Solid Wood File Cabinet 2 Drawer

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Gone are the days of metal filing cabinets. They have no form, no panache. For your filing needs, perhaps a solid wood file cabinet with two drawers would be better. They add to the aesthetic of an office space, can be paired with your existing office furniture for continuity, and the solid construction means they will last for a long time See collection for more.

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Updated 10/05/2023
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Best Mobile Cabinet
Wood Filing Cabinet With 2 Drawers

Wood Filing Cabinet With 2 Drawers

Latitude Run®

What We Like: Easily maneuverable

Perfect For: Home office or small workspace

This wood filing cabinet with two drawers is the perfect mobile filing cabinet for your home office. With two lockable file drawers that can hold legal, letter, and A4 sized files, six storage shelves, and four hooks, it has ample space to keep your workspace organized. The cabinet has a maximum load capacity of 350 lbs. and four industrial casters, two of which have locks for stability. It also features two AC outlets and two PowerIQ-enabled USB charging ports, making it perfect for charging up to four devices at once.

$219.99 $275.99

Designer Advice:

When styling your wood filing cabinet, consider incorporating natural elements such as a Southwestern woven rug or potted succulents to complement the warm wood tones. Add a few personal touches to the spacious desktop, like a decorative bamboo tray or a small picture frame. 

What Users Say:

Looks great. Easy to put together. Extremely functional *and* maneuverable. A great addition to our home office.

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Best Extra Deep
Wood File Cabinet With 2 Drawers

Wood File Cabinet With 2 Drawers

Sand & Stable™

What We Like: Plenty of storage

Perfect For: Those with a lot of files and a modern taste

Maximize your office storage with this wood file cabinet with two drawers. Crafted from engineered wood with slim metal legs, it offers ample space for your files and folders. The drawers fully extend for ease of use, and the cabinet includes hanging bars for file to ensure optimal organization. With a 100-lb. maximum weight capacity and an extra deep design, it provides more storage space than standard filing cabinets.

Designer Advice:

Use the file cabinet’s rustic cup drawer pulls for style inspiration by adding other industrial metal accents to the room, like a pipe lamp for tasking lighting. A sheepskin or cowskin rug on the floor of your home office and a leather-bound stationery organizer placed on top of the cabinet can create a chic ranch aesthetic.

What Users Say:

Love this! It looks really nice! Took me a little over an hour to put together and it's very heavy! There's plenty of room for files and space above for my things.

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Best Farmhouse-Style
2 Drawer File Cabinet Wood

2 Drawer File Cabinet Wood

Sand & Stable™

What We Like: Farmhouse-style design

Perfect For: A tranquil combined office and guest room

Made from engineered wood with a warm antique white finish, this 2-drawer file cabinet features contrasting black pull handles and sits on full-extension roller glides for easy access to hanging files. Three cubbies offer extra storage space for books or keepsakes and cable management holes in the rear of the shelves to keep things organized.  

$166.99 $303

Designer Advice:

Use wire mesh or woven straw baskets in the open shelves to help keep office supplies well-organized and out of sight. Add a ceramic lamp with a blue Willow pattern and a cream lamp to give charming country vibes, or try a sandstone lamp and a collection of polished conch shells for a serene coastal look.  

What Users Say:

I love having a place to put my things out of sight, and yet have everything organized and know exactly where everything is located! This file cabinet keeps my files organized, plus gives me shelves for extra storage. It also goes perfectly with my decor!

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Solid wood file cabinet with wheels

Solid wood file cabinet with wheels

Crafted with solid mango wood in a natural finish, this cabinet has two drawers. They both feature slim black handles, and one is equipped with a hanging file bar. This cabinet has a weight capacity of 150 lb.

Designer Advice:

Wooden file cabinets are a staple for every home office. We recommend putting this one in industrial-styled interiors. Pair it with some black metal furniture to match its hardware. Thanks to this cabinet's short frame and four caster wheels, you can put it under your desk and easily roll it out when needed.

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Black 2 drawer wood file cabinet

Black 2 drawer wood file cabinet

This file cabinet is the epitome of mid-century modern. It is crafted from kiln-dried solid wood and has a unique metal airy base with legs. The drawers' brass handles create contrast, while the cane-paneled faces add some texture.

Designer Advice:

This filing cabinet will add some flare to your home office. It has a finish that's easy to match and mix with various color palettes. Put it against a light-colored wall to create some contrast. Then, incorporate it into your space by including other brass accents like a wall clock or table lamp.

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Vertical wooden filing 2 drawer cabinet 

Vertical wooden filing 2 drawer cabinet 

This wood filing cabinet is a great addition to every home office. It showcases a two-toned design with its natural wooden body and black metal hardware. The unusual base has four slim legs reaching higher than the cabinet's bottom.

Designer Advice:

If you're looking for a file cabinet that fits your small home office, this cabinet is for you. It only takes up a little space, and thanks to its lightweight base, it won't overweigh the room. The smaller top drawer is perfect for storing pens and other office necessities, while the bottom drawer can fit your hanging files.

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Classic wood 2 drawer file cabinet

Classic wood 2 drawer file cabinet

Lark Manor™

This wide file cabinet can anchor every room. Crafted from solid maple wood, it has intricate decorative carvings on every side and a glossy chestnut finish. Each hanging file-compatible drawer has a weight capacity of up to 30 lb.

$949.99 $1080

Designer Advice:

This beautiful cabinet will fit perfectly with traditional interiors. Put it in your home office and add a ceiling-high wooden bookcase and a leather desk chair to complete the look. It would also work well as a basic cabinet in your living room. Since this piece has a rather heavy silhouette, remember to balance it with lightweight furniture.

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Wide wood file cabinet

Wide wood file cabinet

Available in a gray, oak, or off-white distressed finish, this cabinet showcases the natural grain of its manufactured wood frame. It features two drawers with included hanging file bars. The drawers have a lock mechanism that can be opened with a key.

Designer Advice:

This file cabinet will help create a perfectly organized office space. It would look best in cottage or farmhouse-styled interiors. We recommend pairing this cabinet with similar furniture for a cohesive interior design. Its spacious surface top can fit a printer, more files, or even some decorative pieces like a vase of flowers or some family pictures.

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Solid Wood File Cabinet 2 Drawer

Buying Guide

Because a paper-less office isn't possible in many cases, finding a place to house necessary documentation is a priority. When you need these items for future reference, use of a 2 drawer solid wood file cabinet may be the best organizational solution for your office. No matter if you're working from home, need another cabinet in your office at your business, or could use something to tidy bills and other important papers at home. Filing cabinets fulfill many needs and are available in a myriad of styles.

Matching the 2 drawer solid wood file cabinet to your existing desk is an excellent way of creating a cohesive look throughout your office. If you’re working on a glass top or contemporary black desk featuring metal legs, then your options are open. Because those types of desks feature modern and contemporary styles, selecting a wooden filing cabinet with a transitional style is optimal. What this means is you’ll be looking for one that has simple hardware, like round chrome knobs, an espresso finish, and clean lines.

Because hardwood features the highest durability, you can be sure these cabinets will last the longest. Examples of materials you can find these filing cabinets constructed from include:

  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Pine (while this is a soft wood, it's popular for furniture making).

Because you’re selecting a solid wood filing cabinet, it may seem limiting regarding decorating options. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The finish of the wood helps determine how to style it accordingly. Here are some examples:

  • Distressed wood: this finish is optimal for rustic or vintage styling, as well as coastal themes.
  • Rich finishes: depending on the way the piece’s design presents itself, darker tones lend themselves well to contemporary, transitional, and traditional rooms.
  • Light finishes: again, depending on the style of the piece, these finishes lend themselves well to cottage, country, and traditional décor.

How to match themes:

  • Contemporary or modern: if you’re working with contemporary office space, then adding a filing cabinet featuring dark finishes, minimalist details, and polished chrome or bright metal hardware is optimal.
  • Cottage: some of these pieces may have painted wood finishes while others could feature distressed wood. They’ll have sloping features in the wood, as well as ornamental drawer pulls.
  • Traditional: these pieces feature curving wood, ornamentation, rich details, and elaborate drawer pulls.
  • Transitional: you’ll find a mix of details in the wood finishes with simple details in the drawer pulls.

The standard height for a two-drawer filing cabinet holding vertical files is twenty-nine inches. If you prefer a 2 drawer solid wood file cabinet that holds lateral files, it's average height is twenty-eight inches.

If you constantly find yourself inundated with a pile of paperwork on your desk, it's time to put some thought into how to choose filing cabinets to clear up the mess.

Not only can a good set of filing cabinets help clear up the clutter, but they can make you more organized and effective at your job, too. Whether you're wondering how to choose filing cabinets for your home or for your office, you've come to the right place.

Consider these common types of filing cabinets as you begin your quest for a new set.


Lateral filing cabinets are most often used in office settings, as they contain multiple drawers and are designed to hold lots of paperwork. They generally have anti-tip features so that they won't fall on you when the drawer is pulled out all the way. These filing cabinets get their name from how you do the filing - side-to-side rather than from up above. They can handle both legal - and letter-size hanging folders.


A vertical filing cabinet is similar to a lateral filing cabinet but is a better choice for home offices or other small workspaces. Often, these have just as many drawers as lateral files but they tend to be narrower and are sorted in a front-to-back order.


Mobile filing cabinets are best for workers on the move. They can be rolled wherever you need them to go and can usually fit underneath a desk for more convenience.

Open shelf

Open shelf files look like bookcases, and have open fronts that are designed to be filled with folders arranged side-by-side. They may not be the best choice for confidential documents, but add visual interest to a modern office when filled with books or colored file folders.


A flat filing cabinet is one that consists of multiple flat, shallow drawers that contain large or oddly-shaped items, like blueprints, securely. These can usually be stacked on top of each other.

Without a doubt, size is the most important factor to consider when you are shopping for a new filing cabinet. They usually are sold in letter or legal size. While letter-sized drawers contain documents that are a typical 8 ½"x 11", legal-sized drawers can hold documents that are 8 ½"x 14".

Choosing your filing cabinet size in this regard will depend on what kinds of documents you are filing. You will also need to choose how tall and wide your filing cabinets are. A vertical cabinet usually has between two and five drawers, while a horizontal filing cabinet may only contain one or two.

Filing cabinets can be found in all kinds of styles and colors, but are normally made out of metal or wood. While wood filing cabinets can be quite attractive, metal ones tend to be safer and more durable.

  • One of the most important features to consider when choosing a filing cabinet is whether you want it to be fireproof. If you work with valuable or sensitive paperwork, this is a must-have feature. Although fireproof filing cabinets are a bit more expensive, the benefit is that they also tend to be resistant to water damage and theft, too.

  • Something that goes hand-in-hand with that kind of security is whether you want your filing cabinet **to lock. **You might not realize this, but not all filing cabinets lock. It can be worth the extra investment.

  • A filing cabinet with counterweights is important, too, especially if you have small children or others that could be seriously injured by the weight of a falling filing cabinet. Counterweights prevent cabinets from tipping, which is important if you tend to pack your cabinets as full as they can get.

  • Some filing cabinets have features like follower blocks and hanging bars, too. Follower blocks are metal dividers that can help you keep your files more organized. Otherwise, a filing cabinet with hanging bars should do the trick to help you stay organized.

No matter what kind of filing cabinet you select, make sure you choose one that has good reviews and safety ratings. Otherwise, knowing how to choose filing cabinets that match your existing decor will be an easy-peasy process.

Best Ideas

Solid wood file cabinet 2 drawer

Tasteful and very elegant cabinet made of solid wood, it touches the essence of the bedroom or living room. Large drawers are perfect for storing things. Beautiful finish in a warm shade of timber delights.

Cornerstone 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Cornerstone 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Two-drawer cornerstone file cabinet with a classic cherry finish for your work or home office. It’s designed to keep your documents safe and well organized. Each drawer comes with full extension slides and smooth metal runners. Made of strong and durable engineered wood.

Solid wood file cabinet 2 drawer

Attractive woodgrain pattern gives sleek and versatile appearance to this vertical file cabinet with two drawers on glides. This Amish office cabinet is customizable - the buyer chooses wood type and finish.

Solid wood file cabinet rustic office

Solid wood file cabinet rustic office

File cabinet with antique finish. It is made of wood and consists of 3 drawers arranged vertically. Great solution for organizing documents at home.

Mission Pasadena Two Drawer Vertical File Mission

If you need a slightly smaller filing cabinet antique market

If you need a slightly smaller filing cabinet, Antique Market has got you covered with this 2 drawer reclaimed pine filing cabinet! Find more great furniture online!

Walworth 2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

Walworth 2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

This unique drawer is everything you need to keep all your business needs organized and ready. Crafted from manufactured wood with a neutral black finish to blend with different color palettes, it will give your home office an attractive and classy look; it features two fully extended drawers that create a space for legal and letter-sized files. This cabinet is backed by a five-year warranty.

Solid wood file cabinets 2 drawer

Solid wood file cabinet with 2 deep cubic drawers. Nice metal details on front and unique metal hardware (decorous drawer handles) add points of interest to this otherwise all-wood cabinet. For those who'd willingly go for traditional style in an office.

Cyra 2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

Cyra 2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

Keep your letters and legal files neatly arranged with these two file drawers. Made from laminate over engineered wood to give it a natural and authentic look, with a completely finished back, the piece can fit any space in the room. The distinct X pattern emphasis on the drawer panels creates a comfortable style that is supported by a strong and charming leg design. It has a perfect height to blend with a working desk.

Real wood file cabinet 1

File cabinet in the form of suitcases. It consists of 2 drawers arranged vertically. Great solution for storing documents and others personal items. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Vintage wood file cabinet

Complete your office with an Amish made Filing Cabinet

Wood 2 drawer file cabinet with metal rails

Wood 2 Drawer File Cabinet with Metal Rails

Talbotton 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Talbotton 2-Drawer File Cabinet

If you need a small and beautiful cabinet then this 2-drawer, mid-century inspired cabinet is for you. It is made of wood with a beautiful white and walnut finish. It includes an extendable drawer for letter-sized file folders and has an overall weight of 35 lbs and overall dimensions of 26'' H x 18.5'' W x 15.35'' D.

$164.99 $169.99

Home ashton oak range ashton oak 2 drawer filing cabinet

Home > Ashton Oak Range > Ashton Oak 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Wooden 2 drawer file cabinet

Authentic high-quality wooden file cabinet made from solid wood for durability. The cabinet sits on top of four thick legs and offers two extra-large drawers for all your important files. It’s finished in a glossed dark espresso finish too, something that adds to its luxurious appeal.

Oak file cabinet 2 drawer

An elegant small stylish file cabinet made of solid wood with a warm brown finish. It has a rectangular moulding top and a full base. Its 2 drawers have anti-tip interlock systems, recessed front panels and 2 oval brassy metal pulls each.

Solid wood filing cabinet 2 drawer 1

Solid Wood Filing Cabinet 2-Drawer

Golden oak two drawer wood office file cabinet ebay

Golden Oak Two Drawer Wood Office File Cabinet | eBay

Amish file cabinet solid wood wooden vertical office home 1

Amish File Cabinet Solid Wood Wooden Vertical Office Home ...

Wood filing cabinet 2 drawer ideas 2

Wood Filing Cabinet 2 Drawer Ideas

Amish two drawer vertical file cabinet

Amish Two Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

Uhuru furniture collectibles sold oak 2 drawer file


Solid wood filing cabinet 2 drawer

Solid wood filing cabinet – 2 drawer –

Dark wood 2 drawer file cabinet

Dark Wood 2 Drawer File Cabinet