File Cabinet Casters

File cabinets are often heavy, cumbersome, and hard to move. But they don't have to be, if you put casters on the base. File cabinet casters are specially designed for your file cabinet that is probably loaded down with lots of papers, creating lots of weight. Never have to hulk yours again, or need a hand truck to move it, with file cabinet casters.

Best Products

Architects flat file cabinet coffee

Architects flat file cabinet coffee
Vintage design for a handy file cabinet with flat and wide drawers. The table is made out of manufactured wood with veneers which resemble stone surface and has wheels to make it more mobile.

Bradley 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Bradley 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
This 4-drawer filling cabinet sports the black finish and will ensure that all of your important paperwork is neatly organized and accessible within its structure. It is made of engineered wood and showcases half-moon cabinet handles.

2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock & Casters

2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock & Casters
Store your files safely and in a tidy and neat way with some help of this simple but functional cabinet with two drawers (one locking) and rolling casters base that ensures mobility. White finish and metal accents create modern look.

Vintage os m co filing cabinet on

Vintage os m co filing cabinet on
A breathtaking filling cabinet in a vintage style, which will be the highlight of every working space. It features a solid, metal construction in a dark green color and old-fashioned, industrial casters. It can also serve as a fancy end table.

3 Drawer Organizer Mobile File Cabinet

3 Drawer Organizer Mobile File Cabinet
This piece of furniture is a file cabinet created for commercial use. It is a mobile item with wheels. It includes one small and two large drawers (one of these large drawers is lockable with key). The product has got a nice black color.

2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

2 Drawer Filing Cabinet
A filing cabinet with two, extremely spacious drawers that will instantly help you organize various items in your home, while adding an elegant and classy touch to the interior. It can accentuate the decor of your living room, bedroom or study.

Bernewelt 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Bernewelt 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet
If you are looking for a piece of furniture which will provide you extra storage space, this file cabinet is a perfect choice. It has two big drawers and is made of durable MDF in matte, black finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

File cabinets can get really heavy with the folders, artwork, maps, legal briefs and blueprints we put in them. That’s why it helps a lot to have a file cabinet on casters. It lets you move your home files or office files easily from area to area.

File cabinets that are mobile help in a large office where a meeting, renovations or an emergency could mean that a file cabinet has to be moved. The ability to do this eases stress on employees and reduces the number of hands needed for the move. Sometimes, even one person can move a file cabinet on casters.

What are the trendiest colors for a file cabinet?

Of course, you can still get one in gray metal, but the file cabinet has evolved. Its changing face means that some items are available in wood, distressed finishes, and pastel colors for wood or metal.

If your home office needs a splash of color, you can get a file cabinet in turquoise, yellow, orange, blue or another color that’s untraditional. If you want a color for home or the office that conveys, perhaps, a more buttoned down or pearl-wearing look, then here’s some advice. Choose a color that matches the color of the office’s desks and tables or choose one that complements the color on the walls.

What features to look for in a file cabinet on casters?

Some examples of file cabinets lock for safety. Models with five wheels won’t tip over because the third wheel on the front stabilizes the. Another effective anti-tip mechanism is allowing only one drawer at a time to be pulled out.

You can find a file cabinet that has one or more drawers that you can lock for the security of its contents. File cabinets that are rated as fireproof also resist water damage and hamper theft.

File cabinets on wheels can accept letter-size papers or legal-size papers, with some units being able to accommodate both as well as hanging files. They may have two or three drawers or more. Permanent label holders are affixed to some.

In thinking about the needs of the user, the file cabinet on casters can be either tall or low. In fact, some models can fit under a desk. Other models don’t even have to be hidden under a desk because they don’t look like file cabinets. Instead, they file look like a piece of (wood) furniture because their drawers and pulls are hidden behind a cabinet door.

What are the benefits of lateral file cabinets?

Though not as common as the mobile vertical file cabinet, the lateral file cabinet on casters is also available. Lateral filing is used in work environments where there is a lot of filing to do. These cabinets hold more files than vertical ones since the files are arranged from side-to-side rather than from front to back. Lateral cabinets are set side-by-side and they are wider than they are deep.


File cabinet caster base casters improve filing cabinet mobility 2

File Cabinet Caster Base - Casters Improve Filing Cabinet Mobility

File cabinet casters

Interesting form of this great file cabinet makes the interior gain in an attractive style. Caster base is durable and attractive elements of the whole create a perfect and very universal office furniture.

Vertiflex file cabinet

A lovely accessory for contemporary homes and offices. This cabinet will help you to keep your files organized in 3 different types of drawers with white pulls. The whole thing moves on locking caster wheels for easy mobility.

File cabinets on wheels

Are you trying to find the nicely finished and stylish coffee table? We have got something for you! This one has got casters, three drawers, rectangular natural top and black finish on the base.

Caster wheels for filing cabinets

Neutral styled and functional file cabinet with black, hand-painted finish. It provides 12 drawers for flat files and other important documents. This construction also includes metal handles and practical wheels.

File cabinet casters 11

Small, yet functional and solid, this compact-sized file cabinet can be an attractive proposition for most of the home offices. Features stainless steel drawer grips and four casters. Steel sheet construction provides durability.

Vintage cole steel blueprint cabinet map 1

Keep all your important files in this vintage and functional cabinet. Made from wood, the piece features a neutral light blue finish, accentuated with stunning silver-coated pulls in each of the five drawers on this unit. The cabinet also has four caster wheels to help you move it easily around.

File cabinet on casters 1

Euro style - 3 drawer file cabinet made from blcack wrought iron, on casters. Ideal spot to keep your important documents and files. It has rolling wheels, so you can easily put it any place needed.

Casters for file cabinets

File cabinet that is suitable for modern office indoors. It includes two front casters with brakes. Durable metal construction features a standard rectangular shape and includes three storage drawers. Aqua finish matches any office decor.

Totally perfect storage fileunder industrial mechanic shop chic powdercoated carbon

totally perfect storage. Fileunder "industrial. " Mechanic-shop chic powdercoated carbon stacks two letter/legal drawers. Stainless steel drawer grips; four casters (front two lock). Durable steel sheet construction with stainless steel handlesCarbon po

File cabinet casters 15

This inimitable coffee table delights with its bold design proposition, combining a file cabinet with a coffee table. Not only it will be an eye-catching accent in your living room decor, but also will create a functional storage space for odds and sods.

File cabinet casters 3

File Ottoman - Black - Improvements by Improvements. $119.95. The File Ottoman has movable steel hanging rails for letter or legal files. The hinged lid stays open at any angle; closes easily without slamming shut. Easy-roll casters allow you to move the

Wheels for file cabinet

White metal file cabinet with wheels for better mobility. Its simple construction is functional in any office. The cabinet provides four drawers for files. One of them features a functional key lock for safety.

File cabinet casters

Wooden flat file~~~ I want this~~~

File cabinet casters 4

Old dresser into rolling tool cabinet. Must go find one at the thrift store!

File cabinet caster base

Repurposed Architect's Blueprint File Cabinet & Other Vintage Home Decor

File cabinet casters 6

Large file cabinet pulling double duty as a cocktail table. Four wide drawers store files, rolling casters make the thing mobile, and a spacious surface awaits to be set with magazines, books and coffee mugs.