fact, because industrial bakers racks usually involve several shelves and compartments, you can create a carefully planned display to showcase some of your favorite objects and souvenirs as well as some more practical items.

An industrial baker's rack is a fun, useful piece of furniture placed in many areas of the home, depending on its intended use and measurements. Oversized bakers racks are best suited to outdoor patio areas, spacious kitchens, or large dining rooms. Grand bakers racks are decorative statement pieces and easily overwhelm smaller areas.

Smaller industrial bakers racks with a slim depth work well in a kitchen corner, hallway, entryway, or even a bedroom. A baker's rack that is tucked into a corner, located conveniently near a dining table or close to a food preparation area, provides a cozy aesthetic while doubling as a storage space for useful cooking items. These racks also make cute accent pieces in larger rooms.

You can style an industrial baker’s rack according to the décor in any room of the house by taking advantage of the rustic appeal. An industrial baker’s rack doesn’t have to be used in the kitchen for practical means. You can incorporate it in a bedroom, hallways, bathroom, or living space by styling with intention, using minimalism.

Treat each level of the rack like its own display shelf according to the theme of your home design. If you’re decorating the rack in a coastal cottage space, place white ceramic pots on the shelves, glass vases full of shells, and line the edges of the shelves with rope for a nautical vibe.

For a French Country style farmhouse, consider adding a few pops of color amidst your neutral tones. Place the rack in your bedroom or bathroom and add some beige and white towels and some ornately designed vases or candles on your shelves. Space the items apart, so the rack is decorated sparsely, allowing its natural industrial beauty to shine through.

Best Ideas

Commercial bakers racks

This is an industrial bakers rack made with a combo of glass, wood, and metal. There’s a total of four open platforms that can hold pots, plants, and other items. From bottom to top, the 3rd platform has 3 wooden drawers with shiny knobs. The overhead board also has sufficient room to store some items.

Bakers rack with doors

A simple traditional bakers rack having a tall frame of gauge-varied vertical and horizontal metal rods and wires finished in grey. It's equipped with 4 locked wheels and 7 rectangular shelves of natural-finished wood.

Biarritz five tier industrial bakers rack large industrial

Biarritz | Five Tier Industrial Baker's Rack - Large industrial ...

Foundary Standard Baker's Rack

Foundary Standard Baker's Rack

Restaurant bakers rack

kitchen racks decor | Baker's Racks Done Right

Industrial bakers rack 17

Some people think that using the factory shelving could bring to the interior some modern atmosphere. For me, it is a kind of exaggeration. The industrial baker' rack looks too shabby to play the wardrobe's role.

Vintage bread rack

Radiating with rustic appearance, this baker's rack is designed, mainly, for outdoors. Splashed with a rustic style, the rack has wood construction reinforced with powder-coated metal, including 2 open shelves, 2 storage drawers, and 1 two-door cabinet with glass panels.

Industrial baker

Baker’s rack that does not have to be used for bread, but for anything really. If you’re in need of some original, out of the ordinary furniture and storage, then such a baker’s rack can be perfect.

Industrial bakers rack 5

Repurpose Pull out trays used for baking into supplies for craft room, office, etc.

Circa 1900 bakers rack tower


With elements of industrial design combined with comfortable leather armchairs

With elements of industrial design combined with comfortable leather armchairs found in a club or cigar lounge.

Hamlyn marble top bakers rack by steve silver company

Hamlyn Marble Top Bakers Rack by Steve Silver Company

Industrial bakers rack 8

C. 1900 Baker's Rack Console / might be cool as a media console, too -- Restoration Hardware

Industrial bakers rack 3

37" Circa 1900 Baker's Rack Tower _ _